Urgent alert: Help stop cruel hunting methods in Alaska, like killing wolf pups at their dens, shooting hibernating mother bears

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A rule proposed by the federal government to reintroduce some of the cruelest of hunting methods to national preserves in Alaska has raised a chorus of outrage from conservation organizations, biologists, elected officials and American citizens, and there is still time to speak out against it.

The proposed rule would bring back controversial hunting methods on 20 million acres of federal public lands in Alaska, like using artificial light to kill hibernating mother black bears and their cubs in their dens, shooting wolf and coyote pups and mothers at their dens, using bait to attract brown and black bears, shooting vulnerable swimming caribou, including with the aid of motorboats, and using dogs to hunt black bears.

Opposition to the proposed rule is vast and diverse. Recently, more than 160 scientists voiced their opposition in two open letters, saying they are “greatly concerned by the extremely limited scientific evidence available to justify the liberalizations of hunting regulations for large carnivores that have occurred in Alaska.” The scientists also demanded that the NPS “ensure that these public lands are conserved and managed for all Americans using the best available science in accordance with congressional mandates to the NPS.”

In August, 79 members of the federal House of Representatives sent a bipartisan letter urging Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to withdraw the proposed rule.

Proponents of the proposal often wrongly argue that killing grizzly bears, wolves and other native carnivores will benefit game populations such as caribou and moose. But time and again, research shows that such persecution doesn’t help prey populations. In reality, the rule proposed by the Trump administration will only benefit a handful of trophy hunters looking to brag about slaughtering some of our nation’s most iconic wildlife.

Americans do not support the indiscriminate killing of these majestic animals. In a June 2018 poll, Alaska’s residents unequivocally condemned these methods. And last month, a flood of outrage poured across the country after details of a father and son’s April killing of a mother bear and her cubs were made public. According to an Alaska State Troopers dispatch, the pair skied to a remote den where they illegally killed the mother bear and her shrieking newborn cubs. They then attempted to cover up their crime, removing evidence and providing false documentation and accounts to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Last year, we saw a similar outpouring of anger against a Congressional move to allow these same horrific hunting methods on national wildlife refuge lands in Alaska. But despite this intense opposition, the resolution passed by narrow margins in both the House and the Senate. That is why we cannot afford to be complacent.

The Humane Society of the United States has been at the forefront of this fight from the beginning, by alerting our supporters to this egregious cruelty, using the media and other tools to educate the public about these horrific methods, and defending existing protections in court. But we need determined action by citizens to stop the NPS from expanding this nightmare of animal cruelty to our national preserves in Alaska.

Please let the NPS know that you oppose the repeal of the 2015 rule prohibiting the use of egregious hunting methods like killing hibernating black bears, shooting wolf and coyote pups and mothers at their dens, using bait to attract brown and black bears to shoot them at point blank range, shooting vulnerable swimming caribou, and using dogs to hunt black bears on national preserves in Alaska. And while you are at it, please take steps to ensure that your elected representatives in Washington land on the right side of this issue. Believe it or not, a determined special interest minority is actively seeking to ram this proposal through; we need to stand strong in the fight to preserve the integrity of our national preserve system and to protect charismatic carnivores and other animals threatened by the measure.

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  1. deidre celano says:

    Please stop this cruel hunting!

  2. Fran Leard says:

    This cruel cowardly hunting of these precious bears must be stopped. What kind of sick hunt is this when the animals are killed on the spot with no chance for escape?

    I hope this pitiful excuse for hunting will be stopped now. These hunters are a disgrace and a bunch of low life cowards with nothing better to do.

  3. Fran Leard says:

    This cruel cowardly hunting of these precious bears and wolf pups must be stopped. What kind of sick hunt is this when the animals are killed on the spot with no chance for escape?

    I hope this pitiful excuse for hunting will be stopped now. These hunters are a disgrace and a bunch of low life cowards with nothing better to do.

  4. Gino Czaster says:

    Please stop the cruelty!

  5. Caroline Garvie says:

    Absolutely atrocious stop this cruel hunting of these poor souls 😩😩

  6. Linda Jennings says:

    Stop this cruel hunting. These hunters are only doing it to feed their own egos!
    Outrageous behavior and no respect for nature!!

  7. Marsha Squibb says:

    Souless bastards who can do this!!!!

  8. Sondra Klock says:

    Please stop this horrible way of killing innocent animals.

  9. Avocado says:

    Stop the cruelty and abuse. These animals are part of our ecosystem. We help them so they can help us. Or we will all perish. Do to these animals what you want done to you and see how you would like that.

  10. Amy St cyr says:

    Please do the right thing!!

  11. Francine S. says:

    Killing the young of any species is an abomination! Killing a living being in their homes is cold blooded murder!! Stop this atrocity NOW!!!

  12. Alisa says:

    What is wrong with humans. I’m disgusted by this. Every living thing has a place on this earth. Get your head out of your asses before you destroy everything beautiful.

  13. Rita McGuire says:

    This is cruel hunting going in and killing pups and adults in their dens. We are the ones intruding on their land. We humans do not care about the environment or that we are making animals extinct.

  14. JOHN BELL says:

    This needs to be stopped before it goes any further. Get rid of this administrations wild and psych ideas of running our country. All trump is doing is ruining it.

  15. Harriet Forman, EdD, RN says:

    Ryan Zinke, the current Secretary of the Interior, honored Teddy Roosevelt who is well know for protecting wildlife and the interior. Ryan Zinke therefore, should and would in all likelihood firmly disapprove of this horrific method of killing wolves in their dens. Perhaps, instead of decrying this behavior a letter should be written – no a petition should be signed with multiple signatures and sent to Secretary Zinke reminding him of both his declared philosophy as per his published bio and his responsibility and asking him to put a stop to this horrendous behavior.

  16. Ivylle F. Anderson says:

    The people who are slaughtering these animals are nothing but “poachers”
    which is illegal but have been given the OK to kill these magnificent animals
    in their most vulnerable habitats, gifts from God to enrich our lives and planet, and
    now approved to harm instead of protect for the enrichment of all, and, who has
    approved this……President Trump and Secretary Zinke of whom neither have any
    knowledge or experience in wildlife, or domestic life for that matter. If Secretary
    Zinke is so in awe of ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, he would know that President Roosevelt
    did not like being referred to as ‘Teddy’! This country will not become “Great”
    with such ignorance and irresponsibility of our natural resources. Secretary Zinke
    is a trained and experienced killer, with much respect from our country, and the
    Trump boys are “BIG GAME” hunters, with very little respect. Protecting our country and Americans are one thing, but killing animals for entertainment and sport is a sin. We should be helping the survival of animals as well as the care
    and strong Prevention of Extinction laws and enforcement. Our government is
    destroying “our” beauty and natural resources for money and other perks.
    President Trump has accomplished some great things for this country and the people, but at what cost and to whose advantage?

  17. Lisa Brabson says:

    Stop this insanity!

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