Urgent alert: Ask Dow AgroSciences to work with HSUS on release of beagles

By on March 26, 2019 with 52 Comments

Please join us today in asking Dow AgroSciences to work with the Humane Society of the United States on the release of 36 beagles who were undergoing testing at a Michigan lab, so we can help place them into a reputable shelter where they will have a chance to find loving homes.

Since Dow AgroSciences (now known as Corteva Agriscience) announced they would stop testing pesticides on the beagles earlier this month, following an HSUS undercover investigation at the Charles River Laboratory in Michigan, we have been in talks with the company about the dogs’ future. We were alarmed last week when they told us they planned to work with the National Animal Interest Alliance, a group linked to organizations that profit off animal suffering, to place the dogs. NAIA was not created to home animals but to instead fight the work of animal protection groups. After we shared our concerns, Corteva yesterday informed us they had chosen not to work with NAIA.

We applaud this decision and now urge Corteva to commit to working with us to ensure the dogs are placed in safe hands.

These dogs started their lives at a breeding facility – Marshall BioResources, which has more than 22,000 dogs on site at a time – after which they went directly to the Charles River lab. Getting them into homes will take time as well as an understanding of – and expertise to address — the dogs’ behavioral and physical health.

The HSUS has 350 shelter partners throughout the country that have the experience, know-how and a proven track record in rehoming animals, and we are ready and willing to work with Corteva to find the best partner to place these 36 dogs as soon as possible. For instance, one of our shelter partners, the Michigan Humane Society, has all of the expertise needed to address these dogs’ issues in-house. It has three locations, 22 full-time veterinarians and contracts with an additional six veterinarians, including skilled surgeons for orthopedics and a veterinarian whose primary focus is behavioral health.

Upon arrival at an appropriate shelter, each dog would get a full veterinary and behavioral assessment. Staff would work to ready the dogs for adoption, provide much-needed behavioral enrichments, and ensure that adopters and fosters get the support they need.

When we first released our investigation, more than 300,000 of you wrote to demand an end to testing on these 36 beagles, and your voice made all the difference for these dogs. They need your help again. Please call Corteva at 989-394-3783. Ask them to work with the HSUS and one of our shelter partners to give the beagles a new lease on life.

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  1. D. Stone says:

    Stop unessessary testing on these dogs!! The effects of well known toxic chemicals has been established for a very long time. Just stop !!!

    • Sabrina says:

      Exactly. You know what these toxic chemicals can do, so please just stop hurting these defenseless beautiful dogs. Enough already.

    • Cindy says:

      Can’t find a place to add comment! But STOP this cruel and painful testing in animals! It does not prove it help anything! Release the BEAGALS and ALL OTHER ANIMALS IN TESTING FACILITIES NOW!

  2. Peter Jasen says:

    Please release the 36 beagles to the Michigan Humane Society where they will get the best of care. Thank you.

  3. Jeanne C Myers, Ph.D. says:

    You can’t use these animals for research. NO amount of money is worth this. Don’t you have any conscience or morality?

  4. Eric Geier says:

    Please immediately release the 36 beagles from your laboratory, so they can enjoy a loving home for the duration of their lives.

  5. Eric Geier says:

    Please immediately release these 36 sweet beagles, so that they may live out the duration of their lives in loving homes. Thank You.

  6. Elaine Livesey-Fassel says:

    As a near life long animal advocate I am fully supportive of any and all means possible to ensure that animals are treated as humanely as is possible and am proud to assist in any way I can to make this worthy goal a reality. Thanbk you!

  7. Daryl Burleson says:

    Called and submitted a comment!

  8. Stacey Diaz says:

    Why why is this type of testing on animals even going on! And its our government that allows this horrible torture!

  9. Michele Jankelow United Kingdom says:

    Good day from the UK!
    Please would you send a letter to Corteva on my behalf respectfully asking them to hand over the Beagles to HSUS.

    Thank you for your kind and compassionate work in ending the horrors for these gentle Beagles.

  10. Flory DeVoe says:

    It is sad to experiment on helpless animals for our own selfishness. Very cruel. Don’t know how anyone can sleep at night.

  11. Holly Smallwood says:

    Please allow these babies to be adopted. They deserve to have a loving home and know what it’s like to be a loved dog.

  12. Sara Danzelaud says:

    Please work with the HSUS on releasing the beagles. The HSUS will manage an effective adoption program fir these sweet dogs that have done nothing wrong.

    Thank you so much for taking time on this matter.

    Sara Danzelaud

  13. Lisa Blanck says:

    i called the number published. its for corteva tech support. maybe a different number should be circulated for best impact.

  14. Julie Powell says:

    Please release these poor dogs and let us show them love.

  15. Marilyn Grgek says:

    Dow, please release the beagles! They need a life with a decent family.

  16. Armao Terri says:

    Testing on animals is archaic and cruel. How anyone can inflict this cruelty on animals is beyond belief.

  17. Theresa Gherna-Ankney says:

    I will never by a Dow product ever . I think it is so cruel to keep testing on animals. Karma to those who do.

  18. Tara Spires says:

    Please work with HSUS to help these dogs!

  19. Sarah Minderlein says:

    This company wanted people to believe they were doing the right thing and hoping it loses media attention while they hold these dogs and continue their testing. I hope the momentum isn’t lost and hope their sales plummet. I will continue sharing and spreading the news that this company is cruel and lacks ethics as they torture innocent dogs. They should be ashamed of themselves when they have help lined up

  20. Maria Zepeda says:

    I called. I was on hold for 15 minutes but I got through. Lady was clearly annoyed. I emailed info@dow.com, went online to the Dow AgriSciences website and contacted to contact them from there and twitter.
    They act as if though they care. If they cared they wouldn’t have conducted tests on them in the 1st place.

  21. Rojas says:

    Please stop abusing these animals. You are also endangering the health of the lab employees torturing these dogs.

  22. Mark Millet says:

    Until they turn over the dogs pay all their vet bills and make sure they have a good home, and make a big donation to the humane society this billion dollar company can rot in hell.

  23. Krista says:

    Is there an email that out of country people can use?? I posted this to my social media and have a lot of followers out of the country who want to help.

  24. C. Delk says:

    Please work with HSUS to release these Beagles. They don’t deserve this. Be humane about this!! Do u want people to stop buying your products??

    • Dianna says:

      Amen! I want to adopt one of these dogs. I can provide a loving home for a dog as I just had to say goodbye to my 15 yr old beloved girl last year.

  25. Hazel Gerber says:

    Please do the right thing here. Work with HSUS to help these animals find a better life. A lot of people are watching what you do in this matter.

  26. Barbara Miller says:

    Beagles are the sweetest dog anyone could ever own. They are absolutely precious. This cruel and unnecessary testing needs to stop and never done ever again. Dow release these Beagles now so they can be adopted to a loving forever home !!!!!!!!!

  27. Debra Horvath says:

    Please release these innocent pups to the humane society! God is watching ! These are his creatures

  28. Angela r Garrett says:

    Please STOP the tests and release the hounds and beagles to the HUMAINE SOCIETY they are more than capable to place these living breathing loving Souls they have feelings they mean something they deserve a good life and a chance to RUN FREE!!!

  29. Denise Rippee says:

    Please release these poor beagles to the HSUS so they can live a pain free life and be loved for once in their miserable life. Animal experiments have gone out with the dark ages please have a heart and release these dogs now. It is deplorable what they have gone through, being forced fed poisons down their throat, animals feel all that we feel and can you just imagine what they must feel like now with poisons running through their system. Please release these dogs now! thank you.

  30. Susan Nelson says:

    Please release these beagles to the Michigan Humane Society! They need to be placed in loving homes!

  31. Sharon vente says:

    Called the number given. The lady who answered said that it is only a technical support line, and we need to send Dow an e-mail regarding the beagles. The address is Info@Dow.com. I had already sent an e-mail there last week but have not received an answer. Be sure to put Beagle adoption in the subject line, and include your name, phone number, and e-mail address.

  32. Mary Jane Pollock says:

    Turn over the Beagles Dow Chemical. We all know that these chemicals you manufacture are very harmful to us and the planet. Stop your dam testing on these lovely creatures and release them to the humane society so they can find proper homes for them. I will not be purchasing anything connected to your company, and will be spreading the word on your horrible company, who has made huge profits off of poisening the planet, not to mention these poor beagle pups. Shame on you. I do my research also, as a stage 3 cancer survivor, and we both know that your products are harmful to all living things. Release the Beagles now!

  33. Faunce Burd says:

    Dow Agrosciences i commend you on agreeing to the release of these Beagles. Please cooperate with Humane Society in ensuring hese dogs have the best possible chance of a happy future. Such cooperation will pave the way for others to follow which will go a long way in mitigating the cruelty and horrors of the past. Perhaps you could play a leadership role together with Humane Society in ending this lack of compassion and cruelty in other companies which test on animals.

  34. Nichi says:

    Please please let hsus have these innocent babies. Please.

  35. Maria says:

    Please please, let HSUS have these dogs so they can place them in a sweet home, giving them a different loving life.

  36. Jane campeau says:

    They won’t answer the phone but I have commented on their Instagram and FB pages. I am fairly close to the lab so let us know if we need to protest!

  37. Patti says:

    Please release them and STOP testing on dogs! I don’t know how you all can sleep at night! Karma!!! All of you that take part in this will get yours! Horrible! Absolutely horrible thing to do to a defenseless animal!!! Please at least give them as much as to live out the rest of their lives without being forced to eat your poison! What you do is pathetic!!! Burn in hell!!!

  38. Linda Smith says:

    The scientific community purchases purpose breed dogs and other animals for testing. The testing Dow is doing is product research not medical research. It took the HSUS posting torturing and killing Snoopy on the dinner hour news for Dow to cease and desist.

    Please get these beagles to safe place.

    My worry is there are 36 more that will be tortured after the pressure is off Dow.

    Shame on you Dow Chemical!

  39. Cathy Arteman says:

    Hi I called the phone number 989-394-3788 for Dow Argo Sciences/Corteva to ask them to please release the 36 beagles to the Human Society, and I have been on hold for almost 45 minutes, and I am still waiting to talk to someone. So if this goes to them from here, I beg of you to release those 36 beagles to the Human Society!

  40. Jackie Miller says:

    The world is so messed up and you contribute with animal abuse.I will read labels and not use your products!

  41. PAMELA SEMIES says:


  42. Krista says:

    Do we have any updates on the status of these dogs???

  43. Celtic says:

    Disgusted that Dow AgroSciences/Corteva Agriscience would attempt to offload the poor Beagles in such a way. I am not surprised by the moral ‘elasticity’ shown but rather by the poor business acumen displayed. They could have turned this horrid situation into a stakeholder ‘win’ by making a big PR splash about visionary leadership and ethical standing in their field by stopping the testing AND then publicly sending the dogs to HSUS. I humbly ask their investors not do not add ‘foolish’ to other words, such as ‘cruel’ and ‘monstrous,’ now associated with their company in online chatter; Please release the Beagles now to the HSUS.

  44. Mama G says:

    Any and ALL animal testing is wrong!

  45. A. PATEL says:

    Please STOP using OTHER animals for human convenience!! How a big corporation like you which has all the money would find the cheapest way to dispose of these poor dogs after abusing them for God knows how long, is simply inexcuseable.

    It is time for you to do the right thing once in your miserable lives and release the dogs ALIVE to the Humane Society.


  46. A. PATEL says:

    FYI, The number given was not working when I just called.

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