HSUS undercover investigation reveals more sick, dead puppies at Petland stores

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Today, we’re releasing a report and hidden camera footage of investigations we have carried out at Petland stores, including three new investigations in Sarasota, Florida; Novi, Michigan; and Tyler, Texas. As with our previous investigations of the national pet store chain, we again found animals at Petland stores with illnesses ranging from seizures to respiratory infections, diarrhea and vomiting. At some stores, puppies died without being taken promptly to a veterinary hospital for severe illnesses.

Also during our investigations, the stores did not regularly provide proper training to employees about zoonotic diseases, such as the campylobacter infections that have been linked to some Petland stores and their puppy suppliers.

In the Tyler store, a brown Chihuahua named Jade started having seizures, but wasn’t taken to a veterinary hospital for almost a week. When she finally went to a veterinary hospital, she was unable to recover and was euthanized. A Petland staff member told the investigator that the store’s owner rarely took sick puppies for care, stating: “He doesn’t want to pay that extra money.”

[Read: Petland investigation report]

Our investigators also found a deliberate attempt to keep consumers in the dark about contagious diseases that can be deadly for puppies, like parvovirus. When the Sarasota store was notified by a customer that a puppy recently bought there was diagnosed with parvovirus, staff members frantically cleaned the store. But the store didn’t reveal the risk to other consumers and continued to sell puppies that may have been exposed to the disease.

A sick puppy at the Novi, Michigan store. Photo by the HSUS

Here are some of the many heartbreaking discoveries our investigators made:

  • In the Tyler, Texas store, our undercover investigator found the body of a black and white shih tzu puppy in the freezer. “Panda” was one of a litter of three puppies who had originally appeared healthy but got sick after being put in a back room with other sick animals due to overcrowding in the store. One of the sick dogs was taken to a veterinarian and one recovered in the store but Panda died. A staff member in the Tyler store described how staff members provided ad hoc veterinary care to gravely ill puppies. She discussed a male Chihuahua who, she said,” looked like it was dead. It would roll over and its head wouldn’t follow its body and it couldn’t stand up.” When our investigator asked, “What’d you guys do?” the staff member answered that Petland staff “injected it with saline.”
  • In the Sarasota store, puppies were frequently sick, exhibiting explosive diarrhea or respiratory problems. But employees, under pressure to sell as many puppies as possible to earn commissions, sometimes showed sick puppies to customers. Our investigator also saw a dead hamster who had been left in a drawer in the back room. As an employee placed the hamster in the store’s freezer, our investigator asked what else was in it. The other employee informed her, “We don’t mess with the freezer for good reasons,” and slammed the door shut.
  • In the Novi, Michigan store, customers regularly called with complaints about sick puppies they had purchased. On one occasion, our investigator watched Petland employees talking to three people who called about sick puppies during a single shift. At the same store, a staff member revealed that she had contracted campylobacter (a drug-resistant strain of the disease was recently linked to Petland puppies during a Centers for Disease Control investigation) and had been hospitalized for four days. The store was recently sued for the third time in recent years after a customer in the Novi store became ill with campylobacter; he too was hospitalized. At one all-staff meeting at the Novi store in March 2019, the store’s owner suggested that a new arbitration clause in purchase contracts would discourage consumers with sick puppies from filing lawsuits, saying, “They can’t take us to court.”

In December 2018 and April 2019, our investigators documented similar problems at Petland stores in Kennesaw, Georgia (2018); Las Vegas (2018); and Fairfax, Virginia (2019). It is clear that Petland has become a sad example of corporate dysfunction, low animal welfare standards, disregard for consumers and betrayal of the human-animal bond. Its sourcing and transport of puppies produce a perpetual cycle of misery and disappointment. Each year, thousands of dogs Petland acquires from a variety of sources are shipped from distant states on large cargo trucks and are exposed to stress and disease.

Overcrowding at the Tyler, Texas, store. Photo by the HSUS

We have also found that Petland puppies come from a number of problematic suppliers, including some who appeared in our 2019 Horrible Hundred report. These suppliers include Tiffanie’s LLC in Missouri, where state inspectors found 35 puppies had died in a six-month period, some of them from parvovirus, and Blue Ribbon Puppies in Indiana, which has been linked to puppies with multi-drug-resistant campylobacter and canine distemper. We found that at least 10 different Petland stores purchased from Tiffanie’s LLC within a single month in 2019.

[Read: Diary of an Investigator: Tyler, Texas, Petland]

But Petland doesn’t seem to be paying any attention and has refused to replace its defective business model for one that takes the humane approach. Worse, it’s become an active opponent of our reform efforts to clean up the puppy mill trade around the country.

Consumers, and dogs, deserve much better and Petland needs to clean up its act right away by ending the sale of puppies, kittens and rabbits in all of their stores. If you’re in the market for a new pet, please visit an animal shelter or work with a reputable rescue group, to find healthy, vaccinated puppies and other pets. If you want to buy from a breeder, work with one you have met in person and carefully screened.

Bringing an end to the suffering and poor treatment of puppy mill and pet store animals is one of our core commitments at the HSUS. We won’t rest until we’ve brought the curtain down on the kinds of horrors our investigation uncovered. We’re counting on you to stand with us and help us spread the word.

Help shut down puppy mills

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  1. Alan Maldonado Ortiz says:

    No es justo que pequeños cachorritos tengan que pasar por esta situación tenemos que hacer algo unirnos para detener esta crueldad

  2. Lynn says:

    A friend worked at Perry land in Sarasota. They witnessed a beautiful dig with a broken leg, tried to sell it anyway. Then just let it die.

  3. Fran C says:

    Thank you for exposing this.

  4. Patricia Sansosti says:

    This is absolutely heartbreaking to read and our government, as well as potential adopters, need to step in and and remove Petland’s licenses to sell pets at all of their stores and potential adopters visit animal shelters instead of Petland stores. Animals are suffering at puppy mills and irresponsible breeder locations, which could end if the government and potential pet owners would not patronize pet stores who purchase these poor, sick, neglected animals. A person can find practically any breed of puppy or dog at animals shelters or animals rescue locations nationwide, thus saving a life as well as adopting responsibly. Please alway visit a shelter, do NOT ‘buy’ a pet from Petland.

    • Tammy Gerner says:

      If the veterinarians that represent or give free services in cahoots with petland stopped being selfish money hungry pigs,maybe petland wouldn’t have a choice but to shut down…no help no dogs….

      • Haley says:

        I work at a veterinary hospital that deal with petland and we equally hate how they are but they are charged the full price for their hospitalization of their puppies so we most certainly don’t give them a break on that

        • BonniL-Lee Jones says:

          Why not give them a small break on vet fees they may bring more in instead of letting them suffer. I know it’s not a guarantee that they would bring sick animals in but it is an incentive. I know they should not even sell them but since they are at this time why not try to help keep these precious fur babies healthy
          Its irresponsible not to help them. As a vet they should be glad to cut the fees a little so they would bring the dogs in. Or any animal. Having possibly a contract of some sort to guarantee all their animals would be brought to vet or to have vet come in to examine all the pets once a week. This would not hurt the bottom line of either business. Keeping vet fees way up only completely guarantees the animals won’t be brought in.

      • Natalie says:

        Thats perpetuates the neglect experienced by the puppies.

    • Red says:

      I tried adopting once. Then the dog got comfortable and attacked my other dog costing almost $100 in vet care. And the shelter wouldn’t do anything about it because it was after their “30 day return policy” by a couple days. My other puppy which I actually did get from Petland had a cough right after I got her but if you take your pet to their required area vet before the time limit is up for their check-up they’ll cover the entire visit. I won’t buy from petland again just because of the stupid inflated prices, but there are definitely bonuses to not adopting from a rescue

      • Patti Sansosti says:

        Red, your statement “there are definitely bonuses to not adopting from a rescue” is incorrect. For one, there is a difference between a rescue and a shelter. Rescues (licensed 501c3) often rescue animals from shelters when the animals need medical care that the shelter is unable to provide, or to prevent an animal from being euthanized for various reasons such as the shelter being overcrowded or the animal suffering from kennel stress or behavioral issues. Rescues supply medical care and/or training, etc, then adopt the animal out to families. Shelters take in strays, surrendered animals, animals whose owners passed away, etc, and depending on the type of shelter, they provide food, shelter, medical care (if possible) and do what they can to help the animals get adopted. A rescue and a shelter are two completely different things but they both offer wonderful, loving animals that in most circumstances are simply victims of circumstances, behind bars through no fault of their own. In most cases these wonderful animals are paying the price for having ignorant, irresponsible owners. There is absolutely no advantage to purchasing an animal from a pet store or breeder rather than adopting from a shelter or rescue, since animals of all breeds, sizes, ages, colors, genders, personalities and temperaments, (including purebreds) can be found at shelters and rescues all over the world. One advantage to adopting from a 501c3 Rescue, however, is that most will follow up with adopters to make sure the animal and family are working out together and if not, will take the animal back. You said, “I tried adopting once. Then the dog got comfortable and attacked my other dog costing almost $100 in vet care. And the shelter wouldn’t do anything about it because it was after their “30 day return policy” by a couple days.”
        Then the dog got comfortable? What’s that supposed to mean? The dog did not attack your other dog because he/she ‘got comfortable’. Obviously something triggered it and that was the problem. The proper thing to do would have been to work with both dogs, not return the dog to the shelter or rescue. Whether a dog is from a shelter or a rescue, the responsibility lies with the adopter after taking the dog home. It takes weeks to many months for a new pet to settle into new surroundings, and many things determine the outcome – including proper introductions to other pets and children, training, exercise, patience and more. The answer is not to automatically return the dog; it’s to find a solution to the problem. There is NO benefit whatsoever to NOT adopting from a shelter or rescue. They’re all animals and all deserve love, patience and responsible families

      • sue bergier says:

        And what would the bonuses be?

      • bk says:

        Bonuses???? Did you read about how these animals and puppies are abused, refused vet treatment when very sick, allowed to die without ever seeing a vet, put in freezers after they die, withhold information about sick puppies from potential customers? These are all reasons never to buy a puppy from Petland. So, just because they covered the vet cost, you think it is ok for Petland to abuse puppies and animals? What a ridiculous, thoughtless, stupid comment to make at the end.

  5. APSO Stone says:

    3 words….


  6. Brian bergami says:

    I was a manager at the petland in Tyler I brought the parvovirus home on my uniform and my wife dog got it and died that’s when I found out about all the shady shit that went on behind my back , I was kept in the dark because I closed every night , I quit right after and have been spreading the word on that animal death trap ever since

    • d. tucker says:

      So sorry your wife lost her dog. Thank you for doing what you can to expose them!!

    • Dawn says:

      I thought there was a parvovirus vaccine. Was your wife’s dog not vaccinated against parvovirus?

      • Sherrie Calder says:

        Dawn, Not sure if d. tucker’s dog was vaccinated for the parvo virus or not. However, there are now puppies and dog’s that HAVE been vaccinated coming down with the virus. Last I heard there were several theories on why, but no absolute answer. Best anyone that has a new puppy keep it away from anywhere other dog’s might frequent until at least a couple of weeks after the complete series of vaccinations have been given.

      • Shannon Schumacher says:

        I’ve bought 3 beautiful dogs from Petland in Pensacola, Fl and Fwb, Fl. They are extremely healthy and beautiful. There are always going to be incidents of negligent employees every where you go. I am extremely happy with the service Petland provided me. I understand rescuing dogs but some people want what they want and can’t be found at a rescue. Petland has been wonderful to my family.

        • Jess says:

          Shannon Schumacher, PLEASE seek out a reputable breeder. If you’re actually a real person and not a plant, it’s a miracle that you’ve gotten three healthy dogs from a pet store.

          PLEASE educate yourself about puppy mills. You are LITERALLY supporting cruelty.

          There are better ways to get what you want; which I would assume is a well-bred, healthy, breed-specific animal. You don’t have to go to a shelter. Just find a legitimate breeder please.

          Thank you.

        • Roksana says:

          I am not sure I believe you. If that truly happened, then let’s just say you are truly, lucky. If not, you are probably a dedicated employee or a store manager in Petland.

      • Brenda Miles says:

        I had a Dobie, years back. 8 months old. She had ALL her shots and STILL came down with parvo. I had asked my vet WHY ?? He told me that the vaccines are not always protecting your dog. However they will help your dog fight the virus if they came down with it. My Dobie lived after many days at the vet with treatment.. He told me that She will NEVER get parvo again. SO even if your pet has had shots. There is no guarantee that they will never get sick. Make sure you have boosters, so if they get in contact with diseases, they will have a great chance of recovery.

      • Dana says:

        Vaccines aren’t 100 percent effective at preventing the disease, it does reduce the risk exponentially. Just as a human can still catch the measles even after having a vaccination. The chance is minute, but still there.

    • Karen Wood says:

      We are trying to ban pet sales in my county but petland is fighting the ordinance and lying to commissioners about their treatment of animals. Maybe you could have an influence on our commissioners. We would truly appreciate your help. Feel free to contact me at9417046006 or Karen. Wood @floridamoves.com

      So sorry about your poor dog and for all of the innocent animals being affected.

    • Charlotte says:

      Charlotte Bolton boltonc92@yahoo.com I live in Tyler and was there tonight to look at a Shih Tzu. Can you please send me the breeder’s name they get the Shih Tzu’s from. I have to contact her or him. I know petland has jacked up the price on this puppy and even knowing what I may be getting into I have got to save this sweet little girl from getting sick. I have my own vet, had him for ten years and I will take her straight there but the store has the price so jacked up I cant get her. I don’t want their services period..just the puppy.

    • TS says:

      I worked at PetLand as a kennel Tech for almost 5 months. We were short staffed and I’d work 27 hours some weeks, even though I asked for a maximum of 20 (I’m a minor and still in high school). Then, I got sick with campylobacter and my boss was annoyed when I said I couldn’t come in. After that and many of the shady things that happened, I put in my two weeks and was out December 30th.

    • Suzi G. says:

      Thank you and so sorry for losing your pet, its devastating.

    • Tracey says:

      Well apparently you weren’t qualified for the job cuz you know nothing about puppies and dogs or you would have had your dog vaccinated it would never have gotten parvo. Maybe petland needs to hire more qualified people. Sorry for my rudeness . But the facts are the facts.

  7. Kathy says:

    Uncalled for, what is wrong with people OMG they need to start a education program in the schools to start to educated kids at a early age that animals are very important too, ‘animal’s lives matter’ obviously, adults now are NOT educated either regarding animals therefore do not teach their children, this animal cruelty is way out of control, need new tough laws for animal cruelty! Need to go to our states senators’

  8. Mary Cameron says:

    I hope this horrible place will or has been CLOSED DOWN this is a disgusting horrific place for these poor Dogs being exposed from one decease to another thank you for investigated this terrible place 💔

    • Addison says:

      The peatland store I always thought will be helpful to people with choosing the right dogs for people and my cousin worked at pet land and she eve. Thought peatland was a little shady. So when I heard this I was not surprised to such a horrible thing.

    • Addison says:

      The peatland store I always thought will be helpful to people with choosing the right dogs for people and my cousin worked at pet land and she eve. Thought peatland was a little shady. So when I heard this I was not surprised to such a horrible thing.

    • Puppylover112 says:

      I mean who would do such a thing? I thought Petland was actually good. Nope. Anyway, I got a dog from Petland. His name is Dogo. When we got him he had a little cough but we took him to the vet. My puppy is now 3 years old and as healthy as can be. I can’t even bRe to think about Dogo being sick like these dogs. We better have all Petland a shut down forever, and never again have a place like that. We need to learn to care for animals. They aren’t just adorable fluffy things, they have a beautiful life ahead of them to. SO GWT UR FREAKIN DOG AT A SHELTER AND STOP CRUELTY TO ANIMALS! 🐶

    • M says:

      Not closed down, they are expanding and about to open one in my area. It makes me sick to think about.

  9. Kelsey says:

    We have one in San Antonio. Someone recently posted about how there was a golden doodle puppy on “sale” because it had a parasite & the store owner wouldn’t take it to the vet for proper care. Knocked the price from $2600 to $900.

    • Jessica Yarborough says:

      The Petland store at the Vineyard in San Antonio has a golden doodle in a small glass display case for five months and they lowered the price from $2600 to $900 and said he has Giardia. He has no room to move around. They said a vet goes to check on puppies twice a week and the last visit vet decided to take him off the meds so the dog can ‘pass the parasite’ on his own! Insane. This is animal cruelty. They want to sell quick and said they will sell only to someone with no kids or other dogs!! They also said the dog was healthy when he got there and blamed a customer for infecting this dog because the dog must have licked the customer’s shoelaces. Please send someone to this store to investigate asap because this place is infected with disease.

  10. Kendra Lau says:

    I recently purchased a French bulldog from Petland in Orlando (Waterford lakes east) I paid 6500.00 for her I fully informed them that I lived outside of the state of Florida I was told it was fine just take her to the vet within the first 3 days so the warranty would be covered so she went to my vet and we found out she was very sick they said she was 11 weeks she was only 3 weeks. She had to stay at the vet for a week and has been at the vet every week since I have had her I have had to take her to two out of the state vets and we are still sick. I have contacted the warranty company numerous times and they said my warranty was voided as soon as I left the state of Florida and Petland what a joke I have called them numerous times and the staff act like idiots. I will continue to try to treat her and keep her alive I just wish I had some help to shut these monsters down they care absolutely nothing about these pets it’s only the money. They do indeed sell sick and dying pets whom are consumed with parasites….

    • Kristina F Mitchell says:


    • Lisa says:

      Agreed that is an insane price to pay for a dog! Also how could you not tell it was only 3 weeks old? A 3 week old puppy would not have any teeth, would barley be walking around and playing and would be unable to eat dry food!

    • Jaclyn Rayne says:

      You ppl are really coming at this person bc they paid 6500 & wasnt aware of the growth of a puppy. Who tf cares they paid 6500 to save this puppy. Obviously they love this baby theyve taken it all over for care. How about commending them for being a great person & try all they can to save the pup. Everyone is always out to make others feel like shit. Get a life! Save a life!

    • Michelle Credeur says:

      I’m so glad you did everything you could to you get her better,, you’re a good person,, they should be shut down and should be ordered to pay for the treatment for every sick animal they had in there

    • Faith says:

      Try to educate everyone that you can not to buy from a pet store!

  11. Kathy Stonaker says:

    Supply and demand – we have to get people to stop shopping there or any pet store that does not sell rescues. I live in Van Zandt County home of Dog(Parvo) Alley. It is disgusting when there are no animals there . It is on private land owned by the Curry Family so it is doubly hard to do anything about it.

  12. Anna Frazier-Dangerfield says:

    Yes stronly feel when a puppy bond with a PERSON or family who welling to provide a good forever home . money in a over the top prices shouldn’t take precedence over home placements. The puppy I did a meet and greet with 2 times was looking forward to join my family was trun down because they wanted $5000.00 I was able to get finical loan for $2463.00 was not able to get her forever home. If you could have seen the heart breaking look in the eyes in that dog when it realize I was not go to take her home with will forever be. In my heart it was so 😢 when they took her away over 💰 I thought it was about careing not animal salvary 😒Shut puppies mills petland down now in all States in the US. Anna .

  13. Maggie says:

    Anyone who purchases animals at pet stores is responsible for deaths. My rescue chihuahua was on a mill for 6 years.

  14. Misty Williams says:

    It’s not just dogs. I paid high dollar for a bird at Petland in Columbus, GA. Paperwork said they provided a health guarantee. The bird died after a short time. Came home and found him dead in food bowl. My young daughter was devastated! Had to have been sick when I purchased him. Called and spoke with owner and he had no sympathy, offered no replacement, nor even a discount for another bird! Poor customer service! I have never stepped foot back in that store again!

  15. Patricia Webb says:

    This is animal abuse. Those poor animals were suffering and nobody cared. All Petlands need their license taken away so they can’t sale animals. Shut all of them down

    • Gail says:

      This place and all Petland stores need to be shut down NOW, there are so many animals at the Human Society that will be put to sleep if not adopted. People are paying money for sick animals, each state needs to get involved in this situation. SO DAMM SAD.

  16. ZoltanBuday says:

    It’s a shame on all those who abuse and neglect animals especially pets. Dig as an example just ove us what ever our short comings. This chain pet store must be prosecuted for their heinous behavior. If laws aren’t strict enough then laws must be changed. These kinds of atrocities begin with puppy mills to pet shops. Greed is the culprit. THIS HAS TO STOP. Where is the humanity?

  17. Sheri says:

    Exposing is the first step. How can this be shut down completely? I live in Wichita Kansas and wasn’t thrilled what I saw here. These babies do not deserve this! If breeders must breed to keep the purebred continue, there has to be a better more humane way.

  18. Madison says:

    I love dogs and when I read this…it made me so sad! Anyone who wants a dog, you should go to a shelter or a good breeder!

  19. Kaitlyn Berthold says:

    For a month I worked at a Petland in PA taking care of the dogs, the first half we were part of a branch in Ohio and they had us using cleaning supplies that would make the employees sick and give us repertory issues, I was there for 3 days and got campy, luckily i didnt get hospitalised, but i had mild diarrhea and sometimes someone that i would be working with would get irritated that id spend 30 minutes in the bathroom multiple times a day. We had a seperate room for sick dogs but they’d go crazy from being in isolation, since theyd have to be in there for more than a week and werent allowed out. One on occasion, a woman bought a rabbit, and two days later it died and i have no clue how long they kept it in the freezer. We also had a vet come once a week, but other than that no extra ver visits would happen. Many hamsters died fighting each other, many lost eyes and feet, many pregnant hamsters. During the second half we got bought by someone who owned a PA store, they changed all the cleaning supplies that we used, and they were very on top of making sure no poop or pee was in there kennel, which yes is nice to have a concern for, but two employees cant catch it the moment it happens, and he didnt like to wait for it to get clean once he saw it. A dog would run out of its kennel and hed expect you to drop everything and clean the kennel. That owner also decided that there should be 4-6 small puppies in a kennel at a time and 3-4 larger puppies in a kennel at a time. He demanded sales, and that you should sell a puppy a day or more. Our puppies came off of a hella shady van covered in shit and smelled like cigarettes from the driver. When i was 3 i got my first cat from there, i wasnt leaving there withoit this cat, and i remember taking him home and everything, i dont believe he lived over 2 years once i got home bc he had some illness. I knew petland was a shit place but i needed a job and i was there once a week anyway to play with rabbits and ferrets and called it my weekly therapy.

  20. Ken c says:

    I purchased a English bulldog in the Tyler Tx store over 25 years ago. Before I could pick him up from the store we noticed his fur falling out just to our touch. We insisted on our new puppy going directly to the vet. Once we got there we discovered he had parvo. It was the saddest thing watching him fight for his life for the next few days. The store did not want to pay for vet bills or refund my $1250.00. We threatened to sue and make public on the local news and they quickly paid up. This place has been doing this for many years. Glad to see it’s out in the open now

  21. Robin says:

    They wouldnt have an overstock of animals if they would bring the prices down extremely to make a pet affordable for people. What’s wrong with paying $50 for an animal instead of $3,000? Plus you should investigate Joplin Missouri’s petland.

  22. Susie boyer says:

    Anything to make a dollar. This is crazy sickening. I’m sick to my stomach after seeing this.

  23. Beth Tanner says:

    Don’t buy a dog or cat from a pet store PERIOD! Their supply almost always comes from puppy mills. And then the pet store tries to sell them for crazy high prices. It’s so sad that the dollar bill comes before the health n welfare of those puppies n kittens. Pure cruelty. Find yourself an ethical breeder of whatever breed you’re wanting. Do your research on the breed too. Ethical breeders only breed healthy parents who’ve had hips n elbows x-rayed, parents have been DNA tested to ensure hereditary problems issues aren’t present or won’t be passed on. They also know the temperament of the parents n therefore the puppies. And you’ll pay less for a well bred healthy puppy.

  24. Janet says:

    They need to be shut down along with ALL puppy mills. I know it’s not realistic but something has to be done because this is sooo inhumane it breaks my heart. 😢

  25. Frank W Rogers says:

    There is no way I could go under cover to expose these little pers like this. I’d probably go to jail for whooping somebody’s a**!!!

  26. Geri says:

    I am blown away that there are still stores able to sell puppies!why?????wth!it needs to stop asap!!!

  27. Carol says:

    This makes me sick..SICK. the worst part of reality, I’ve learned I in the past 2 years is even humane societies have the guts of a government jack ass. I have had pups all my life. After leaving home my first little american eskimo was my companion for just a few weeks shy of 18 . My next blessing was a shepherd cross. Sonny and snowy loved each other dearly but one day the inevitable happened…snowy had to go home to heaven. Was’nt long and an angel appeared replacing kinda the hole in our hearts.. a pom/wire hair terrier cross…then my sonny…a rescue.after 10 years got I’ll and we lost him. Angel was very lonely…me to….until Lobo came into our lives. That is a total of 35 years with my pups ranging in ending ages of 18..12..9..13…my angel died and 6 years later my Lobo. Two years I have had to live without because here in Wisconsin an adopter must PROVE themselves worthy and have mucho bucks to buy..BUY. Ana you may apply for an adoptee only to learn they can take away the pup choice if they feel you’re not the perfect match. So pups that could be in good homes won’ be because some self righteous person thinks they know more than you. My big problem is….I am to old…I am 68 and I am not a good candidate. THEN A PERSON READS A STORY LIKE THIS AND I WANT TO VOMIT. Every body has an opinion and before thoughts and after thoughts. I thought it was a job thru the humane societies to be MONITORing these establishments. NO…well then I guess I am wrong g here to. OH…I FORGOT the lowest price at the HS has been 200.00……and I was told it is their philosophy…if you can’ t afford the price then you probably not be able to give proper care at your home. Yeah…it’s a great world to live in these days.

  28. Angela says:

    We purchased a puppy from the Sarasota Petland which had to be hospitalized the first week home with an undetermined respiratory infection. Of course, my 9 year old daughter was in love with the new puppy already. The puppy was on oxygen and antibiotics for a week at the vets. That $1000.00 plus puppy became a much more expensive puppy very quickly. Our puppy is now a few years old and in great health. We recently learned that a friend of a friend purchased a puppy from the Bradenton Petland which became very ill and died during the first week home. She was broken hearted. Petland would not reimburse her for the puppy but offered a replacement instead. Who would want to go through that experience again! Can these stores be forcibly closed?

  29. Julie Ivy says:

    I’ve always been a major supporter of kill shelter adoptions. Almost every animal I’ve ever committed to, has come from city animal controls- even driven over 100 miles away. I have NEVER been a supporter or believer in the thought that “It has to be a purebred”. The best dogs aren’t the pure ones. They come from a shelter. Those are the ones who develop the best bonds, who love the hardest, and who are the most diligent watchers. Those animals have been to the brink of the dark, much like the animals at Petland, but they survived. It’s astounding that an animal from a “pet store” has less of a chance of survival than the one at a kill shelter. How does that make sense?? How do we as a counrty, with the highest percentage of animals in homes, allow something such as this to persist?? I agree that if the laws are basically allowing these crimes to be perpetrated, then we should change the laws. What if it was you being subjected to this kind of treatment?? How long would you allow it to happen to others coming right behind you??

  30. Lina says:

    Puppies plus in Reno is one of the worst places by far . Please investigate it! Please keep up the good work! We need new laws stiffer penalties something! These animals deserve better!

  31. Shari says:

    I used to work at a veterinary clinic and we saw sick puppies from Petland all the time. It would get very depressing to have people complain to us about how much we charge to get these puppies better and we are just in it ‘for the money”. This is after they tell us or show us a receipt on how much they paid for the puppy. A puppy that you are not showing, can’t even register, because they are “designer” puppies. Back when I was a kid, those puppies were mistakes and given away for free. If people would quit buying those outrageously prices puppies they would have to close. Stop being stupid people!!!

  32. Sue Rasich says:

    We bought a cockapoo about 14 years ago. She got so sick from the first day home. Of course we were already attached to her and just wanted her to get better. All they did for us was send us to their vet and when she needed hydration and much more medication they did not want to pay for it. They wanted us to “exchange”. We could not do that. They would rather put her down than to take care of her. We took care of her and paid out of our pocket. I emailed them MANY times complaining about how they treated us and more importantly how they had treated our Java. I was basically thrown out of the store. I think I could still find those communications if anyone needs them.

  33. Kelsey says:

    This is absolutely horrible and tragic. I love dogs, cats, and all other creatures and am wholly against any type of animal cruelty. But I want to stress that Petland stores are individually owned. I had the pleasure of working for a Petland in Montgomery and I can tell you that the owner cared deeply for the well being of every single animal in that establishment. I think it’s important to stop animal cruelty but I think it’s also important to go after places like this on an individual basis. One bad Petland or store does not mean every single Petland is this way. Stop the witch hunt and go after specific stores- get animal authorities involved if you have proof like this and and get the place shut down. But Petland stores are not the enemy, if done correctly. Because like it or not getting a dog from a shelter is not for everyone. Sometimes people want something more specific, a certain breed, papers, etc. and that is not going to change. This type of neglect is absolutely unacceptable, but it doesn’t happen at every Petland or pet store. I have Petland to thank for my perfect angel who is a very expensive breed but was given to me for free because the owner felt we had a bond and I could truly give him a great home.

    • Me says:

      Thank you!! Rescues aren’t even inspected. Not everyone wants a mutt from a shelter or rescue. Some ppl want a purebred dog or cat.

  34. Donna says:

    Stop posting & get a dam warrant , shut EVERY STORE & REMOVE EVERY ANIMAL! Your posting has been duly noted these animals are in danger & your organization states it goes & removes animals in harm’s way, just do it. You guys should have enough pull to get these warrants & carry them out. Your job states save the animals, then do it.

  35. Laura says:

    I am so sadened by these sweet babies being ill. I must be one of the fortunate ones. We adopted our puppy, rowdy, a bichonpoo, from Petland in Sarasota, in 2009, and he is the sweetest, most loveable well behaved dog we could ask for. He has never been ill, never chewed anything, great with kids and totally playful and huggable and squeezeable. Like i stated, we were so fortunate to get rowdy, and also, he had only been at Petland for about a week when we got him. Praying for the pups to find their forever families who will take good care of them.

  36. Donna Li Vigni says:


  37. Jeanette Ortiz says:

    This is sad, sick and disturbing…….these places need to be shut down forever!
    No animal should be treated so inhumanly and then left to die!

  38. Nancy Holmes says:

    Please find a way to better inform the public that pet stores sell puppies bred in puppy mills. I’m always surprized by how many people I talk to have no idea what a puppy mill is. If we don’t buy pups from stores or online we can put these mills out of business.

  39. Jennifer says:

    ALL of these stores need to be shut down! This is absolutely disgusting, abusive, disheartening and uncalled for!! How in the world are these stores still in business??!!

  40. Tracie says:

    How many innocent animals suffer every day at the hands of human beings that have no empathy! How do these people sleep at night! Reading this stuff keeps me upset and awake for days wondering how we can help. There has to be a way
    We have got to do something for these innocent animals!!!

  41. Diane Higbee says:

    All pet stores need to be shut down. They are breeding sites for abuse,neglect and horror! There is no need for breeder also. Soooooo many rescues need adoption. Why let pet stores and breeders provide more that need to be rescued? Goverment step up stop these clear cut provable crimes! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that goes into saving all these beautiful beings from cowards! Not all people are evil!

  42. JJP says:

    This comment thread reminds me again how horrible our education system is. People can’t spell, write a sentence, or express a thought. Lowest common denominator principle at work, and nobody seems to care.

  43. Mo says:

    I’m so grateful for you exposing these stores. For my edification- what are next steps? What can be done to SHUT them down or at least prevent them from selling animals?

  44. Beckette says:

    I think Petland is abominable , however after being recently turned down for two adoption attempts, one for not having a large fenced property and another for not having perfect heart worm and vaccination records, I think adoption is becoming too difficult for many people . About 13 years ago, before adoptions were so insanely difficult, I adopted a high risk dog who was about to be euthanized for behavior problems . Not only did I work with trainers to help that dog, I happily provided him with a great home for nearly 13 years before he passed. I spent a huge amount of money trying to save him
    Also . All my references were great, including my vet, but no, not good enough for these Rescue organizations. While I would never buy a dog from Petland , I can understand the frustration of those who turn away from what adopting has become. It’s a very nerve wracking and ultimately disappointing and humiliating experience. I’m one of the most excellent homes a dog could ever have. I will be dogless however , unless I purchase a dog. I am currently looking into reputable purebred breeders to make a very expensive purchase. I would have gladly adopted .

    • Lisa says:

      I have the same situation. Just lost our German Shepherd and was looking to replace it with a rescue and I contacted a rescue organization and put in an application. My property is 5 acres completely fenced with a small dog run and access to the garage that is air-conditioned so that when I go out the dogs can go into the garage so that they don’t get into trouble in the house. I was rejected for adopting a dog Because I have a job and I work which means I am not home all day long.

  45. Savannah Morris says:

    Petland needs to be shut down!!!!!!
    Me and my boyfriend bought our baby (Chihuahua) a week ago. After bringing her home she was immediately sick. We took her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with parvo and confirmed she had to have gotten the virus from her being in petland. We have spent a week watching our baby sick, being hospitalized, spending almost $10,000 for us to be told today she has passed away!!! Pet land has been no help what so ever. Doesn’t return phone calls… emails… anything!!! PETLAND IS THE WORST environment for a puppy to be in. Not only have we lost our sweet baby, but I’m sure there are several other poor puppies that have been infected too considering how contagious the virus is and how unclean the conditions are at petland. This business should be shut down immediately! BEWARE if you get a puppy — and understand you are running a huge risk adopting from this place. We hate this has happened, and are completely heartbroken…

  46. Vicki Foster says:

    My daughters boyfriend recently bought a Rottweiler from the Kennesaw, GA Petland. Well turns out the dog has hereditary hip dysplasia. The dog is in constant pain, there are expense meds to give the dog and surgery is very expensive. I wish he did not impulse buy, but he did and now we have this puppy, not even a year with a major medical issue. DO NOT BY FROM PETLAND!!

  47. hi says:

    so sad.


  48. Mom says:

    No offense but we visited a HS and they told us one dog was a Shitzu mix, but he looked like a full-bred Affenpinscher. Unfortunately, he was also going blind and had lifetime dry eyes. Oh and the HS “Shitzu-mix” dog also had sparse fur and was recovering from a bad case of fleas and who-knows-what-else. We also looked at their puppies but they all looked like they came from one Lab-mix mom even though they spread them out in different cages. They couldn’t give firm breed information or backgrounds so I just didn’t feel comfortable adopting. Then, I went to Petland and paid too much money and accepted their unfair, greedy, selfish contract and now basically, I’m all around ticked off about pet-buying.

  49. Mary Stalans says:

    Petland is the worst!!! I bought as kitten from the one on Beckley WV and it was very sick with vomiting and diarrhea. I took it to the vet as nd it only weighed 2 1/2 ounces. He sd the kitten wasnt but about 2 weeks old. I contacted the owner of Petland and he was horrible about it. They should all be shut down!!!

  50. Shannon Walker says:

    This is so disgusting! What the hell is wrong with people? Animal cruelty is now a solid crime, thank God, you could get up to 7 years in prison! Please continue to expose scum like this, report them to whomever possible and call the cops!

  51. Kristi says:

    Shut these bastards down.

  52. Susie Seymour says:

    We didn’t do our research prior to purchasing our first puppy at Petland on Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday. He was $6,500 with tax and other supplies coming to a total of $7,000. Had we did our research we would not have gone there. We financed our Maltese. A few days later he was not eating well and seemed tired. Vet found worm in his feces and he also has upper respiratory problem. Vet put currently put him on two antibiotics. Is it safe for a almost 10 week old to take 2 antibiotics? Also, does this void our financing contract with Petland if they did not sell us a healthy puppy as promised? Greatly appreciate any help! Thank you in advance.

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