HSUS Animal Care Expo 2018 – Kansas City is the place to be

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One of the many ways in which The HSUS makes the world a better place for animals is with our annual Animal Care Expo, the world’s largest educational conference and trade show for people who work with, or want to work with, animals. This year, the event takes place in Kansas City, Missouri, between May 14 and 17. Whether you are a volunteer with an animal rescue, a seasoned shelter employee, someone looking to make a career change, or just someone who wants to learn more about animal protection work, this is the conference for you, and now is the perfect time to sign up to be part of it.

The HSUS has hosted Expo for more than a quarter century now, bringing together thousands of amazing animal shelter, rescue, veterinary, and field services personnel from around the country and around the world for expert-led workshops and learning labs on the best, most groundbreaking and lifesaving work happening in the field.

The most exciting thing to me about Expo, at which I’ve presented a few times over the years, is seeing how attendees are inspired to apply what they learn at Expo in their own communities, in the United States and abroad. It’s also great to see the professionally important connections made between Expo attendees, connections that last far beyond the conference.

Expo’s power to change lives, human as well as animal, really comes through in the story about Donna and Jim Spencer from a recent issue of our Animal Sheltering magazine. Donna first attended Expo in 1996 in Las Vegas, where she learned about high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter initiatives. At the time, her rescue group was struggling to combat pet overpopulation in West Virginia. The workshop at Expo gave her an idea and revived her hopes of making an impact.

When she returned from Expo, Donna asked Jim (a hospital CFO) if their part of the state could support a spay/neuter clinic like the ones she’d learned about at Expo—something that didn’t exist anywhere in West Virginia. Twenty-two years later, the Help for Animals clinic has sterilized more than 160,000 animals, and it all started with Expo.

This year, we’re featuring panels and sessions on disaster response, shelter medicine, fundraising and marketing, legislation, leadership, and the future of animal sheltering and animal rescue, to name just a few. Expo also features an extraordinary trade show component, with vendors representing many product and service sectors of value and interest to those involved with animal protection work. The goal of the conference is to train and expand the circle of good people working or volunteering with animal shelters, rescue groups, community cat groups, and field and disaster response—people working to improve the lives of the animals and people in their own communities. If you are one of them, or would like to be, this year’s Animal Care Expo is a great place to start. Register now to save your place.

P.S. Learn more at animalsheltering.org/expo. Register by March 23 (that’s tomorrow!) for early-bird pricing of just $225 for a full conference registration; add discount code HSOEX18 for an additional $25 off, bringing the cost to just $200.

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