Interior Department to allow imports of elephant and lion trophies from Africa, reversing Obama policies

By on November 15, 2017 with 320 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

With barely contained enthusiasm, Safari Club International (SCI) announced on its own initiative today that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has reversed critical elephant protections established during the Obama administration, allowing imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. For decades, Zimbabwe has been run by a dictator who has targeted and killed his political opponents, and operated the country’s wildlife management program as something of a live auction. Remember, it was Zimbabwe where Walter Palmer shot Cecil, one of the most beloved and well-studied African lions, who was lured out of a national park for the killing. Palmer paid a big fee even though it did irreparable damage to the nation’s reputation.

The United States has listed African elephants under the federal Endangered Species Act, and hunting trophies can only be imported if the federal government finds that killing them positively enhances the survival of the species. Under the prior administration, FWS made the eminently reasonable decision that Zimbabwe – one of the most corrupt countries on earth – was not managing its elephant population in a sustainable manner. Government officials allegedly have been involved in both poaching of elephants and illegal export of ivory tusks. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe even celebrated his birthday last year by feasting on an elephant.

Zimbabwe’s elephant population has declined six percent since 2001 and evidence shows that poaching has increased in areas where trophy hunting is permitted (such as in the Chirisa and Chete safari areas). A number of problems with Zimbabwe’s elephant management remain unresolved to date: the lack of an elephant management plan; lack of sufficient data on population numbers and trends; anemic enforcement of wildlife laws; lack of information about how money derived from trophy hunting by U.S. hunters is distributed within Zimbabwe; and lack of a national mechanism, such as government support, to sustain elephant conservation efforts in the country.

This jarring announcement comes on the same day that global news sources report that Mr. Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s aging dictator, is under house arrest following a military coup. This fact in and of itself highlights the absurdity and illegal nature of the FWS decision to find that Zimbabwe is capable of ensuring that elephant conservation and trophy hunting are properly managed. During the last two years, poachers in the country have poisoned several dozen elephants, including young calves. Government officials cash in by capturing elephant calves who are still dependent on their mothers and exporting them to China for use in zoos. Perhaps not surprisingly, a hunting outfitter advertised elephant hunts in Zimbabwe as soon as the SCI announcement was made public. It’s a venal and nefarious, pay-to-slay arrangement that Zimbabwe has set up with the trophy hunting industry.

Notably, an FWS decision to allow imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe is legally required to be published in the Federal Register, and no such formal decision has yet appeared. That SCI, the largest pro-trophy-hunting lobby group, announced this decision suggests an uncomfortably cozy and even improper relationship between trophy hunting interests and the Department of the Interior.

SCI’s announcement indicates that elephant trophies will also be allowed to be imported from Zambia. The elephant population in Zambia has suffered a dramatic decrease over the last few decades, from more than 200,000 elephants in 1972 to just a little over 21,000 according to the Great Elephant Census in 2016. Ivory trafficking remains a threat to the country’s elephant population.

Even more ominous, the FWS has just erected a new website that provides a guide to trophy hunters seeking to import lion trophies. Just last year the FWS listed the lion as threatened with extinction under the Endangered Species Act, set up criteria that must be met before the FWS would allow the import of lion trophies, and prohibited imports of trophies from captive lion populations hunted in fenced enclosures – commonly referred to as canned lion hunting – in South Africa.

Unbelievably the news gets even worse, as the Department of the Interior has also just announced that it is forming a euphemistically named advisory group, the International Wildlife Conservation Council, that would allow trophy hunters an even more prominent seat at the table of government decision-making, ignoring the copious science that trophy hunting undermines the conservation of threatened and endangered species.

Let’s be clear: elephants are on the list of threatened species; the global community has rallied to stem the ivory trade; and now, the U.S. government is giving American trophy hunters the green light to kill them.

What kind of message does it send to say to the world that poor Africans who are struggling to survive cannot kill elephants in order to use or sell their parts to make a living, but that it’s just fine for rich Americans to slay the beasts for their tusks to keep as trophies?

The anti-colonial revolution that Mugabe helped lead in 1980 is a distant memory, and a new form of colonialism has taken effect in the bowels of the Zimbabwean government – with rich, white trophy hunters allowed, for a fee, to plunder wildlife for personal benefit. It’s time for the era of the trophy killing of Africa’s most majestic and endangered animals to come to a final close, and the United States should not be retreating from that commitment.

Tell the Interior Department not to lift the ban on trophy hunting »

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  1. Didi Magnin says:


    • KJ says:

      This is so MESSED up in so many ways!

    • Lyndell Magnin Kidd says:

      Totally agree DiDi.
      What is wrong with this picture. Kill endangered animals. Sick!

      • Susan Lee says:

        This is probably so the very rich such asTrump’s sons can build their egos and put their killings on their walls. Don’t forget this protection of lions and elephants and endangered animals was passed by President Obama. Does that mean anything as to why Trump is removing that protection? It is a disgrace! What is our country becoming?? It is changing so fast for the worse!

        • Ronnie says:

          I totally agree with this comment. It makes Trump’s animal-hunting sons very happy, so they can continue to kill beautiful, helpless, endangered species as trophies. And, of course, the other reason – that anything Obama was for, Trump is against.

          • M. Kessler says:


        • Ronnie Savar says:

          I totally agree with this comment. It makes Trump’s animal-hunting sons very happy, so they can continue to kill beautiful, helpless, endangered species as trophies. And, of course, the other reason – that anything Obama was for, Trump is against.

          • Ollie Holt says:

            It would be helpful if a documentary was made about Africa endangered animals there was a documentary about killer whales named black fish it told how killer whales were badly treated sea world lost millions of dallor when people saw the documentary

        • Doug says:

          Sorry Susan Lee, nothing implicated the Trump sons and you went political instead of environmental!

        • Steve, Toronto Canada says:

          Trump just an mounted he was putting the decision on hold, after receiving many requests to not lift the ban. TRUMP DID NOT MAKE THIS DESCISION HIMSELF, TO LIFT THE BAN, IT WAS A DEPT OF INTERIOR DECISION.

          So hope that the Americans have voiced there opinionsagaonst lifting the ban, which still would have limited the importation of a total of TWO elephants per year (another fact the media left out of its sensational headlines) wonder if they’ll be as quick to mention that in the media?

    • Joe says:

      A milestone which I believe marks a very big step toward the termination of civilization as we know it.. resulting from the actions of destructive mad-man Trump and associates, in complicity with republican congress.. which, must be impeached, repealed and replaced, respectively.

      • Diane says:

        Yes, Joe…every day I am astounded by what this “administration” (I will not call him president) is doing…basically he just wants to undo anything that President Obama has accomplished. I have always been opposed to “trophy hunting”. Rich people can kill an endangered animal and put them on their wall. The local people are not allowed to hunt elephants, and nor should they be, but rich Americans can. This is sickening. To HSUS president Wayne…what can we do about it?

      • AngryBeyondBelief says:

        He needs to be stopped.

      • Susan Lee says:

        Absolutely! No empathy, no concern for distinct animals, global warming, killings by access to guns of all type, racial discrimination, sick and needy Americans, loyalty to dictatorship countries over America, etc, etc….

        • Rachael Frizzell says:

          How do you stop these people? They’ve got the money, the power and the inclination to destroy anything more beautiful than they are. When so many people vote them into office then won’t listen to reason that these are evil, self serving entities that should be dealt with. How can they be so BLIND?

      • Pamela McHugh says:

        AMEN to your post! Yes, mad-man Trump NEEDS to be impeached, as I’m hoping will happen, sooner rather than later. He reversed this ban so his blood thirsty sons could bring home their kill.

      • Lori says:

        This President has to go. I am so embarrassed that he is our elected leader. I hope, I truly hope American survive this man. At 51 I am afraid for our future and I never, ever felt that way before.

    • Joe says:

      A milestone which I believe marks a very big step toward the termination of civilization as we know it.. resulting from the actions of destructive mad-man Trump and associates, in complicity with republican congress.. which, must be impeached, repealed and replaced, respectively.

      • Chris says:

        I AGREE!!! Trump needs a Psychiatric Evaluation ASAP!! To give the green light to kill Endangered Species is a crime against civilization…

    • Lynn F says:

      We are doomed!

    • migueangel says:

      humans killing nature

    • Catherine Herrmann says:


    • Gina King says:

      I guess this doesn’t surprise me – as Trumps’s sons are both heavily into “trophy” hunting. There is nothing sacred to those who kill for “kicks” and an “ego fix”!

    • PissedBeyondBelief says:


    • Donna says:

      Yes, start a petition — we will sign it! This really sucks, I think it’s horrible!

    • anonymous says:

      you not taking this serious enough. Where is your petition?

    • Mary McCullough says:

      Woke up to two very disturbing news stories today. Allowing big game trophies into the US and oil drilling in the Alaskan Wild Life Refuge. Guess money CAN buy everything. Contacting our elected officials is a waste they’re to busy “groping” butts and other parts.

    • Sue says:

      He wouldn’t listen to up himself, thinks he’s so clever not,get rid of him.

    • karma says:

      Pray for those poor animals.

    • ACH says:

      Totally agree. What kind of people do this?!?!? Shame on them

    • CHAPMAC says:

      Why not?The theory behind the ban was that we’d dry up the market for such things and take the incentive away from poachers. But the poachers have continuer anyway particularly with things thought medical, like Rino horn, ora raw material, like elephant ivory. But the prohibitionist impulse has become so identified with saving the species that warehouses haul of ivory and horn are regular;arly destroyed by “conservation’officials rather than risk anyone getting any benefit, even at second hand, from the poacher’s depredations. Why not stop the burnings, sell the ivory, and devote the money to REAL conservation?!

      • Meg Ewen says:

        You create more demand by doing what you suggest. The real solution is to dry up demand for animal ‘parts’. China has taken some steps, but someone or something needs to debunk the belief that ground up horn helps with ED. It’s incredibly difficult to do, but I think if enough famous/high profile Chinese ‘stars’ denounce it as stupid, it might be a start. Maybe the makers of Viagra should give out free samples and when the men see that it actually works, they might switch to it, permanently. But doing NOTHING, is NOT the answer.

        • André le Roux says:

          Your argument is as rational as having sex with a prostitute for the sake of preserving virginity. But I suppose you know that.

      • save africa says:

        Because it sends a message.

    • dtschuck says:

      Trump is determined to undo everything Obama touched, no matter how dumb, stupid, harmful and dangerous. Obama lives in that sad little demented brain.

    • Böttger, says:

      Ja, die ganze zivilisierte Welt muss gegen Trump aufstehen. Ja, was die den Tieren antuen, muss denen angetan werden. Obama war ein wunderbarer Präsident und ein toller Mensch. Wir müssen die Umwelt und alle Tiere schützen. Vorallem müssen wir Menschen uns einschränken. Wir bringen alles um.

    • Karen says:

      Very sad to hear the assault on elephant families will continue against this endangered species. What will happen to the babies of the the slaughtered? Starvation? Captivity?
      How many Americans support lifting the ban on lion and elephant parts?
      I am so disgusted a President would make decisions without caring how it impacts the entire world.

  2. Jon Christopher says:

    Why is this happening? What these people what to kill everything in the world.? Sick

    • Vicki pellegrini says:

      Because they’re all sociopathic psychopaths greedy for $$$ It’s disgusting and disgraceful that animals innocent lives are murdered for the $! Vegan way of life doesn’t kill one life!!!

  3. Bridgette Moroney says:

    “The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral progress can be Judged by the way it’s Animals are treated”

    • Maureen O'Donoghue says:

      America has no morals – and the rest of the world knows it.

      • Maureen O'Donoghue says:

        My comment ‘waiting moderation’, illustrated that American can’t take criticism either.

      • Sherri B says:

        Don’t blame all Americans for Trumps behavior. I do not and have ever supported one single thing this man has done. There are not enough derogatory words in all the languages of the world to express my hatred and disgust towards him.

    • Sharman Beltran says:

      Oh my gosh that is exactly right! Well said! Shame on the Trump administration! Where are their morals? Trophy hunting is WRONG and needs to be illegal in all cases. I do not understand how ANYONE can think hunting down a terrified, (relatively) defenseless animal (at least against humans with guns), and killing the poor beast – for FUN – is normal or acceptable behavior. Something is seriously amiss with the psyche of any person who thinks this is ok.

      • Catherine Herrmann says:

        They don’t hunt them for “fun”, Sharman, they want that big trophy hanging on their wall so they look big to their other 1%er buddies. It makes me so mad I could spit tacks…

        • sandra says:

          I am and i would advise every one else too as well..The more the better. Look what happen when president Obama received a petition to add the lions on the endangered species list. He received over 100,000 signatures and now Trump wants to dismantle the whole thing , why? because he wants to throw his weight around..

      • Starhorsepax says:

        I’m not sure they even have the word ‘morals’ in their vocabulary. Morals gives jobs and makes decisions based on facts and long term planning, not based on the ‘what my rich buddies want’ system.

      • Debbie Asquith says:

        Cannot believe how utterly stupid to say this will help with money for conservation efforts on endangered animals; kill one to save one philosophy—makes no sense. How morally and politically wrong of a maniacal despot and the people who agree. What mentality of boys (and girls) with their guns??

        Let us try and stop this now!!

        • sandra says:

          In this article they mention that these 2 countries government are corrupt and their elephants are declining. imagine,,

    • Charles Goldman says:

      Well said

    • CHAPMAC says:


    • Jani Allan says:


  4. Elizabeth Bradley says:

    Please tell us what we can do to stop this

    • WWP says:

      Yes, you can make sure that you and everyone you know or could possibly influence calls their representatives in the senate and congress to express their displeasure at the profound ignorance of this decision.

      And then when the next elections roll around you can work to vote every single one of these small hearted petty idiots who think this is OK out of office.

      • Lynda Sisk says:

        We are not the only nation that allows this unconscious behavior. The reality is the money made in Africa for trophy hunting is a huge contributor to this problem. The infrastructure that exits has to be addressed and another source of income found.

      • Henry Macadamia says:

        well said!!

    • Chris Mahan says:

      Vote these inhuman morons out of office!!!

    • bob says:

      When it opens for public comment, comment on your disgust

    • Roberta Butchko says:

      How can we stop this senseless killing.I live in Michigan…need to know who to contact please.We are there Voice!!!!!!

    • Kathleen Fox says:

      This is insanity, please stop this now! Find ways to fix the world, not destroy it.

    • Shirley says:

      Send an email to the Interior department and Mr. Zinke. I did.

    • CHAPMAC says:

      but PETA has already destroyed circus elephant acts-and, it seems, the circuses with them. And they’re working against zoos!Soon we’ll have a generation of children who’ve never seen (or smelled)an elephant! Where will you get your elephant, then? Or recruit more elephant lovers to “protect them?!”

      • Connie says:

        Circus held elephants captive and beat them into submission–doing tricks did not come natural to them. Frankly, children should know that all living creatures are not on earth for their pleasure, zoos keep elephants on cold cement floors, away from their herds, being looked at for a few minutes while the lookers go on with their lives not being cruelly kept a prisoner for the length of their lives. Surely you see how cruel that is and it take compassionate people like Peta to point that out. We thought it alright that the circuses made tons of money from the horror of captive animals. If I only saw photos of these exotic animals and thought they could live as nature intended, that is what kindness is and we would all be better for it.

        • andrea says:

          Connie, Thank You for the comment regarding the circus and confinement of animals. People just don’t understand the horrific abuse that goes on behind the scene. I never thought of a zoo or circus as being abusive but PETA and other activists have certainly enlightened me to the fact.

  5. Diane Kallstrom says:

    I’m so sick about this reversal of protections for wildlife. Just another Obama legacy Trump and his administration gets rid of. Please let us know what we can do.

    • Steve says:

      This is a sad day for wildlife

      • Luke says:

        Typically not a fan of Trump policies but from a conservation perspective this actually HELPS the animals. Think about it, this isn’t open season licencing to kill them, it’s targeted and only allows hunting for specific animals pre selected by the staff at the park, on a specific guided hunt.

        The basic idea is, if a wildlife park has a herd of elephants, and they have an old, no longer virile, angry male, who is killing the calves of other males within the herd, it makes sense to charge a massive fee (which typically goes towards running the park) and allow someone to come in, kull the troublemaker, and allow the younger members of the heard to survive and increase in numbers.

        Killing 1 may well allow another 20+ elephants to grow to maturity, and it helps pay for the maintenance and security of the park.

  6. Marlon says:


  7. Michelle says:

    Absolutely outrageous! But certainly in keeping with this administration’s overall inhumane policies.

  8. Diane Dillon says:

    Shoot with a camera and preserve these creatures lives. All animals play a vital role in the circle of life. Killing them is not the answer. We need to respect all life and preserve all species to pass on to future generations, who should also do the same for their future generations. Stop the carnage please?

    • Pat says:

      And maybe these animals were most likely tied down or caged with no way of escaping, in fear, Imagine yourself in front of a firing squad I bet you crap your pants, How sick maybe Kim Jong un would like a trophy of the duck and his ducklings, let’s put them in a cage with kim maybe they’ll have a circle firing hunt and we will be rid of all the insanities… I am sick of all the S**t, pictures are the greatest and GUESS WHAT THE ANIMAL MOVES ON

    • save africa says:

      they are already, they are bring their children to the hunting world as young as 4..Imagine

  9. Carmen Alivera says:

    This is heartbreaking and cruel and just plain wrong!

  10. Carmen Alivera says:

    This is terrible!

  11. Kim G says:

    Is there any way to fight this?

    • bob says:

      When the federal register opens for public comment, express your disguist

    • Lezlie crook says:


    • CHAPMAC says:

      I suppose you could petition the United Nations. If you think the puzzle Palace might actually be good for SOMETHING?!

    • Monica Petersohn says:

      Write (Protest) with all public Airplane Operations to continue the 100% ban currently on transporting dead Lions/Elephants into the US….& then write the airline pilots assoc & then address with flight staff…..not sure writing congress will make a difference as they sure are not addressing domestic gun issues.??

  12. carole gilmore says:


  13. CLARE MULLINS says:


    • bob says:

      Comment in federal register when it opens for public comment

    • Maria says:

      call and send letters to congress and this zinke guy.
      This administration has to be stopped at all costs from destroying wildlife just because his sons are hunters.
      I wonder if the dentist Palmer who murdered Cecil or the guy who murdered his son will be allowed to claim their bloody prize.

  14. JOHN GILMORE says:


  15. MFM008 says:

    overturning years of work and letters and calling we have done.

  16. Jack silverman says:

    There was like a !title too much to read here, but it seems real absurd. Let us just save the elephants. And that is a hard word to spell on my touch keyboard. Each letter is like a trip across the savanna!

  17. Nancy Telese says:

    This is shocking that our country allows this. Department of Interior, I believe is Ryan Zinke. He is a murderer of all animals, including wildlife in America. He should be fired and replaced. I do not agree with anything he does. He is a heartless man who obviously hates all animals.

    • Bill Miller says:

      He doesn’t “hate all animals”, but he does believe in proper wildlife management…

      • Preston says:

        OK! So “proper wildlife management” = slaughter innocent and threatened species so rich guys can stuff their lifeless carcasses and mount them in their trophy rooms to show the world just how little their value life on this planet. Cool, I get it! Go Zinke (got to hell, actually).

      • Felina Aubrey says:

        Only the ones that get captured, right? *eyeroll*

      • Fred Nayfa says:

        They are already endangered, how much more “management” can they take? Relocate not kill.

      • sandra says:

        At this point, there aren’t enough animals to manage. He loves animals, just dead and mounted their walls

  18. Joan Huddleston says:

    I think the title should be USFWS, or is Interior involved too.

  19. Jeanne Lemieux says:

    This approval by our administration to allow and even encourage the killing of elephants is unconscionable! When will we start learning that the systematic elimination of any species is to our detriment and not a benefit!
    This action has to be stopped!

    • Charles Goldman says:

      How can you stop it- This administration must go!! Cold hearted slim

    • Juli Moore says:

      I agree with Jeanne. An American Indian once wrote: “If all the beasts were gone, man would die of a great loneliness of spirit”. Sadly, this could very easily come true if we allow this administration to permit the killing once again of a very precious and endangered species enabling hunters and poachers alike to brag about the number of “heads on their walls”. I had hoped we would have learned our lesson from the death of Sato, Sato II and other giant bulls whose magnificent tusks reached the ground but whose lives ended mercilessly after being slaughtered by poachers for their tusks, how precious life is and how it is up to us to help preserve it for future generations to come. If we do not stop this now, we are assuring the extinction of the African elephant, the Northern and Southern white rhino, the Siberian tiger and many other species during our lifetime. This is something not to be taken lightly especially if we want our children to appreciate the beauty of wildlife roaming free in its natural habitat instead of viewing their heads on a wall or in a picture book. Let us please contact our congressional officials to stop this now before its too late.

      • rose guarini says:

        I have to say you are right ,their are not many left ,and to me its like each and everyone has feelings and love for each other and to take away a babys mother and father, elephants is very cruel,all hunters no is kill and distroy ,all animals have to run and hide and be scared for the rest of their life .I’m very disappointed in pres. trump I thought he cares about the usa , and cared about things in life ,to allow this is shocking to me, i thought he had a heart .yrs ago they did this ,now it should stop. its not to hunt for food ,like the Indians had to do for food which I can under stand to live .but this is all about power and money and fun. their has to be away to stop this ,these poor animals cant speak for their self ,so we need to do it for them.l people stand up don’t let this go on .pretty soon we wont have any beautifull animals to show our children ,it will be only in books of what they once were, and look like it would be so sad ,so I see what your saying and so very true .thanks for say it .people need to hear that I thought I tell you .what is wrong with people all this world to seems lie they love to go is killing and no respect,care about anything in this world with no love ,its becoming cold etc & colder,

  20. Jeanne Lemieux says:

    Our administration is acting in an unconscionable way in approving this action. When will we start realizing that the systematic elimination of any species is to our detriment not our benefit!
    This action needs to be stopped. Elephants are on the endangered species list!

  21. CB says:

    who do we email to protest this? I didn’t see an action step

    • Maria says:

      you would have had to email all those fools who voted for him. I don’t care who visited your state or who didn’t.
      This guy was bad news from the get go and he got a pass which baffles anyone with half a brain.

    • Karen Koermer says:

      Why are we allowing this regime to do these awful things?? It is cruel and not very Christian as a nation we profess to be. How awful! It has to stop.

      • rose guarini says:

        I agree god is proably upset that he gives these beautiful animals ,not to mistreat them or kill for fun just to hang their heads up for what a big shot they got the biggest animal ,it here for beauty and the nature and to learn about the animals ,they either kill ,for all the homes and land being built ,for more and more house s so they are taking their homes, and food ,away so they have no choice to come down were people are just to eat and live for their families ,I just cant believe the regime is doing these awful things mi have a feeling it will get worest, i think its teaching our kids is ok to kill animals ,and no respect for them also ,we can try and teach them ,but their is always a bad apple that can undo what we teach them ,

  22. Susan Lamastra says:

    We are going backwards…..the government should have no power to reverse anything without letting the people vote on it…..they are too irresponsible and greed is all that drives them. We seem to have no leaders, only followers.

  23. Wendy Barnum says:

    How do we help?

  24. sandy Butterfield says:

    I am totally against ANY trophy killing. This is not right. I voted for president Trump and support him in all things BUT NO THIS . NO TROPHY KILLING .

  25. Arthur Giantelli says:

    “The primary wildlife conservation problem is human population growth. It is the underlying cause of just about all habitat destruction — urbanization, expansion of animal agriculture, increased energy development and so on. Anyone who seeks to further conservation should be working to promote international family planning, vegan diets, adoption of renewable energy, etc. because those are the things that have a significant impact. Using conservation as a justification for indulging a desire to hunt and kill is dishonest, unsupported by a significant amount of evidence and most importantly a distraction from the real issues.” – Jesse Parsons

  26. Adele Tanner says:


  27. Laura Klimist says:

    We must do everything possible to stop this. Great Britain just ended imports. I am ashamed of my own country. Because of this the USA is no different than the corrupt greed ammoral Zimbabwe. We encourage the killing of the most iconic species on Earth and this will lead to their extinction. The horror and heartbreak these animals will go through is unimaginable.

  28. Nikki Alexander says:

    So disgusting & absolutely heartbreaking

  29. S A Holmstrom says:

    How very sad, just another bad move on Trump’s part – but it’s all about the rich and nothing for the masses. I cannot understand how he can make these types of decisions.He is so scary!!!

  30. Bennie says:

    Does anyone know how we can start an investigation or a law suit to get to the bottom of the relationship between the Safari Club International (SCI) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and /or individuals at each organization that may have accepted bribes or done something illegal here in the US? We need to stop this. Now.

  31. Dorothy Lawlor says:

    This policy makes absolutely no sense to me, Wayne! It seems that this MADMAN down in D.C. is turning everything upside down; what could be his endgame do you think. There are so many GOOD people who are trying desperately to save these beautiful and intelligent creatures, and this SOCIOPATH is making a mockery of all their hard work! Also, what are all those blood-thirsty poachers going to do when there are no more elephants (or rhinos) to exploit?

  32. Jon Martell says:

    It’s all about the CA$H they will Kill and destroy every last thing on the planet something needs to be done about that. sad 🙁

  33. Dijomc says:

    Too bad we weren’t aware of this action before it was a done deal. Phone calls do work…well with sane ppl that is!

  34. Kim says:

    Why, why, why, is this happening?? Because, Trump’s family are big game hunters, and therefore he feels it is okay. It is always “okay” when it suits his own selfish wants, and needs. This needs to stop! So horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. mike strazzolini says:

    I’m not surprised. Trumps sons are big time trophy hunters and his constituents are all from the NRA who donated millions of dollars to Trumps campaign. Did you think he would go against them and cut of his bread and butter. Well everyone wanted change and boy did we get it in the neck. Stay tuned for more of the same of anything related to Obama.

  36. Mike Sheimo says:

    The elephants have a hard enough life without us trying to kill them. Stop it now. It’s not a trophy of achievement, it’s a bad sign of total stupidity. Grow up and leave them alone.

  37. Fritz says:

    I cannot handle why people need to hurt/kill animals…it totally bothers me that this is done. My granddaughter and I watch elephant videos and we just love them…..I don’t understand why wild animals aren’t off limits for any killing of any kind.

  38. Jane Lyder says:

    Wayne, Perhaps you should raise these concerns with Lara Trump. You are quoted in the Washington Examiner as follows:“She’s been an invaluable advocate in raising issues at the highest levels of the White House and with the executive agencies and she has given the issue considerable credibility with major decision makers,” said her key ally, Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States.” Yet her husband happily poses with dead animals in Africa. What does she think of this decision?

  39. carolyn spraker says:

    What on God’s earth can we do to STOP this Demonic Idiot!!!! He has NO RESPECT for any Life on our planet!!!

  40. suzanne tatkow says:

    this is beon wrong they kill these beautiful sweet animal for what reason

    who the animal we can not allow them into are country

    I like are president but this is so wrong

  41. Tammy says:

    Just another step, in what I fear is a long line of changes in the wrong direction by trump and his administration while he is in the White House.

  42. K Vinson says:

    This is horrible!! Can’t we start a petition to stop this? Just when you think this guy can’t do any more damage, guess again!

  43. S G. says:

    With this administration, I’m not surprised. That is why I did not vote for Trump. For you folks that did vote for him, I hope you like Zoos, because that is the only place you will be able to see any wild animals if Trumps has his way.. So sad….

  44. Agnes says:

    They can’t do this horrible killing again. Are we going to go in Zimbabwe ourself to protect these animals with an AK-47. Would be my pleasure to come back with the head of such a , no human because these people are not human. They deserve to die these killers and I pray God to protect its creation against the demons.

  45. JEAN LEWIS says:

    Just one more example of Self-Will-Run-Riot. More insanity. Maybe we can get more outraged at the treatment of animals than of persons???

  46. Ann Bailey says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t hate the orange haired mo**erfu**ker anymore than I already do . . . . . .

  47. Sheryl says:

    We just keep going backwards, its always about the money. Heartless and sick people. Just makes me so mad. Anyone that can just kill something. I don’t know about this world. Just a shame that no one seems to care about living but only death.

  48. Joanna says:

    This is disgusting and we need to protest the killing of innocent animals for pleasure. POTUS son is a hunter so he is going to approve this killing. I like Donald Trump but not in this situation. These poor elephants need to be left to live in the circle of life and you don’t eat the meat. You put the head on the plaques and steal the tusks. This is wrong and we need to stop it. Say no to killing of Elephants please… Write you senator and Congress and say no

  49. SUE STIDHAM says:


  50. Christina Whiting says:

    To repeat Bridgette Moroney and paraphrase Gandhi, the morality of a nation can be measured by the way it’s animals are treated. In the past year I’ve become embarrassed and ashamed to call myself an American.

  51. Lily says:

    Wherever animals and human profit intersect, animals will always come off second best. We fight for human rights, gender equality and equal privilege and many more. Why do we forget those beautiful, innocent animals? Is this a real act of being human?

  52. pat says:

    What a disgrace. This white house doesn’t care about the health of our planet. It disrespects everything we hold dear and value. Elephants are higher order animals. They’re highly socialized and intelligent. They remember loss and grieve. I hate the Trump administration. The Victorian Era is over. We don’t need to stick the heads of dead animals on our wall. That’s how some of them became extinct. It’s a threatened species. We kill ourselves and our values and our dignity when we do such things. It’s so upsetting and profoundly discouraging. It’s just permission for wealthy persons to engage in a hobby. Another indication of Trump’s elitism. Most of his disgusting base doesn’t have the money or the time to engage in such activity

  53. kathy says:

    Most people know Trump’s sons are trophy hunters. It’s makes this even more deeply sad that this is obviously a selfish move he’s doing for more self gain so his sons and family can import elephants and ivory.

  54. RR says:

    This is about undermining everything that Barack Obama has done! Trump doesn’t give a dam about any Elephants, he just wants to oppose Barack Obama in every way possible. He’s the real SATAN of the world….. All Evil along with his entire family…… His time will be approaching soon…

  55. Michael Dohnalek says:

    Mugabe has been placed under arrest and a new government is on its way ! Yaaaay. Hope the new government cleans up all the corruption and stops the trophy hunting !

  56. tracy bobbitt says:

    Please tell us how we can stop this from happening?

  57. James says:

    Trump is a wack job. His spoiled sons love to hunt and kill large game so this ruling is so they can go out and shoot a few Elephants since they have everything else this is their form of fun it appears.

  58. Garlene Rosales says:

    My heart hurts to learn of certain humans thinking they are superior to a living creature. I am beyond saddened however fueled to protect our brothers and sisters. Please share how the community can help!!

  59. Helen says:

    Please, let us know what we can do to stop this sick decision.

  60. Samuel D. says:

    The Safari Club International (SCI) makes me sick. People using its services to hunt endangered animals have no decency. Government officials who gave in to the requests of such people do not deserve to be in the Government. I want to see more programs protecting endangered species, not less, from the administration.

  61. Elizabeth Moore says:

    This is probably all because Donald Trump Jr. likes to go big game hunting and doesn’t see anything wrong with bringing home trophies. Very sad.

    • RobotLegJim says:

      Make no mistake.
      Responsible hunters the world over are sick to our stomachs about this reversal.
      Trophy hunters are NOT sportsmen. They kill for nothing else but the pure pleasure they feel making the kill.
      I grew up a TRUE sportsman.
      With 7 kids in our family, we hunted for the table because WE HAD TO! NOTHING (repeat, nothing) was ever taken for “sport”, EVER.
      Trophy hunters of threatened species are nothing more than fools who enjoy shooting fish in a barrel.
      Thank you, Donald Trump Jr., for your help in ASSisting your foolish father to roll our clocks and morals back 100 years.
      The Trump legacy will be judged harshly by historians, but you don’t care, do you?
      Your father will have done more irreversible damage to this planet in the short time he was at the helm than it can survive.
      Thanx for your “help”.

  62. JV says:

    -The best president Ever. I cannot wait to see this world without wild life, plants, fish and humans.

  63. Tim says:

    Numerous studies have shown that canned hunts and LEGAL hunting of animals greatly contributes to healthy animal populations. Killing all of the elephants (or any other game animal) means that they cannot be hunted any longer. Allowing importation of trophies encourages rich people to pay for legal hunts. That money fuels local economies and gives poor nations a huge financial incentive for protecting elephants and other endangered species from poachers. If no money is spent to protect these animals then poachers will wipe them out. It seems obvious that the goal here is to give the designated countries a financial incentive to stabilize their elephant populations and encourage locals to raise more elephants.

    In a perfect world we would pass laws to protect animals and those laws would be followed. We don’t live in a perfect world. Americans cannot protect the elephants in Africa from poachers. Local govts. need to do that. Without financial incentive local govts. will not protect elephants. This method gives govt. officials in target countries a financial incentive to protect elephants without creating any additional burdens on U.S. taxpayers. It is a good start.

    • Jeffrey Green says:

      There are other, more creative and humane ways to help poor African nations and provide them incentives to properly manage their wildlife populations. It is disgusting and revolting to argue that the U.S.-sanctioned import of murdered-animal trophies is a necessary and even moral approach to the challenge of preserving elephant populations. It is a demented ethics that envisions slaughter of endangered species as a responsible or morally tenable policy.

  64. Max Dunphy says:

    Let me understand….humans kill them to help their survival…hmmmm, why stop with elephants, why not humans, considering there are more humans than elephants. Yeah you go to a poor country and you kill humans, not just any human, one with big tusks, full set of teethes, good skin, to help their survival, of course and bring back, let’s say their spine to hang up over the fire place. This is as crazy gets…..I’m so mad right now I can’t see straight.

  65. Melina Martin says:

    Absolutely Disgusting,
    Morally bankrupt,, inhumane, unecessary, ignorantly damaging to conservation of Wild Life
    & Encouraging violance

  66. Sigrun Koch says:

    Just came back from Africa
    Botswana yesterday
    The Elephants are beautiful
    including all the other animals
    Leave them alone !!!!!
    It is there domain!🐘🐅🐆🦌🦏🐅🐆

  67. Penny Bunnell says:

    This is outrageous and disgusting, what a low life government we have . I hate what this country has become!!

  68. Stella says:

    Can’t accomplish anything. Sole agenda is to erase the black man… and deplete the planet. It’s another item to check off to negate the Obama administration and nothing else but pockets lined as well.

  69. Pat Paterson says:

    Ryan Zinke should be tried in criminal court. Ther is no reason other than pure greed that this should be allowed to happen. Please tell us how to stop this from going forward.

  70. Judith L. Osterman says:

    Campaign to tell the GOP that they have forfeited the right to use the elephant as their party symbol. Write your legislators-Democrats, too! Publicly shame them.

  71. Mud says:

    Reprehensible and ignorant. Have we not destroyed enough of our planet?

  72. Elizabeth Burley says:

    Number 1: As a British citizen I think we should stop all aid to African and Eastern countries who are aiding, abetting and encouraging animal cruelty for greed. When foreign aid monies dry up only then will they realise it’s not in their best interest.

    Number 2: Appealing to the better nature of American legislators is a waste of time. The morals of the current government is non existent and indeed many are perpetrators of animal cruelty and notably trophy killing so why should they endorse Obama’s policies.

    I watch with horror at how animals across the world are treated and unable to believe man’s cruelty. I don’t believe that the extinction of elephants and other magnificent creatures would bother them, just moving on to the extinction of another species.

    God help us all!

  73. DL says:

    This is a new all-time low for this president. I have watched his insensitive, sexist remarks about women. I have watched how he has sympathized with “both sides” during the Charlotte riots. I have watched in horror as he Tweets in his pejorative way about the world, upsetting everyone, every country, every culture. We are on the brink of a nuclear World World III with his slighting insults. But now, let it be known, Americans can once again kill elephants, lions and other endangered species at will and bring them as trophies to the United States. How glorious and awesome for the 1%ers!!! I despair for our country. Please, how can we let sanity return???

  74. Ms. Ricki Davis says:

    Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!!!! Until you are ready to be hunted,…. Don’t hide in the bushes aiming your gun.

  75. Ms. Ricki Davis says:




  76. Hwhite says:

    Is this even real? They go back and forth between Zambia and Zimbabwe

  77. Robert Katz says:

    Trump is a plan and simple an total a hole without a brain, when are they going to get him out of there he is a complete liar, he rest of his party that are going along with his nonsense should be removed from power and charged.

  78. denise says:

    The reason why this was reversed is because the sons enjoy hunting defenseless endangered species in Africa and have not been able to bring their trophies home.

  79. Cindy says:

    My heart breaks on this decision and I will not forgive our politicians for allowing this. Trump did this for his sons. God did not give us animals on earth to be that of trophies, SHAME!

  80. JM says:

    So sad… That we even NEED a LAW in order to protect these beautiful creatures. Everything wrong with this planet is due to HUMAN enterferance…stop the carnage… leave something good for our grandchildren

  81. tanya bruni says:

    Another disgusting act from this bizarre administration. Get Trump and his vile henchman out of office is what we can do!

  82. LJC says:

    This is horrific. The Trump family is the most entitled, ignorant and destructive force I have ever been aware of in my lifetime, stopping just short of the dictatorships on the planet, and that only because this country still is shakily holding onto democracy as our form of government. Health care, taxes, climate change. Syria is signing the Paris climate change accord, leaving America as the only nation on Earth not in it. How does one person have the right. He is a danger to our very lives. And we look so flaming ignorant. And now because his sons are so disfunctional, we are encouraging poaching of our most beautiful animals. Trump is supposed to protect us and advance science. That is in the Constitution.

  83. lilye says:

    It’s horrible ans so stupid!
    We have to protect all species and not to kill them!

    I think that people agree with this idea are ignorant and heartless!
    Please i ask many associations of animal protection to do something to cancel this law!!!!!

    LJ et TFF

  84. Debbie Rhodes says:

    This is very sad and disturbing but then so is Trump.

  85. Ed Anders says:

    Wildlife serial killers for Trump! Gotta kill ’em to conserve ’em (the big lie they’ve been telling for decades).

  86. Kathy says:

    Assassins is the word that comes to mind.

  87. Sue says:

    Agree with everyone here. This is an absolute travesty!!!!

  88. James Harbaugh says:

    Conservation of the species would be best served by allowing for a reward for the heads of hunters and poachers that threaten these animals.

  89. GiGi says:

    This is another inhumane decision made by a man that doesn’t care about the future of anything living and breathing. He has no compassion for the world to make good things come from his seat in power as a steward of the land. He could care less about the elephants that have been proven to have the love and compassion of a great warrior of peace. Trump could really learn a lot from them.

  90. Jacqueline Cutler says:

    Absolutely Disgusting!!! Somehow, Someway We need to get this JACKASS OUT OF OFFICE!!! He only cares about how many dollar bills he can line his pocket with. Well He is to much of a IDIOT to even realize that EVERYTHING HE continues to destroy & the war he is trying to start will leave him NOTHING LEFT TO RULE OVER!!! That dollar he holds so dear will be worth squat!!! Also Mr. Jackass needs to remember what goes around comes around!!! We must STOP HIM NOW!!! There must be a way. Please let us know what we can do!!! Also a message to the JA. Every dog has its day!!!

  91. Larry says:

    This man and his administration are turning back everything that OBAMA, has put in place, and I do mean everything. His hatred for this man is totally crazy like he is. This is truly a shame. I hope the LIONS AND ELEPHANTS stomp and chew there behinds on the hunt.

  92. Michele says:

    I am so sad and in tears right now. This is my favorite animal. There’s so much evil and hate in this world. I wish I could just go home. I’m so tired. My only friend is GOD and my two dogs.. I’m just sick. I can’t stand Trump and I hate this world. Father in the name of Jesus please protect these animals, all of the animals from this evil. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

  93. Rita Nelson says:

    This is a stain on the Trump adm. You are not an animal person Mr. Trump, your children are killing these animals for Trophies and it is Wrong. This, you will find is a decision by you that will haunt you. You are someone who is out of touch with the public. There are Few who will support you on this, When the animals are disappearing yearly you and Ryan Zinke are pulling this stunt is horrific. I hope there will be outrage on this and you, your children and Trophy displayers will be stopped in your tracks. You want to destroy the Wild Mustangs & Burros in our country as well, what are you thinking??? I call on all people who are against this killing of endangered species and our Wild Mustangs, our History, yes Our History, to get involved and vote these people out of office, write your reps and the President!!!

  94. Sergio Machado says:

    I am proud to donate to the Humane Society on a monthly basis. This report makes me sad and angry. What do people gain from killing animals? How do these “trophies” help improve our world. The ignorance promoted by this government is appalling. We cannot get to the next round of elections soon enough. I hope Humane Society can take legal action against this measure. I am ready to donate more. Stop this barbaric behavior! How would hunters like to see their heads hanging on a wall instead? Not good isn’t it!

  95. Sara Ptacek says:

    What the F.

  96. Maria says:

    They are doing this so that his sleazy sons can continue to go to Africa and kill endangered species then be able to bring them home to their golden castles.
    This whole administration is the worst ever.
    It’s like we are living in a third world country but less civilized and with less freedoms.
    Elephans are threatened but that doesn’t stop his greasy junior son from killing one and showing off the tail of a magnificent creature or the two of them holding a leopard they just killed.

  97. Smith says:

    Trump’s sons are trophy collecting hunters, he reverse the ban for them.

  98. Henry Burdick says:

    This immoral decision is no surprise. Google- Donald Trump, Jr. holding an elephant tail. Trump, the mighty hunter, is smiling broadly while holding the amputated tail of an elephant he just killed. Sick.

  99. R Kimzey says:

    Put pen to paper. Hand write a short letter to your Senator and Representative. Look up addresses on line. Only costs 2 stamps. Personal contacts work better. Be civil but firm.

  100. HHM says:

    This is unbelievable. Please tell us in all TV news reports and in newspapers as soon as possible how this can be prevented.
    Killing these beautiful endangered animals is just totally shameful.

  101. PL Smith says:

    We the people need to stop this NOW!!

  102. Cbart says:

    Another example of the rich helping the rich! Sickens me! What’s next? Applauding baby seal hunts? What sense does this make to anyone? If these creatures whose existence is already threatened how is it possible to allow hunters to kill them, and for what…their tusks? African elephants, male and female alike grow tusks. If a mother of a newborn elephant is killed then the baby doesn’t have much of a chance of survival. This is no way to increase their population and move them from a threatened population to a thriving population. Senseless, sickening and just plain depressing,

    I have the same question as CB. Who do we contact in order to make every attempt to stop this from moving forward?

  103. Cyndi says:

    What can we do to change this?

  104. Judi says:

    Please someone, let us know what we can do???

  105. Chris says:

    Secretary Ryan Zinke, there are a lot of other things to do in this life with your family to have bonding moments, other than killing innocent animals for pleasure or trophies.

  106. Judi Mills says:

    I am sure trumps sons had input on this …..grrrrrrr ….

  107. Erin says:

    How can we voice our concerns about this?????

  108. Rick says:

    Now Trump wants to allow imports of African elephant trophies. Both of his sons proudly displayed a picture of them beside a dead animal they killed on a safari. Why?

  109. Anne Barton says:

    I hope HSUS is going to take some action against this. Lawsuit?

  110. Elizabeth says:

    To Mr Zinke
    You may have had fond memory’s of hunting with your dad , but I’m sure that was small game and not a Threatened Species . Killing off the elephants so you can get your trophy dose not help to preserve them it only makes the companies that are running these hunts rich .

  111. Bill says:

    This is animal cruelty! Every person that goes out to kill an elephant should be arrested.
    It is an unfair battle and not hunting….I can only hope the elephant gets angry and starts defending itself and tramples every person in its way.

  112. Nick Soodek says:

    This man will not stop until he has undone every good and beneficial item of progress from the last eight years and more. No one needs to hunt elephants, except, maybe, Donny and Eric.

  113. JC says:

    SHAME ON THIS GROUP! Having lived in East Africa & seeing these beautiful animals, I cannot imagine a human being wanting to kill such wonderful creatures.

  114. Michelle says:

    Please, what can we do?? Is there a petition we can sign? Who can we write?

  115. DMarie says:

    I agree with CB and would like to know about an “action step” – a way to stop the reversal. People who have never been farther outdoors than the closest golf course should not be making these decisions.

  116. Adrianne Bryant says:

    OMG! What is wrong with ‘Man’. Does the need to hunt animals lesson the desire to kill fellow Man? Does it curve the appetite? I can accept fishing on occasion…especially if they’re eaten by the person who caught/killed them. But, come on…killing for trophies. WTF!!! I got a feeling of disgust in the pit of my soul.

    Please email me when a plan of action will be put in place.

  117. Dianne Z says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels. The only petition I’ve found, I have signed ( I hope there is more of an uproar on this!! This is sad.

  118. Ann Bailey says:

    Just when I thought I could not hate this pathetic president anymore than I do right now.

  119. LG says:

    How can we take action?

    • M No says:

      Vote. And volunteer and/or donate to candidates that won’t tolerate cruelty like this. The devil has mobilized an army of voters who buy in to his rhetoric. We surely outnumber them but we cannot let our guard down. This is our future unless we work hard to take it back.

  120. Christine Gregory says:

    Why am I not surprised? Trump’s love and admiration of despots as well as his lack of empathy makes it easy to visualize elephant and lion heads on the walls of the petless White House.

  121. chuck moss says:

    there is a very simple fix for this kind of non-sensical behavior. VOTE!!!

  122. Kenneth Furr says:

    Would the folks that see this as a good thing willingly trade places with the victims? If not, their arguments do not hold up. Period. Elephants are not things. They are sentient beings.

  123. T says:

    The only saving grace if at all is that both Zambia and Zimbabwe are very dangerous places and perhaps the hunters will be hunted – don’t understand trophy hunting

  124. Suzanne Harrington says:

    This is disgusting and inhumane! Elephants are beautiful and intelligent creatures and take care of their families better than some people. Do not allow this to happen. Stop it now. I believe our president has much more to deal with than supporting the slaughter of such a majestic animal for the sake of a trophy.

  125. Denni A says:

    The Animal Community in this country needs to mobilize and send a message
    the ALL THE AIRLINES to not transport these gruesome cargos on their Airlines.

  126. Catherine Mckay says:

    No surprise to me as both his son’s have taken pleasure in putting up photos of their kills. Disgusting and should be fought to stop from all concerned

  127. Lezlie crook says:

    Just when you think you’ve seen the extent of the stupidity of Trump….

    • Natalie Jarnstedt says:

      It’s not just stupidity, it is mostly juvenile and petty revenge – he is a cowardly bully, planning on reversing everything that Obama signed and stood for! It all started at the Correspondence Dinner when Obama made fun of Trump who can dish it out but can’t ever laugh at himself..

  128. Christine Krueger says:

    As long as Trump is president, I weep for our future and the future of big game!
    Please tell us who to email to protest. We, the people, need to flood idiot Trump and his idiot administration with our resounding NO to this!

    • cwolf19380 says:

      This is BEYOND appalling! This man will single-handedly be responsible for the destruction of our planet. He is bent on reversing EVERY good thing that previous administrations have done – and now this!

      How do we stop this? Seriously – how can we stop this??

    • cwolf19380 says:

      As long as “T” has the NRA and big business up his butt, he will continue to suck dry every beautiful thing our planet has until we are ALL (not just Americans) left with nothing but an empty, lifeless rock.

  129. Muhammad Ahmed says:

    I am disgusted by this so called President’s behavior.

    • charlie brown says:

      miserable uncaring un evolved, stupid insensitive, misanthropic moron. trump must be limited in his ability to create such sadness and chaos in this world.

  130. Viola Butler says:

    What is wrong with our administration/government? I am speechless, can only say one thing: DO NOT REVERSE THE OBAMA POLICY!
    Trump and his administration plus family need to be in Africa and chased by poachers for their heads as trophies, maybe then they wake up?

  131. Nightmare says:

    Direct action is the only way to stop this. Quit looking for someone else to tell you how to resist psycopathic oligarchs. You have their names. Just. Do. It.

  132. Nightmare says:

    Direct action has always been the only answer. If not you, then who? Make things happen.

  133. M No says:

    This makes me so sick. We have to stand up and vote, get out the vote, donate to those who will stand up to this inhumane troll. This isn’t the biggest straw, but surely it is one that will break many animals’, and thus our, backs.

  134. Susie Rogers says:

    This is insane, at this point Mr. Trump you have lost my support. How and why can you justify this action.
    What will the United States receive for this action to take place, I am sure it will line some ones pockets.
    If anyone has an email address for the Mr. Trump, I sure need it.

  135. Lola says:

    I heard this on the news this morning and I was stunned! So stewardship of the earth and taking care of living animals and your fellow man are alien themes to this administration. If this does not motivate concern citizens to get out there and vote in 2018 and 2020, I do not know what will. We cannot sit out of these important elections. Remember; millions of people chose not to vote and look at the mayhem that Mr. Trump and his “swamp drainers” are doing everyday! You want to know how to stop this? Get these money grubbers out of the congress and the senate. Your vote only means something if you use it to vote for folks that care about nature and the earth.

  136. Susan Albright says:

    How do we stop this! No compassionate human being can watch a family of elephants mourn over the loss of a baby or hear the stories of two elephants seeing each other after many years and call to one another.
    This is so so so wrong.

  137. Jessica says:

    This is devestating and tragic news. I do not understand the lack of humanity in this malicious, pointless, and evil decision. I am looking for ways to protest this.


  138. Nikki Downie says:

    I am not going to support Trump anymore. Why they allow to hunt in Africa? Why not stop murder wild animals? It’s just create insane people over the world and saying rich can do anything. It is evil if you can laugh next to dead animals. these people should have no rights. what can we do to stop this mess.

  139. Orval Smith says:

    There should be a season that allows the hunting of big game hunters, then we could display their heads over our fireplaces. Seems fair to me.

  140. Mary says:

    Disgraceful!!!! So many things wrong with this country and this is what is important… To maim and kill innocent animals for “sport”???? How would politicians like it if we hunted them for sport and mounted their heads on our walls?

  141. Tony says:

    His son’s are big game hunters.

  142. Steve Harvey says:

    I just watched Wayne on CNN. Good valid points. Rich white Trumps shooting our animals for trophy. Shame on you..your disgusting..but we know that anyway

  143. Vanessa Brownbridge says:

    Trumpelstiltskin is the destroyer of all that address human advancement. He is taking us into the dark ages. With so much coming to surface about the brutality against the feminine, what a powerful symbol this matriarchal society is. . . . pointing out his insane and distorted action to lift the ban against the import of the bloody trophies, so viciously and savagely ripped out of the body from these incredibly intelligent and magnificent giants. If you have ever seen an elephant carcass just left to rot in the sun after being shot for its tusks, carved up for its legs or stripped of its skin, you will see how depraved the human mind can be. THIS IS THE WORLD STAGE SYMBOL . . . . . . . . . .
    Make no mistake the Earth talks to us all of the time, but we seem to be blind, deaf and dumb to her message. Time to wake up folks. If not us, these are our children next . . . .

  144. X-Lem says:

    Since US Fish and Game dept controls this perhaps it would be helpful to email/call them to:
    “Report a Wildlife Crime here or call 1- 844-FWS-TIPS (397-8477)”

  145. Allie Stadler says:

    We need to save the elephants, they are so important.

  146. Daniel says:

    Most comments here are just sentimental drivel. First, if you eat pork chops, hamburgers, or fried chicken you have no room to claim that shooting animals is cruelty. Secondly, is there any evidence that allowing big game hunters the ability to bring their trophies home will cause more hunting of these trophies? It seems to me that liberals like to worked up over their misplaced ideals.

    Why not either call for an end to big game hunting in Africa or if it is to be allowed then make sure that the money from it is actually been used to help these animal populations survive. I hate to break it to the liberal world but if it weren’t for hunters the American wildlife populations would be decimated. It is the hunters who pay for and sponsor almost all of the animal conservation in the USA.

    • Vanessa Brownbridge says:

      You have shot most of your wildlife and now you are opening fire on your own people. Usually kids in school. You want to talk about liberal sentiment . . . lets talk about right wing narcissistic wanton destruction and the ability to again take NO responsibility. It can never be the privileged white man who wants to own up to his sick and despicable greed and bloodlust

    • Yvonne says:

      What a ridiculous comment. If you eat pork chops, burgers or chicken you have no right to complain about the slaughter of endangered species in Africa? I am against factory farming and don’t eat red meat, but there are millions of food animals in the United States and billions of chickens. There are only several thousand African elephants left in existence. They are not even comparable. Further, whether you believe in eating meat or not, these animals are killed for food so people can feed their families, not for rich-boy thrills and for heads to mount on the walls of Maralago. Typical pro-hunting non-logic. There’d be no wildlife left if not for hunters? That’s bull-crap used to justify sport hunting that you know is unjustifiable any other way.

    • Yvonne says:

      P.S.: And I doubt it’s just “liberals” who are outraged about this.

  147. Lisa Oconnor says:

    Check out John Lennon’s eerie warning about trophy hunting, ***yet another*** example of a bizarre John Lennon coincidence/premonition that came true. Maybe we can use this to help wake people up!

  148. Klara Tavakoli Goesche says:

    I am seething with anger. All I can ask is this: What can we DO about this???

  149. Terry Crissman says:

    It’s difficult to imagine a world without the elephant. However, that is exactly what we will some day have. DO SOMETHING! This is a link to a petition to stop the lifting of elephant hunting trophies ban Please take a few minutes to sign it.

  150. Kimberly Shaknis says:

    Please sign the White House Petition to reinstate the ban on hunting and importing elephants. I was directed to by the amazing people at Global Sanctuary for Elephants ( Let the White House know what you think about this latest lifting of the hunting/importing of elephants from Zimbabwe and Zambia. PLEASE sign and share, and note that you need to confirm your email address once signed. Thank you.

  151. Kim schell says:

    How do we stop this? I’ve emailed my congressman.. what else?

  152. phyllis stuart says:

    I am outraged by this ill-guided, poorly made decision to let a relatively small handful of humans KILL WILDLIFE IN AFRICA FOR SPORT.

    I made a documentary film WILD DAZE and for the last four years immersed myself in this topic, and filmed 100 experts, so I can speak with some authority on this subject.

    No amount of trophy hunting propaganda will change the facts; the hunter’s money does NOT GO TO THE LOCAL..the $50, $100k the US HUNTER pays, stays in the pocket of the hunting lodge concessionaire. SO HUNTING DOES’NT DO ANYTHING EXCEPT INCREASE A HUNTER’S FRAIL EGO.
    So, stop perpetuating the “hunting is conservation” myth –you are DEAD WRONG…and your decisions and actions will cause inhumane, irreversible suffering.

    Furious…and unstoppable.
    Phyllis Stuart, Filmmaker
    Wild DaZe

  153. Karina says:

    What can we do to help?!

  154. Diana says:

    this is really maddening. I guess being billionaires doesn’t make any of them feel man enough. Shameful and corrupt.

  155. Grace says:

    This reversal is so upsetting, yet I am not surprised. The Trumps enjoy killing animals. I’m sure we’ve all seen the photos of the Trump boys posing with their kills. The Trump administrations decision to eradicate elephants and other wildlife is short sighted, cruel, and disgusting. They do not own the wildlife. Elephants, and all of God’s other creatures, belong to all of us, not just to those who thinks it’s fun to kill. My heart aches, my eyes cry, my brain screams out, “Stop them”.

  156. Tracy Bobbitt says:

    Please post an article on the steps we the public can take to overturn this decision.

  157. Ronnie Savar says:

    I totally agree with this comment. It makes Trump’s animal-hunting sons very happy, so they can continue to kill beautiful, helpless, endangered species as trophies. And, of course, the other reason – that anything Obama was for, Trump is against.

  158. Nicole says:

    Sigh.. When i heard Trump was to be the president, i expected bad news to the animals and the animal loving community. But this is worse than i thought..
    Why..?. why let this happen US citizens….

  159. KMADC says:

    The elephants are beings of the earth that are not bothering anyone. They are living as majestic creatures. This is heartless!! As a Buddhist, I am truly thinking of only the effect of this on the evil perpetrators. Do they not know of the law of causality. Those who do this and those who allow it will receive their karmic retribution. For the US to condone this shows that society is out of touch with the ultimate law of life…Life itself!

  160. Boyo says:

    Drumpfs head should be a trophy.

  161. Daniel says:

    The biggest threat to elephants isn’t trophy hunters, it is ivory poachers. I am not a hunter and I have never seen anything enjoyable about shooting an animal. I just don’t get it. But for every elephant killed by a licensed hunt there are numerous elephants killed by illegal poachers. The only deterrent to these illegal poachers are the game rangers who track them and try to stop them and the main source of money to pay these rangers comes from legal hunts.

    To get angry and outraged at legal hunters is just plain ignorant. If we want these countries to end legal hunting then we need to be willing to pay for the man power to stop illegal poaching. There were around 600 elephants shot last year, from one source that I seen, at a cost of $60,000 each. That means that these 600 elephants netted the conservation departments $36,000,000. Instead of getting all outraged it should be easy for a few rich liberals to fly over to Zimbabwe and offer them say $50,000,000 to not allow hunting of elephants.

  162. Brian Foy, Australia says:

    America the land of the free to shoot and kill whatever pleases or displeases you.

  163. Jan says:

    Have they lost their minds!?! We are losing our wildlife rapidly by many killing to fill their unbalanced egos. So many endangered species will now be wiped out & this is called progress? Can’t imagine intelligent, beautiful elephants gone. What about all the sick cruelty to animals & what is being done about that! Trophy hunting is despicable! Before people try to justify because of a political stance, all of us who care about animals & everything they add to our existence, are from all sides. Look at the crap they’re trying to make us think to justify hauling thousands of wild horses off. Stop the butchering & let’s learn to live with other beings on this planet!

  164. Nicki Snyder says:

    Better conservation than killing elephants and lions is protecting them and their habitat. What does it say about a person who takes joy in killing these wonderful giants, and majestic cats? Removing the ban is wrong. Some people won’t be happy until all of nature is eradicated. :'(

  165. lonnie Saylor says:


  166. robin sidebottom says:

    you lucky people have a total moron for a president! good luck.

  167. Juliana Low says:

    It is with great hope that when leaders like Presidents Trump and Xi get together in genuine friendships, the world waits for improved relations in not only military threats, economic well being, but also humanitarian issues. China is already working towards the complete ban of ivory imports by end 2017, so why is President Trump contradicting the efforts of his great friend and not supporting each other for a better world not only for ourselves, but all creatures that share this planet with us.

  168. Darren says:

    I hope all you people that are horrified at this latest Trump/Right wing free for all are going to the polls to actually do something that can stop this mad man. Otherwise say bye bye to all thats decent including our climate, are national parks as well as Africas endangered. VOTE !!!

  169. Maureen says:

    I’m pro-Trump, but this is an outrageously, heartless decision which must be reversed.

  170. Anomalous says:

    I don’t see the problem.

  171. Larry Laverty says:

    Thank you Wayne for sharing your thoughts on this unbelievable decision. Elephants are internationally recognized as an endangered species. No person or organization in their right mind would suggest more killing of elephants after the species has enured all that it has. The United States Fish & Wildlife Service has once again revealed itself to be an agent of the hunting lobby, instead of the shepherd of wildlife preservation that it was tasked to be. Shame on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

  172. DOI Rogue says:

    This is an abomination and we must act. The Federal Register is open for comment on Zinke’s proposal to establish an International Wildlife Council. Read the fine print. One purpose is to provide advice on the “economic benefits” of international hunting. VERY short comment period. Comments no later than 11/24/2017. Interesting that this International Council and reversal of elephant protection are announced so close together.

    Zinke must go!

  173. William Guidi says:

    You would think the President has enough to take care of these days without setting a scenario where he will be hounded day in and day out.

    There are many more voters out there who relate to the protection of wildlife
    than a few “trophy hunters”:

  174. chris hatherley says:

    I wonder why Texas has a huge population of scimitar oryx? I wonder why there is no shortage of cows, pigs, chickens? Because they have value and are managed. I wonder why south african wildlife has been increasing while Kenya (which banned trophy hunting in 1977) is decreasing? It is poaching of everything not management of mature male hunts that is decimating the populations. Let the hunters take the head (trophy), employ the locals to help with the hunt (tracking, skinning, butchering, taxidermy), and leave the meat (and the $$$) from the hunt with the locals. What does that do? Well, the locals get meat, money and the hunting in managed. The population increases as the females and youngsters aren’t hunted (unless it is a management hunt of old, barren or injured animals). It takes some thought to understand this concept.

  175. Debbie Campbell says:

    This is so shameful. I don’t understand why killing an elephant for a trophy is enjoyable to some, but encouraging more of it is not ‘protecting’ the elephants.

  176. Frank Fleming says:

    This change has nothing to do with rich white or black Americans hunting elephants!

    It does change back the1997 rule for IMPORTING the elephant trophy parts into the US, in which there was a full ban for about 3 years. Zimbabwe allows a quota of 500 elephants to be killed(by anybody from any country in the world) a year(out of 82,000), still disgusting, but that has nothing to do with the United States.

    The US Fish and Wildlife Service(USFWS) has a strict permit process for elephant parts. Only elephant parts from the countries Zimbabwe and Zambia are allowed into the US if the person has filled out the permit and the permit is approved by the USFWS. The US does not regulate who goes to these countries and hunts…it never has.

    Here is today’s notice that you can read about. You can even locate a blank permit and see the stipulations for importing an elephant.

  177. Catalina says:

    This is not a surprise for the Trump administration bent on destroying every semblance of compassion and rights for animals and people alike. Just look at the individuals he has named to head organizations whose purpose is to protect. Our government works for us, not the other way around. It is up to those of us with a conscience to stop this destructive, mindless force in its tracks. That’s why I support the USHS. Thank you for your work!

  178. Evelyn Myers says:

    These are beautiful, gentle creatures who are also very intelligent and feel similar emotions to our own. It is barbaric to kill them for sport. Period. This is not acceptable, and I am NOT a liberal, in any sense of the word. I am an independent, and will take my support wherever I think it will do the most good. I suspect that there are a lot of us out there.

  179. Trump sucks says:

    It is amazing how far backward Trump’s administration is taking America.

  180. FUtrump says:

    It is amazing how far backward Trump’s administration is taking America.

  181. Maria del Pilar Sanjuan says:

    This crazy man is going to take the country and the world down. He got where he is because the rich saved his back. But he is a foul and will ruin the world before leaving office. Bad man… English not Spanish. He does not deserve to speak Spanish…jerk

  182. Karen says:

    This is yet another example of our “executive” officer’s complete disregard for the planet and its inhabitants (other than the wealthy). He has made it clear since he took office that he cares nothing for our planet (from his actions regarding clean air and mining to is abominable actions regarding our endangered and threatened wildlife (like the elephants and wolves). If he remains in office, the cost to our environment and wildlife will be, most likely, irreversible.

  183. andrea says:

    Yes, very well said….killing is not an intelligent option.

  184. Andrea says:


  185. Mary says:

    I cannot even believe that someone would not come to the aid of poor defenseless Elephants. I think that this is the most inhumane act I ever witnessed. Does Mr. Trump know that animals have feelings too!! Its just as cruel to take their life as it is to take a human life. Please don’t allow this to take place it is not right.

  186. Lou says:

    I have heard that men who hunt big game have very small tiny dicks.

  187. Sophie Herndon says:

    WTF is wrong with this buffoon? This man is very dangerous and not fit to be president. I think he has some mental issues and he thinks he can do whatever he feels he wants. This is the beginning of the destruction of humanity. He needs to be locked up. He already wasn’t right in the head before but since he became # 45 he’s gotten worst. Not my president! He is a big embarrassment for the U.S.

  188. Laura Campbell says:

    Killing elephants is wrong, but killing them to make pricey trinkets out of their tusks brings the lowness to a whole new level, regardless of who their “meat” feeds or any other “side benefits”…that’s all an emotional ploy used by greedy elephant killers. PLEASE UPHOLD THE BAN! I’M A REPUBLICAN VOTER.

  189. Frances Dalme says:

    How cruel! This allows killing o mother elephants leaving young alone! I’m writing my congress reps but have no positive feeling they’ll do anything. We need the President to be impeached.

  190. Kat Wrangler says:

    Ryan Zinke is the Secretary of the Interior, and the one who lifted the ban, through USFAW. Pres Trump overturned this very bad decision.

    And, yes, Zinke was nominated under Pres Trump. Google Sally Jewell and Ken Salazar, both under Obama, and you’ll see EXACTLY the same bought and paid for politicians who make very bad choices. Jewell and Salazar had no problem allowing wolves to be hunted. And wandering buffalo, because of the mistaken view these beasts were spreading diseases. Salazar was in favor of changing the ESA, and fought the EPA to make things easier for Big Business to damage our environments. Look all this up — I signed numerous petitions to stop Salazar and Jewell. Before Trump came on the scene.

    This is NOT just a Trump issue. Politicians have been responding to PACs for EVER.

    If you believe, like I do, that thoughts and words hold energy, maybe YOU can make things better by toning down your hate-filled thoughts and actions, and do something constructive. Think about that.

  191. rjs says:

    Totally mindless. This is disgrace to the whole nation. How can you even think of killing elephants, these are harmless, intelligent creatures. How low can you go?

  192. Debbie Ingle says:

    I am heartsick about the continued exploitation of animals for their tusks, horns, fur or internal organs. The killing of elephants and other animals today is not hunting; it is slaughter. Animals have no more defense against high-powered weapons wielded by rich people assisted by guides than they do against poachers that kill about 100 of them per day. Elephants are sociable, highly intelligent creatures that live in closely bonded families and generally bother no one. They ask only to be left in peace. Is that so much to ask? Why does a person need pieces of a dead animal on his wall or floor to feel important? Having money should not afford a license to drive a species to extinction. In the right hands, it could be a means to save them.

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