NYC pet store investigated by HSUS shuttered, but larger policy reforms needed

By on September 26, 2017 with 158 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The Chelsea Kennel Club – a boutique Manhattan pet store that was the focus of an HSUS undercover investigation released just two months ago – appears to be shuttered. In July, we posted a heartbreaking video of sick puppies and deficient care there, which attracted five million views on Facebook. Today no one is answering the phone at the store, and photographs reveal a “closed” sign on the front door and rows of empty shelves.

While we certainly want outliers in regard to animal care and cruelty to change their ways or to go out of business, we cannot do in-depth investigations at the hundreds of places throughout the country that are supplying stores like the one in New York. That’s why the nation needs sound policies that set measurable standards of care and assure that these standards are enforced.

Sometimes puppies acquire an illness in a pet store, and the health problems are compounded by cost-cutting measures and inexperienced and inattentive personnel. But in many cases, the dogs arrive sick because of terrible conditions at puppy mills. These are precisely the mills that are the focus of our major reform efforts.

There are plenty of tricks that mill operators use to hide their abuses. Many scofflaw operators purport to having clean inspection reports, but that’s only because they dropped a noncompliant license under one name, and opened a new one under a different family member’s name or a different business name. We found this hide-the-ball strategy at work in several such businesses selling to Chelsea Kennel Club. Sadly, it’s not illegal. There isn’t even a specific rule that requires people who have been convicted of animal cruelty to disclose their conviction when applying for or renewing a USDA license.

But there’s good news. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is in charge of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), the federal law that requires certain animal businesses to abide by basic standards of care, is requesting public comment on a proposed rule on the topic. The proposal would close the loophole, leading to the actual shut-down of recidivist puppy millers, as well as roadside zoos and substandard circuses covered under the same regulations.

The Chelsea Kennel Club appears to have closed permanently just two months after an HSUS undercover investigation. Photo by Colin Gillooly

Allowing noncompliant licensees to continue operating is harmful to animals, a waste of government resources, and can also lead to public and animal health crises. In 2010, authorities linked an outbreak of distemper at a Wyoming pet store to Jeff Fortin, who owned a USDA-licensed dog breeding kennel in Kansas. That resulted in the killing of 1,200 dogs. Fortin had been found in violation of AWA standards for years, but he used a technique that many problem dealers have used in the past—they “erase” their histories by simply dropping a non-compliant license and getting a new one under a different business name. In addition, the CDC is currently investigating a seven-state outbreak of a bacterial disease in humans that has been linked to a major national pet store chain that buys its puppies from USDA-licensed breeders. For the safety of animals and the public, it only makes sense that the USDA require licensees to affirmatively demonstrate compliance with the AWA’s health and welfare standards before renewing a license.

The new proposed USDA rule can help prevent puppy millers from gaming the system. We have a chance to urge the USDA to make four vital changes:

  • Require licensees to affirmatively demonstrate compliance with the AWA before renewing a license or significantly expanding their operations
  • Prevent noncompliant licensees from simply transferring their operation to another person or LLC on the same (or adjacent) property
  • Require license applicants and renewing applicants to disclose any animal cruelty convictions, and
  • Make the process for denying or revoking a license more effective and efficient

The pet industry will most likely fight against closing these gaps in AWA oversight, so the agency needs to hear from you. You can help by commenting directly on the Federal Register site, or comment via our Action Alert. Please remember to personalize your comments, and to be respectful and polite.

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  1. kathy belanger says:

    The puppy mills and the breeders must go, we need to adopt from the shelters there are so many who need homes and they are sweet animals

    • Anette Acosta says:

      Ms. Belanger, you’re suggesting the real solution for animals living in shelters and are euthanized every day.

    • Brian says:

      Perfect statement adopt and clear the shelters anyone with the money can buy from a breeder but if you adopt and clear our shelters you will be the greatest of heroes especially to the dogs you adopt as they will know what you did and love you forever for it.

    • Sheila Grover says:


    • Stephanie says:

      When i watch those videos i want to kill those people. They are in for the money and that is disgusting. I think there should be no puppy mills or breeders. IF you are any pet store or anyone that deals with animals you should be subjected to taking classes, passing test, and make is difficult to get any licenses.

      • Stephanie says:

        Wow next time i check my grammer

      • Keeley says:

        More to the point is stopping the thoughtless (and apparently brainless) people who still buy puppies from stores. The reality is they are the reason puppy mills and the worst of the backyard breeders continue to exist. It’s not as if there hasn’t been enough publicity so it’s not just ignorance; it’s deliberate, willful behavior.

      • Lynn P says:

        I get just as upset too! I’ll help you kill theses pos! I can’t stand to see any living being, human or animal, abused or mistreated and those who come these atrocities deserve the same treatment!

    • Olga says:

      Breeders must face criminal charges,
      Totally agree the Laws against breeding must be much tougher.

      • Nicole says:

        I agree as well. Our laws aren’t strict enough, so these vile human beings will just continue their business as usual and if they get caught…..they’ll pay a fine, change corporation name and back to business. No fear, no heart, no soul. What they deserve to get is jail time but we’re not there yet but I hope we will be soon!! It breaks my heart to think about not only the pet stores but the puppy mills as well. These little beautiful creatures entering our world, ready to just love us and this is what they enter life in…CAGES!! It’s sick and cruel and there’s just so many, I call them non humans, getting away with this!! Sorry for the book, I just get started and I cannot stop thinking about them, the puppies and the mother of them and how they are treated! Thank you for letting me get this out!!

        • Nancy says:

          I’m with you……But I do believe breeders should be regulated & only have so many, not just anyone…..if any, breeders, puppy mills, etc. are not regulated, there will be lots of innocent animals who will never know love….And, for puppy mills, & anyone else, who abuse, etc. there should be such a large fine, that they will not want to try again. Jail time isn’t enough, they can get out soon……..fine them.

        • Sharon Rountree says:

          I agree with you.

    • Norma says:

      I agree with you 😔

    • Shirin says:

      I totally agree! Going to local shelters and and local rescue groups to adopt.

    • Lynette says:

      I agree of course that puppy mills and unscrupulous backyard breeders should be stopped. However, reputable AKC breeders perform important functions by ensuring that beloved breeds of dogs do not die out and by providing dogs for special purposes such as service dogs. The problem is in regulating those people who abuse animals or put them in danger.

      • Jill says:

        I have to disagree, Lynette.
        There is no danger of pure
        breeds dying off.
        Everyone who has any
        real sensitivity to animals
        should adopt from a shelter
        or rescue group.

        • lisa Jarvis says:

          I adopt senior purebred dogs Our opinions will never stop AKC breeders but adoption is always the solution for alleviating suffering

    • Mary Strickler says:

      Puppy mills yes! Reputable AKC breeders NO!

    • Diane Bennett says:

      Adopting a rescue dog has brought us more happiness than we could have ever imagine! Just seeing him happy and affectionate feels good knowing that we made it possible. He had been abused and neglected, so keeping up his health and watching him learn to trust people is very rewarding. It’s hard to believe that these animals exist to love people, yet they are treated with such cruelty!
      The spca has done and is still doing so much to help, but we have a long way to go. I pray that you get the support you need to help as many as possible!

    • sandra Wilkinson says:

      Must get rid of Puppy Mills all they want is profit, they could care less about the mothers and fathers or these puppies or that the puppies are sick. It is such a sad situation.

    • Nancy says:

      There are pet stores in Columbus, OH, who are selling those puppies from a breeder……One is on 256 Reynoldsburg, not sure of the name…….

      • lisa Jarvis says:

        THE AMISH!!! Supposed Christians are major culprits!!
        I guess the abide by the “dominion over the animal’s bible b.s. What they refuse to recognize is we are animals too!

    • Bristol Ackors says:

      Down with puppy mills! The animals there did nothing, and what do they do, they let them crawl on wired floor, which hurt’s there feet. They OVER BREED which means no space for the animals. Don’t by animals from pet stores, by them from wbsites like these, if you by a animal from a pet store, your saportting puppy mills, even though they need it more (Wires ect), you are saportting them which means they stay in bisnuss, (sorry for the spelling issue, I’m just a pre-teen) and can harm these inocent animals. Destroy puppy mills!!!

    • Karen says:

      We have faithfully pulled animals out of the shelter and off the streets for years. When my last rescue died of leukemia we took in a rescue and she is a beautiful husky. In August my 15 year old rescue died of old age and we wanted to rescue another but had no luck. The cat thing (we have rescue cats also), The husky we rescued was not spayed yet because the people we took her off of wanted to breed her, we live too far away etc. So went to Craigslist and saw a re-home and got in touch with the man. We drove 2 1/2 hours because no distance is too far. He sent me pictures of this poor little guy living in a 10 X 20 cage outside at 3 months old. Has never been in a house. Then I got the picture of the horrible mamma who looks like she has been bred to death with hair missing off her ears and the saddest look on her face. My husband and I didn’t want to leave this little guy so yes we met him and paid for him to get him out. Flea infested, eye infection, hear mites and infection and half the weight he should weigh. I want to turn this guy in but not sure if there are any laws against what he is doing. He said he has another female also. I feel like he is exploiting these wonderful Husky’s for the money and needs to be stopped. Any help of getting this checked out would be great.

  2. Denise Szyszlo says:

    oh my God what is wrong with this world. How could anyone hurt a helpless animal I would love to slap these people. I don’t condone purchasing from pet stores. But I want to take all these animals home where it is safe from these monsters.

    • Mary Jane Fisher says:

      My sentiments exactly! There is so much animal cruelty by soulless monsters around the world and there should be serious prison time for them. Every single puppy mill should be shut down! At the very least, there should be no notice inspections and if inhumane conditions are found, all animals confiscated, severe punishment, no opportunity to relicense.

    • Shirin says:

      You should condone pet stores. We have yet to find a responsible pet store that didn’t hire bad or none carrying emoloyees, or purchased all there puppies from irresponsible breeders and puppy mills.

      In order to end theses kinds of horrors on animals is adopting your family member. Go on pet go to local rescue groups to adopt the pets they rescue and importantly go to local high kill shelters to save lives.

    • Liz says:

      God always answers prayers,he protects his creations,by putting someone in this pet store to see what was happening. I will never understand this government we live under, they will send a inspector into a funeral home to see that a dead body is prepared properly,why not send them into a hospital , pet stores & pet shelters to inspect.

    • Rose Hayes says:

      I totally agree I have never seen anything quite do heartbreaking

  3. Angela Grammatico says:

    Stop puppy Mills now they are a breeding ground for abuse and sick , ill animals . stop allowing these animals to breed and spread disease and illness . Stop wild animals from being abused and putting communities at risk for they bring in disease and put everyone in the community at harm’s way

    • Marie Randolph says:

      Seems lile your more concern about catching a disease then concern for the pets. Need to get your priorities straight..All puppy mills should be shut down,as put very well by kathy B. There are shelters were you. can adopt wonderfull pets. I feels so heatfealt for any animal in a pet shop. Hope whom -ever ran this place gets shut down and goes to jail. I’m sure the people in this city will find homes for all these deserving pets.

      • Lynn P says:

        Angela Grammatico mentions the abuse these poor innocent animals receive but she also is concerned about illness to not only these poor animals but to people in community too. Nothing wrong with that. I think she’s got her priorities very straight. We need to protect all animals and all people as well. Angela G is right

  4. E.goodman says:

    When will every animal support group join together and sue our government for cruelty to animals?!?!
    That includes a complete ban on ALL PUPPY MILLS!!!!!
    Enough is enough!

    • Jamie Bassett says:

      Amen to that!

    • Shirin says:

      I second that! I agree. Our government should ban and make it illegal to breed dogs and to place laws to protect all animals from us humans who will exploit and abuse them for profit. Look at our farming industry see how pigs who are smarter than dogs are in a cage where they can’t move a muscle – barberic. Animals are being treated like it’s ok to do whatever we want with them. We need laws and we need to go vegan.

    • Amina says:

      I agree! That is a great idea! I don’t understand why they aren’t more aggressive in making this very needed change. Btw, where do all the unsold pets that were abused go after the shop is closed down? Anyone know? Are they rescued and go to shelters for adoptions? or are they sent back to other puppy mills from where they came from? And does anyone know what happened to the unsold dogs that were at Chelsea Kennel?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Evidently these places have no regard for any animals and shouldn’t be in business!! No excuse!!

    • April says:

      UR so right!

    • Shirin says:

      We need to sue our gov as they need to pass laws to protect these poor innocent beings! It starts with us… not to buy products, that test on animals. Incorporate a vegan life style and adopt and not buy into buying animals from pet stores or irresponsible breeders. Go to the high kill shelters and save lives.

  6. marianne mansour says:

    Great news..but do we know what happened to the dogs they were selling from the store? Where are they? Is anyone following up with them?

    • JJ says:

      I’m so glad that the awful store finally closed down! What happened to all the innocent dogs that suffered through this horrible situation!!!!!

    • Vaishali Honawar says:

      Hi, I am the blog editor. The store had a liquidation sale before it closed. To the best of our knowledge, the remaining puppies in the store were sold at a discount. While The HSUS would have preferred to see the puppies go to rescue, we are not a law enforcement agency and do not have the authority to seize animals from private businesses. We are relieved to know that no more puppies will suffer at Chelsea Kennel Club.

      • Amina says:

        Thanks for this! You answered my previous question. Just read this now as I scroll on by. So, all the puppies left were sold for a very low price… Were there any that remained unsold? I just would hate to think any left unsold would’ve ended up with that Dana woman who owned the shop…which would likely be a death sentence for any animal to be left in her care or any of her ratchet employees. Please tell me they were all sold to loving forever homes.

  7. mercedes Monch says:

    Those any one know where all the puppies are? , what they did with them??
    is scary.

    • Vaishali Honawar says:

      The store had a liquidation sale before it closed. To the best of our knowledge, the remaining puppies in the store were sold at a discount. While The HSUS would have preferred to see the puppies go to rescue, we are not a law enforcement agency and do not have the authority to seize animals from private businesses. We are relieved to know that no more puppies will suffer at Chelsea Kennel Club.

  8. Juliette says:

    This is FANTASTIC news! One down, more to go!!

  9. P. L. Krall says:

    All puppy mills need to be banned. Their treatment of animals is terrible and they should not be allowed to be in a business that sells animals.

  10. Kris says:

    All states should do what California did, pet stores can’t buy from puppy mills, they can only help shelters find good homes too adopt dogs.

  11. Lora says:

    What happened to the animals st this pet store that is now closed ?? Does anyone know ?? I’m scared to think where they are?

  12. Kathy Schwarz says:

    I think all child and animal abusers should die

  13. Judith Henline says:

    I can’t hardly stand to see this. How can people be so cruel and uncaring. Those puppies are just little babies, they don’t understand why people are being so mean. I hope those people get what they deserve and the puppies get the help and love they need.

  14. Marie Blaurock says:

    The people who are abusing these helpless little animals should be fired and serve time in jail as a regular person would for abusing another person. It truly breaks my heart to see them not taken care of, sickly, being hit with sticks and thrown around. I just can’t stomach it.

  15. Tina Colon says:

    This video totally discusses me to see dogs and cats baby animals the way they’re being treated by these people who work there, and are getting paid to work there it’s totally disgusting despicable and unacceptable thank God they shut them down and they should take away the Doctor’s license.

  16. Kathleen says:

    Thank you!!! One at a time it will happen…

  17. Sherryl Vusich says:

    We need legislation that identifies cats and dogs as pets, not farm animals, not food, not sexual objects, not hunting practice targets, not science experiments, not things. They are living , feeling, intelligent, sentiment beings, and all need our voices to help them. They are our best friends and they are counting on our help.

  18. Concetta says:

    Puppy shops and those that sell any type of living thing should be certified and inspected thoroughly before, person or business should be permitted to sell any animal. Inspections by nurses and doctors should be a regular occurrence, and those doing business either privately or publicly should incur these costs. This should include veterinarians who promote private patients in placing these animals in goodhomes.

  19. Adrienne Possenti says:

    Just wondering what became of the the remaining dogs at this Manhattan so-called boutique. Were they all adopted out to good, loving homes or do I shutter to think of the other possibilities?

  20. Lanette Carl says:

    Seeing those poor animals sick and being treated by people who have no real experience in the vet field breaks my heart. Please people…don’t shop.
    …adopt! There are so many deserving pets at the shelters and rescue groups looking for their forever home. ALL puppy mills need to be closed permanently.

  21. CONNIE SMITH says:


  22. Linda Watkins says:

    Please continue to work for the animals best care. Try to stop the loopholes in the laws so that bad practices are not allowed. Shut down the puppy mills. Please we have to end this cruelty and breeding. .We have to be their voice.

  23. Nooshin says:

    Animals are not our slaves to be bought and sold! The animal breeding and trading business is by nature an abusive and inhumane one. None of these horrible things are going to stop until they do.

  24. Cheryl Mallon-Bond says:

    Puppymills across the board, are a torturous hell for animals! It’s unfathomable to me, how this industry keeps being “protected” & allowed to flourish. Regulatory agencies should be ashamed of themselves!

    All of these “loopholes” that the Humane Society is exposing & asking to be changed, MILLIONS of American citizens & animal advocates are demanding be met.

    I would add to those amendments, that any person applying or re-applying for a license for owning or operating a puppy-mill, that has ANY animals abuse , neglect, or any violations in the past for owning or operating said businesses, NOT be allowed to be licensed, re-licensed again.

    Animals lives are on the line! & these are living, breathing beings, that feel pain, suffering, fear, stress & a whole other range of emotions, just like human’s do. They are NOT a “thing, or object” nor should they be treated as such, nor should the law’s allow them to be classified, nor treated as such. Our current law’s are beyond antiquated & do NOT reflect the views of the majority of society, and animal lovers & advocates, in any way shape or form.

    Please do the right thing & implement sane, ethical & common sense law’s that protect the animals, & NOT the people that will give these poor animals the least they can, while making the most profit they can. They WON’T do anything they are not forced to do! & it is your job to force them to do what it right!

  25. Candace Davis says:

    This is just to sad, these puppy need love. They didn’t ask to come into this world like this. I cried so much when I saw these little guys.
    They know this kennel so they need to prosecute them. Also they can be arrested for practicing when they are not a vet. These people did not go to school. It’s like would we want to go to a doctor who really isn’t a doctor. Please go to this kennel and slap a law suite on them. Make them pay for these little guys. Make them an example for what will happen if they are caught doing things like this to the puppies. We animal lovers will not put up with this. It is a disgrace.

  26. Vicky Krieger says:

    I can only say if we could make a bill to jail these inhuman people who let these animals go through this I will help make sure to get tons of signatures!!! I am at a loss for words because my tongue is to sharp on this subject as you did ask for respect while commenting on this matter.

  27. Dave/Rita Cross says:

    In our opinion, the USDA is a big part of the problem! Zoos, circuses, roadside zoos, and many others have been cited for animal abuse and were charged fines! These cruel people pay the fines and go right ahead doing their nasty business, profiting off the suffering of dogs mostly! If some of them were closed down, it could make a huge difference to end the suffering of animals! There are now pet stores that partner with animal rescues and take many of the homeless animals into their stores to find loving homes for them! These are the pet stores we need to business with and, of course, the overcrowded rescue agencies! Boycott all the others, and please don’t pay to see animals exploited and abused anywhere!!

  28. Nila R. Perez says:

    What I want to know is what happened to the puppies/kittens that were still in that store in Chelsea? Did they just get euthanized? Seized? What? None of the articles in any publication mention this.

  29. debbie williams says:

    very happy to read and karma to those shop owners

  30. Vicky Krieger says:

    Why can’t we get heavy weights like Beth & Howard Stern, & all famous animal people involved to help start a bill!!? There are so many who really care, maybe they can help us start the ball rolling!!!

  31. Bryce Mackens says:

    Please stop texting me 734-755+4246. Bryce Mackens you already send this to my Gmail thank you

  32. Connie Dotson says:

    Start a petiton to forbid the dogs, cats and animal mills!!!!!
    Too many animals!

  33. Jim Guinane says:

    The suffering and abuse that these poor animals go through, makes me sick to my stomach.

  34. Cathy L. says:

    The HSUS does so much wonderful work to help all animals. I will continue to support them and encourage others do the same. Keep up the fight to end animal cruelty!

  35. Brian Brown says:

    Omg that is just awful both lady’s that were in the video should be Arrested. It just breaks my heart to see dogs abused. What I don’t understand is if people doesn’t want to treat the animals right then don’t be around them. Thanks HSUS for all the hard work and Great work y’all do.

  36. Dennis Jordan jr says:

    These people who deal with puppy mills and sell these innocent and sickly dog should get serious jail or prison time. these people are the lowest form of humanity

  37. Roberta Hatchett says:

    I think they should out law breeding. Put them in jail . The only way animals should be bred is for keeping a good blood line for service animals. That is it no puppy mills no pet stores selling them . Go get a rescue or go to a pound. There are plenty of animals that need homes. If you can’t find one that is already here then you don’t need one anyway.

  38. Chris says:

    Not only do puppy mills need to be closed, but “backyard breeders” need stronger punishment and follow-up preventing them from having any animals. Most of the “back-yard breeding” is done with all breeds of pit bulls which are either used for fighting or bait dogs to teach the pitty’s to fight and gives them a completely undeserved reputation as an aggressive breed. Allowing Michael Vick to make millions of dollars after being convicted of betting on pit bull fights was a huge travesty of justice and sends out a message that some dogs have more worth than others. I would never give up my pit bull service dog and will continue to fight any housing that refuses to rent to me because of the breed of my dog.

  39. Kathleen C Townsend says:

    Thank you to those who offer their services to investigate this and other places that harm innocent animals. I can’t imagine watching this suffering of the innocents at the uneducated and insensitive ‘care givers’. To shut these stores down is a blessing to the animals.

  40. tamara says:

    so if the store is closed, what did they do with the puppies? Are they safe?

  41. Bronwyn says:

    We. have to stop this!! Yes. E. Goodman. let’s join together.stop this horrible treatment of poor defenseless animals. Need more undercover. Need more reporting and make these known publicly, fines, club see them down. ect …

  42. Marion says:

    It is time to put an end to this cruel treatment of animals.

  43. Raelene Wilson says:

    This whole idea of puppy mills is mental illness and ignorance. No one with an ounce of humanity in them would ever do this . Its as bad as human trafficking only its animals. These Idiots are making money on pain and suffering. They deserve to be treated the same as they treat these animals–put in a cage one on top of the other, no food, no water and all that’s above you is urine and feces dripping on you around the clock. Puppy Mills should never have been allowed in the first place so we wouldn’t be dealing with this now.

  44. Shirley Klimowicz says:

    We have to hold our government accountable. Why are there not rules, regulations, laws on the books to stop theses puppy mills from selling these poor sick animals!! This licensing procedure that lets them come back again & again under different names has got to stop!! How does that happen??? Get their social security number!! No number, no license!! That way when they come back with aliases, they could be caught,& held accountable. Make it a law, you have laws for everything else. Why not to protect these poor helpless animals!! How inhumane are you people?? Protect these poor babies & empty out the shelters!!!!!!!

    • Amina says:

      I wish this would happen overnight that government would take action, but given the current situation in this country, an evil corrupt president as a “leader” and all right wing control of this country, I doubt they will do anything. We have to elect responsible, logical and rational people to lead in order for our government to change and have more compassion for all animals. These idiots can’t even change a light bulb much less care about the ethical treatment for animals/pets in pet stores.

  45. Jules G says:

    It is all about $$. People who don’t really even treat their children well run these disgusted places. Not only do many of them collect welfare. They avoid paying their taxes on monies brought in from these so k puppies.
    We do not ha e enough ppl hired to investigate every state. Very sad indeed.

  46. Renate Pinch says:

    Thank goodness for the work of HSUS, I tell everyone who has dogs to not allow them to have puppies just because there are so many dogs out there that need homes. Even if they are not mistreated it is better to pick up a needy dog at the shelters and give them a home and a chance. Thanks for stopping the ugly and bad people from running puppy mills and other bad ways of using animals to make money without regard for their safety. Renate Pinch.

  47. Marisol Gaitan says:

    People that do that to an animal, and is caught in camera, it should go to jail. The evidence is there. Just GOD knows, how many more horrible things those people have done to animals when no one was around watching. Sick people. They should be working doing something completely different. People like them are dangerous, because they are able to hurt any alive thing.

    • Amina says:

      They are mentally ill. They should all be locked away for good! Evil and sick minded people. Red flags say a serial killer in the making…that’s what they are!

  48. Rose Prulx says:

    I do volunteer at a local adoption agency for cats, most of whom are from feral colonies. Everyone there are volunteers who spend their time adjusting the cats to humans so that the cats get a loving forever home. Why spend/waste hundreds of dollars on a purebred when so many cats/dogs are waiting at shelters for way less?

  49. Alina says:

    This is great news, however my heart is heavy not knowing where did all of those puppies wind up…

  50. Terri Allen says:

    Puppy mills, breeders and stores selling those dogs to make a buck should all be shut down indeffinitely until all shelters have minimal dogs to care for and every shelter is
    no kill shelters

  51. TB says:

    This is good news however where did the remaining animals go? Are they safe? And who is to say this place didn’t just moved to a more hidden place to operate under the radar. I hope we keep up on these places.

  52. Pamala Farnham says:

    Dog kennels and breeders of dogs also need to be monitored not just stores I purchased a puppy that was supposed to be a pet quality puppy from a kennel that the American Kennel Club endorsed.. she sold me a puppy with grade four hip dysplasia who ran into walls and was probably blind. I managed to get her kennel investigated but it didn’t change things I saw her once at an American Kennel Club dog show. the other breeders there told me she had a very bad reputation. it was very heartbreaking from beginning to end because she was inbreeding the dogs and passing the genetically challenged ones off as pet quality. I wrote many letters. American Kennel Club told me they didn’t care about the health of the dog just it’s breeding line. This was in the late 1970s and I still haven’t got over it.

  53. Constance Lalena says:

    We must protect the animals and also the public from these people . Close the puppy mills and the loopholes .

  54. Laurie Palmer says:

    I cried watching this video of the animal abuse at this pet store. Thank God they closed but I want to know what happened to the remaining puppies? My bucket list in life is to expose and shut down a puppy mill and a dog fighting ring. Thank you HSUS for all you do to help animals.

  55. mimi fowler says:

    this is a travesty and will not be tolerated. mistreatment of animals is not condoned and should be dealt with with more stringent laws . it is so sad to see any animal being mistreated .this just tears my heart in two. many thanks to the humane society for saving and helping so many animals.

  56. B says:

    GOD BLESS the rescuers. The job you do is heartbreaking but the results are breathtaking My prayers go out to all the beautiful animals who are suffering at the hand on all the evil doers God bless the organization rescue and healers. These puppy mills and stores need to be closed down permanently punishment made to all who abuse.

  57. Bobette Ash says:

    Where do these people come from, they are cold hearted, they kick, throw they don’t care if these puppies or kittens are in need of medical attention, food or maybe they haven’t had water for 24 hours, or maybe the have a fractured bone. People like this should have there assets frozen, stores shut down, as it’s unfit, unhealthy, filthy, it’s no different than any other business, restaurant or hair shop. There is no excuse for this type of practice to continue. I saw a very sick animal when viewing that puppy, it doesn’t know kindness, love, or what it’s like to feel healthy & playful, to have full tummy, good food to eat. All these creatures know is pain, they don’t know that life can be tolerant & good if they are lucky It’s all about greed, this world is full of sadistic people who have no idea. There’s an old saying that money is the root of all evil. If it were up to me these stores & puppy mills would be closed indefinitely & prison would be part of the penalty for neglecting animals.

  58. Sheila Grover says:

    What kind of person hits or hurts a puppy? All pet stores should only be able to sell pet supplies. If they do sell snakes, insect’s, pocket pet’s they should have to meet certain standards also. I’ve seen turantlas in tiny boxes, way to many parakeets in one cage with not one toy and other things at Pet World in Madison, Wisconsin. Walmart stores should not even be selling fish of any kind. Back to my question about hurting a puppy or any animal. A person doesn’t only a heartless, greedy monster would do what they were doing in that store. WE MUST CHANGE LAW’S TO PROTECT THE VOICELESS!!!

  59. Sandra says:

    So what happened to the animals in this store once it was shut down? I remember walking by this store quite a bit when I worked in that neighborhood. I always felt horrible for the puppies in there. I know there is one other in the area, I hope they are being watched as well.

  60. Joyce Sexton says:

    I live in Batavia IL. Quite a few privately owned pet stores in neighboring towns don’t sell dogs or cats. They adopt only. The animals are spayed, neutered, microchipped, and up to date with their shots. The one chain I’m worried about is Petland. We have one here in Batavia. Petland has the reputation of getting their dogs from puppy mills. I volunteer with a local rescue group who pulls dogs, and cats from terrible conditions. We are foster based. We don’t have a shelter. Some day Im hoping that those of us who rescue will see the end of cruelty to all animals.

  61. April says:

    These places shouldn’t even be aloud. It’s cruel and unacceptable! These helpless animals can’t defend themselves. It should be a law, who does these puppy mills, should get the same treatment on them. We need to STOP cruelty to animals!

  62. nancy neville says:

    What an absolute horror. How could these people be in business. Please do not shop at these boutique puppy stores. That girl who abused that poor puppy should be arrested and thrown in a cage and not cared for when she is sick. Let’s see how she feels then. Stop the abuse now.

  63. Marietta Miller says:

    How very sad for animals who have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. People that treat animals in this fashion deserve jail time and any license taken away permanently. I am proud of the puppy mill I was able to get shut down in Coon Rapids, Mn. The owner was letting the healthy puppies walk all over this poor sickly puppy.
    We need to have stricter laws to help thee sweet little animals.

  64. Joy Percival says:

    Every time I read about the abhorrent cruelty to any animal, my heart feels as if it has been raked over with barbed wire. What is wrong with people these days?

  65. Joy Percival says:

    Every time I read about the abhorrent cruelty in this world towards animals, my heart feels as though it has been raked over with barbed wire.

  66. Lorraine says:

    I adopted a dog from a Petco sponsored rescue adoption some years ago. She had been rescued from a puppy mill as a breeder. She did not know how to play. It took years to have her learn to play. She is a very happy girl now.

    For a long time I had seen pictures of puppy mills showing dogs housed in small cramped crates and cages and I know that that is terrible, but when we were house shopping a few years ago, one of the houses we looked at had been a dog breeding facility. The cages were much like the runs you see at animal shelters. They were good-sized, with an indoor and an outdoor area. But from just a few inches in the front and back of the cage to allow for hosing out and putting food and water in the cage to about a height of 6 feet and all the way to the ground on either side the cages were solid. The dogs in them couldn’t see their neighbors, or the people feeding and watering them. To me this is just as cruel as those small cramped cages I had always seen. Dogs are social animals to lock them up in what amounts to solitary confinement is an unspeakable cruelty. I am just glad that it had been closed and was up for sale.

    I hope all animal cruelty can be done away with and all animals can look forward to happy healthy lives. All animals deserve at least that. Our companion animals should also have loving compassionate homes and owners.

  67. Lena Bajraktari says:

    After viewing the video clip above, I was outraged and disgusted.!!! The employees’ behavior, mistreatment, and neglect at the Chelsea Kennel Club is absolutely unacceptable and deplorable!!! How can anyone with a sound mind and body not have any love and compassion for these sick and suffering puppies!?! It’s beyond DISGUSTING… I’m very glad that this pet store closed down and kudos for all those who helped and participated to close it down permanently, I hope. I’m sure there are many other pet stores who are secretly abusing and neglecting their animals. ALL PET STORES NEED TO SHUT DOWN, NOW!!! Always, always, adopt NEVER shop. I hope these puppies received medical attention and eventually adopted to forever loving homes. Please send a follow-up story of these puppies.

  68. April says:

    All Puppy mills must b closed!! The mistreatment and no vet care of these poor babies is inhumane. How the hell do these people get licenses and how do puppy mills get away with selling sick dogs??

  69. Lena Bajraktari says:

    To answer the above question, the employees of the Chelsea Kennel Club DO NOT have a sound mind and body and should NEVER be allowed to work with animals ever again!!! These are very disturbed, careless, and ignorant individuals, complete SOCIOPATHS.

  70. Theresa says:

    I agree with the comment that all humane societies ban together for money resources & knowledge to sue the gov’t if they do not enforce or make laws protecting animals, both domestic & wild!
    This is utterly ridiculous & negligent
    They can’t speak for themselves

  71. Shari Baker says:

    Stop puppy mills !

  72. Gerri Klemites says:

    I was a pet stylist for 54 years and saw many of these poor little puppies & older pets who were sick all thier lives . these precious little animals give all Love and ask nothing in return except a word or a soft hand ,this has got to stop I have seen it for to many years we all have a purpose here all Living as a part of the Divine belief .

  73. wo says:

    GREAT NEWS BUT, is someone following everyone involved in this pet shop. two months was enough time to use new names and open up another place. they have money invested and they don’t give up that easy.

  74. Joni Smith says:

    This Video is just so sad and heartbreaking. Does anyone know what
    happened to all the dogs at the Manhattan Shop.

    I am at a loss to understand why these puppy mills still persist. I have been
    signing petitions, calling my representatives and donating to various rescues
    groups for over 40 years and it seems that there is little progress to stop or
    protect these innocent animals. Why is this, I want to know. Can anyone
    explain this to me.

  75. zita says:

    Stephanie I stand with you

  76. Emily says:

    So glad that horrible place was shut down. So where did the animals go?
    WTF were idiots doing working there anyways if they didnt care at all about the animals!? I’ll never understand how anyone could mistreat precious, innocent animals, its heartbreaking💔

  77. zita says:

    E.Goodman I totally agree but what can we as mere mortalls do?????

  78. Norman Robinovitz says:

    Please give consideration to the HSUS recommendations.

  79. Rn says:

    What happened to the puppies and animals from that store since it is closed?

  80. April says:

    We need to STOP the puppy mills and protect the animals from cruelty. I think the people that run those puppy mills should have the same punishment done to them. And put behind bars ! How can anyone be cruel to helpless animals. They should be STOPPED !

  81. sam says:

    I thought a law was put into effect to stop puppy mills from operating? Why is this still allowed?

  82. Michael says:

    One down and many more to go. Shut them all down and prosecute with jail time required for any one that abuses or mistreats a defenseless trusting animal. Shame on these abusers.

  83. Joni Smith says:

    This video is so sad and heartbreaking. Does anyone know what
    happened to all the dogs at that Manhattan Shop.

    I am at a loss to understand why these puppy mills still flourish. I
    have been signing petitions, calling my representatives and making
    donations to multiple rescue groups for over 40 years with little
    progress in this awful business. Why do they still persist, I would
    like to know, can anyone explain this to me. Thank you.

  84. ginette vidal says:

    Arreter la vente de chiots dans ce genre de commerce. Inumain.

  85. Pat Wolf says:

    what is wrong with the states these puppie mills are being used – this is horrible. These poor puppies have no protection from the sick employees who handle them with such abuse. Take these puppies away – fired these employees and charge them with abuse. STOP THESE PUPPIE MILLS

  86. Nancy Taerud says:

    Depressing & repulsive, that animals are treated with such disdain!
    They ALL need to be shut down.


    Gran labor, amigos, felicidades. Sigamos apoyando estas acciones. Me siento orgulloso de haber firmado.

  88. Darlene says:

    Are the people running these store facing prosecution,? if their faces are filmed here, they should be. Let’s stop buying dogs from any breeders, what you don’t see is that even your so called good breeders keep their dogs in cages most of the time, I have personally witnessed it on more than one occasion. Adopt from the rescues and shelters. Owing a dog is a commitment of time and money if you are going to do it right, and you should, you owe it to your companion animal. Dogs should not be left home for ten hours a day while you are away at work and expect them to hold their urine and poop, any they get lonely just like people do. As a society let’s start thinking about what is best for the animals, and stop thinking so much about what we want or deserve.

  89. Sherian Holt says:


  90. BILLY miller says:


  91. Bonnie Mayton says:

    I only wish these low life monsters could be treated just like they treat those helpless little babies that all they want is to love you. Please stop the abuse.

  92. Vee says:

    This hurt me to my heart to see so hard to look at I ask for God to intercede on behalf of these beautiful animals and to show no Mercy on people who abuse them. There is a place in hell for them where they will be shown no mercy.

  93. Denny Allen says:

    What happens to the puppies that was in the store?

  94. Rosemarie Caruso says:

    It hurts my heart and infuriates me to read about these puppy mills and I wish they could be closed by law and with heavy fines.
    Even some legal breeders ought to be closely watched and checked. Also they are in it for making money rather than love of animals. The females are being bread constantly for the love of money. The conditions where their dogs are being kept are maybe cleaner and better than those of “Puppy Mills” but still being used for making money.
    I am in favor of shutting down all stores selling pets who enable these people in their dirty business.

  95. Debbie Steinfink says:

    Please adopt only from shelters! This way these pet stores and breeders will be put out of business!!!!!

  96. Sandra Andersen says:

    I hate getting emails like this one. I go to bed ( I read my emails late) feeling so sad that I can’t help them all. We need some very harsh laws to deal with these people,

  97. April says:

    They should pass a law that doesn’t allow puppy mills. Nobody should
    Be aloud to be cruel to harmless little animals. I HATE TO see any animal harmed. Stop the abuse of animals all around, even the animals they use to fight and do tests on! The animals are here for us to enjoy and LOVE!

  98. Denise Farina says:

    Please can’t something be done to stop these inhumane people from treating these puppies so cruelly? It’s deplorable!! These puppy mills AND pet stores need to be shut down!!!

  99. tera nethu says:

    It’s all about blood money/ profits —that evil witch woman needs some one to slap her around like she did these babies–it’s so sickening to see the suffering of these poor innocent puppies and no medical help–CLOSE DOWN ALL PET SHOPS AND BAN ALL PUPPY MILLS AND CONFISCATE THEIR PUPPIES/DOGS AND BREEDING HOUSES—THEY WILL EVENTUALLY MURDER THE MAMA DOGS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOUL AND ONLY USES THE DOGS FOR BREEDING FOR BLOOD MONEY.

  100. NJ Smith says:

    Personally, I think it’s OK to sell dogs and cats at pet stores. Not all people go to animal shelters. They generally go to pet stores.The important thing is to get ALL pet stores to sell dogs and cats that Only come from their local animal shelters, NOT Puppy or Kitten mills. If they sell dogs and cats that come from shelters, more animals will be adopted, and find good homes. At the shelters, dogs and cats get medical treatment, shots, spaying and neutering, etc. So for the first year, they are up to date on all their shots, as well as spayed and neutered. So if all pet stores were Forced to get their animals from shelters, then all the puppy and kitten mills will go bankrupt, and end up closing. That would be a good solution to shutting down puppy and kitten mills. Force pet stores to ONLY get their animals from shelters. Not only will customers get healthy animals, but but all those people who mass produce dogs and cat for profit only, will be put out of business. It’s a Win, Win solution to end puppy and kitten mills.

  101. Linda says:

    Sent the Action Alert. I wish people would realize the cruelty they are enforcing by buying a pet from stores like this. There are so many shelter and rescue pets desperately needing homes.

  102. Linda says:

    These people that own these puppy mills have (NO) business . It’s up to government /states to put a stop to this cruelty…its up to (US) to stop buying from pet stores! I have even seen sales on Internet…Buy , visit personal breeders, demand to see facility…parents, papers of puppies.
    Not regulated , and to fine these poor animals with their diseases are passing on to humans, A matter that should be thoroughly investigated.

  103. Maria says:

    God bless you and your team of relentless workers.

  104. Roseann. Cerullo says:

    There should be severe punishment for people who own or work at puppy mills. What kind of a human being has a dog living year after year in a wired cage without a bed or a human touch or not being able to run around and play. we have to help these poor defenseless animals against these so called human beings.

  105. Susie says:

    I just can’t believe what I just saw that was most saddest thing what is wrong with everyone I’m poor little puppies I’m sure the kitty cats are done the same way for babies I don’t condone to that mess how can anybody hurt it for dogs or puppies or kitty cats I have two dogs of my own and one cat and I shudder to think that anybody would hurt my babies….😔

  106. Susie says:

    I just can’t believe what I just saw that was most saddest thing what is wrong with everyone aww poor little puppies I’m sure the kitty cats are done the same way for babies I don’t condone to that mess how can anybody hurt it for dogs or puppies or kitty cats I have two dogs of my own and one cat and I shudder to think that anybody would hurt my babies….😔

  107. Georgia Bostwick says:

    These animal abusers make me sick. I would love to get my hands on these people. Right! They certainly do not belong in the animal business in any way shape or form. They are the animals and that’s speaking too kindly for them. That almighty dollar always comes thru.. So sad. In the end that dollar won’t mean a thing…..

  108. Van says:

    There is a God that will make justice happen and these people will be punished.It is crucial that people understand that pet store is what supports puppy mills. Some people are just selfish and just want what is best for themselves. If more people unite and spread the word to not support puppy mill but not just puppy mill stop cruelty of all animals.

  109. AJ Hubeny says:

    Need to have very strong and ENFORCED penalties and shut them all down. How our government allows and excuses these abuses really does reflect how they treat the people. Nothing matters other than getting more money. Shame on our government and the ones who turn a blind eye to the massive suffering.

  110. Lynn Carter says:

    My heart bleeds EVERYDAY for all the PAIN & SUFFERING these poor HELPLESS innocent animal souls endure (some, all of their lives).
    I agree whole-heartedly with Denise Szyszlo, above. Lynn Carter

  111. Erin Andrews says:

    I literally cry each and every time I see a video like this! There is an actual Humane Society here in Wisconsin that people are trying to shut down for good because the OWNER is abusing all the dogs! When I heard this I couldn’t believe it! The owner of all people! How do you keep this from happening? All the abuse of these incredible animals! I wish I had a HUGE land where I could rescue each and every one and spoil the hell out of them! This video and story and all others like this make me sick and all people who abuse animals should seriously serve a very long time in prison!

  112. Nicole says:

    It honestly take a few countries to ban puppy mills and breeders to solve the worldwide surplus of animals in shelters.

    Animal activists from countries like China and South Korea are always trying to fly out their rescued animals, which wealthier people could sponsor that fee to adopt, and people who can’t do that could adopt and help locally.

  113. Chastity says:

    My heart breaks for these animals. The people who work there should be put in jail and prosecuted for animal cruelty!!!!!

    • Klara says:

      I agree. How can anyone hurt an innocent, sick puppy? That owner and the employee hurting the puppies should go to jail for animal abuse. It breaks my heart to see how they treat the animals. Sad to see these people do not care about the animals at all. It is all about money. people should get pets from the shelters. Wonderful dogs and cats are there languishing waiting to be adopted. Not sure how to change the mentality of the people who shop in the pet stores. I do not understand their thinking.

  114. Kandace says:

    Please please please stop this horrific torture on all these innocent beautiful babies! It hurts so much knowing that these awful evil acts happen every day and these babies have no voice and no help, no love and no choice! We need to do more and stop these pure evil ugly cold hearted people! Let’s change the laws and get these evil money hungry people banished from even being in the presence of these amazing babies. I can’t believe how ugly this world is if is still and issue and nothing has been done and this hasn’t been put to a complete stop by now after alll these years of this abuse! It’s a shame!

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