Breaking news: Key House committee votes to reopen horse slaughter plants in U.S.

By on July 12, 2017 with 214 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Today, the Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives voted narrowly to give the green light for the reopening of horse slaughter plants in the United States. There were 27 members of Congress who voted against the bipartisan amendment offered by Reps. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif., and Charlie Dent, R-Pa., to bar horse slaughter operations in the United States, and 25 who supported it. All but one Democrat on the committee voted to oppose this dreadful idea, while 26 of 30 Republicans favored it.

The vote on the amendment was as unimaginable as the rhetoric from the horse slaughter crowd was hypocritical.

Unimaginable because American horses deserve a better fate than to be gathered up by a disreputable “kill buyer” who outbids a rescuer at an auction, loaded onto an overcrowded truck, and then stunned, hoisted up by a leg, and pulled apart piece by piece – which is exactly what the 27 lawmakers who voted against the Roybal-Allard/Dent amendment are trying to sanction. We don’t do this to dogs or cats when we don’t have homes for them, and it should be unthinkable to do this to the domesticated animal that helped settle the nation. I pity the people who don’t see the majesty of these American icons and who are numb to their suffering.

Hypocritical because the lawmakers who spoke out against the amendment to ban horse slaughter – again, these are the Representatives who want to allow horse slaughter – actually feigned an interest in protecting horses. A couple of them lamented the long-distance transport of American horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter for human consumption, and said that we might as well slaughter horses here in the United States so they don’t have to be transported.

That logic would make a little sense until you realize that these same lawmakers are blocking a different bill backed by The HSUS that would forbid the transport of horses for slaughter for human consumption to other countries. Only one of the lawmakers who voted to reopen horse slaughter plants in the United States is a cosponsor of that broader anti-slaughter bill, the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, H.R. 113, which is led by four animal welfare champions — Reps. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., Janice Schakowsky, D-Ill., Ed Royce, R-Calif., and Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M.

How can you lament the long-distance transport of horses for slaughter to Canada or Mexico and then fight the bill that addresses that very thing? You can do so only if you say one thing and do another.

The defeat of the amendment to bar U.S.-based horse slaughter plants from operating is an ugly start for the House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-N.J. The newly anointed chairman represents a suburban district in New Jersey, and his constituents favor our position in droves. He defied their wishes on this vote, just as he defied their wishes earlier in the year in voting to overturn a Fish and Wildlife Service rule to stop the aerial tracking, landing, and shooting of grizzly bears, and to stop the shooting of wolves and other predators during their denning seasons on national wildlife refuges.

What kind of person wants to kill grizzly bears on wildlife refuges and slaughter American horses on U.S. soil?

Reps. Robert Aderholdt, R-Ala., Tom Cole, R-Okla., and Mark Amodei, R-Nev. also favored horse slaughter in the debate today. To their credit, Reps. Roybal-Allard, Dent, Sanford Bishop, D-Ga., Barbara Lee, D-Calif, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., spoke in favor of the ban on U.S. horse slaughter.

“As a lifelong Republican, I’m deeply saddened and quite ashamed to see my fellow conservatives go to such great lengths to promote the slaughter of American equines,” said Marty Irby, who heads the HSUS equine campaign. “I hope the members who profess to be fiscal conservatives will reflect upon this vote that would have saved millions of taxpayer dollars annually – and begin to practice what they preach.”

As Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., noted in a public statement, this battle is not over. If House leaders bring the agriculture spending bill to the floor, our congressional allies may be able to offer the amendment there and win when all House lawmakers have a chance to vote on the issue. And if even that doesn’t happen, we expect to win a horse slaughter defund amendment in the Senate, which would give us a chance to prevail when the final bill is negotiated and sent to President Trump.

This is how lawmakers voted on the amendment to protect horses:

YES (25)

Peter Aguilar, D-Calif.-31, Sanford Bishop, D-Ga.-2, Matt Cartwright, D-Pa.-17, Katherine Clark, D-Mass.-5, Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn.-3, Charlie Dent, R- Pa.-15, David Joyce, R-Ohio-14, Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio-9, Derek Kilmer, D-Wash.-6, Barbara Lee, D-Calif.-13, Nita Lowey, D-N.Y.-17, Betty McCollum, D-Minn.-4, Grace Meng, D-N.Y.-6, Chellie Pingree, D-Maine-1, Mark Pocan, D-Wis.-2, David Price, D-N.C.-4, Mike Quigley, D-Ill.-5, Tom Rooney, R-Fla.-17, Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif.-40, Dutch Ruppersberger, D-Md.-2, Tim Ryan, D-Ohio-13, José Serrano, D-N.Y.-15, Peter Visclosky, D-Ind.-1, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.-23, and Kevin Yoder, R-Kan.-3

NO (27)

Robert Aderhold, R-Ala.-4, Mark Amodie, R-Nev.-2, Ken Calvert, R-Calif.-42, John Carter, R-Texas-31, Tom Cole, R-Okla.-4, Henry Cuellar, D-Texas-28, John Abney Culberson, R-Texas-7, Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla.-25, Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn.-3, Jeff Fortenberry, R-Nev.-1, Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-N.J.-11, Kay Granger, R-Texas-12, Tom Graves, R-Ga.-14, Andy Harris, R-Md.-1, Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash.-3, Evan Jenkins, R-W.Va.-3, John Moolenaar, R-Mich.-4, Dan Newhouse, R-Wash.-4, Steven Palazzo, R-Miss.-4, Martha Roby, R-Ala.-2, Harold Rogers, R-Ky.-5, Michael Simpson, R-Idaho-2, Chris Stewart, R-Utah-2, Scott Taylor, R-Va.-2, David Valadao, R-Calif.-21, Steve Womack, R-Ark.-3, and David Young, R-Iowa-3

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  1. Melissa Maser says:

    Lock up your horses and homes. .Criminals are coming to your town…

    • Debra Sue Matthews says:

      I am scared to death! I have horses that I have raised from weanlings and are now 13. They are part of our family, loveable horses. I would be devastated for this to happen to one of my babies. I hope that people that eat the horse meat get deathly sick from all the shots and wormings these horses have in their systems. I hope these lawmakers all get voted out, I have been hoping the republicans would get voted out anyway even though I am a republican. There are those that are still in the swamp and need to go. We can start by looking at the list of who voted on this and vote them out of office.

      • Kathleen Johnson says:

        So true! Although, the people who work frantically, day in and day out (even holidays) to save equine from the kill buyers have the biggest uphill battle. It’s heartbreaking!

        • Goodman says:

          Stop these innocent horses from being slaughtered and show that they all have a purpose, because one of them might be the worlds best jumper but all horses deserve a chance.

      • Linda Miller says:


      • Lorraine Krzyzewski says:

        Totally agree with you and specifically that any US House Representative and US Senator who voted/votes for to perpetrate the slaughter of horses whether Republican or Democrat needs to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. It is up to the US citizens to show these type actions will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

        • Nancy roberts says:

          So True!

        • Thayne says:

          Agreed. People need to know who and how to contact the ones who can make a difference

          • Audrey says:

            raleighlink14 is an animal activist (mainly for horses), she has an email for video suggestions either on her YouTube channel or Instagram she has also made a video about this. Contact her and I’m sure something will be done.

        • Patrizia Fidone Carpenter says:

          Amen, thank you for your attempt prevent any more of this nonsense, and cruelty, Best Wishes to you!>>>>>>

      • Anne says:

        There are law makers out there who openly lie to their constituents and often sneak bills under other ones they think won’t pass. How about this lie: The wild horses will kill campers at campgrounds. Please tell me when you ever heard of this happening. In all the videos I’ve seen of the wild horses being rounded up by helicopters, I have never seen any cattle. What we need to do is demand that we want names of who voted for these atrocities instead of voice votes. I am writing to all our senators and let them know what is going on. Law makers claim what is being done is humane. Ripping babies from their mothers. How many people call that humane?

      • Claudia Neal says:

        Force them eat a steroid racehorse! If told that’s a requirement how many would vote for this measure? Disgusting Republicans & most in Texas. Must be the new oil industry for Texas; horse slaughter. Another reason why California is better than Texas Governor Perry!

      • Donna Burns says:

        Oh I am definitely going to keep posting the name of these house rep all over the place. This is so horrible!!!

      • Nick waite says:

        I love horses and imagine a world without them, that would be devastating, I would be heartbroken.

      • Belinda Spechtenhauser says:

        Yes all of this so-called industry is discusting, pathetic, A SIN. Our other animal process plants are A place of Pure HELL, endless suffering an tortured animals at the hands of demented, underpaid, illegals, perplexed, no care of life, many outta prison. Easily replaced.. The so called “Big Shots” Turn a blind eye..All they selfishness, greed, emence lack of respect for GOD’S gift of animals .I don’t hold back, KARMA on its way to you Barbic , crule, peoples. Damnation, not my job or call,. Therefore, I say All Of You Are Repulsive, AN ABOMATION ! ! !

    • Aj says:

      What needs to stop are the horses being transported to Mexico and Canada. Google it. It is horrific. Days in a cramped trailer then mistreated in the pens in Mexico only to be put in the chute with some guy taking multiple stabs at their spinal cord to disable them. There is never a nice way to kill an animal but these people are heartless.

    • L mckinnon says:

      In 1992 as a police officer I arrested a gal who was taking horses from their homes at night cutting fences .at least 2 of the stolen horses made it to Texas from California to a slaughter house those horses were stolen from a home where they were loved and the owners were is easier to steal friendly horses than round up cattle that time horses were getting more money than cattle. I am sickened that this could happen again. I love my horses

    • Martha boltares says:

      These lawmakers that voted for this evil to happen are no better than other leaders who allow bullfighting, fox hunting, trophy hunting, and festivals of torture!!! Red meat of any kind is deadly!!! Go to and listen to Dr. Neal Barnard!!! Global warming is also real as a result of this evil!!! Karma is real and it will only get worse if it is not stopped!!!

      • Belinda Spechtenhauser says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more. Every member oh the White House and Senate and Congress, our President, Judge,. All them should be forced to watch every single video, two days worth, no punie breaks every hour. Of the truth , the horrors, tourting, etc.. What a pathetic country we now live in. Fear, greed, loss of morals, respect, list goes on. I am whom I am,. May these sewer pits of human beings, maggots,. Damnation to them all, for the Abomation they created and continue to do so.

    • Diana S says:

      Your horses are not in danger unless you decide you don’t want them anymore and sell them to someone who might take them to auction! The horses that are in danger are the wild horses at BLM holding facilities! Some of them have been at those facilities for years and have never been bid on because they are small ordinary looking brown horses. Imagine if the killers start coming to those facilities and start bidding on those horses? Guess where they will wind up? At the auctions being sold for meat!

      • Joe says:

        It is a law and it has been in effect for years that BLM tattooed horses (all wild horses in Captivity are tattooed as a permanent identification and it is illegal for them to be slaughtered in the United States either for human consumption and/or animal food. This is has been in effect for decades. So your small, ordinary brown horses are safe burning up taxes to feed and be well taken care of..

        • Dodi says:

          They send them to Canada and Mexico so no they aren’t safe. BLM doesn’t follow up on the ones that are adopted. After a year they become the property of the adopter and the BLM has no idea what happens to them after.

      • Faye Harbottle says:

        We just read above by someone who was a police officer how horses were stolen from their home. So I don’t believe that we can’ say that the horses are not in danger. What we can say is that, with this new amendment (or knocking down an amendment) it gives people license to do what they want, without much fear of prosecution.
        The other horrible side of things are racehorses who are sent to slaughter when we humans have finished with them.

        What a horrible world this is in so many ways, when innocent animals suffer-and people too…

        • Victoria says:

          Last year, I donated a lot of funds to children welfare (children in need of medical care or surgery or food) and animal protection (sanctuaries and shelters). I called the effort, “Helping The Helpless.” I had no idea a plan was in the works to further endanger our horses! I am appalled that ANY of our representatives have voted for this!

    • Dora Rankin says:

      People who can slaughter such wonderful animals have no hearts Only a psychopath can kill and eat horses

      • Joe says:

        Dora, be careful who you broadly and easily call a “psychopath.” There are starving people all over the world, looking for anything possible to eat in order to survive on a day to day basis. Please broaden your very narrow mind before make such statements. Supermarkets and fast food isn’t available to the world population.

        • Thersa says:

          Look up the word delicacy. In Europe, this is a high priced meal. They are not feeding the poor ! This is about making money. Look at who is complaining about these animals and why they are being round up. Nothing is sacred anymore! Our values for life and appreciation are gone. Look at the whale harvesting. They are almost gone. Just add horses to the list. Mankind has zero respect for life let alone each other. Crap!

        • susan ballarini says:

          The horse meat taken from the USA has both horses from the BLM and racehorses who have been injected with very dangerous chemicals that should NEVER be ingested. The meat is NOT given to starving people all over the world. It is bought up by France and others as a delicacy and is sold at a very high price. Your “starving people” routine is frequently used by other people who seek to profit from the animal industries. If we were to feed the starving people in the world all the grain we feed to livestock, terminology which now includes horses, THERE WOULD BE NO STARVATION. You are probably a kill buyer.

        • Mary says:

          Joe, at $16+ dollars per pound, you can bet the meat is not going to starving people, but to exclusive markets and restaurants in Europe and Asia.

        • Joe Smith says:

          Same stupid argument I’ve heard over and over, Joe- starving M arpopulations eating tainted horsemeat !!
          What is needed is less corrupt governments that cause food shortages for their people. There is enough food in the world besides tainted horsemeat. Further what makes you think the starving people would get this meat ? Horse slaughter is meant to make money, just like any business – no profit no business. The meat would go to the highest bidder and that rules out the “starving” populations. Period.

    • Tricia Fidone says:

      One last comment from me, I wanted to thank the HSUS because a few years many horses were packed into a small holding pen, awaiting “fumigation” pre slaughter, the pen was without water, and full of muck and seriously overfull, I got in touch with a lady by phone who suggested I call the humane society, you know it worked at least they stopped using that unfit pen, but sorrowfully the slaughter probably has not stopped the HSUS is a wonderul organization though and does so much to help all animals so a big Thank You to them for being there for the animals.%%%%%%

  2. Melissa Maser says:

    Better lockup your horses and homes.. Criminals are coming to your town America.

    • B Crabtree says:

      Is there really a meat market for horse meat in the us?

      • Alissa says:

        When there were equine slaughter plants here, most of the meat was shipped overseas.

      • Joe says:

        Correctly most of the horse meat is shipped to Europe, Belgium and especially France. And, yes, there are communities here in the United States that relish horse meat. Some cuts fetch prices as high as $40 per pound. I am not opposed to humane horse slaughter. And, on sites such as this, with all the ridiculous comments, it appears most of the commenters have little knowledge of horses or horse slaughter other than propaganda that it is all a bad thing.

        • Joe Smith says:

          Well Joe I hate to burst your bubble but I comment and know a lot about horses including my mares that can open their stall doors. And by the way, humane slaughter is an oxymoron.

        • Heezy says:

          I agree with you 100% Joe. The unwanted horses WILL all be slaughtered. It is up to us Americans to make sure it is done humanely, in our regulated facilities IN the USA. Not shipped live to other countries destroyed in inhumane, undignified manners.

  3. Margery Glickman says:

    Avid Trump supporter, Mario Diaz Ballart only cares about Cuba. People in Miami call him a “fake American.”

  4. Jeremy Gregory says:

    What bill was this? I am calling those who are in favor of killing these horses but some have asked for the number. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Stacy De Vaul says:

      It’s the FY 2017 Agriculture Appropriations bill.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi, Check out Return to Freedom. They are a organization that keeps up with all of this. They have phone #’s and petitions. Please check them out.

    • Jo Ann Widner says:

      According to the Cloud Foundation, this was the Roybal-Allard/Dent Amendment in the 2018 Agriculture Appropriations bill, keeping the ban on horse slaughter in the US.

      • Joe says:

        Kudos to the Roybal-Allard/Dent Amendment. There are too many mistreated and poorly kept horses in the United States. Humane horse slaughtering is a good thing. Think about the next time you have a slice of bacon and a BigMac. The horses are no different than the butcher pigs and dairy cows that go into your burgers.

        • Tricia Fidone says:

          Well joe everyone who eats beef should refrain, first of all they have ruined our grazing land and We the people are paying for “horse slaughter” weather we like it or not, and supporting rich cattle ranchers such as “Anne Walton”=Walmart, also we have not eaten beef it is chock full of hormones growth hormone, anti biotics etc etc, and we have noticied a definite drop in cholesterol levels by not eating beef, personally never liked it anyhow, not a vegetarian but with respect 4 the Wild American Horses + what the industry is doing to our American Equines, beef should be off everyones tables.

    • Melissa Ratisher says:

      I am also looking for the number.

    • Jennifer Eichelberger Murphy says:

      I believe the bill is Safe Act H.R. 113

    • Stacia says:

      What is wrong with u u think horse slaughter is ok ur for that

    • Letty Grayson says:

      Not a bill — this was an amendment to the FY 2018 Budget Appropriations to remove money to fund horse meat inspection. The name of the amendment is the Robal-Allard Dent amendment. When you call, the aid who answers the phone will better understand if you say that the congressman voted to keep money in the budget to fund horse slaughter and you do not approve because you do not want your tax dollars used to fund horse slaughter.

    • Tricia Fidone says:

      AWHPC also is an organization that is up to date on all these issues, what I just read is that most of these politicians are talking out of both sides of their mouths, saying “they don’t want horse slaughter here in the US.” but that its o.k. to take them to mexico and canada and slaughter them there. crooks all of them.
      Vote them out of your state when they come up for re-election, bunch of double talking scum.

  5. Lisa Sitar says:

    I think All the members of Congress should visit a slaughterhouse to see for themselves exactly what they voted about.

    • Vicki says:

      I agree!

    • Jennifer Weeks says:

      I agree with Lisa Sitar. Before a vote, a video should be shown so that the legislature can see for themselves what the animals are experiencing. They will never be able to get the images from their minds.

      • Chris Murphy says:

        I agree 100%! I can hardly eat beef or pork after watching the documentary From farm to Plate. Their treatment before and even in their deaths is nothing less than horriffic! Can you imagine standing in a long line behind those that are being killed ? Hearing and smelling it for a long period of time before it is killed too! The videos I’ve watched that pregnant mares are hung by the hind leg and their nearly term or to term foals are cut from the womb and dropped to the floor. Some are kicked, stomped or just dumped down the garbage chute still alive, some crying out! It’s horriffic! Yes, they should ALL HAVE TO WATCH THOSE VIDEOS, The most horriffic ones available!

      • mary beth weber says:

        I firmly believe that before a bill like this is voted on that a video should be shown showing how brutally horses are slaughtered…and each voter needs to be supplied with a list of drugs given to horses and what they can do to a human if that horsemeat is eaten. Face it… these congressmen are UNEDUCATED on this and I think that is done on purpose…for sure!!!!!

        • Joe says:

          Mary Beth. I personally feel you are the one that is “uneducated” as you put it. Being a horse owner myself I see and am very aware of how horses are cared for. I see on a daily basis, horses that are not cared for, malnourished, and feel it would be to everyone’s benefit if they were humanly slaughtered and utilized for food.

          • Joe Smith says:

            Joe, stop with the “humane slaughter” it is an oxymoron.

            I too have horses and I know very well most of the products I use often and sometimes daily distinctly say “not for use on animals intended for human consumption” That is key here, horses are not raised for human consumption. And, further, Americans do not eat horses.

    • Trish says:

      Agree! I think we all should visit one. More vegetarians would pop up I’m sure!

    • Jim Gibson says:

      They only care about voting for issues that will keep them in office. Wealthy cattleme donate big bucks to these representatives to approve the slaughter.

      • Katrina says:

        Cattlemen do not approve slaughter of horses that would be stupid.

        • Letty Grayson says:

          That is not really true. Some cattlemen may not approve of horse slaughter but most do because horse slaughter is a convenient way to dump used up horses or horses that do not make the grade in the Quarter Horse (AQHA – think “more registries, more money, so let’s breed and kill off”) and to a lesser extent the Paint (APHA) and the racing industry. A special reason that cattlemen DO want horse slaughter is the competition for federal grazing lands. Although cattle overwhelm the number of horses on this land, many cattlemen want more and more of the grazing rights and see slaughter as an avenue to that end.

          • Tricia Fidone says:

            Letty you have worked so hard and made a Stand for the Horses, and now hearing that even those politicians who support slaughter out of the country and claim being against slaughter in our country are both pro slaughter in my book, they all need 2B voted out of office when their terms of office are up, we must all be vigilant and place our votes against their games and phony agendas

        • Joe says:

          Katrina. I am a cattleman and for your benefit, I certainly approve of horse slaughter and will undeniably support it until the number of horses in the United States is reduced, and better care is taken of the horses we currently have here, and a rational value can be put back on a horse.

          • Joe Smith says:

            That adds up and explains a lot, Joe. So what in your estimation should the horse population be reduced to ?
            And are you speaking of the “wild horses” only or do you include the quarter horse, thoroughbred and others.

            You know very well that slaughter, if introduced here again, will require a steady supply of horses if it is to be profitable. That is what businesses do, they turn a profit or they go out of business, FYI, most horses sent to slaughter are young and healthy not the neglected starving ones you speak of, Slaughter is the disposal system for overbreeding these animals, quarter horses and used up racehorses (thoroughbreds and others). I’m sure you know that.

        • Joe Smith says:

          Oh yes the majority do.

      • Tricia Fidone says:

        Sad but true, and the man in charge of “horsemeat on the hill” is charles stenholm a despicable excuse for a human being this politican is truly a piece of you know what, and should be removed from influencing these politicans by wine ing and dining them and talking them into his horrific agenda, he is simply a Ghoul.

    • Dianne Primeaux says:

      I agree! Make them spend enough time in that horrible place to witness the cruel, tortuous, painful process. Pulling horses apart. The lawmakers who voted to ok this treatment are murderous, sadistically self centered greedy, heartless morons. I hate this part of our society.

    • Annette Howell says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these voters are tied into this industry. If they can disregard what the horses have done to bring & KEEP this country & it’s people together then watch out. They keep getting more callous by the day. This is truly heartbreaking! Since an emp can knock the power out of our cars now that they are all computerized – it would be wise to keep the horses around for emergency transportation OR what if THIS country fell into a crisis with food shortages, we might need them ourselves at some point. But NO, government is finding a way to use up, kill & sell off everything we have NOW!!! Don’t we really ALL have a say in this decision – it’s NOT right! I’m sickened by their greed & selfishness!

      • Tricia Fidone says:

        AWHPC is a great organization and is up to date and honest in their efforts to help our American Equines,
        American Wild Horse Presevation (Campaign) Suzanne Roy also “Return to Freedom” Neda de Mayo all wonderful and honest folks.

    • Leah says:

      I agree!!!!!

    • Joann from Ohio says:

      Lisa and Evelyn I totally agree with you both. I will call those who voted against it and tell them they should FIRST visit a slaughterhouse….THEN VOTE!

      • Tricia Fidone says:

        Agreed you can watch the process on line, that was enough for me, but those who support “humane slaughter” are the biggest of hypocrites.

    • Lorraine Krzyzewski says:

      Better yet, the HSUS and other animal rights groups should go before the Congress and Senate to show whatever pictures/videos they have of slaughterhouses where horses have been slaughtered! Viewing should be mandatory before they can participate in any voting on the matter, since they are uneducated/ignorant regarding this atrocity.

      • Joe says:

        Do you really think so? Then the next time you have a slice of bacon or a BigMac, would you think it wise to go to a butcher house and see how it was prepared?

        Get real.

    • Thayne says:

      I completely agree!

    • Joe says:

      Evelyn, before you call names to anyone, be careful. And, if your are fully outraged, take a Zanex. There is nothing wrong with humanly slaughtering horses. There are mistreated, mal-kept horses that need to go to slaughter. Also, the next time you eat a BigMac or a slice of Bacon, think of from where it came.

      • Faye Harbottle says:

        There is no humane slaughter.

      • Kirk Monigold says:

        Wrong! You have bought in to that industries rhetoric, I have seen the horses going there and they largely don’t fit your description in addition, cattle are raised for food. When dealing with knowledgeable people, get your facts in line

    • Tricia Fidone says:

      Remember their names when they come up for re election vote them out, + careful some are for slaughter out of the US but support ship+slaughter in mexico+canada.

      • Kirk Monigold says:

        As a trump supporter and republican, I can assure all that I will vote for a Democratic Congress solely on the horse slaughter issue unless the republicans step up and do what’s right

    • Tricia Fidone says:

      That would probably help to rid a few of these goons from their votes, on the one hand some of them say they are against slaughter in the US but then they support shipping to mexico+canada they do support so they are just being dishonest politicians, not surprising.

  6. Cindy Gilley says:

    Stop the slaughtering of horses, this is outrageous!!

    • Dorothy says:

      As a horse owner I applaud this decision. There are way too many suffering and neglected horses. A respectful and humane demise beats a heartless and painful one. I love horses too much to have them mistreated on any level. If US can guarantee respect for the horses’ last days, than I vote yes.

      • Harriett Chesney says:

        This is about killing viable, healthy horses, not horses on their last legs….they are rounding up innocent beautiful wild horses in Montana, Oklahoma, NEw Mexico, just to bam a few….it’s all in the name of money…and they are NOT doing it humanely. Get your facts straight

      • Deedee says:

        A humane demise? Are you kidding me? Have you WATCHED them being trucked and slaughtered?

        • Faye Harbottle says:

          I agree with the cattleman that horses who are neglected is shameful and maybe there are too many horses. But anyone who has seen any of the videos or photos or even just read descriptions of horse slaughter would definitely not support ‘humane’ slaughter. As I said before, there is no humane slaughter-period.

      • Aj says:

        I agree with you 100%

      • Laurie says:

        then, perhaps, horse owners need to treat their horses the same as dogs and cats. We don’t ship our dogs and cats for slaughter when they are old and failing…. we euthanize them. shipping your horse by the pound at the end of their days is wrong.

      • Chris Murphy says:

        The ones being slaughtered aren’t the sick, starving and neglected ones. The drafts and Percherons are being breed and shipped to Japan in live shipments by air. They want big, young healthy ones. Sick and starved horses are rejected at the borders and dumped. The USDA veterinarians will NOT pass sick and dying animals of any kind. They also reject pregnant animals. My mother inlaw is a USDA veterinarian meat inspector for many different types of animals and poultry. She said many times there’s not even enough USDA inspectors for the animals for consumption. And it will be near impossible to recruit some for horse slaughterhouses. They don’t want any part of it.

        • Lorraine Krzyzewski says:

          You need to get on Facebook and get an education. Look at all the horses being sent to slaughter from the Killpens now renamed Feedlots, if they are not purchased for outrageous prices (blackmail and extortion – using the threat of slaughter). Pregnant mares and mares with foals are not exempt from this horrific scenario. By law it is illegal for a mare near foaling to ship or for any foal under 6 mos old to be shipped, however there is NO ONE to enforce this on those premises let alone at the border. Why do you think many feedlots now prohibit the public from coming onto their premises? Because of all the illegal actions taking place. Baby foals are torn away from their mothers and left to starve to death, so their mothers can ship. The law prohibits use of electric prods but there is no one there to protect equines from this abuse. The local vets used by feedlots are a sham to their profession. There is no way that a couple hundred animals can be examined in one day before a sale or before they are shipped. On more than one occasion I was given a health certificate for a horse I purchased from a feedlot that did not describe the horse I took home with me. Also many horses are not going thru the checkpoints at the border, they are physically unloaded and run across the border as was done in the old days to avoid inspection. There is no telling how many die along the way! To say THE WALL is necessary is an understatement! For all the horses offered for sale by the feedlots, there are hundreds the public never sees. It doesn’t matter if they are sick or not, fat or thin, crippled or blind – they are shipped.

      • JC says:


      • Letty Grayson says:

        A “respectful and humane demise” is not entering the steel kill box and being hit multiple times with a stun gun and finally returning to consciousness as you are hoisted up by one leg and butchered alive. A “respectful and humane demise” is chemical euthanasia by a vet. Spend the bucks, Dorothy, your horses served you well.

      • Thayne says:

        And they do not kill them humanely. Please rethink your vote.

      • Joe says:

        I whole heartedly agree with you Dorothy. I am a horse owner for more than 50 years, love my horses and take good care of them. These people making most of the comments are the thoughtless ones. I support this 100%. It is one of the smartest bills I have seen passed. If people would open their eyes and see the mistreatment, malnourishment and mal-kept horses all around I think they would see things a bit differently. There are more horses in the United States now than at any point in history, even when horsepower from horses was relied upon solely. Thank you for posting a reasonable post.

      • Christi says:

        Me Too

    • Sara Rodriguez says:

      What about the slandering of cows, pigs, and chicken??? How is slaughtering horses outrageous, when most our fellow Americans pay to have someone slaughter animals for their personal consumption at just about every meal? Why can’t more people make that connection? I love horses and don’t want to see them killed. My wish is that people would care just as much about the animals on their plate.

      • Lorraine Krzyzewski says:

        FIrst of all, horses are not food animals. They are companion animals like dogs and cats. Horses are used for mental and physical therapy. Dogs and cats are only used for mental therapy. You cannot use a chicken, cow or pig for physical therapy. They have always been raised for food and as such the regulations regarding the medications they are exposed to protect people from being poisoned. Horses as dogs and cats are routinely given vaccinations and other medications such as wormers which are not safe for human consumption. So if you have no problem with horse slaughter then what you are saying is that you have no problem slaughtering cats and dogs for food too. US citizens do not eat cats, dogs or horses as many other pathetic foreign countries. Episode 8 of the National Geographic Origins Series revealed that the HORSE is the most important animal in human history. So there is good reason why most people in the US think horse slaughter is outrageous!

        • Joe says:

          Lorrain, I fail to see the designation of M.D. after your name. Perhaps you forgot to ad it.

          The same vaccinations and anti-parasitic drugs you seem to knowingly speak of are all given to cattle and to swine.

          Until the horse population is under control and the number of equines is at least what it was 100 years ago, I fully say, Equine Slaughter is a good thing. Oh, and yes, I am a horse owner. And, by being a horse owner, I notice the condition of horses each time I see one. The overabundance, mal-treatment and mal-nourished horses that exist would be better served by being sent to slaughter.

      • Letty Grayson says:

        You make a valid point but the slaughter of horses IS different due to their anatomy. All animals experience terror when slaughtered, but horses suffer much longer because they can seldom be stunned effectively — the brain is too far back in the skull, so most are butchered alive. That is the difference. And horses are NOT RAISED for food in the USA and are given FDA banned substances routinely which pass into anything that eats horse meat. Some diseases are linked to these substances. Horses are companion animals and sport animals, not livestock. . . . Personally, I do not want to eat anything that has suffered, so I would never eat meat. I will not cook meat for guests or buy meat. But many people do not agree about all meat, however, they should be able to agree to ban the very worst form of slaughter — and that is the slaughter of horses, wrong on every level.

        • Joe says:

          Letty, it sounds as if you have been to a horse slaughter facility and seen this first hand. And, you seem to have some knowledge of the anatomy of the horses head, skull and brain location. I highly doubt that you have seen any of this first-hand. Your rhetoric is more like something copied from the shock videos posted on YouTube and from propaganda articles negative to horse slaughter. I have seen horses slaughtered both on the racetrack due to broken legs, in horse slaughter facilities and in not so clinical situations. And with all of that said, I have never seen an animal butchered alive. What you are intimating is is actually vivisecting a live animal. Your allegations are mostly bogus. However, yes, when animals are butchered, it starts with a live animal.

  7. gail patak says:

    Such a disgrace. Horrible and dark human behavior. We should be better than this.

    • J.J. Lynn says:

      Let the countries that REQUIRE horse meat do their own murdering ! In my opinion such requirements are not justified and seem very prehistoric.I agree that the politicians that voted for this killing should go to the horse slaughter houses and be forced to stay throughout the entire process ! Is this part of the putting people to work that was promised ? If so this is a heartless society that we are expected to accept.

  8. Ann G says:

    Just wait for your reelection, NOT, and see how your constituents really feel about your voting……

  9. Caroline pysell says:

    I believe that this would be the best way to go , as here in the states so many horses are left to starve to death .

    • Lorraine Krzyzewski says:

      NO, slaughter is not the best way for neglected horses to go because of the inhumane way it is done and the inhumane way in which they are transported to the slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada. Educate yourself by looking up horse slaughter on line and then see if you still feel this is the best way for them to go. Horse owners who starve their horses should be prosecuted and if the horses cannot be rehomed, the horses should be humanely euthanized.

    • Letty Grayson says:

      The old “two wrongs don’t make a right” applies here. Read up on how horses are slaughtered and you may change your mind and decide that it is better to solve the problem of abuse by rehoming and euthanasia (by a vet, with a needle).

  10. C Stevic says:

    I own several horses. I HATE slaughter, but please explain what you intend to do to support the unwanted horses in this country. Around 100,000 horses PER YEAR go to slaughter from the US. There are approximately 50,000 mustang sitting in BLM holding yards. How are you going to feed an extra 100,000 horses PER YEAR? Please think of the consequences before you change the law. In some areas it can cost $300 to $700 to have a horse put down by a very and have the carcass hauled off. If you don’t have the money to feed the horse, then you most likely don’t have the funds to pay for the horse to be humanely put down and hauled off.
    I want NO horses going to slaughter. Slaughter is terrible but having a horse slowly starving to death is worse.

    • Patty Raymond says:

      These people are not seeing the big picture. Banning the killing here will just put more horses into trucks like sardines and making that long drive to someplace that has zero humane laws. Mexico and Canada are not going to stop the horse slaughter. How about going after the real problem of overbreeding? Nurse mares? Premarin mares?

      • Lorraine Krzyzewski says:

        I agree with your points about overbreeding, nurse mares and premarin mares contributing to the problem of unwanted horses. However unwanted horses should be euthanized, if they cannot be rehomed. Selling them for food is not an option. If you condone horse slaughter then what is next “Soylent Green” for people?

      • Letty Grayson says:

        The great majority of Americans oppose horse slaughter and NO ONE wants a horse slaughter house in their neighborhood, so it is a given that horse slaughter must stop and export must stop (mainly because of the inability to guarantee a horse is free of FDA banned substances) — it is just a question of how soon . . . . H.R.113 would stop the export to Canada and Mexico of horses for human consumption. The bill has 146 cosponsors in the House as of this date – more cosponsors than most bills ever get. I would urge everyone to call their Congressman and ask them to cosponsor the bill and bring the bill to the floor for a vote. . . . I agree that there certainly are drivers of this problem like overbreeding, nurse mares and Premarin mares, but as part of the effective solution, we need to take away the easy “dump them to slaughter route”, both in the USA and as export. By closing down this route, overbreeding especially, will be forced to de-escalate — there will not be an easy “cull” path. Concurrently we need to better enforce animal cruelty laws so that horses are protected from abuse (malnutrition mostly), set up euthanasia clinics, and promote the use of more horses in therapeutic settings for human animals. The path to success is a multi-pronged approach, but it is doable. Of course we have no control over what other countries do, but we can lead by example.

  11. Toni Taylor says:

    This makes me sick! I have a love for horses from the time I was a small child.. they are a part of our history. They have served us in all the wars before the Tanks and missiles. They were the farmers best friend in the fields. They are a part of our world today ask a horse owner how they can like a dog loving you and trusting you. My horse lived until he 39 years old. I will take one to my home. The Law has to change!! The people who eat these beautiful animals are missing something, a heart and brain.

  12. Lucille Bosisio says:

    Inhumane/painful suffering of America’s wild horses as they are slaughtered! Birth control is a better remedy if indeed any thinning of horses is absolutely justified which many Americans seriously doubt! Greedy cattle/sheep farmers and big money is pushing for eliminating “our” wild beauties! Remember who voted not to SAVE AMERICA’S WILD HORSES when you next vote!

  13. Johnny says:

    well maybe it’s not the end of the battle yet, like they said we can still get it banned in the house and senate, and maybe trump opposes horse slaughter, even if trump currently supports horse slaughter, maybe we can get him to change his mind, I don’t think trump supports horse slaughter I think it’s just his secretary of the USDA and blm, either way I think we should pass the safe act anyway, cause the usda thing doesn’t really ban horse slaughter it closed the horse slaughter plants here but then they continued to be hauled over to mexico so I think It’s time to go hard on the safe act, and also push horse slaughter bans state by state, texas, california, and illinois already have bans at least that’s all the ones I know about, I think we could get horse slaughter bans passed state by state via ballot initiatives.

  14. Lori Walker says:

    I am a horse owner and have been all my life. I have many geriatric horses and ponies. Horses are like people. They make friends, they bond with other animals like cats, dogs, goats etc. They don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, catholic, Jewish, Muslim, they love you if you show them love and kindness. Of course they need more than that. They need shelter, grass, hay, feed, water, hoof care, vet care and more. Many people get a horse or pony without understanding the cost for care of a horse. This is often when many horses end up at auctions. Education for prospective horse owners can help the flood of unwanted horses in the US. There are many rescue groups for horses who have been discarded by their owners. Slaughtering horses that are unwanted for a food source in other countries seems barbaric to me. There must be other solutions to this issue.

  15. Cyndy Nicholson says:

    I am a horse rescue and I am truly speechless. People do not understand what we do and how very hard we work to stop this. I am ashamed and I am saddened by this.

  16. Allison says:

    So are you saying that every horse that goes up for auction could be rescued? Are there enough horse rescues to take care of all these horses or would the HSUS be taking them? What would happen to an unwanted horse that no one will rescue?

  17. MaryAnn says:

    Somehow Americans think it is more humane to cram horses into cattle trailers and take them to either Canada or Mexico? The horses are not fed or watered during the trip. Those that get too skinny are abandoned.

    The price of the cheapest horse at auction is directly related to the price per pound at auction. PETA has misplaced values and knows little about horse markets in USA.

    Europe is the target for the horse meat.

    Economy in USA is still slow. People give up luxury items….which a horse is when people loose jobs.

    I personally rescued 7 nice riding horses from kill pens last year. Placement of good riding horses has been greatly reduced. People can’t afford horses when jobs are scarce.

    It is more humane to have the slaughter in U.S. where it can be regulated and horses don’t have to be transported in cattle trailers with no food or water near as far as now.

    There are too many misplaced values flying around….

    • Letty Grayson says:

      I applaud your rescue and placement of these horses. But opening up horse slaughter is the opposite of a solution — it will only make overbreeding easier and more profitable.

  18. judith keene says:

    Instead of supporting the dark and dirty industry of horse slaughter, why cant they just inact a bill that puts limits on breeding and stop the surplus of horses? Also, dont they care that our horses have usually had meds given to them that arent meant for human consumption? they dont care how many people may get disease or cancer from eating drug tainted meat!!

  19. Flavia Toffoli says:

    Please, stop killing the animals! God save the animals 😭😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  20. Doris Muller says:

    This is so disgusting! To think that the US is run by such demented, vicious personalities is very disturbing. I can’t help wonder what’s in it for these anything-in-the-name-of-commerce heartless brutes. Wild horses do not belong to humans, and most definitely not to the government. After a government body was the one who created mass calamity for the victims, government SHOULD NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to vote for a deal with profiteers whose only goal is profiting from killing horses. I bet these same elected creeps cringe in horror if they hear of puppy mill dog killings executed because the dogs are not profitable. Also, this is no different from what Michael Vick did to his dogs. In his case, he tortured and he mercilessly killed dogs that he could not profit from.

    It’s just unfathomable to have elected leaders who set themselves above the law while supporting laws to penalize others for acts of vicious animal cruelty. They needn’t think they will be held blameless just because they have the right to be brutal–and then, they are horrified by the brutal mind-set of factions like ISIS members.

    “In fact, if one person is unkind to an animal it is considered to be cruelty, but where a lot of people are unkind to animals, especially in the name of commerce, the cruelty is condoned and, once large sums of money are at stake, will be defended to the last by otherwise intelligent people.”–Ruth Harrison, Animal Machines

  21. Renee says:

    I feel sick !!
    I’m raising a child in this world !
    A world filled with DIRTY money !
    Blood money !!
    Anything for a doller !

  22. Angela Grammatico says:

    This horror must stop the American people would never agree to this . we must stop them !!

    • Letty Grayson says:

      The great majority of Americans oppose horse slaughter. Every poll I’ve seen is at least 80% opposed to horse slaughter.

  23. Gail Durnez says:

    Stop irresponsible breeding and then there wouldn’t be a surplus of horses who aren’t wanted and police the horse industry more diligently. E.g. Nurse mare foals, horses who are ruined in the name of showing them (Tennessee Walkers) race horses. Stop the abuse of perfectly good horses all for the sake of a profit. Until thus stops, there will always be horses sent to slaughter.

  24. Heidi says:

    This makes me so mad. Horses deserve better. If this happens people will definitely have to keep there horses safe that are out to pastures because you got dirt bags that steel them to sell to kill buyers for quick money. I say save a horse eat a kill buyer.

  25. Sheila Dighans says:

    What kind of monsters order slaughter of therapeutic animals like horses or any animal at all,.
    Stop this bill please!!

  26. Melody Orso says:

    How sickening – how can these people sleep at night! We need to think seriously about over breeding our horses and ending up in this horrible situation!!

  27. Chris Drawdy says:

    Stop this slaughter of Innocents….

  28. Bonnie Dombrowski says:

    There is nothing more in humane than breeding animals for profit.

    When animals give their heart and spirit to do what is asked of them. When they respond without question to their masters commands, will they be sent to experience fear, terror and the heavy presence of death when they are considered not good enough or too expensive to “keep”? A betrayal to their innocence and trust?

    Do I need to be kept awake at night with thoughts that the horse that I love could be stolen for a sale and placed in a slaughter pipeline? My friend? My therapy horse? My happiness that keeps me walking and giving me the strength to keep going?

    I am personally offended and my spirit is violated by the people who have taken it upon themselves to be the death nell to entities that God has created.

  29. Kay says:

    This is the saddest thing . Horses are given to us to ride and work and be pets and they have served in our military to fight in war for our freedom! How can you tale this beautiful animal from God and torcher and abuse and kill them and even eat them!!!! They are not meat ! They are a.pleasure. its bad enough that i see so much abuse here in Alabama . Horses and dogs ect. Please recognize these majestic creatures for what they are . look in thier eyes and see the love . Please dont let this go on and please stop slaughter. They are in pain and fear in these places. Let them be free find homes!!!!

  30. MARCIA says:


  31. Rose Tingle says:

    I see Republican Harold Rogers voted to not protect the horses, yet he is from horse country, Kentucky. I hope his constituents let him know they are unhappy with his vote.

  32. Rita bennett says:

    This is absolutely disgraceful. These horses should be respected. Give them their final days in peace and euthanised humanely in a peaceful environment not in a stressful situation with other horses knowing their outcome. Also its a worry that younger horses will end up in these slaughter houses. This must be stopped completely

  33. BBoyle says:

    This is outrageous and downright disgusting! Pack those in favor of this horrific bill into a horse trailer and take them to the slaughterhouse to see what torture occurs there. Senators stop & think about what you’ve voted yes for. Would you want your dog or cat slaughtered for human consumption? Stop this please!!!

  34. Marta Mattox says:

    The Fifth Circuit issued a ruling in 2007, the Texas Agriculture Code prohibted the transport of horses for human consumption in the State of Texas. But it was the noble refusal of the Transportation Workers Union (AFL-CIO) at DFW Airport who refused to load the outbound horsemeat that effectively shut the last slaughter plant in Kaufman, TX. They risked losing their jobs, homes, even food on their own tables to stand up and do the right thing. God Bless them! As the Fifth Circuit ruling opined, “Cowboys don’t eat their horses”

  35. Dawn Moore says:

    I am crying and I heartbroken. How can these people just not love or care about wild horses that are part of America’s heritage and do no harm.. They are families, have feelings, show affection… To give permission to murder them like an enemy. Those who voted for this are sick and God will punish them all..
    I don’t get this, doesn’t the words of the citizens who should have the freedom to vote and be heard… We have to make human barriers to stop the brutally of this action… Citizens should have had a say and been heard, isn’t this America,, land of the free… And citizens have a say.

  36. ArbysMom says:

    The one Democrat who voted in favor of slaughtering the horses is from Texas.

  37. lynda says:

    Leave our Horses alone ,they are not government property they belong to us the American people and we are saying no to the slaughter of these awesome animals !!!!!!

  38. Emily Chetkowski says:

    On top of this inhumane treatment there’s another part of this that once again is ignored by politicians – the poisoning of the innocents who eat this tainted meat. These horses are not raised for human consumption. They have been given medications over the years that there is no withdrawal period for that, that technically renders them unpalatable forever. A big one is Bute. Bute is probably the most common drug given to horses, it is similar to Motrin. It causes blood dyscrasias in himans such as Leukemia. This meat is slipped into our food products and unknowingly eaten. But even those who choose to eat it believe it was raised safely. In Europe, horse meat in some cases is/was served in schools and colleges. To ignore this proven fact of poison meat is nothing short of homicide! There is no safe use of horse meat for anything from aninals not raised for slaughter and there is NO arguement there! There is no vote. They are poisoning people and they know this!!

  39. Rita Maloy says:

    Horses are to be cherished fed and loved .not slaughtered.if I have to I will go to Washington about this mess

  40. Rita Maloy says:

    Don’t agree w slaughter

  41. Bonnie says:

    I wonder who will profit from this? I agree each member of Congress should have to WORK in a slaughter house then think about voting for this bill.

  42. Sandy says:

    Even though horses have continued to be shipped to Mexico and Canada during the U.S. ban on slaughter, the rampant breeding which easy, local disposal made profitable, slowed. If U.S. slaughter is reinstated, there will be far less incentive to be responsible breeders and owners and the inhumane conditions and process of horse slaughter will once again disgrace us as a nation. This was a vote in committee. Everyone concerned must storm their elected representatives with their dissent and the horrific facts of horse slaughter.

  43. Colleen says:

    I thought America was really getting bad with all the criminals and thugs but when our politicians are no better then I really have to wonder what our country is coming to! To me, the treatment of these beautiful animals is as bad as any serial murderer out there! Stop this now!!!

  44. Denise Loehlein says:

    Denise Loehlein
    The reopening of slaughter houses for horses is horrible. Anyone who voted to approve this should have to personally take a horse into the slaughterhouse and follow that horse through the whole process. It is inhumane, and anyone with a heart or conscience could not stand by and watch this!! You need to seriously reconsider this decision!!
    Disgusted and angry!!

  45. Betty Morrow says:

    I can’t believe these people (and I use that term loosely)would vote to slaughter these poor horses.Whats next us old people when we are too old and unproductive.I hope they are voted out at the next election!!!!

  46. Michelle Diener says:

    Please provide us with a petition to sign.

  47. Kelly says:

    Whoever wrote this is misinformed and just misinformed many others. Banning horse slaughter did not do horses any favors nor change their fate. Instead, horses were shipped to Mexico to be slaughtered. Long trailer rides, where already sick horses suffered even more or died on their ride there and then are killed inhumanely. I raise and train horses, they are my livelihood, opening slaughter back up in the United States is a day to rejoice.

    • Deedee says:

      How about DECREASING their population to begin with? “Raising” horses is part of the problem.

      It is NOT a day to rejoice.

      • Kelly says:

        my horses sell for between $10-100,000. the bloodlines and training (which is high demand in the performance horse world) do not end up going to horse sales. I am not a “backyard breeder”. I know where all of my horses have ended up. The problem is the people who are uneducated about the issue. You took ONE thing out of my comment, that I raise horses. But didn’t listen to the rest. Shutting down slaughter houses in the U.S. did NOT stop horses from going to slaughter. It only changed one thing, longer trailer rides to a much worse place. It was sickening seeing PETA applaud themselves for that.

        • Letty Grayson says:

          Kelly, you are not realistic if you think that horses that have passed through your barn have never ended up in slaughter. Have you ever trained a gelding? Have you ever trained a mare that eventually became barren? . . . When Ferdinand was slaughtered, I assure you that your horses are slaughtered.

        • Marilynn says:

          Thank you Kelly for a voice of reason!

    • Lorraine bucklan says:

      No way! This is a huge win for special interest groups, and slaughter houses who will profit.
      Often, these terrified horses are still alive while hanging by one leg, bleeding out.

  48. Patty Raymond says:

    The HSUS is being completely disingenuous as usual. This is indeed sickening I would rather they stay in the U.S. than ride for hours and hours on cramped trucks to Canada or especially Mexico where there are zero humane laws. Because if we don’t, they still will. The real problem is the horse “sporting” community who uses nurse mares so they can breed their racing mares faster, those who make over 40 foals to have a perfectly matched team of driving horses, the Premarin industry where foals, like in the nurse mare situation are just byproducts…. Anytime there is fame and fortune involved, the animals will pay with their lives. So be careful what you wish for. Flame away.

    • Kristin M Haigh says:

      That is so true Patty!! The racing industry is out of control with their breeding!! They throw away foals of nurse mares, so the mare can nurse a racing foal. The mare that has the racing foal loosing her baby and is then bred again!! This is pure greed at its best! It’s time for new laws in racing. They should be limited to how many foals they can produce every year. Horses should be raced at a older age. They also should support the foundations that take retired racehorses, or young horses that just don’t run, and give them a second chance!! Something has to change to slow down the breeding in this country! Pregnant mares are seen in auctions all of the time. Why is that allowed??? It has been proven that horses can be so useful in programs that work with prisoners, vets, handicap and troubled teens. Lets use these resources and help these unwanted horses have a chance at life!!

    • Barbara Olson says:

      I agree, we should ban breeding for a while, how about we use the beautiful horses we already have.
      Take care of your horse until it’s time to be euthanized in a humane way.
      Use veterinary care and respect these magnificent animals!
      There needs to be laws protecting horses, stop the auctions and killers!

    • Letty Grayson says:

      I disagree that the HSUS is being disingenuous. I would like to thank them for covering this issue of budget appropriations and horse slaughter.
      As are many, the HSUS is approaching the problem with the intent of forming a complete solution. Stopping the reopening of horse slaughter plants and paying USDA inspectors to inspect horse meat with tax payer dollars is just one NO GO. . . . Banning both the export and slaughter within the USA stops the easy dumping ground for breeders, while it protects consumers from toxins and while it protects horses from being butchered alive, in many cases.

  49. Janey Boyd says:

    Spread the word. Seems lots of people with horses aren’t aware. They are busy loving, riding and tending to their horse as good owners do. Shame on the Ar rep. He will be remembered for this!!

  50. Nancy Weliczko says:

    I shouldn’t have voted for any if these people, they need to go to a slaughter house and see how these American Icons are killed, that’s right the American Horse should be the American Icon not a bird the US wasn’t settled on the back of a bald eagle but on a noble loyal animal like a horse, please reconsided opening the slaughter houses and consider stop exporting our American Horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter…Thank You.

  51. Alleen Manning says:

    Let me know how I can help. Ranting on Facebook does nothing. This has to be stopped.

  52. Paula Denmon says:

    This was predictable.
    Voting for total GOP control was a death sentence for animals here and abroad. There is a push by Trump and Congress to take over the lands granted to the Wild HORSES for gas/oil production, sending all the horses to slaughter. We can fight bringing slaughter back..Especially thank the brave GOP Congress people who voted to continue the ban on slaughter. Be careful who you vote for. Elections have consequences.
    Murdering/Allowing to Die,
    Animals in the name of PROGRESS is one.

  53. Kristin M Haigh says:

    What is with the Republicans and their voting to start up slaughtering horse in America again?????? I have been a Republican my whole life, and this is very upsetting to me!! Tell me why they are for this horrific practice? I don’t want to hear that they are mean or nasty, just their reason for voting to slaughter again!!! It’s time conservatives to stand up and contact our reps in Washington DC!!!

  54. Deedee says:

    Can HSUS partner with other big animal welfare orgs to file an injunction?

  55. Joann K Mitchell says:

    I believe some western prisons will accept some horses to be used for therapeutic purposes. . I have personally observed the benefits of one of these experiments. .hardened incorrigible men relaxed and changed attitudes in their one on one interaction with a horse .Despondent people are benefiting immensely from contact with horses Autistic children benefit from contact with horses.There are so many better alternative ways to solve the problem.

  56. Alyce Anderson says:

    I am a farm girl and life long horse owner living in rural America. I hate the thought of horse slaughter here, but I hate it more that they have been shipped to Canada and Mexico. That said, stopping the slaughter will not solve the problem of too many horses. The suffering will continue but in a different form. Until humans stop overbreeding in the quest for the perfect foal, the problem will continue. It’s rediculous as your fundraising propoganda suggests to just let them run free. Unless you happen to live in an area where wild herds roam, it would mean certain death from founder and highway accidents… rediculous to consider that as a solution! My 2 cents… slaughter in the US, and stop over breeding!

  57. George Bates says:

    When will the HSUS and other animal welfare organizations speak the obvious truth: the Republican Party is the enemy of animals and of the natural world. Anyone who voluntarily continues their association with this party is complicit in their crimes against the environment and non-human animals. The sooner this party is extinguished, the better, because all life on Earth is at risk.

    • Lorraine bucklan says:

      Agree! Very anti-animal. And trophy hunters, as well.

    • Letty Grayson says:

      The Dems far outnumber the Repubs in support of the Safe Act. Yet some Repubs are wonderful supporters – case in point Lindsey Graham sponsored S.1214 in the last Congress and Vern Buchanan sponsored H.R.113 in this Congress — both Repubs. Hard to figure, but we need to get rid of the bad guys.

  58. Lorraine bucklan says:

    Sick and disgusting action. Before you Vote find out how they stand on animal issues. The SAFE ACT needs to be passed.
    Start phoning Washington now. State your views politely and strongly. Advocate for these horses who are innocent victim’s condemned to die using our tax dollars. Slaughter is not humane for these horses who are strung up by one leg and bled out, and not dead always. This will profit the special interest groups, RANCHERS and their cattle numbers who far outnumber the horses on the range. They want every blade of range for their profit and these horses are paying with lives. I realize many are abused and straving, as a horse lover I do not condone this. Investigate by looking at the pictures of the range divisions, past gathers, cruel holding pens, motives of why they are inconvenient. ALSO HAVE ALL. CATTLE FOLKS BEEN PAYING THEIR GRAZING FEES?????

  59. Kathleen Johnson says:

    I don’t think those of you in this forum, who are infavor of slaughtering horses have any idea what is involved. Any type of equine can go to slaughter (not just the old and neglected) and established laws don’t protect them, even bred mares and those that have just given birth, thoughbreds and racehorses, draft and mule teams, donkeys, ponies and minis (small horses get trampled in the rush) and the injured. They are all crammed terrified into a semi-truck. Slaughter of horses is in no way the answer and what will happen with the horse “meat”? Who will consume the flesh of a horse? Will food producers sneak it into our food? That’s a “whole nether ball game”.

  60. Robin says:

    The wild Horses have been here for hundreds of years- they are the last of their kind & should be left alone to be free. Ranchers need to feed their animals just like any other responsible guardian. Our federal land where the wild Horses live is not free food for private business. No one has the right to round up, starve & kill our American treasures, our wild Horses.

  61. Maia says:

    Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, ask to be connected to your representative

    If you want to tske personal action👆

  62. Deborah Rainwater says:

    IT IS THE 21st CENTURY, just in case anyone needs a reminder here, people. Why is sick ignorance, GREED, and the pursuit of the almighty dollar still the main motivation in all these politician’s little black hearts?
    I strongly agree with those who propose that they should witness firsthand the atrocities and torture endured by our beloved equines in ANY slaughter facility, be it in Europe, Canada, JAPAN, MEXICO, OR the UNITED STATES!!!
    To those who are pro-slaughter in America, this note is for YOU….witness this horrific debacle yourself firsthand, and then tell me how you sleep at night if you are a human being with a soul.
    Did you know that the only criteria required for an equine to be accepted for this torture and murder is to be over 6 months of age, and be walking, with at least one eye?
    The mares with foals, the pregnant mares, the healthy and young, all are considered fodder for this disgusting (and yes, EVIL) pipeline of suffering!
    Let it be known that human beings are better than this…there is always an alternative with ETHICAL CONCIOUSNESS!!!
    Please support HR-113 to ban the transport of our horses and other equines across borders for human (sick) consumption, and say NO to the renewal of slaughter facilities in America!
    United, we stand!
    Contact your local congressional rep.s, and get involved before it’s too late….THOUSANDS (yes, thousands!) are dying RIGHT NOW.

  63. Lorraine Krzyzewski says:

    Anyone voting to promote the slaughter of horses (and other equines) in this country or condones (is in favor of allowing) the continued transportation of horses (and other equines) out of the US for slaughter for human consumption needs to BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE IMMEDIATELY! Horses are not raised for meat in this country. They are companion animals. Even the US Post Office recognizes horses as companion animals since they are one of the animals in their “PET” stamp series! Horses are used as mental and physical therapy animals. Cats and dogs can only be used for mental therapy. No one uses chickens, pigs or cattle as therapy animals. Miniature horses are even being used as guide animals for the blind as are dogs. In Episode 8 of National Geographic Origins Series, it was revealed that THE HORSE WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT ANIMAL TO MAN. Horses have the trusting mentality of a 2 year old and can understand at least 99 verbal commands (more than dogs). So is this how the US repays this majestic animal that helped develop this country – with a horrifyingly, inhumane end? What does this say about the lawmakers of this country? If we as citizens keep lawmakers that condone this unpatriotic atrocity what does this say about us? Make a note of those lawmakers who support slaughter in your state and spread the word to all animal lovers to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!

  64. Marianne says:

    Humans do not need to eat meat to survive on this planet! Leave the horses TF alone!

  65. Marianne says:

    Foreigners do not pay any taxes buying and killing American Horses, so why are they allowed to do business here?! It isn’t the horses fault America is indebted to foreigners, they need not be paying their debt!

  66. Jane Bond says:

    In June 2017, China agreed to once again import beef from US. China stopped in 2003 due to Mad Cow Disease. see link:

    Could cattle ranchers suddenly become greedy for the land that OUR Wild Horses and Burros rightfully own?

    Horse slaughter is as repulsive as ISIS beheading captives.

  67. Sylvia Mortson says:

    These “politicians” need to weeded out. Nothing but egotistical, self centered, murderers.

  68. Pam Roylance says:

    Yes, I’m against horse slaughter and will sign, but, personally don’t think it’s going to happen. First of all, reopening slaughter plants for horses would require federal inspectors when the “orange one” wants to slash federal budgets.

    Then there are all the medications and vaccinations horses receive. Performance horses can receive as many as eight vaccinations annually. Additionally there are countless meds and steroids for injuries and/or performance enhancement. And after successful performance careers, horses become breeding animals with more meds, hormones, etc. Anybody hungry yet? Beef cattle get two vaccinations as calves and that’s it, then go to slaughter at the age of two.

    Where does anybody think this horse meat will go? Remember the controversy a few years ago at the Canadian border crossings? If the hauler could not certify that the animals he was transporting were free of any meds or vaccines for at least the past 30 days, the animals were quarantined for 30 days at the border at the haulers’ expense. There is a movement now in Canada to put an end to horse slaughter there anyway.

    Again, where will this horse meat go? Not into Alpo cans. Pet food manufacturers determined horse meat unfit for pets (and zoo animals as well) over 25 years ago because of the meds and vaccines.

    Some Europeans do eat horse meat, but it’s from a large draft type animal, raised primarily in Belgium just for that purpose. They are grass fed, grain finished and slaughtered before the end of their two-year old year, resulting in prime meat comparable to our prime beef.

    So that leaves Mexican slaughter plants, previously documented as inhumane, as the destination, after an equally inhumane trip in a double deck truck designed for cattle. Are we looking at tacos here?

    So that brings me back to the “orange one” who also wants to cut the BLM budget and apparently remove, via slaughter, all the wild horses. Perhaps this would become another “free range” marketing slogan?

    There are a number of things that could be done if all horsemen and animal welfare organizations could get on the same page and speak with one powerful voice. The Thoroughbred racing industry is the only part of the horse community acting responsibly in my opinion. I’m embarrassed to admit that the organization representing my breed, the Arabian, came out in support of horse slaughter, as did the Quarter Horse Registry.

    In any event, the American cowboy did not eat his horse and neither should we.

  69. Matthew Carrozza says:

    Please do not allow the re-opening of horse slaughter plants in this country.

  70. Mary says:

    Wow. How shameful some of the politicians are, and cruel. If there is karma, may it be a boomerang to them!

  71. Mary says:

    Ok, I got a little excited on my last comment and it wasn’t posted. But I just can’t even believe something so vile and disgusting like this could happen. So horrible. The poor horses. Such majestic creatures. I am sickened to the core about this.

  72. Mary says:

    My officemate just said that it sounds like pure evil.

  73. pam walkup says:

    horses in this country are not LIVESTOCK they are companion animals and any cold hearted politician who cannot see the pain and torture these horses endure from these killer buyers and slaughter facilities are cruel heartless “politicians” This is just horrid and horrible

  74. KK says:

    We have lost are battle but we haven’t lost our war. This goverment is so sad and so lost. They will regret it someday

  75. Sarah Carpenter says:

    I just can’t believe after years of working towards ending horse slaughter, it is now going to be legalized in the US. Instead of taking steps towards ending it, now they have taken not just a step back, but hundreds of steps back from ending this cruelty. We were so close to making it illegal, and now we are even closer to it being the “norm”. People treat these beautiful animals like objects when they are so much more than that. This needs to stop. Protests need to be held. Action needs to be taken.

  76. Grace says:

    This is just absolutely disgusting. Throughout the years we’ve gained these horses trust by loving them and giving them a good home and all of a sudden they expect these beautiful animals go to the slaughter house. It’s just so wrong for this to even happen. The race world where most of the owners of the horses only race them for money. When the horses become no use to them they get driven off to places like this. Many people have been fighting for years to shut down places like this to protect our horses and they just want to put the horses which includes wild horses life back in danger. Just even thinking of this makes me sick. They only are opening slaughter houses because they don’t care about the horses, all they want is to have their burgers to eat and they don’t care where it came from. What idiot would agree with this?!?

  77. Stephanie G says:

    PLEASE Read This
    What the Hell has happened to the world. How could people kill such beautiful animals. I’m so mad after hearing about this I hope everyone who signed “yes” feels ashamed and guilty for killing the rest of the wild horses that runs free and wild across the Wild West. I litterly have no worlds to say after this but I do now we have to get a law in place to stop horse slaughtering and the rounding up of “AMERICANA WILD HORSES”
    Equestrians and any animal lover let’s start the movement NOW.

  78. Erin says:

    The real problem here is not only the horse slaughter but also the fact the fact that people keep breeding horses when there are horses waiting for homes in animal rescues. a lot of people don’t want to take one from a rescue and they want a 2-year-old instead. People are afraid to take a horse from a rescue because they fear that they’re dangerous. Honestly, all it takes is a lit bit of work and you could have an amazing horse, and that horse would be so grateful to have a home. And to anyone home came here and decide to complain about this take a minute to think to your self and ask what have I done to prevent horse slaughter, besides just sporting the animal activists. Have you gotten a horse from a rescue? If not how do you expect there to be fewer horses for slaughter, or none at all if you don’t help them? If one person in the equine world (in the U.S.) would adopt a horse I have a feeling there would be no horses going for slaughter (in the U.S.). I wish people would open their eyes and stop putting all of the blame on our government and start taking some of the responsibility.
    A word to the people who send their horses to slaughter. you should be asamend. You could have given them to someone who wanted them, instead of dumping them.

  79. Suzan Jackspn says:

    I have read just about all the comments on horse slaughter. Starting with the wild horses, keep the strong stallions intact, held the weaker ones– I am referring to responsible wild horse breeding.
    There is plenty of space for cattle and horses, this is a big country. Ranch man, if you have a horse breeding program with your cattle raising program, cease the horse breeding program after having harvested the wild wrangling and when it is ready to work. It will be a while, I know, but it will be a phase in phase out situation.
    As for the slaughter of horses and other animals, I wasn’t born yesterday, some folks seem to thrive on the sufferings of innocent animals and that’s not going to change unless that individual realizes that they need to rethink their attitudes towards other living beings

  80. Denni A says:

    to all the horse commenters here – yep, keep VOTING REPUBLICAN…smh.

  81. Dave d says:

    I love horses. They taste amazing and are high in protein and low in fat. It’s probably the most healthy of all when compared to other livestock like cows chickens pigs goats etc. I kill any horses I can get for free and turn them into ground meat and cuts of steaks and roasts. I do all the killing myself with a single shot to the head with a 357 and also do all the butchering and packaging for storage. One horse produces an average of 350 pounds of ground meat along with some roasts and steaks and I wouldn’t trade that for all the cow meat in the world. By the way, no one is giving away well mannered and well behaved trained horses for free. They have zero value as an enormous pet and significant value as an alternative food source to the insanely high price of beef.

  82. Brenda Robinson says:

    Why don’t they open up a place for military people with PTSD to work with these horses? I have heard of these places and it works on helping and healing the wounded, both people and horses. It is a win-win and everyone gets to live, and be needed and wanted and loved.

  83. Gloria geter says:

    We must not allow a few greedy money hungry ladder climbing politicians to let our precious animals be brutally murdered by anyone ! Stop the breeding for foreign countries plates of food ! For our government can’t understand or stand up to big business money making techniques then they all should resign because the American public is against this unsavory business !!! List their names voting to kill our poor voiceless & get them voted out of office 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  84. Demarcus Elzey says:

    I love horses horse and I’m only 16 years only and people tryna kill horses for something dumb I hope 🤞🏾 all horses 🐴 be ok and people stop 🛑 killing horses 💙💚💚💙🐴🙏

  85. Heather Johnson says:

    Horse slaughter is Never ethical or moral and its unsanitary. too many horses stuck in pens, no water, food, and unsanitary medical treatment. Just look on these facebook sites most of these horses going to slaughter are young and healthy. slaughtering wild horses they have roamed the western United States, parts of North Carolina, and Georgia for for hundreds of years is unthinkable. This is political, if they can make money off these horses they will; congress and kill buyers do not care how inhumane they are. vote these congress men and women out.

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