Urgent alert! Act now to stop cruel hunting methods to kill wolves, bears on national lands in Alaska

By on October 30, 2018 with 18 Comments

We need your help urgently to stop a proposal that would roll back an Obama-era regulation prohibiting cruel and controversial trophy hunting and predator control methods on 20 million acres of national preserve lands in Alaska. These practices, condemned by most Americans, include killing hibernating mother bears and their cubs with the aid of artificial lights, shooting wolf and coyote pups and mothers at their dens, using fetid baits to attract brown and black bears, shooting vulnerable swimming caribou, and using packs of hounds to hunt black bears.

The National Park Service, which has proposed this change, will shortly close public comment, and we’d like to ask you to weigh in no later than the end of this week. Alaska’s national preserve lands belong to all Americans, and we cannot stand by as our government turns them into playgrounds and killing fields for trophy hunters.

In April, we got a taste of just what will happen if this rule is allowed to go into effect, when a poacher and his son were caught on camera in a remote area of Alaska allegedly shooting a sleeping mother bear in her den and in front of her two shrieking cubs who then were also shot. These terrible methods of hunting are utterly contrary even to the agency’s own statutory mandates to conserve native species on behalf of the American public. If bears and wolves cannot thrive, safe from such barbaric killing practices, on our national preserves, where are they expected to live?

Alaska has been trying for years to expand the use of fringe hunting methods to prioritize trophy hunting and predator control over conservation, but the NPS, which has clear statutory directives from Congress to protect wildlife on national preserves, had pushed back, recognizing the importance of conserving our native carnivore species for the benefit of all of the American public.

However, after a new administration took office, the agency did a complete about-face. Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke ordered that hunting opportunities on federal lands should be expanded. But a secretarial order cannot legally override congressional directives, and Congress clearly directed NPS to protect wildlife in perpetuity.

Support for this proposal is lacking among many stakeholders, including biologists, who have condemned it in large numbers, and Alaskans themselves. A May 2018 poll shows that a supermajority of Alaska’s residents oppose allowing cruel hunting methods in their state. Some 71 percent of Alaskan voters oppose allowing hunters to kill hibernating mother black bears and their cubs in the den with the aid of artificial lights. Sixty-nine percent oppose hunting black bears with packs of hounds, and 75 percent oppose hunting swimming caribou with the aid of motorboats. Sixty percent of Alaskan voters oppose the baiting of bears with pet food, grease, rotting game or fish or other high-calorie foods, and 57 percent oppose killing whole packs of wolves and coyotes when they are raising their pups in their dens.

If we don’t speak up for America’s carnivores now, it could be too late. Please tell the Department of Interior that you do not support this handout for trophy hunters and urge them to keep in place the prohibitions on these cruel and unsporting hunting and trapping methods on Alaska’s national preserve lands.

Keep Alaska’s wildlife safe from cruel hunting methods

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  1. Erika Schiegg says:

    Stop cruel hunting

  2. Cat Addari says:

    Stop murdering animals!

  3. Ellen Quinn says:

    Stop torturing animals!

  4. Carole Chen-Garson says:

    This practice must stop.

  5. Chris Stegman says:

    No more trophy hunting. Period. 88th

  6. Amy Whitney says:

    I absolutely oppose the proposal to open up 20 million acres of national preserve land in Alaska for nothing more than trophy hunting for a small subset of psychopathic nuts.
    Killing these animals when they are most vulnerable is absolutely deplorable: Killing sows and cubs while hibernating; killing wolf and coyote pups; killing caribou while swimming; etc. are all incomprehensible to me, and should be to the majority of civilized people.
    If animals cannot be safe on land that has been preserved for that purpose, there is a grave problem.

  7. Will Myers says:

    Don Jr loves this kind of stuff and his dad is trying to make sure he can keep doing it

  8. Patricia Masuda says:

    This is horrible! It is totally cruel and unnecessary to slaughter these bear and wolf families. Let’s support all efforts for the HSUS and other wildlife protection organizations to fight such wanton cruelty.

  9. Frank says:

    This stops when us common folk stand up and start exposing and boycotting the businesses of trophy hunters. Trophy hunting costs money and they can’t do it if their business is hurting because their “trophy hunt picture” is on the front page of the paper or social media.

    I’m serious. This doesn’t end until it hits these assholes wallets and pocketbooks. Enough is enough! This is inhumane!!!

  10. Loti Hanlon says:

    Stop murdering animals!!!

  11. Pamela Johnson says:

    Please stop this horrible murder of these beautiful animals.
    Thank You

  12. Sandy says:

    Stop wanting to lift bans on killing animals. We are all aware that people who want this ban lifted are both cowardly and greedy.

  13. Michele Carol Jankelow says:

    How in the modern era can this ever be acceptable. Such abject cruelty and savagery on animals will, one day, be judged as savagery and murder! What right do people have to believe they can kill for recreation? How they can sleep at night picturing what they have done?

  14. Diane turner says:

    We must preserve our wildlife. Reversing this rule will encourage trigger happy barbaric hunters who get joy in killing denfenceless animals. It must be stopped.

  15. Cathy Harden says:

    We have no moral authority as a country if we support this cruelty. We have too many sociopaths in this country.

  16. Karin Erker says:

    Stop diese mörder und bestraft die brutalen Menschen … Regierung muss das töten stoppen …

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