Breaking: HSUS, other groups sue Trump administration for weakening Endangered Species Act

By on August 21, 2019 with 13 Comments

Last week, the Trump administration fired its latest salvo in an ongoing war on wildlife by finalizing regulations that significantly weaken the Endangered Species Act. Today, a group of environmental and animal protection groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, filed a lawsuit challenging these changes, and putting the administration on notice that we will not stand by and let them erode much-needed protections for the world’s most precious wildlife.

The package of regulatory changes passed last week weakens core provisions of the Endangered Species Act, making it harder to grant and maintain protections for species facing extinction around the globe, including animals in dire need of the act’s protections like giraffes. The new rules strip newly listed threatened species of vital safeguards, weaken protection of critical habitat, and make it easier for federal agencies to ignore the impact of government actions on listed species. They also direct regulators to assess economic impacts when making decisions about whether species should be listed, tipping the scales against animals who happen to live in areas targeted by business operations like mining, oil drilling or development.

This short-sighted and profit-driven decision is not supported by a majority of Americans, and 800,000 people spoke out in opposition to these changes when they were first proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service earlier this year.

Our complaint filed today argues that the new rules violate federal law in three key ways: first, they were rushed through without proper disclosure and analysis of their damaging environmental impacts. Second, they contain new provisions that were snuck into the final versions of the rules, denying the public their right to evaluate the full scope of the regulatory changes. And third, they betray the letter and the intent of the Endangered Species Act, which the Supreme Court famously hailed as “the most comprehensive legislation for the preservation of endangered species ever enacted by any nation.”

The only purpose they do serve is to make it even easier for private industry to accumulate profits at the expense of America’s wildlife. Weakening the only bulwark that stands between imperiled species and extinction would be unacceptable at any time, but is especially shortsighted in the midst of a global climate crisis that threatens species at an unprecedented rate.

Our government should not be in the business of watching out for the interests of a few while neglecting the wishes of a majority. With our response today, we are letting the administration know that we will push back on this deregulatory frenzy using all the tools we have at our disposal. We will fight these changes in legislatures, agencies and the courts to ensure that our most endangered animals do not disappear from earth because of the greed of a few.

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  1. Ewa Urbanski says:

    Ich wünsche der Organisation ,dass Sie die Rechte der gefährdeten und alle Tiere ,der Welt mit Erfolg durchsetzen und dass der kurzsichtige President Trump und seine Gefolgschaft endlich abgesetzt werden. Die ganze Nation ist wohl nicht blind und soll sich gegen Trump und seine Administration stellen. Die haben schon genug Unheil eingerichtet und viel kaputt gemacht. Es sind kranke Menschen die aus Profit und Geldgier die Gesetze nach Ihre Nase und den Interessen der Industrie missachten.

  2. Maureen Dalton says:

    He’s destroying our country

  3. Becky Jones says:

    Please don’t Change the Endanger Laws. We need our Wildlife……..

  4. Nancy Sloman says:

    A world without God’s creatures will be barren. It’s unthinkable!!

  5. Judith House says:

    Please leave the endangered laws the way you found them. They were set in place to protect them for all Americans to love and enjoy. Than you

  6. Freddie Lussier says:

    Once these animals are gone they will not be back! And God will not be pleased! He made us the guardians of these precious animals not the destroyers of them! So let’s not weaken laws protecting them! Let’s strengthen them!!!

  7. Anjula says:

    Quid pro quo.

    Please investigate the hunting organizations where the President’s sons are members.

    These disordered folks are only getting stronger. We need to boycott their businesses. It’s not that hard to do.

  8. Animal lover too says:

    Why don’t you list the actual changes as they were stated in the bill instead of listing all your objections and your interpretation of these changes you are putting out propaganda at its best

    • Animals Lives Matter says:


      A Trumpster at its finest.

      You are blind to your leader who has set out to destroy animals week one in office. FACT.

  9. Donna Harlan says:

    Apparently this “administration” has been endowed with so-called greater intelligence to compensate for its APPALLING greed & lack of compassion for other living beings. It’s been said that “when you tug at a single thing in nature you’ll find it connected to the rest of the world.” All that we put into the lives of “others” will come back into our own. That is a moral certainty. Deeply dark, disgraceful & sorrowful days are now upon us. May this reign of terror be short-lived. Bury my heart

  10. Eilene Moore says:

    Absolutely HORRENDOUS! We need to protect our wildlife, not decimate their survival. PLEASE HELP.

  11. Cathryn Wood says:

    Only a monster would find joy in killing a beautiful giraffe.

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