Breaking news: Jury finds New Hampshire Great Dane breeder guilty of animal cruelty

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In a huge victory in our ongoing fight against commercial breeders who neglect and mistreat the animals in their care, a New Hampshire jury today found a woman who kept 84 Great Danes in filthy conditions inside a New Hampshire mansion guilty on 17 counts of animal cruelty.

This is a fitting end to a horror story that began to unfold in June 2017, when The HSUS assisted in an extraordinary rescue of 84 Great Danes from the custody of Christina Fay. Fay claimed she provided the dogs with outstanding care, but when our Animal Rescue Team entered the building with the Wolfeboro Police Department, which had requested The HSUS’s assistance, the contrast between the mansion’s opulent façade and the conditions inside was shocking. There was an overpowering smell that hit our team members as they walked in, and feces and debris were smeared across all the walls to the point where the windows were opaque. Other dogs in the home appeared to have spent countless hours in cages with no access to water.

In December, a district court convicted and sentenced Fay on 10 counts of animal cruelty, a decision she appealed. The jury that handed down today’s decision after a two-week trial at the Carroll County Superior Court in Ossipee, New Hampshire, heard compelling testimony from witnesses, including a veterinarian experienced in investigating animal cruelty cases who testified that conditions within Fay’s home were the worst she had ever seen.

Many of the dogs were ill and in distress when we found them, and suffered from an array of health problems, including severe eye issues and symptoms associated with communicable illnesses. For The HSUS, which has led the effort to care for the dogs at an emergency animal shelter we constructed especially for them, this has been an expensive undertaking that has cost $1.3 million so far.

On a related track, we have been working with New Hampshire lawmakers to address the enormous financial burden on taxpayers and non-profit organizations in caring for animals legally seized from cruelty investigations. Last week, the state Senate passed a bill that puts the financial burden of caring for rescued animals on the perpetrators of the cruelty involved, rather than on taxpayers.

The bipartisan bill, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, would also reform commercial breeder regulations and strengthen penalties for egregious cruelty. New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who announced this summer that he’s planning to work with advocates and lawmakers on common sense regulation protecting animals, applauded the passage of the Senate bill and has urged the House to send it to his desk. “Animal Cruelty will not be tolerated in New Hampshire,” Sununu said, adding that the bill would ensure that the “horrendous treatment of the Great Danes from Wolfeboro never happens again.”

This week, we also expect the New Hampshire Senate finance committee to vote to approve a $200,000 appropriation in the bill which would fund two new inspectors for the Department of Agriculture to inspect not only commercial dog kennels but all currently licensed entities like animal shelters, rescue organizations, and pet stores. A hearing to determine sentencing for Fay and the custody of the dogs is expected to be scheduled within 30 days.

P.S. In another case brought to light by our HSUS rescue team, we got good news last week from Alabama, where we helped with a rescue of 65 dogs from a suspected breeding operation in 2015. The dogs and puppies were starving, severely underweight, and living in terrible conditions. Last week, a court found defendant Jerome Wesley Hughes guilty on six counts of felony animal cruelty and one misdemeanor.

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  1. Carol says:

    Bless you for the non-stop work you do for suffering animals. I know my monthly contribution goes to a good cause. Let’s hope the penalties are stiff for the NH case and also in Alabama. We need strict penalties to prevent these cruelties.

    • Paula says:

      God bless you for donating and helping our precious animals ❤️

      • Paula Jones Gong says:

        Very glad to do it. You people are great!

      • Patricia Burns says:

        I agree—God bless you for all the hard work you do both helping and saving domestic and wild animals.


      • John says:

        So I guess “Moderation” means “censorship “ and that means NEVER GONNA BE POSTED HUH?

      • Annie H.Wachtel says:

        Not that it matters , every breed should have respect , care and protection ;but, doesn’t look like a great Dane , although he is indeed GREAT ❤️🐕❤️, maybe another breed with ‘Great’ in its title or maybe a stock photo ?

        I owned a Great Dane loved him dearly .Thank you very much NH Humane Society a noble effort and worthy of points in heaven .
        #AllAnimalsMatterProtectDefendRespect .

    • Cynthia says:

      I do the same and feel the same.nice post.

      • John says:

        So where’s all the pics at?

        • John says:

          So I guess “Moderation” means “censorship “ and that means NEVER GONNA BE POSTED HUH?

          • Maggie says:

            It doesn’t necessarily mean censorship. It is being reviewed by moderators so it can be approved, and to keep out things like hate speech, harassment, and harmful approval of animal cruelty that could normalize it. Like neglecting animals.

    • tanya wood says:

      I wholeheartedly agree thank you for all the work you do and your undying love and affection for these animals I am involved with a rescue myself and I know what it takes to save these animals from the beginning to the end of the story thank you from the bottom of my heart you are angels currently sprouting your wings tanya

    • Barbara Foster says:

      Carol, I also contribute monthly. I can only give ten dollars, but I am happy to do it since I know that the Humane Society is giving their all to take care of abused animals.

      • Laine says:

        Barbara, you are giving so much more than “only ten dollars”. With the amount you donate added to the amount I donate, and the amount however big or small we are the ones enabling the Society to do its work.
        Please don’t ever denigrate your donation. It matters, it’s huge and as another donor and for the animals I want to thank you.

    • Lee McCarty says:

      I totally agree with Carols comment! There are many laws in place but the key is that they must be ENFORCED and there has to be consequences
      Otherwise the laws are lame ducks.

      With rulings like these that actually PENALIZE animal cruelty hopefully with Jail Time
      As well as fines, then finally it will send the right message that cruelty WILL BE punished

    • SueAnn Sheridan says:

      God bless you for the tireless work and financial restoration. I never cease to be amazed at how terrible people can be.

    • Rose Howie says:

      I am very confused!!!!! This news article Dec 12, 2017 announced conviction no jail time, $800,000.00 fine. So what is this “breaking news” can anyone explain. I am a avid supporter of HHS. What am I missing??? Please…

      Owner of Wolfeboro Great Danes avoids jail, ordered to pay $800K

      FILE – In this Sept. 6, 2017 file photo, Christina Fey of Wolfeboro attends District Court at the Carroll County Superior Courthouse in Ossipee, N.H. Fay, convicted of 10 counts of animal cruelty on Dec. 12 after dozens of her Great Danes were found sick and living in filthy conditions in her home, is scheduled for sentencing on Thursday, Dec. 21. (Elizabeth Frantz/The Concord Monitor via AP, File) Elizabeth Frantz

      Associated Press
      Thursday, December 21, 2017
      1 Print
      With or without her dogs Christina Fay says she’ll never go home
      Wolfeboro Great Dane owner Christina Fay guilty on 10 counts of animal cruelty
      Christina Fay isn’t done appealing animal cruelty conviction
      A woman who had dozens of filthy and sick Great Danes living in her New Hampshire mansion will serve no jail time for animal cruelty but must pay nearly $800,000 for the care they received after being seized, a judge said Thursday.

      Authorities took 84 dogs from Christina Fay’s Wolfeboro home in June, saying the animals were living in filth and suffering from health problems.

      Fay said she loved the dogs and pleaded not guilty. Judge Charles Greenhalgh convicted her and refused her request to have the dogs returned to her so she could find homes for them. He said the Humane Society would handle that. He said she could pick a dog to keep but can never again own more than one dog.

      Fay, who plans to appeal, said the proceeding was unfair and that her heart has been broken.

      “It has all turned into a salacious, tabloid story, which is so inappropriate,” she said. “There are so many untruths out there. I was vilified.”

      After the verdict, Wolfeboro police said they were “delighted” with the verdict.

      “We hope the defendant accepts the court rulings and moves on from here,” Wolfeboro Police chief Dean Rondeau.

      An appeal would mean a new trial in superior court. It also would mean the dogs would remain with the Humane Society until that trial is over. The society has said its expenses so far total $774,000, and the town of Wolfeboro and a local shelter are to be reimbursed about $17,500.

      Fay testified that she took good care of the dogs and that the town brought the charges to force her to shut down her kennel because neighbors had complained about the barking.

      A veterinarian testified that Fay’s care of the dogs “was more than adequate.” Samantha Moffitt reviewed records and saw many of the dogs, but after they were taken from Fay.

      After hearing testimony from people who had worked for Fay and seeing video of the conditions in which the animals were kept, Greenhalgh concluded the animals had been abused.

      “The conditions in which these dogs were kept constitutes cruelty” he wrote in his Dec. 11 ruling. “Their cages and living areas were covered with an accumulation of feces and urine days or weeks old. The dogs had to walk in and lay down in the waste covering the floor.”

      Fay housed the dogs in the garage, basement and first floor of a large home on 57 acres. Fay told the court she wasn’t out to make a profit and she compared her efforts to “an artistic endeavor of promoting what she believes is a beautiful and unique breed of dogs,” according to the order.

      Greenhalgh noted that Fay appears to have been devoted to her dogs, but she started having difficulty in April, when she suffered a knee injury and couldn’t easily move about. She also lost workers and was unable to replace them.

      • connie swisher says:

        This is why people don’t get involved because of the justice system, that judge should have to live in that condition for a wk to see what those poor animals suffered.

        • Monie Russo says:

          B.S….is my comment. Photos don’t lie. She obviously abused these defenseless animals. Lying in feces and urine causes horrible skin conditions that are very painful. Shame on her..Jail time and paying for their care is what her punishment should be.

      • David Bernazani says:

        Rosie- as the blog clearly says, the owner appealed the December ruling, so the case went to court again.

      • Lynne Sapienza says:

        I have followed this story and am delighted these beautiful dogs are properly being cared for.

        If their owner suffered a physical injury she should have acted to get help for these dogs rather than letting live as they did. I saw the video. It was terrible.

        Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

        Thank you so much Humane Society

      • Cindy B says:

        Only 10 counts of animal cruelty?? It should have been 84. I would love to see her in jail for about 84 years, and pay back the millions of dollars this is going to cost in the end.
        These people always always get get off way too easy. They would be locked up if it were child abuse. Same thing in my book. We are all God’s creatures.

        p.s. she bred the most awful looking Danes I have ever seen.

    • Patricia says:

      Totally Agree, Thank You To All 🐾♥️🐾

    • Robin sokolow says:


    • Mickey Salyerds says:

      Amen to your very words. The laws today guve these people a sdlap on the hand and they walk away.
      I never got over the emotional heartbreak, when 2 18 y/o adopted a dalmation (duke) from a shelter. They took him home, tied him to a tree, tied his mouth shut with duct take and turned their pit bulls on him. Someone saw them, called the police, by the time they got there, which was quick, the kids were arrested, spent 2 weeks in a correctional facility laughing about it. Duke, God rest his soul, never haf a chance, and here he was thinking he’s going to his new forever home

      • Catherine says:

        Omg that just breaks my heart . Those children should never be able to own a pet again. What a terrible sick thing to do. I am beyond appalled. The shelters need to vet persons adopting better to make sure something like this never happens ever again. They have sick demented minds.

      • Lori James says:

        They were 18 years old there should have been more charges brought against them see until the courts and the rest of the employees in our justice system decide they want to stop animal abuse nothing’s going to work. I think parents should be held responsible for anything minors do but once they’re 18 years old they need to be held accountable as adults. Those two boys should have done jail time big jail time. What was wrong with the judge in that case but the judges are the ones that seem to be screwing up everything because no matter what laws you get on the books and matter what they get convicted of the judges have got to sentence them two sentences fitting the crimes. But they don’t

      • Julie Harris says:

        Those 2 boys will grow up to be abusers of children/ women -it always starts with animals-that is soo sick –
        I am almost got sick to my stomach reading that story. Certainly brought me to tears -so horrible for that poor dalmation.
        Keep signing petitions -get involved in helping to strengthen laws to punish cruelty –
        It makes a big difference when large numbers of people stand up -courts listen

      • Lee says:

        I am with a non-profit animal advocacy group……is there a way to find out where this happened?? They definitely should have gotten into more trouble, and for them to laugh about it IS cruelty……that poor dog, this is too tragic. My# 707-567-2560 in California, SF Bay Area

    • Cindy says:

      Amen !!!

    • Joyce Adams says:

      I wish there was some way to get help for some dogs that I know are used in fighting, I have called humane society, no help, I live in the county, contact the animal control, they only pick up loose animals. I even spoke to a couple of police officers that were less than a city block from them, they didn’t have authority to do that.. I am really lost, any ideas????? I am very thankful that you have been able to help the ones that you have, I am an animal lover, but I am on SS now and just do not have funds to help much. I do have 2 rescues, that I love w/ all my heart, but I wish my rescues would be about 10 lbs or so, both of mine have ended up 60 or more. I used to give to HSUS but am no longer financially able, I donate w/ my prayers. Bless you all for the work you do, I would love to be beside you.I always wanted a Dane and a Chiuihua, they are both precious animals.

      • Catherine says:

        I agree many times you report on animal abuse and very little gets done. I too have had to report someone who had inbred dogs & they kept breeding and would feed the dogs sometimes every 4-5 days. Finally they took the pups but left the rest after many many calls I told the animal control those dogs are starving, I was trying to throw food for them but it wasn’t enough. He put food in his pocket & the dogs went crazy for the food only then did they finally do something. Not sure what happened to the adult dogs as the people moved but the pups got saved. I even tried to find some homes just to get them out of that horrible situation. May I add the people got fatter & fatter threw food away but never thought of feeding their dogs. Lots of sick people in this world

      • Lori James says:

        Are you trying to say that you know where there are dogs that are being fought?

        • James Atkinson says:

          Catherine, Joyce, Lori—

          I understand your frustration. Not sure we’re you live. I’m in Fresno, and it’s a horror show. Can’t speak about FPD response on cruelty call because no experience. If like other calls, forget it. I hope you are persistent and never give up. I recall a time in college when I was weak, and I feel guilt and shame 35 years later as I should. Perhaps we can think of interventions w/o law that might work. I learned from HSUS of Oregon program building dog enclosures. I know—limited application, cost issues, and why should you have too, yet sometimes it’s best solution.

    • Charlotte Whall says:

      So what happened to this woman did she go to jail for good? It does not say how long she is going to jail! Hopefully with out food and water and in her cage! I am sorry I could not get this app and saw your reply. Sorry for interfering, I am a big animal advocate and this just makes me sick. Here is my email:

      • Lori James says:

        No it says she was ordered to pay $800,000.00 which was the cost of caring for them after they were taken from her. The judge even said she could pick one of them to take home with her but only one so in other words she got off scot-free because they hundred thousand dollars was necessary medical treatment and whatnot that they all needed but as far as punishment for her crime she got nothing

    • Miriam Schiro says:

      Wish I knew how u guy are commenting to this. I can’t find a comment link smh 😣

      • Sandra Parrid says:

        There should be a reply button to a comment that you’re reading and then you can Comment you Use the reply button under their comment

    • Miriam Schiro says:

      I don’t understand why if the abuser was wealthy why they were using taxpayers money to pay for the damage the animal abuser did. They should’ve been using the abusers money. They need to charge her that for that 1.3 million and more that they’ve already spent for the care of these needy dogs using our tax money.

      • Lori James says:

        They did. They ordered her to pay $800,000 that was all they did she got no jail time no other punishment

        • jennifer says:

          Did you read the article? She appealed her conviction and her second trial was just completed and she was again found guilty. Her sentencing date has not been confirmed yet so we will need to wait to see what her punishment is.

    • Mary says:

      Poor dogs! Hope they all find a forever home! But can you imagine cleaning up that house? I think they’ll just have to demolish it ! The smell has soaked into the walls and floors. It will never be gone.

    • Sally Kitt says:

      I agree with you, God Bless all of them for all the hard work they do and thank you for your contribution, God Bless you!!!

    • Rebecca Gonzalez says:

      I would love to take one of these danes I raised danes years ago and now I have a male lab shepard, and mix female that I have rescued my dogs have a open spot anywhere in my house and a yard to run bed to sleep in fresh food and water and loved so much! If I can help that way I will ! Please let me know!

    • Thomas Glennon says:

      God bless all at HSUS. I wish I could donate more. I have a hard time understanding how so many people have no compassion for animals, especially for the ones you can see there emotions in their eyes when the look at you. I think the penalties need to be even tougher on these kind of cruel people.

    • Alison says:

      This IS GREAT WORK. But how come no one will give any detail of what the punishment is for those found guilty? Is it a slap on the hand?

    • Elizabeth DeRosier says:

      God bliss you you all who work so hard to save them …I think it should be a felony offense with animal cruelty.

      it’s the only way this is going to stop people need to stop making money off of these poor innocent animal that cannot defend themself literally it’s bad enough to breeding them for money. it’s worse that they even don’t care for them ..feed themor provide adequate Medical Care so God bless you and continue your good work and may He bless you all the way through thank you…..😢

    • Lee says:

      YES Carol we do…..this is encouraging to see that the legal system is finally starting to take Animal Cruelty SERIOUSLY, as it should!!!

    • Carol Ann Carroll says:

      (Cannot forget your name, as it is same as mine)
      My big question is what are the penalties? I do not believe animal neglect,( which normally becomes cruelty) willchange if the penalty allowed by law is not stiff enough- like some time in jail as well as cleaning litter off public streets every week-end, in full view of all citizens.

    • John says:

      So where’s all the pictures????

    • Pam Rees says:

      Great work thank you for your dedication
      I wish we could put her in the same conditions

    • Catherine Craig says:

      I strongly agree with you. This is an absolute disgusting criminal offense. I have owned Great Danes and this made me cry knowing what a great, living, compassionate and loyal animal they are! ❤️

  2. Caryn Sullivant says:

    Missouri needs stricter laws for the animals, but as long as Representative Smith is in office it probably won’t happen since his Mother owns a puppy mill. HSU needs to investigate there…

    • Mary willer says:

      Glad to hear New Hampshire believes in justice for these poor defenseless animals. Hopefully the rest of he country will follow their lead. Thank u

      • Kate says:

        Live free or Die

      • Connie Morgan says:

        Amazing that Rep. Smith is allowed to make policies for animals when is own Mother is a puppy mill owner–isn’t that slightly against the law? Isn’t it a conflict of interest? I do hope that should Smith run again that your group puts out photos of puppy mills so that the general public can see what his family does, the cruelty and all that goes with it. It reminds me of Donald Trump allowing trophy hunting dead bodies or paws or tails which are things his sons bring back to remember their murder of innocent animals–those are their trophies–how sickening.

      • Gwen says:

        What was her sentence? I couldn’t see anything written.

        • Irma Pereira says:

          She didn’t get sentenced, only fined. Time to put that judge on trial for shirking his sworn duty.

    • Lori Miller says:

      THAT is HORRIBLE. Why are puppy Mills still in operation?!!! ENOUGH ALREADY

      • Johnny M Cox says:

        The profit that can be made off Purebreed a Dogs, and the cost of operating a Puppy Mill, where the dogs are kept in poorly constructed cages and fed cheap feed/ food is the primary reason. Due to the minimal care and lack of Veternarian care, these Operators see huge profit. I only saw one such mill in my 61 years, the conditions were horrible, a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, the puppies were kept out in the open in cages constructed in rows, stacked three high without barriers in between the upper and lower cages. The puppies were often without water or proper feeding. Thank God it was reported and shut down. I will never forget what I saw. It took authorities a long time to act, unsure why unless the time it took to collect nd document conditions, to obtain a warrant took time. Even then, the Courts are burdened with a wide array of cases, from sex crimes, theft, even murder. I do feel he laws should be passed to allow organizations to immediately step in and take action, document and collect evidence while saving these dogs from further abuse. We all need to contact our Congressmen on both State and Federal levels to demand stricter laws, and that ALL suspicious activities relating to our furry friends be reported, which all to often is not done. I encourage everyone to report such activity as soon as it’s seen, better to have such activities investigated to see if action should be taken. We it comes to none only dogs, but all animals, it’s better SAFE than SORRY. Stop Animal Abuse.

      • Dorene says:

        I agree! Why there should have been enough proof to show that these people are abusing animals. I say hurrah for finding that woman guilty!! More of them should follow suit! Put them away in cages, see how they like it!

      • Gwen Ferry says:

        Because people keep going to pet stores and buying the puppies. It should be mandatory that all shelter dogs be found homes and until they are all empty, a total ban on puppy mills. No, on second thoughts, shut all puppy mills down. Did you know that Trump thinks puppy mills should get a free run to do whatever they want? He is pure evil where animals are concerned. He lifted the ban on trophy hunting after saying he would shut it down.

    • Cindy says:

      I so agree! Missouri needs significant changes!!!

      • Susan Moore says:

        Alabama needs significant changes like as we speak I have pitbull backyard breeders who are just having our pies to pay their bills, I don’t believe in breeding the father with his daughter but they do just so they can pay their bills. It’s disgusting.

        • Susan Moore says:

          That’s suppose to be puppies not pies……

          • David Bernazani says:

            As long as there are people stupid enough to buy puppies from backyard breeders, they’ll keep doing it. More education is needed, as well as more laws banning that kind of breeding.

    • Mary K Brittian says:

      Heres hoping she gets investigated, no one should be above the law.

    • Linda Arnett says:

      Thank you for your kindness and caring for the rescues. I donate regularly to HSUS but was concerned about bad press I’d read and some negative comments I’d heard from local rescue groups. You need to do more of this and diligently work towards making animal cruelty a felony with just punishment throughout this land.

    • Maureen Rauscher says:

      I agree totally that Missouri needs to be investigated for its puppy mills. As a Missouri resident, I find the situation an embarrassment. We voted to improve conditions a few years ago, and our legislators overturned our vote. Please come to Missouri.

      • Charlotte Whall says:

        My daughter just moved to Missouri to be with her in laws and husband and husband. Does not seem like a very carring place for animals. I don’t think I will be visiting!!

    • Ginger Smith says:

      How sad is that!!

    • Shirley D Cosby says:

      Get him out of office , get a lawyer who will help you .Sick of people , especially dishonest people .They get by with way to much.
      Shame on his mother and him for looking the other way .

    • Kathy Kemp says:

      Have you called and turned her in?? I would call the humane Society every day if that’s what it would take for them to do something!!! But Like you said, they probably want be anything done because of who they are and that’s a disgrace to each and everyone of them precious animals!!!! Karma will get them, but wonder how many will suffer before they do do something if ever!!! Sad but so!!!! Keep up the good fight for them dogs!!! God Bless 🙏

    • Lisa Di Lauro says:

      Time to ensure Rep. Smith is voted out of office as soon as possible, puppy mills should be illegal everywhere!

    • Catherine says:

      I hope they do. I’ve heard some horrible stories out of that state & all puppy mills need to be shut down. These people need to stop using animals to make a living & get a job

    • Connie Mogull says:

      As long as humane society of us is in the area please give them the puppy mill info so they can investigate
      Donoy let her get away with abuse
      Always notify as it will be the only way to help the dogs

    • Diane says:

      Vote to get him out of office to give animals a better chance of protection. Puppy mills are not good business for animals. Lots of neglect come from profit driven puppy mills. Adopt to put them out of business.

    • Julie Harris says:

      Where in Missouri ? Ohio is the worst according to HSUS-and yes Missouri is second. Missouri passed the No Puppy Mill- I can’t remember the exact name of Bill – both city of St. Louis & Kansas City-only to have Gov. Nixon overturn it on a Friday night then signed in something so the bill had to be restarted all over again with signatures etc.
      Its all about money – not the animals !
      Do sign petitions people they do help -if you can’t donate $ -you will be helping by giving your support to the courts /companies etc
      There are many great sites

    • Alison says:

      What…the Rep’s Mom owns a puppy mill? Is this true???

  3. Anne Carlucci says:

    Thank you for the work that you do and the animals you save. You’re a great organization which is why I’m a monthly supporter. Bless you all.

    • melinda J haar says:

      I am so happy with this outcome!! It takes special people to rescue any animals,especially so many at one time. My hope is to make the laws better in all states to protect all animals and get rid of all puppy mills…as long as we can hold these people accountable,and give jail time and fines,maybe,just maybe these poor furbabies have a chance at a good life!! Thank you for all you do for them!!

  4. Erika says:

    Now how can we adopt the Danes?

    • Lilly says:

      search on human society page

    • Jill says:

      Just go to your local shelter.
      There are plenty of dogs (and other animals too) ready for forever homes!

    • Susie Oblad says:

      My husband says I’m a “Bleeding Heart”! I define Bleeding Heart as one who helps rescue animals from greedy sick people, so I wear the label proudly. I support USHS and the ASPCA and am in awe at the work you all are able to do. Your hearts must break over and over again, yet you’re able to get in the trenches to literally carry those little guys out of a hell. You’re so strong! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Katie Cather says:

    Puppy mill busts are NEVER EVER easy, and HSUS is to be highly commended for all the help it provided the local law enforcement agency, that would have been overwhelmed. Great Danes are not “easy keepers” to boot–we’re so grateful that HSUS was able to assist in all the treatments they needed.

  6. Deb Kucharuk says:

    There are many Dane lovers who would gladly adopt the babies in question.

  7. Louise ellis says:

    Purchased a puppy aug 2017 in Missouri and it tested positive for giardia took four month’s to test clear of it the puppy also had pink eye . I was informed the place was filthy and they are in cage all the time he was very distressed when we got him had a fear of kennels these people only want money they dont care about the animals they should all be closed down

    • Bob says:

      The go out of business when you do not buy them.

      • elizabeth ferrari says:

        You are so right Bob. The best way to shut them down is to stop selling them. Maybe he is should look into shutting them through a law that stops the torture of these dogs and makes the inspectors do their jobs. That is also a big problem.

    • Debbie Taylor says:

      There would be NO puppy Mills If people like you would stop buying from them.
      Adopt Don’t Shop.

    • Catherine says:

      I’m with you on that. Shut down puppy mills. There are so many dogs in local shelters people need to support them & stop supporting these puppy mills where I believe people are too lazy to work and would rather breed dogs to make money. These pets 9 out of 10 times suffer under horrendous conditions

  8. Peggy Gibson says:

    All puppy mills need to be outlawed!

    • Mary Jane Fisher says:

      You are so right, Peggy! Puppy mills are hideous prisons of abused, suffering animals who are only used to line the pockets of cruel, heartless monsters. My little poodle is a puppy mill rescue from Missouri.

    • Diane Graham says:

      That would be wonderful !

    • Mary bird says:

      You are so right when you buy and pay a great deal of money and take it home and it dies

  9. Susan says:

    If you can get me a puppy here in.westport mass,I will.take one!!!. If you can lower the cost for adoption I will.gladly.take a female!!!! Please lete know!!!! If you.neef foster, I’m ready!!!
    Susan theroux souza

  10. Susan says:

    Kitty please reach out toe 774-849-6552, I want one as a buddy to.our therapy dog, Rufus black lab, lo es our grandson who has HfA, anotner wonderful help him!!!!.

  11. Ann says:

    Thank you for all you do but we hear about these cases ALL the time and these “people” are charged with “x” amount of charges/felonies. What is the consequence though?? Are they in jail to pay for their evilness or just going on their life as usual??

  12. TooRotten says:

    84 Dogs abused, starved, neglected and made to suffer yet only charged with 10 counts of cruelty?!? Should be 84 counts of cruelty! She should be required to pay for ALL expenses paid forth by the various Rescuers to date, be required to pay ALL medical and vet care for the 84 dogs for the rest of their lives, she should be required to pay DOUBLE the costs as a donation (but not allowed to write off in taxes), to all the Rescue groups that were involved AND to EVERY Great Dane Rescue in the Northeast. She should be banned from ever owning another living creature in her life!!

    • Oda Lomax says:

      I was heartsick and had nightmares after reading the case of severe animal cruelty of the 84 Great Danes. But I am sure my heartache was nothing compared to what these poor animals or went through. I 100% agree with all the comments that TOO ROTTEN has expressed.
      Abuser should be charged with 84 counts of Cruelty since there were 84 animals who suffered. No more misdemeanor they should all be considered felonies. People who abuse animals rotten to the Core and should be treated as such. This woman is evil should be held responsible for all the vet bills and costs associated with animal care.
      She should be banned for life from ever owning animals. If this does not warrant the shutting down making it illegal to have puppy mills and breeding then I don’t know what will.
      The AKA is the biggest scam organization in the world. Every time someone tells me that the dog came with papers from the AKA I educate them they could not be more wrong they have been lied to these people also fall into the evil category.
      I pray that the judge hands down a very harsh punishment for this rich b**** and she better never ever moves into my neighborhood.
      I am so proud of the hsus and what they do for animals. These people are my heroes not some football star or basketball they are not Heroes. Our kids are being taught the wrong lessons. Teachers in our nation’s schools should report kids whom they suspect of animal cruelty. They have all kids all day long I am sure they know what’s going on in the home because kids talk. Kids who abuse animals usually brag about it and I hope teaches healing of kids abusing animals will report it to the local police department so they can investigate. We have to teach them from Young to respect not only people that animals as well. I am sure this woman who abused the 84 Great Danes did not wake up one day and turned into an animal abuser. She has probably been like this her entire life and I do not believe for one minute that people who are death cool can ever be rehabilitated. I wish we could build a jail and lock them all up and throw away the key.

    • Janie says:

      They should sell her mansion, the property it’s on .. (Her Wealthy Bank acct) Should be paying for these poor Babies 🐾🐾!! I’m sure they Helped Her become Wealthy 🙄 😡

      • Marilyn Kennedy says:

        Why on earth does she only have to pay for the costs, rather than a Jail sentence!!!??. The Animal Welfare Laws (SUCK) in their lack of Severe Convictions!!!. Force that Witch to Sell that Stink House and put the money to better use to Fight Animal Abuse!!!.

      • Tandi says:

        City should condem the property if it is, as said. Sell the house pay for the care of these animals and get her mental help. 84 Huge Great Danes in one house, no matter the size is wrong in so many ways🐶

    • Sally says:

      I diffenately agree!! Laws have to be tough on these so called caretakers! And all puppy mills shut down. There is NO excuse for treating animals this way. They are also GODS creations.
      If you can’t care for dogs, don’t get them. Get a real job.

    • Weinstein Stan says:

      You’ve got that right !!!

    • sa says:

      YES! Keep pestering your reps and senators to strengthen the Humane Laws.
      Animal cruelty, neglect, abuse should all be felonies with jail time and high financial penalties…and more state money allotted to investigative staff.

    • Kathryn Scearce says:

      I totally agree with your comments. She should be held accountable for it all, and sentenced jail time.
      Thank you for all you do for these abused animals.

    • John says:

      Amen we need to get serious about this crime

  13. Jennifer howard says:

    I support the good and necessary work of the HSUS. All animals should live in safe humane conditions. I applaud you HSUS!🕊🦏🐾🐘🌊💕🐋🦅🦓🐕🐅🐬🐑🐍🦀🦑🦌🦒🦍🐩🦐🐏🐃🐓🦎🐢🕊🦏🐾🐘🌊🌊💕🐾🐾🐾💕

  14. Tina Max says:

    This should have already been common practice. If someone abuses an animal(s) and the animals are removed, the owners should be required to pay for all related expenses associated with the investigation and animal related expenses.. Should have been done years ago.

  15. Susan Stewart says:

    I would gladly give one of these poor innocent babies a forever home. Please tell me how I can do this.

  16. Cynthia Sheppard says:

    Thank you for all you do for these animals!! They are God’s beautiful creatures.

  17. Denise Wingo says:

    God Bless HSUS for all the wonderful work you do!

  18. Ellen Edwards-Thrasher says:

    Now ! If only the judge will throw the book at this life long animal abuser after making money off their backs ! If the judge gives her a slap on the hand and or gives some of her dogs back, all of the person hours , money, time, and back breaking work the HSUS, police and Everyone involved will be invane and another animal abuser will walk away unscathed !
    Please Judge make an example of this woman and let the rath of the judicial system send her to jail for a long time and a monitory amount also !

  19. Jaiden says:

    I feel so bad for the dog and that it is messed up that people even do that to animals. If animals are mean it’s because of their owners. So treat them good and bad things hopefully won’t happen.

  20. Angel Cusick says:

    We will not -as a growinglu aware nation- tolerate any forms of animal abuse. Inflicting cruelty and borrow to innocent, voiceless victims is incomprehensible evil. It should be mett with equal punishment- a decade in jail isn’t enough to pay for these immoral atrocities.

  21. Cassandra Hillman says:

    Thank you for all you do. I have been a supporter for many years. I’ve also been a great Dane lever for many years and currently have a rescue Dane and rescue Dane/ English mastiff cross. I would be happy to adopt one of these Danes if you could tell me how to apply. Again, congratulations on such a wonderful win for the animals!

  22. Terry Prochaska says:

    I am very happy with the outcome of this terrible treatment of animals. I would just like to caution the comments about closing all puppy mills. What is a puppy mill? I ran a kennel for 3 yrs, raised yorkies. Yes i did it for money, but i love animals, so thought this would be a lovely job for me. I spent a better part of my day cleaning and caring for the dogs. Let them out to play twice a day. Vet bills were enormous. I screened everyone that bought a dog. My building had heat and air, plenty of windows. I worked with and groomed my dogs. Yet, it was still called a puppymill by people. If the only legit breeders are show dog breeders, nobody will be able to afford a pet. My comment is intended to ask you to be careful when saying all “puppy mills”should be closed. Yes, laws should be passed to ensure the humane treatment of all animals.

  23. Danielle says:

    Great news!!!

  24. Jenifer taylor says:

    Fantastic job‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  25. Lorrie says:

    If you slap them all in jail and throw away the keys, at least our animals will have a fighting chance.

  26. J.messina says:

    People need to stop buying dogs and cats. If individuals can not make a profit than this will cut down in puppy mills.
    Laws should be in force that the property in which the event of cruelty happen is than mandate to be sold &/or given to animal organization to have for rehabilitation. Individuals part of their jail time is to clean up the area and they will be chain to that area.

  27. Ruth Creps says:

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do. You make a HUGE difference! Thank you!!!

  28. Luanne says:

    She should be made to pay for the expenses for these pups!

  29. Elsie Wood says:

    The animal abusers should never be allowed to ever have any animal ever again. How do these kind of people ever get away with such blatant abuse of animals?

  30. Amanie says:

    It’s time the US instituted kennel license requirements for breeders similar to MN laws. They wiped out this disaster with these county codes for “Public Health and safety” look up Stearns county for example. It’s time this became law all through the US. We are seriously failing our K9s with 5,500 being killed in shelters across the US. This is costing taxpayers plenty.

  31. Sharon Wakefield says:

    All states should pass a similar law that the perpetrator of abuse pay all medical bills necessary to get the animal in question back on his feet!
    Whether it’s 1 or 84 animals!
    Thank you New Hampshire for hopefully setting a precedence!!

  32. Amanda Neafie says:

    Clearly this woman can afford fines: therefore she needs JAIL TIME and lots of it.
    That will really send the message that this is unacceptable regardless of who you are and how much money you have.

  33. Sheri says:

    She should have financial responsibility also plus jail time!

  34. DeAnna says:

    She should have to live just like they did! For the rest of her life!

  35. Rita Waine says:

    Thank you for all that you do to save these beautiful animals!

  36. debra mcdaniel says:

    Thank you for all you do to help these innocent victims from abusers who only see dollar signs instead of animals in need.

  37. David Schuyler says:

    It’s great to see the positive results of HSUS investigations against animal abuse. I am glad to see that more laws are being inacted to punish those animal abusers. We still have a long way to go yet in protecting not only domestic animal, but wild animals as well.

  38. Joan Cummings says:

    Go NH and Alabama. These people should NEVER HAVE A DINGLE ANIMAL EVER. they are not worthy. Good work. May they find good homes. Bless HSUS. I DONATE MONTHLY. So rewarding.

  39. Lisa says:

    I hope and pray to God that , Fay gets at least 10 yrs per count . Also that she’s band from owning or being allowed around any Animal for life . God knows that I wouldn’t want her anywhere near my Furbabies . I’ve rescued dogs who have been abused, neglected and it’s not a pretty site . The emotional , physical harm these innocent Animal go through makes me sick .

  40. Renate Brunner says:

    You are the real angels and heros on this planet! Thanks so much for your precious work

  41. Kate Marin says:

    A few years ago the HSUS policy department was working on doing advocacy at the level of the state legislature here in NY to ban or actually make stricter the inspections of puppy mills. I personally think they need to be banned everywhere. NO PUPPY MILLS. I look forward to finding out how these kind of advocacy efforts are going ..if there is still an effort to do so. I don’t believe the laws got passed in NY state ever. Please more advocacy for this. For the same reasons, all factory and industrial farming should be banished and folks should continue to be made aware of the tremendous suffering of these farmed animals…95% of “meat : produced in this way.

  42. Melanie Zurawski says:

    This is great news!!!!! I’m glad that these people are now being punished for their horrendous acts done to defenseless and loving animals. I support the work that the HSUS does to help all animals from abuse. Thank you for a great job in helping these lovable animals.

  43. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the update. I bought supplies on amazon that you requested for the Danes and had them sent to New Hampshire for the Danes. We are in Oregon and have two Great Danes and a rescue from a puppy mill. Thank you for all you do!

  44. Joan Bauerly says:

    Until we make sure puppy mills are not profitable this sort of thing will continue to occur. Hit these awful people in their pocketbooks and show no mercy as they show none to the creatures they abuse. Thank you HSUS FOR TAKING THIS ON at a systemic level.

  45. Joy Foster says:

    Im interested in seeing these dogs and want to adopt 1 or 2. Is there a site to go to , to see pictures and adopting info. Thanks JOY

  46. ali says:

    Well done, another horrible place closed down… one down many more to go..

  47. Debra Ridley says:

    It’s about time states start taking a stand on animal cruelty. I am extremely pleased to know New Hampshire stepped up to the plate and seen these animals received justice. It’s unmanageable what these poor animals must have endured under this woman’s watch. Thank you all for saving these precious dogs. There is humanity in this word and this story spells it out loud and clear! Any kind of animal abuse/cruelty should be completely unacceptable in U.S. and all other countries where humans are despicable to our domestic, wild and our ocean marine life!

  48. Julia Therrien says:

    Ashamed this happened in my state, but I’m glad justice has been served (assuming she’ll be getting a long sentence)! Now if only people cared only horse cruelty….endless in hours in a cage? Try 16-17 hours in a stall each day, until many horses get zoochosis! Try being forced into rollkur, or having flashes so tight they can barely breathe!

  49. Richard Glickel says:

    This is why we support your wonderful organization!

  50. Robin Dolmage says:

    People please wake up and stop buying puppies online and in pet stores. It would put an end to the puppy mills. The cruelty at these places is unimaginable.
    Please adopt all the amazing dogs sitting In shelters.

  51. Sue Drumheller says:

    God bl as you all got saving all the precious dogs and animals from cruelty situations.
    Missouri should be named’Misery’ for animals….. it’s one I’ve the worst states to have puppy mills and many of them.
    If I live long enough till adopt as many rescue dogs as I can afford to care for .

  52. Michael J Priest says:

    Thanks for sharing these stories. It’s heartbreaking to here what some people are doing to harm innocent animals. At the same time, it’s good to here that the HSUS is working diligently to shut these horrible places down. When I contribute to the HS in my home state does a portion of that go to the HSUS? Or does the HSUS subsidize the various state Humane Societies?

    Keep up the great work.

  53. Vicki Peters says:

    There’s a bill that makes abusers financially responsible?!?! That’s an enormous gain for everyone. Now that’s justice. I hope federal funding doesn’t get cut as part of a “reform”. We need to help more animals and promote responsible and compassionate ownership.

    I imagine this bill will pass without too much difficulty. Responsible taxpayers have had to shoulder the burden of these free loading losers for far too long.

  54. Gemma Fox says:

    But what do those counts of animal cruelty equate to?

  55. Candy Frantz-Crafton says:


  56. Reichen Kuhl says:

    Thank you HSUS!

  57. Donna Heaton says:

    Pawsome News we need stricter laws on animal abuse too many fur babies are getting abused and the abusers are getting away with just a slap on the hand

  58. Sue Westin says:

    What about rat poisons and rodent sticky traps and disposable traps that are tossed into the garbage with the still live animal inside? Cruelty to animals abound and yet we pass by these cruel traps in stores all across the country and few seem to recognize that using such traps and selling such traps are inhumane. Imagine a dog or kitten killed by such means. There would be an uproar. Our society cherry picks what to label cruel and what to ignore. If you are opposed to cruelty to pet animals, as I am, then also open your mind to the cruelty that is blithely accepted for animals that are not in the “pet” categories. We can do better, but we first have to recognize cruelty and speak out.

    • Carol Ann Segraves says:

      Thank you so much for speaking out. Because of seeing the whole picture, I have gone Ethically Vegan. All creatures should be cared for. I also believe that abusers should be sentenced to death, to cause others the fear of the penalty of being an abuser. God will judge in the end, but for now, in our time on earth, we as people, are given the responsibility to rule as God would. God has ordered the wicked to be annihilated, at times. At a time, stoning stubborn and rebellious children (albeit, teens or older grown children), who could not be restrained by their parents, was the law, to remind others of the need to respect parents, in that it strikes fear in the heart of other would-be rebels and restrains them from taking a similar ruinous course. Find it in your Bibles, Deuteronomy 21:18-21. Also, here is a good study of this topic: Disobedient Children
      By William O. Einwechter
      January 01, 1999

  59. Melanie Brooks says:

    I’m curious if or when the danes in this case will be available for adoption? I would lovingly open my home and heart to one of these beautiful creatures!

  60. Debbie says:

    God Bless you all for saving these these precious Angels, I pray that horrible person gets her just punishment, I wish she could suffer the same horrific torture she put those babies through.its so heartwarming to know my monthly donations are doing so much good.🐾🐾❤🐕

  61. LINDA CRACE says:


  62. Lisa Waters says:

    Kudos to all involved in helping save pets from heartless humans. Now it’s time to put an end to ALL puppy mills as well as backyard breeders. Millions of pets suffer each year due to people looking to profit from them. It’s supply and demand. Stop buying dogs and save one instead from a rescue or shelter! Spat and neuter. Let’s end euthanasia for healthy, adoptable pets!!!

  63. Karyn says:

    As I read these comments, I cry. Having seen and helped with the dogs, I find no reason HSUS would interfere if the conditions had been different. HSUS is why some of these animals will enjoy a good life soon. Shame on you who believe they are in it for the money. These people are in it for the animals.

  64. Peter Jasen says:

    There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for animal abuse of any kind. Animal abusers need to be severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. Animal abuse should be a felony.

  65. Pat says:

    Thank you HS for catching these irresponsible people. Please continue to enforce spay and neuter. I cannot stand to hear of animals being euthanized because of overpopulation.

  66. K Morrison says:

    Congratulations on a long & well fought battle! We are the voice of the voiceless & saviours of the abused & innocents. I’ve followed HSUS from the beginning & initiation of legal action. I hope & pray that Ms Fay receives punishment befitting of her crime. No other animal will suffer at her hands of cruelty

  67. C Christensen says:

    I don’t understand how she was only convicted of 17 counts of animal cruelty when there were 84 dogs? Were there only 17 dogs living in deplorable conditions? I doubt that!! How does anyone even defend this person when the dogs are found in her home, they are in deplorable condition, and, it is obvious they have suffered tremendously! I appreciate that they have been rescued and hopefully will find the love of a forever home they so desperately need, but our laws for protecting animals are so awful it is beyond comprehension. All of these acts need to be felonies and the people who commit them need to suffer both financially and personally. Prison is too good for them!

  68. Linda J Klein says:

    Thank you for the work that you do and the animals you save. You’re a great organization Bless you all.

  69. Linda Allard says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. The job is huge and it is encouraging to know progress is being made. Thank you for what you do.

  70. Linda J Klein says:

    Thank you for the work that you do and the animals you save. You’re a great group of people!!!Bless you all.

  71. Linda J Klein says:

    Im so grateful for the work that you do and the animals you save. You’re a great group of people!!!Bless you all.

  72. MARIEA LYNCH says:

    This is certainly a step in the right direction for sure.
    Anyone doing this should be jailed minimum 1 yr in prison…no questions asked. ..send a message it will mot be just a slap on the wrist…making them pay for the animals care is a great idea as well..
    All puppy mills should be stopped. …Thank you all for you very difficult job…..adopt…don’t shop.

  73. Eileen davidson says:

    Please shut down Brenda’s orang airedales and now welsh terriers. We suffered terribly years ago by getting a female and male orang Airedale. We lost both to cancer and severe hip displacia. Breeders like that need to be shut down. Our poor babies never got to enjoy running on the beach or getting to go for long walks because of the horrific pain they both were in. Our Kirby lasted only 6years and then because of the cancer had to be put down. Our female Joy
    Asked 11 and was in absolute agony and on pain meds. We lost her because of cancer of the liver. When we got these pups we were told they were AKC approved and that their vet said they were both fine. Such a lie. Plz shut hr puppy mill down before so,done else suffers the heart break we did. The website is brendasoorangairedales. Check it out.

  74. Annie Sherman says:

    Sweet victory! We thank you and our precious animals thank you! Please keep up the great work. You have our wholehearted support. We’ll never forsake these innocent, sweet, loving animals.

  75. Judy says:

    Instead of each individual state going after these kinds of abuse of animals there should be a nation wide law forcing all the puppy mills etc to be investigated at a moments notice… so much is covered up in these hell holes… find one but there probably is thousands more… as long as it profitable to breed and sell it wont stop… and why when there were 84 Danes in that womans hell hole was she charged with cruelty for 17 .. they all lived in the same filth and neglect… I dont understand the law when it comes to animal abuse!

  76. Maryanne Dickmann says:

    Thank you for all the great work you do….thank you for caring so deeply about animals as I do.

    This is one monthly donation I don’t mind giving at all!!

    Bless you all and all animals in your loving care!!

  77. Sonia dressler says:

    I am so relieved that animals can be saved and care for by people who have the up most compassion. Thank you for all the hard work you do and the countless hours that goes into each and every case. My gratitude goes beyond words.

  78. Kelli Goodsir says:

    I have been a supporter of HSUS and other animal rescue organizations for many years and am so thankful they exist to save those poor animals that are subjected to inhumane practices. I have a great love for all animals and their right to be cared for properly/humanely. Stronger laws /sanctions need to exist for their protection to ensure violators are prosecuted to the max!! God bless the animal advocates/rescuers that make it their duty to protect all these beautiful and innocent creatures.

  79. Linda Danovich says:

    I am so happy for HSUS. You do great work. I agree with stronger penalties and fines. Even though I love all animals, these people are animals in a bad way.
    Every night when I crawl into a warm, clean and comfortable bed, I think of all the animals that may be suffering in many ways at that moment and I ask God to watch over wild as well as domestic animals. God bless all of you.

  80. Debrah Bailey-Auger says:

    YES ! Another puppy Mill bites the dust! One of our own many rescues is a former Puppy Mill Mama and another is from a backyard breeder situation . Thankyou for the amazing work you do in the defense of these precious souls in shutting these horrific breeding facilities down. From our home full of rescues in Ontario, Canada. XO

  81. Amy Pruitt says:

    Thank you for all you do for these precious souls!

  82. MMcIntosh says:

    I am a longtime GD owner and lover. My boy Bowen is a blue…who turned 9 this past January. I would LOVE to adopt one of these rescues, but I live in Louisville, KY. Possible? Please email me!!!!! 🙂

  83. Fred Thompson says:


  84. Diane McEvoy says:

    Does this mean that the dogs are now available for adoption? Could you please provide relevant info for interested parties? I know they could not be fostered or adopted during the court proceedings.

  85. Diane McEvoy says:

    I must add that while I appreciate the work you do on behalf of dogs, and see your various PSAs/commercials regarding rescue (I push dogs to rescue at Miami Dade) I do not understand why you do not do same for both our domestic and wild horses, both are in peril. Our wild horses are being pushed to extinction by both the Cattlemen’s Assoc. and various US politicians like Chris Stewart. Your increased efforts to educate the American public about the Safe Act and the horrific transport and slaughter in Canada, Mexico and Japan of over 140,000 horses annually would be greatly appreciated.

  86. David says:

    Thank God for the Humane Society.
    Put the hammer down on this woman, Fay and send a message.
    Animal cruelty will not be tolerated at any level.
    A 20 year prison sentence would be a good beginning. Please do not give her a slap on the wrist.
    There is no greater love than the love we reveive from our animals.
    And I’ve been married for 40 years.
    Every dog that we’ve owned in those 40 plus years, has been a rescue.
    Please stop using puppy mills, breeders and pet stores and this abuse will soon stop.

  87. Reggie Ogg says:

    Definitely excited about this victory! Thanks for all you do – one more reason to up my monthly contribution which I will do -thank you!

  88. Joe Mayer says:

    People like this should get life in prison to allow them time to realize that now they are experiencing what the animals felt in their misery. Unfortunately with todays liberal courts people are being let off that murder other people, do you think they care as much about animals? Are we discovering something new about people, this has been going on since the beginning of time. There is a cow farm about 30 miles east of where I live and they have dozens of small black covered tents near the highway where baby cows are kept pumped full of anti-biotics tethered in the hot sun in misery every day, in the hot sun all day and the cold at night all so creepy people can fill their stomachs with VEAL when they sit like phony royalty at some restaurant to glorify their day. My monthly donation makes me happy to hear these good stories of rescues. Many of these people are mentally ill or emotionally don’t understand what they are doing. The human animal is one of the sickest on earth. They pack their bodies full of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, STD’S and whatever else comes along and when I hear animal haters say “animals are dirty” I always wondered what planet they were on and how they can glorify themselves but illusions of grandeur is never in any shortage. I helped rescue two dogs from a junkyard that were being starved by the scummy owners, it took three days to get the police and a writ from a judge in to rescue them and get them to a shelter where they were cleaned, wormed and fed under Vet care. It really felt good to get them out but would have loved to get very physical with the owners that swore the dogs were being taken good care of. Lying is part of the “human” race, there are very few politicians that think about or support animals though there are some that have been able to get good laws passed but most of the time the laws are a joke and they seldom are enforced to the full extent. More excuses for people when animals don’t get any. Thank you for all you do but more penalty and jail time needs to be on the table, especially for puppy and kitty mills that are out of control. If I was president, the animal cruelty laws would be greatly feared as I would make them so tough you would be shaking to know and the people that think about or do harm to animals would be as terrified as the animals they torture. Recently there was an animal cruelty charge and camera filming at the same VEAL farm I spoke of where workers were kicking, punching, beating cows caught on film. The “owner” said he didn’t know about it and said he would take charge AFTER local authorities threatened to shut his criminal farm down. Unfortunately, the law protects these scum and presently there have been no reports from that farm but the cows were miserable and tormented for probably a long time before the undercover person was able to get the film and prosecute. I just saw that one of the African leaders wives is being investigated for selling ivory, last year I think they killed 56,000 elephants. They are paying off the park rangers and the poachers poison them instead of shooting them since it doesn’t attract people with the noise of the guns. Have you seen the Autobahn Society calendar for project loss of habitat for the U.S.? It is gruesome. I keep a humane backyard for birds, squirrels, and raccoons that visit my yard. It’s funny because you can drive around my neighborhood and I will give you a hundred dollars for every bird feeder of bird bath you can find. People always have money for cigarettes and beer but few donations for animals? Not so good. Many people are trying to do what they can but again, we need to enforce laws on the books and create more animal friendly laws that really work over time. If it wasn’t for the people that donate to the animal organizations it would be ten times worse, thank God for our ability to maintain pressure against all the things that work against the rescue of so many helpless animals that have no voice in a modern world that is out of control and without the kindhearted and loving people that all help to make a difference it would be a horror story we don’t want to know. There are too many now.

  89. Carol Ann Segraves says:

    You’re right! Several generations of evil-doers need to be taken care of. Here was my 3-29-2018 response to HSUS’s text message, to Sue Westin, March 13, 2018 at 3:25 pm.

    Thank you so much for speaking out. Because of seeing the whole picture, I have gone Ethically Vegan. All creatures should be cared for. I also believe that abusers should be sentenced to death, to cause others the fear of the penalty of being an abuser. God will judge in the end, but for now, in our time on earth, we as people, are given the responsibility to rule as God would. God has ordered the wicked to be annihilated, at times. At a time, stoning stubborn and rebellious children (albeit, teens or older grown children), who could not be restrained by their parents, was the law, to remind others of the need to respect parents, in that it strikes fear in the heart of other would-be rebels and restrains them from taking a similar ruinous course. Find it in your Bibles, Deuteronomy 21:18-21. Also, here is a good study of this topic:   Disobedient Children
    By William O. Einwechter
    January 01, 1999

  90. Kathi Peregoy says:

    God bless you for saving these precious animals and giving them the new lives they deserve! 💕💕💕

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