Breaking: Beagles freed from pesticide testing arrive at Michigan Humane Society

By on April 9, 2019 with 15 Comments

The beagles who were undergoing pesticide testing at a Michigan lab have been released to the care of the Michigan Humane Society, where they will be prepared for adoption. We are thrilled and excited to report this outcome that our staff and you, our supporters, worked hard for.

A Humane Society of the United States undercover investigation at the Charles River Laboratories in Michigan last month revealed that the beagles were undergoing testing for a Brazil-bound pesticide developed by Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva Agriscience). As soon as we learned of this, our Humane Society International team reached out to Brazil to get a waiver for the test. Once Dow had announced an end to the test, we tapped into our vast network of 350 animal shelter partners to find a suitable organization to take the beagles in and prepare them for loving homes.

The Michigan Humane Society stepped up to the plate and agreed to take the dogs under their wing. MHS has the expertise and a proven track record so we know the dogs are now in good hands as they begin this new, exciting journey in their lives.

Since the dogs have been raised for use in the laboratory and aren’t used to walking on leash or going outside, MHS’s expert behaviorists will carry out a full behavioral assessment of each dog, as well as an independent veterinary assessment. The shelter will then use these assessments to determine next steps for the dogs, including possible placement of the dogs in their foster network. The HSUS will provide a grant to help assist with the care of the dogs prior to adoption.

We are grateful to Corteva for its decision to end the test and to release the dogs to MHS. But none of this could have happened had you not signed our petition, made phone calls to Corteva, and spread the word about these beagles. We look forward to partnering with you as we continue to fight for the tens of thousands of dogs who are still being held in labs, but today, please take a moment to celebrate. You helped make all the difference to these animals’ lives.

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  1. julie fleury says:

    I am so happy that these animals were freed,I have been thinking and praying for them everyday,I hope they live a healthy happy life that they deserve,but will continue to fight for the many other aniamls everyday that are in labs.

  2. Suzanne Lorraine Sproles says:

    Thank you for taking them out and giving them a chance at life .trulely this is God’s work.bless you all💕

  3. Angela Grammatico says:

    Free the laboratory animals Now

  4. i del Barrio says:

    I’m so glad that these beagles are now in the care of the Michigan Humane Society.
    These precious beagles need to learn how to be carefree animals and trust people. Thank you for all you do. Wishing them all a fairy tale ending.


  5. ks dault says:

    This is such a barbaric act upon animals. There are so many other options out there. Please stop this inhumane act on animals. They all have feelings. Our country should be so much more progressed than this. Thank you for stopping this.

  6. Michele Carol Jankelow says:

    Absolutely delighted for these gentle doggies. Thank you HSUS and the people inside who expose the horrors what goes on in these laboratories. Thank you to Corteva who may now raise the bar with other laboratories to end the testing and cruelty that takes place behind closed doors! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  7. Susan Bellantonio says:

    How does someone become a member of the foster network?

  8. Linda Haag says:

    Please notify me of the progress of the 36 beagles.
    Thank you,
    Linda Haag

  9. Steve clifford says:

    I would love to adopt one of these beagles! I had a female for 17 years and 6 years ago she passed she was like a daughter to me if you could give me any info on adoption I would appreciate it! Thanks!

    • Joanne G Forst says:

      I am so grateful to know the beagles are out of this horrible place and they will be given love. Poisoning these defenseless sweet doggies is sick and the people that did this should be put in jail. I hope they are charged.
      Kitty who is the President of the HSUS should not be applauding the acceptance of Dows ending this horrific act of animal cruelty, but making sure they are arrested and the company will be held liable.

  10. Castellani says:

    C est une honte de torturer de pauvres animaux.

  11. judy hede says:

    Thank you for the great work that you do for Animals and in this case, the dear Beagles in Michigan! We have two Beagles and they are such loving dogs! I would be lost without them! Keep up your worthy work on behalf of all animals. If possible, we would adopt one of these dogs! Please give me some info on how to do this!

  12. Deedee D. says:

    RIP, Harvey. I wish you had made it out.

  13. Jeanne Rainoldi says:

    So relieved, glad, and happy that these poor little Beagles have been saved and are now in a safe place. It was just killing to watch and think about what their planned fate was going to be. Now these little Beagle guys have a good chance for a great life as Beagle doggies. Hoping that everything goes well for them form here on out.

  14. Linda says:

    I thought Dow AgroSciences/Corteva still have the dogs and won’t give them to the Humane Society????? That they were rehoming them through their own source which is questionable and so they are still at the lab????? It woudl be great if you did a “Take Action” petition to get the dogs out of there…’s been over a month and a 1/2 since DOW agreed to stop the testing and they should be out of there by now. What’s going on?

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