Breaking news: The HSUS intervenes to stop outsized cruelty at a puppy mill in New Hampshire

By on June 17, 2017 with 151 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Yesterday, The HSUS assisted the Wolfeboro Police Department with a puppy mill intervention not on a farm in Arkansas or a shack in North Carolina (two states where we’ve done major actions to help dogs), but rather in a mansion in northern New England. It is one of the most unexpected puppy mill operations our Animal Rescue Team has helped uncover – with 84 Great Danes caged inside a cavernous home where they should have been treated like canine kings and queens.

The mansion looked stately and opulent from the outside, but when our team entered the dwelling, they discovered something totally at odds with the elegant facade. They told me that the first thing that hit them was an overpowering rancid and putrid smell, with ammonia levels so high in some rooms that the rescuers’ eyes teared up. There were feces and debris smeared across all the walls to the point where the windows were opaque.

There were big dogs who had spent countless hours in cages. There was no sign of available water, just some remains of raw chicken parts strewn around the dogs.

When we think of puppy mills, we think of small breeds, such as Yorkshire terriers, French bulldogs, or Bichon Frises. Here we had one of the biggest of dog breeds, with their big paws, droopy faces, and friendly manner. But time and lack of care had changed some of their features. Some animals were underweight and looked sad or broken. Their paws were especially large, even for Great Danes, and appeared to be infected. Others had irritated eyes, made bright red or swollen shut like human boxers that had taken too many hits in a long fight.

Our team members said they are as large as ponies. One five-foot-tall rescuer said she stood eye to eye with some of the dogs.

Some animals looked sad or broken. Others had irritated eyes, made bright red or swollen shut like human boxers that had taken too many hits in a long fight. Photo by Meredith Lee/The HSUS

We took these beleaguered animals to a temporary shelter, where we will continue to work on healing their medical conditions and mending their spirits — so they know what it means to truly be loved.

Yesterday brought mercy to these dogs, who’ve now found a pathway away from misery. But as I’ve said many times, we cannot rescue our way out of the puppy mill problem. The HSUS is addressing this problem on multiple fronts, but we need policymakers to crack down on the cruelty. We have to adopt federal and state policies that prevent situations from deteriorating to this point, where we can intervene only when the situation is so severe that a puppy mill case becomes a crime scene and a case of animal cruelty.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire need to fortify the state’s weak laws on commercial breeding. Under current law, breeders in New Hampshire are required only to be licensed by the state Department of Agriculture if there are 50 puppies sold in one year. That is a high bar, exempting other high-volume breeders who should be covered by the law. And it’s difficult to enforce, with breeders who sell, or claim to sell, fewer puppies able to skirt the law and operate in a deregulated environment.

What’s more, New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a proposal right now to water down the state’s mandatory inspections for all pet licensees, like shelters, pet stores, and commercial breeders. If that attempt succeeds, the mandatory inspections will be replaced by a voluntary, complaint-based system, making it even harder for abusers to be held accountable.

Our team told me that the first thing that hit them when they entered the mansion was an overpowering rancid and putrid smell, with ammonia levels so high in some rooms that the rescuers’ eyes teared up. Photo by Meredith Lee/The HSUS

This case, like so many others where we’ve come to the aid of animals in distress, will place substantial financial burdens on The HSUS and our partners. Thanks to our members and other supporters, we’ll cover costs for sheltering and daily care and veterinary care for the animals, as well as the costs of running the temporary shelter for many months. But why should animal welfare groups and taxpayers bear these financial burdens instead of the people who mistreated the animals? And why is the law so weak that no regulatory authority comes in at an earlier stage to provide a course correction?

New Hampshire does not have a “cost of animal care” law, as many other states do, that would require defendants who have been charged with animal cruelty based on probable cause to pay for animal care costs while the case is being adjudicated. Since completing each legal proceeding can take months or even years, it is the animal protection movement that has to shoulder the costs of care. Twenty states, including Massachusetts and Maine, have such laws, and New Hampshire should, too.

We hope that the images of the animals in distress shake up and wake up authorities. These circumstances are preventable, and law enforcement and The HSUS shouldn’t have to ride to the rescue after animals have had to endure this kind of human neglect and trauma. We can’t rely on Scooby-Doo and his cohorts to solve these problems. This one is up to the people of New Hampshire and their elected officials to address.

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  1. Diane says:

    Nh has one if the best commercial breeder licensing in the country with licensing and inspections required if
    50 or more dogs/puppies sold
    Ten or more litters a year

    That is the requirement needed to mandate a commercial breeder license

    In a breed such as Great Dane that could be just five litters

    To be defined as a “puppy mill” / mass producing breeder this definition is even a low number

    Obviously these people did not have a commercial breeder license and obviously they were likely selling over the minimum limit if dogs because they were called a breeder/”puppy mill”
    Otherwise it would have just been termed hoarding or animal cruelty case

    As such these people were operating against nh law and also possibly federal law because if you ownmore than four intact females and sell/ship puppies sight unseen you must also have a usda license and inspection

    The conditions were terrible but don’t try to make people think nh has weak laws many breeders move out of nh because are laws are too stringent

    One of our additional laws is that puppies kittens and ferrets have to be 8 weeks or older to be placed and must have a veterinary health certificate and first vaccinations

    • Ernie Jay says:

      When any state allows the perps to NOT pay for care of seized animals–emergencies or otherwise–then that state is one of the worst. In fact, it will encourage more suffering by breeders—they can walk away when caught and leave the rescuers holding the tabs. Ten or more litters a year OR 50 sold puppies a year before requiring a license should be criminal in and of itself. That’s akin to a puppy mill! What are the people of NH thinking to allow such lax laws?
      In many states, having more than just two litters a year (two too many) triggers the need for a breeders’ license. No one should be breeding more than once every two years; otherwise, the females are bred every time they come in heat—like cows.
      We understand there will be breeders, but the time has long passed for anyone to be breeding 10 litters/50 puppies a year. Also, not all puppies make it. If they are not the right color, don’t have the required markings, breeders will kill them—on the cheap. So in fact, it’s most likely that NH breeders are having many more than 10 litter/50 puppies sold per year, but with no oversight or mandatory inspections, it’s just more of the same cruelty and neglect for dogs in NH.

    • Jacqueline Greene says:

      Laws that are not enforced strongly are nothing but print on paper. If the agencies that are supposed to stop this from happening don’t do their job, it is left up to animal rescue organizations. It should never have to go so far.

    • PL METSING says:


      • Shelley says:

        Someone did for sure!!! I think the limit should be less a year also for breeding. Lets knock the population down a bit. To many animals already need homes!!

    • Kay McDermott says:

      The law should be “NO PUPPY MILLS”. This is perfect example of why we need better laws.

      • Janelle Babington says:

        Thank you for the information Diane. I learn something new everyday. I do believe the moral of this story has to do with the fact that the HSUS, thank goodness, just rescued 84 Great Danes living in filth as the result of a disgusting puppy mill. It’s bad enough that there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs that no one knows what to do with. When you find something horrible like this situation it emphasizes the point.

    • Susan says:

      The laws are only as good as those that enforce it. This video says enough about that!

    • Claudia Sarver says:

      The NH law you seem to be defending is only affective if it’s enforced. So where was the protection for the dogs in this facility ? Like many laws of this country we’ve paid policy holders to draft laws they have no intention or resource to enforce.

    • Janelle Babington says:

      Thank you for the information Diane. I learn something new everyday. I do believe the moral of this story has to do with the fact that the HSUS, thank goodness, just rescued 84 Great Danes living in filth as the result of a disgusting puppy mill. It’s bad enough that there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs that no one knows what to do with. When you find something horrible like this situation, it emphasizes the point. Glad to know NH has strict breeding laws for what it’s worth.

    • Janice Golding says:

      One female provides 2 litters a year you have 5 x 2 litters per year they have max of 10 pups per litter. your at max with over 80 dogs they are a mill and should pay for Care with any and all $$$ they have from the sale of these poor souls and $$$ from sale of property.
      These poor souls only live mostly to 6 yrs and with being treated as they have that is even shortened

    • Sundae fassig says:

      I don’t think ANYONE should be breeding dogs unless they can show that they have legitimate customers for the puppies.
      One litter a year is enough for a dog to endure. Allowing continuous breeding only weakens the mother and the next litter of puppies. No one dog should be bred more than twice in a six year period, starting at one year of age.

      • Sundae fassig says:

        There are not enough people working for animal welfare in this country. Every state has a problem like this. When are our legislatures going to wake up and do something meaningful to change these awful conditions. It is a preventable problem.

    • Natalie says:

      You shouldn’t be breeding animals to make a profit, period. There are too many homeless animals in this world for there to be a need to purposefully impregnate females solely for the purpose of making money. The true animals are the breeders.

  2. Katy Hansen says:

    Where can we find New Hampshire legislators to email or call about this important legislation?

  3. Kathy says:

    I don’t understand why our lawmakers won’t do something to stop puppy mills! It’s beyond my understanding and comprehension how the law can’t or shall I say won’t be chamged to stop this!

    • Diane says:

      We all need to be in touch with our local government as well as those in Washington, because our latest president doesn’t really have any passion for animale welfare.

      • Laura J Bishop says:

        Now you do not know that. Just because he himself doesn’t have a pet, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. You are right about contacting our government officials-try to stay that course instead of throwing accusations around about things you don’t really know about.

      • Jay says:

        Before you try to put all of the blame on the lack of compassion in our animal laws and regulations on the current POTUS, you may want to research more than Facebook or Twitter for your facts. While I voted for Obama, you may want to look at the connection between his administration and Monsanto…then look at the connection between Monsanto, GMO’s and funding of certain whistleblower laws in this country that prevents animal activists from documenting animal abuse in ag. While we are at it, also check out the relationship between H. Clinton and Monsanto. Pointing fingers at one individual while putting others on a pedestal that have done more harm to animal welfare, but had the press on their side, is not only misleading but dangerous to the cause. Just because these things aren’t on the front page of Yahoo news doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. The best thing someone can do to stop abuse is adopt, don’t shop at pet stores that promote breeding, keep up to date on issues that aren’t only on media front pages, but look at Ag websites, watch RFD TV, see what big ag is up too. Go vegan. You can’t condone cruelty to one animal while eating a cheeseburger. Last, stop putting the blame of the horrible treatment of animals on the current government. See who votes with the Farm Bureau and don’t vote for them. Animal welfare isn’t left or right, there are animal lovers on each side. Go deep into researching your representatives, not just repeating what is being retweeted.

  4. Sandra Wilkinson says:

    This kind of cruelty MUST be STOPPED. DO NOT BUY puppies from these horrible puppy mills. Torture and cruelty at its worst. PLEASE SHARE URGENT ADOPT do not SHOP

  5. Josie Gomes says:

    Very interested in adopting one or two of the Great Dane’s…I already have a 6 year old and would love to add another….
    Thank you

  6. Julie faria says:

    hello i am a great dane owner and director of Fairydogmother Rescue in RI…if we can be of any help..please let us know

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you Julie for caring about animals and doing something about it. We need more people and organization like yours. Makes our country a better place.

  7. Renee says:

    Will any of these poor dogs be up for adoption?

  8. Beth Grant DeRoos says:

    It just boggles the mind how someone can be so cruel to innocent animals. Not to mention who takes a mansion and turns it into a feces, urine dump unfit for man or animal? And why don’t ALL states have stricter laws that require those who mistreat animals to be subject to paying for ALL the care these poor innocent animals need once rescued? As well as strict laws with NO loop holes for those who run puppy mills or hoard animals? Not a slap on the wrist but actual jail/prison time!!

    • Barbara J Chaisson says:

      One of the biggest problems I see in America is the lack of cohesion when it comes to laws and rules. We are one country, we should have one set of laws that apply equally in every state.
      Lawmakers consistently write laws that have loopholes. Is it really asking too much to write a law that actually has the teeth to do the good it was intended to do?
      Why can’t people see how important this issue is? We must be more selective when voting and electing candidates.

  9. carlene white--- service dog project ipswich mass. says:

    i am horrified- i am also the owner of about 60 danes- perfectly cared for as candidates for service dogs–we have 14 employees and 105 volunteers to care for ours… you can see our operation off our web
    we have 6 live cameras 24/7..and welcome visitors on sunday afternoon.

    i am told i know a lot about great danes– if there is anything i can do please contact me… i see where you will have them for 4 months…- i might be able to suggest ways to turn them into “regular dogs”– great danes do not “train ‘ like most other dogs…

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you Carlene! We need more people and organizations like yours!

    • Katie Hall says:

      We would love a Great Dane for a service dog for my spouse who could has anxiety and PTSD. We can’t find an organization but may look into training one. Will the dogs he up for adoption?! Poor pups.

  10. William Botting says:

    I recognize the place. I bought a dog there 9 months ago. At the time I thought there were a lot of dogs there, but I never would have thought that many. The dog I got and the few I saw (7) looked healthy. Thank you for stepping in and rescuing the dogs. I wish I had been more on the ball and reported the condition of the house when I picked up my puppy.

    • rebecca says:

      Please don’t feel bad. There may be more to this story than the way it has been presented. When local help is hard to find it can quickly get out of control. You are not the only one that has been there and seen with no reason to believe anything was wrong and honestly there is probably less wrong than the video and commentary lend to. It has been sensationalized.

      • Jean Rowe says:

        To Rebecca June 21st. What an idiot you must be to say that the video and commentary think that there is not that much wrong and the issue has been sensationalised.

    • David Bernazani says:

      William: You should never have bought a dog in the first place. It’s people buying animals that keeps puppy mills in business. With all the dogs and other animals in shelters and rescue groups’ homes crying out for someone to adopt them, buying any pet is just ignorant.

  11. Laurene Kapinos says:

    Thank you and God bless you and all the good work you do. This is wonderful news.

  12. Sarah says:

    When and where will these danes be available for adoption? Will they be sent to rescues in other states or will all of them stay in New Hampshire? There are always people looking to adopt great danes so please do a follow up so people can find and adopt them.

  13. margie says:

    Wow!!! how sad to see this happening here in NH but where and whom are fostering them? and when they will be adoptable? and how to follow up with update what is going on with this dogs

  14. Susan C Mill says:

    A crying shame to treat these beautiful gentle dogs like unfeeling commodities!

  15. S. Roll says:

    There’s a lady in East Swanzey New Hampshire that breeds retrievers and smaller dogs. We reported her 9 years ago when we bought our retriever Zoey. She had lied about the birth date of the,litter and handed us Zoey covered in her mother’s milk. She wasn’t weaned yet. She was unregistered as well. We paid $650.00 for her anyways to get her away from that awful place. The people at Petco in Keene were aware of the woman as well. She would stand outside the store with leftover puppies and try to sell them.Our get was appalled. Nothing happened to her, she just changed her phone number and kept breeding the dogs.

  16. Rebecca Danforth says:

    Why is the name of the suspect not mentioned? If it was any other crime there would be a name and photo splattered everywhere.

  17. kathy says:

    This is sickening. I sure hope they put that breeder in living a living enviroment that she put these poor babies in. No animal should have to live like this.

  18. Roxanne Russell says:

    I want the owners names published. I want them in jail. They don’t have two brain cells to rub together and are a threat to society and the state of New Hampshire. I hope those poor beautiful dogs find loving homes and the owners rot in Thier own stench!!

  19. Stephanie says:

    Thank God for people like you! Thank you for the work you do looking out for these helpless creatures. ❤

  20. Nicole Puglisi says:

    I am a large breed dog owner and own my own property in Goffstown. If foster homes are needed, I can help. I could probably only help with one as I already have 2 of my own. I hope this helps.

  21. Jeanette Hutchison says:

    Please I will take one of the harlequin puppies, I have other rescues and I would love to take a puppy..

  22. Ann-Marie DiGennaro says:

    As large breed dogs it will be especially difficult to place them into loving homes with the current economic climate. Please post information on when and where they will be available for adoption.

  23. Libby pinner says:

    Will they be adopted out after their recovery?

  24. Margaret Keating-Hughes says:

    I would be interested in fostering a dog.

  25. Jayne Adams says:

    I am shocked & appalled by what I just read & saw!! How any human being could let such beautiful innocent Large Breed dogs get to that level of filth & unhealthiness is way beyond comprehension to Me at least!! They should be held accountable for each & every dogs upkeep that the Humane Society has to put forth I don’t care if that takes till the day they die!! Plus they should be caged just like these poor dogs were to see exactly first hand what its like to live in ones own pee & feces without proper food & water also!!

  26. Margaret Keating-Hughes says:

    We would like to foster or adopt one of the dogs.

  27. Teresa Waller says:

    This is why I give to organizations like the humane society, ASPCA, and PETA. We MUST put an end to puppy mills and overall abuse of animals. Do NOT say how upset and horrible this is and NOT open your checkbook. Let your money talk!!! We must be the voices for all animals!!! Get your wallets out! Donate to help fight animal abuse!!

  28. Misty Schwartz says:

    What a horrible scenario! How can people be so cruel to animals. Danes are so loving and look what was done to them. Hope the parties involved get the punishment they deserve. Wish we could lock them in there and throw raw chicken at them!!!!!

  29. Georgia d breau says:

    This is wrong the poor baby’s. my girl is fussed over and has everything a pup would want and all the love. I know we have room for more love for one of those big girls.

  30. PERTUISET says:

    HONTEUX, beaucoup viennent des élevages français, arrêtez de vendre vos chiens à l’étranger vous ne savez pas dans quelles conditions ils vivent. LA PREUVE EN EST AUJOURD’HUI

  31. Diane Cote says:

    This is totally unacceptable in our state or anywhere! Come on legislators, get rid of these puppy mills once and for all! People stop buying pups from pet stores or anywhere that you cannot see both parents! Adoption is even better❤️🐾

  32. Monique Abear says:

    Monique E Abear,
    Can you please tell me where they are being house and info about possible adoption. I know it’s early but am interested.

  33. Diana says:

    I live in NH and I can tell you that this state doesn’t give a damn about animals, domestic or wild.
    People tend to think that somehow New England is more “enlightened” when compared to other regions of the country on matters of animal welfare but it is a very false impression.

    • Susie b says:

      Don’t forget governor Sununu stepped in when the Department of Fish and game were going to slaughter three bear cubs in Hanover. Mama bear is still on the lamb but all three cubs are thriving in northern New Hampshire.

  34. Kay says:

    And yet the same state law makers make bringing rescue dogs into New Hampshire expensive and difficult

  35. Kim mancini says:

    This is so sickenly sad. How can people be so cruel to these creatures. Things must change we must give animals a voice

  36. Heather says:

    That is absolutely horrendous that person should be put in prison and walked in a little tiny cage with no water and food and no bathroom she deserves the max punishment possible and anybody involved I am great Danes and mastiff’s myself and they are my babies I could imagine any animal let alone a giant breed being treated in that manner !!!!!!!!!!

  37. Darlene A Benson says:


    • Stephanie says:

      80% of the Humane Society’s budget is. Go on their website and it breaks it all down. I proudly support them.

  38. Judy Lee says:

    Be ashamed you don’t have Humaine laws in a old state..New Hampshire really your that far behind in cruelty laws..This is acceptable to the people who live here…SHAME.

  39. Tammy says:

    We adopted a puppy born to a starving pregnant female who was seized by HSUS in Augusta VA. He is almost 8 and the best friend Ive ever had. Hope to see these Danes distributed to shelters along the east coast for quick adoption.

  40. Kelly Heitmann says:

    Lease do not euthanize and let local rescues, especially great Dane specific rescues, help.

  41. Debra Gilliland says:

    Praying for humans to stop being so greedy and heartless.

  42. Kelly says:

    – will these dogs eventually be put up for adoption?

  43. Roxie and Richard parks says:

    Please let us adopt one.

  44. GrammyinNH says:

    I wish you had posted the name of the person that did this terrible thing. Perhaps being exposed in such a way will make others think twice before being selfish and inhumane.

  45. Jeannette Whitten says:

    I hope they throw the people that treated these beautiful dogs so horribly get thrown in jail for a very long time 😡

  46. Leona Oceania says:

    Will these dogs be available for adoption?

  47. Shari Clemens says:

    How can I help? What will happen to these gentle giants. Please let me know/

  48. Dawn Park says:

    Thank God you were there this is so sad. Please keep me informed I would like help with my time. Have lots of hugs for them all

  49. Cyndi Day says:

    Why was action not taken 2 years ago when your organization was contacted about this? Did you look into it? Were conditions better then?

  50. Audrey Froman says:

    I would adopt a Dane in a heartbeat if approved!! I now have only one dog, a rescue, Max. I lost my two older dogs this past winter and we are kind of lonely now. This story broke my heart. I live in N.E. VT. on a lake for 6 mos. and on a farm in OK. in the Winter. My contact info is below.

  51. Audrey Froman says:

    I would adopt a Dane in a heartbeat if approved. I have only one dog now, Max, a rescue who is 12. I lost my two older dogs this past Winter and Max and I are pretty lonely. I live in N.E. VT. on a lake for 6 mos. and on a farm in OK. during the Winter. My contact info is below.

  52. Sandra Rodriguez says:

    I understand that the woman that was breeding these dogs also owns property in Maine – which is actually advertised her puppies were raised. Is there any plan to check on her other property (ties)?

  53. Stephanie Snyder says:

    POS should be fined to the highest degree, do jail time, and never breed another dog in their lives. They should be disallowed to be near pets for at least 10 years. And their names should be entered into an animal abuse registry so they have to let people know if they move to another neighborhood. I can’t say enough against this evil. The lowest of the low.

  54. Rhoda Cofield says:

    What do we have to do to adopt a female

  55. Arletta Belleville says:

    This is disgusting how can a human being treat a dog like this?? And not feel guilty for
    Abusing them???? This made me cry & it pisses me off!! They people responsable need to be treated the way these dogs have been treated! CAGE THEM WITH NO WATER OR FOOD & NO BATHROOM FOR A YEAR!!

  56. Mary Krobock says:

    People who treat innocent companion animals in such a horrific manner should be treated just the same. I would love to see them locked up in small cages; left without food, water and proper sanitation. I would throw pieces of chicken and hose them down once a day. SHAME on them and any state who fails to have sufficient laws to protect animals.

  57. Wendy Frakes says:

    I can only hope that the people who did this to these dogs gets the same treatment, to be locked up in a small cage with little food and drink and made to live in their own waste for the rest of their natural days.

  58. Sarah Little says:

    Please let me know when these dogs become eligible for adoption.

  59. Danatte Weaver says:

    I am going to grooming school I would be more and happy to come over and help give them baths. I also have go to dog training school I would be more them happy to come and help walk or what ever you need. I just moved here and stared a new job withTurds Hureders we are out in brentwood. So if there is any thing I can do to help please let me know. I could even faster.

  60. Peggy Ellison says:

    I am so distressed that these beautiful dogs have been living in such deplorable conditions, but happy to see that HSUS and Wayne Pacelle is intervening on their behalf.These people should be in jail.
    Thank you HSUS.

  61. Suzanne Feld says:

    Thank you for a well-written and enlightening article. I live in Michigan and we have a lot of problems with puppy mill puppies being sold at pet stores, and are working to shut them down. People look down on me for having bought two purebreds from reputable breeders (I visited each home before getting a pup from them), but it’s the people who buy their dogs online or from a pet store that are the problem. Education, education, education. I’ll be sure to pass this along in every forum I can.

  62. Patricia Kauffman says:

    All this needs to be published; the public HAS to know what goes on – often in their own neighborhoods!

  63. Cathy says:

    I want one. Please! but i don’t look at my email very often, too much junk. please call me 508-477-1264. I have had a dane, love them.. Currently have a pug, He will love a DAne!!! We live on Cape Cod. Please consider us.

  64. Gladys Jones says:

    My name is Gladys Jones and I live in North Carolina. I can assure you I love furbabies. I would love to offer two of your babies a forever home. I know it is a long drive for me but it is so worth it just to know those babies are in safe hands now. My phone number is 336-520-8586…
    Please respond if this is a possibility… Thank You for considering me an adoptive Mom and Thanks for what yall done for these precious babies.

  65. Penny Bradford says:

    I know the Vets are professionals but I just want to say that it seems these dogs could be eating plastic since I see a lot of different things lying around on the floor. Are they going to get their stomachs checked?

  66. Sarah says:

    Thank god u guys rescued them… I have 4 rescued dogs and my fur babies are my babies. How people and as human beings this is just disgusting and what people are getting away with is criminal… they should be left like this and see how that would like it and for a s long as most of these poor dogs have been left!! Thanks guys x

  67. Sharon says:

    This woman should be charged with 84 counts of animal cruelty and neglect, not 2! Throw her in a cage with no water, food, bed, toilet.. Let her live in her own urine and feces!

    • CHERYL says:

      I don’t understand why only 2 misdemeanors charged either! I am going to call Sununu Monday. I read the updates to this story everynight. The identity was posted the other night also has property in Bartlett nh. How could the authorities not know ?one Dane barking can rattle the Windows 84 really!! Credit to the young worker who came forward. Where”s the state Vet? What’s he doing about this. I support somebody putting a lien on her properties!!! If she is going to be arraigned in Wolfboro maybe I’ll make the drive so I can see this first hand. I was a dane owner lost him last year – adopted from a shelter. I may have to break down and get on the list. This is too heartbreaking for any animal. A DANE is an incredible companion and they can be a great therapy dog. I do hope they end up in good forever homes for the rest of their days!

  68. allison ellis says:

    this is heartbreaking, they are a great breed and should not be treated this way. make me feel sick to think peoples can do this .

  69. Shelley says:

    This should never happen!!!

  70. Tricia Hamilton says:

    This is horrible that people can make thousands of dollars off an animal and not even have it medically taken care of. Shut them all down or check these people regularly.

  71. Kath B. says:

    “Their paws were especially large, even for Great Danes, and appeared to be infected.”
    It’s called URINE SCALD.

    Others had irritated eyes, made bright red or swollen shut like human boxers that had taken too many hits in a long fight.”
    They have inherited CHERRY EYE.

    Why the need to play stupid? Tell it like it IS…

  72. Tom clark says:

    I bought 2 dogs from her. We stayed in the front room where she had 10 puppies running around. Room was pretty clean, but did smell pretty bad. She really fooled us. My puppies have had numerous health issues, but they are great pets. Lock her up!!!

  73. Beth says:

    So as New Hampshire residents what can we do to help???

  74. Ruthann McCoy says:

    I’m sure it’s a burden but could you send a representative to the legislature with pictures, and also make copies of these pictures and send to each representative. Maybe that could help show the problem. It’s barbaric that these puppy mills aren’t getting law help, and people responsible aren’t paying- both in jail time, and monatarily. We aren’t in the dark ages any more. Maybe each legislature in each state should be put in cages for a couple of hours and shown what these animals go through

  75. Lynda Renfroe says:

    I’d be interested in fostering one of the Great Danes rescued in Wolfeboro, NH.

  76. Gerald Tart says:

    It’s a shame some people are this cruel and stupid. Only thinking of the easy money and not the dogs or the people who buy and get an unhealthy pup. I hope they have to pay for their actions. I would adopt one when they are available.

  77. Sunnie Guerette says:

    How do I go about adopting 2 of these?

  78. Mary Joseph says:

    Please post updates on the conditions of the great Danes! We have a small horse farm in upstate New York we have one Dane now and I know he would love a friend.

  79. Shadow Parker says:

    I’m wanting to come and adopt. I just need to know what to do?

  80. Adam says:

    I’d like to know where I can adopted one of these Great Danes! I’d be glad to give one a great home!

  81. G says:

    The New Hampshire politicians need to be rounded up and shown what has happened on their watch-in their state.

  82. Peg Cannell says:

    So awful. These barbarians need jail time and humongous fines.

  83. Donna K. Thompson says:

    This situation is absolutely despicable@ I have been fortunate to have Great Danes for most of my life. I find them highly intelligent, intuitive, loving and extremely loyal. No Dane deserves this! I read on another site that this person lived in a 1.5 million dollar mansion and sold puppies for $2,000.00. This is exploitable, selfish greed. It is my wish that this woman receives the most severe punishment by law. I would also like to learn how I could be placed in a list if possible adopters. Danes are a bit goofy in the late stages of puppyhood. That is when they need a kind but firm owner. Great Danes readily accept training.

  84. Sharon says:

    I would like to adopt a puppy if one is available

  85. N Johnson says:

    Horrifying & they want to lessen regulation instead of strengthening them

  86. Tammy labombard says:

    This is horrible. Them poor babies. I would like to give all of them a forever home, but unfortunately I can only give 1 big baby a forever home. Please let me know how I go about adopting one. Thank you

  87. Holly Devona says:

    We must have stricter laws in place… we need to make these scumbags pay hefty fines, hard labor and to never own an animal again.

  88. Joy says:

    The red eye looks like cherry eye. Poor things.

  89. Julie Meistrell says:

    ASS HOLES!!!! I have a greatdane and you can’t get a more loving dog. Can’t even imagine what these poor babies have gone though.

  90. Rodgeer says:

    How do we find out about adopting one of these beautiful Gentle Giants? This story is so sad

  91. M.bidwell says:

    This is a shame I own a great Dane,she’s the best dog I’ve ever owned.How someone can treat animals like this is beyond me.

  92. Pauline Scholtz says:

    Please realise dogs have the same feeling as humans. These dogs need to rescued, given a forever loving home. Stop the cruelty please

  93. Lesage says:

    Bonjour, Good morning ,
    Transformer sa maison en usine à chiots, comment peut ton en arrivé là, c’est plus de l’amour pour la race ,mais l’appât du gain. Je ne vois que cela à mes yeux , ne connaissant pas l’histoire de cette éleveur. Je pense que vous êtes arrivés à temps pour les dogues , qui ne sont pas trop maigre encore . Vous avez agit vite ,c’est bien . Maintenant étant ici en France que pouvons-nous faire pour les dogues . J’aimerais temps en prendre un à la maison quelque soit son âge . Beaucoup de courage à vous souhaité et Merci pour EUX .

  94. Arlene Wilson says:

    Please pass the necessary laws. These animals deserve a happy life, as all animals do. Let’s protect them as they should be. We need strict guidlines AND inspections of breeders. Let’s have the mindset how important it is to protect the innocent!

  95. Edna Frank says:

    These dogs will have no problem finding homes. Go to your local pound and adopt or foster a mutt from death row.

    • Stephanie says:

      There are MANY full breed dogs, cats, and birds in shelters. Not just mutts. Don’t stop people from helping homeless animals.

  96. Charity says:

    Would love to adopt one if these sweet fur babies. I live in Texas, and will do what has to be done to relocate the baby. Please email me and mark urgent, with any info regarding ways to get these sweethearts in a home.

  97. Alexander Gallant says:

    So sad to see this in the news today. I have a two year old Dane. How do we find out about adopting one or two of these beautiful Great Danes?

  98. Lysa says:

    There’s a woman who breeds shih tzus in NH fadter than I can keep count. She needs to be next to be looked into. She sells dogs every other month. Her reviews are good right now. But i suspect health issues in the next two years to start popping up because of over breeding. I’ve been keeping a close eye on her since 2011.

  99. Kathy Daniels says:

    We will also take a puppy! We live in PA and have other Dane rescues !!!
    We would love to help!!!!

  100. Rachael says:

    Also am willing to adopt a puppy. I have been looking for one for a while.

  101. Catherine J Sykes says:

    Apparently they first need to be healed and then kept as evidence, however it’s my understanding they can be fostered. Wolfeboro Police has information and Katie’s Kitchen at Clark Plaza in Wolfeboro is accepting donations.

  102. Pam swenson says:

    Where do we go or who do we contact to find out about adopting these Great Danes? Heartbroken. This has been a dream breed for me to enjoy life with and would love to bring one home!

  103. Carol Quillin says:

    I would like to adopt one (or two) of these gentle giants. I understand they need medical attention. I live in Northern Ohio do work with a local dog rescue . Please contact me regarding your adoption process. Thank you.

  104. Gina says:

    Interested in adopting if you adopt out of state

  105. Nancy says:

    I have an Adult disabled son, we would LOVE to adopt (1) of these dogs, please let us know, when & where. thanks ! We have had Danes in the past & NOW is the time to get another ~ ROAD TRIP to New Hampshire ! Nancy & Adam

  106. Donna Hanson says:


  107. Marina says:

    Hello! I’m also a great dane owner. I’m adherent of the breed and now I have my third ‘son’. My two previouse dogs happyly leaved with my fammily 9,5 and 8,5 years. This is the unique breed with the human’s soul and empathy. They are happy to accompany you but they will die for sure being locked in a cage.
    Some people here wrote that they bout a puppy in this puppy mill and they were shocked but just imagine my freinds’ (Russian breeders) condition who recognised their puppyes (righw on the first photo) that had been sold to USA to a ‘new lovely owner’.
    Such ‘monsters’ – puppy mill owner – exists in each country and we must put our iawmekers to create ‘uncomfortable conditions’ and punishment for such ‘motsers’.
    Thank God that these greate danes were sawed and so many people are ready to help with the adoption. Thenk you people!
    Please let me know if any sort of help is needed.

  108. Vernell Green says:

    COMPLIANCE !!!! All laws need to be enforced to be effective. The officials of various departments, for example, Department of Agriculture, needs to comply to the laws and regulations that they presently have. USDA is stretched so thin, that their inspectors visit puppy mills that are disgusting. The puppy mill is give a list of violations and the mill is supposed to comply.The inspector comes by again, and the same happens. This situation is unreal. I hope the dogs you rescued find good homes.

  109. Evelyn Lennon says:

    I write comments all the time on different rescues, but it’s the same. Those who engage in these practices, should be jailed and fined. We must change the laws or these puppy mill will continue to be. We must have harsch punishment to show those these are the consequences for your actions. Thanks to all @ HSUS for all their love and compassion for these animals who have no voice, we the people are their voice, and will continue to be. Thanks for giving of your time, to give them a second chance @ life.

  110. Jennifer Dasani says:

    Please let me know when these danes are ready for adoption. Id like to help.

  111. Jaiden says:

    It is messed up that people do this to animals. If your going to have an animal treat them with respect because if you were an animal you wouldn’t want your owner to treat you like that.

  112. marton guptil says:

    Many canines coaches are using target sticks which can be conveyed helpfully. The canine is trained to touch and after that to take after the tip of the stick.At the factor when the dogs will unreservedly take after the stick. You can lead the canine anywhere you want it to go, rather than pulling, push, lift, or persuade it. You can center of attention on the canine into the auto, onto a prepping table, over hops. Or into the right role for or stacking.

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