HSI rescuers bring help and hope to animals in hurricane-battered Bahamas

By on September 17, 2019 with 7 Comments

Humane Society International responders are now on the ground in the Bahamas to rescue animals and reunite them with their families, following the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian.

Our team has spent three days on Abaco island, which was the hardest hit on the archipelago. They are combing the streets and climbing through mountains of debris, looking for animals who survived the storm, including homeless animals and those left behind during evacuation.

Kelly Donithan, senior specialist for disaster operations, says the devastation in Abaco is overwhelming. “Walking through the remnants of people’s lives is heartbreaking; soccer balls and teddy bears, dishes still with bits of rice floating and novels with weather pages flapping in the wind are stark reminders of those who once lived here,” she wrote.

But amidst this devastation, our work is bringing hope and touching individual lives. Adam Parascandola, HSI’s senior director for animal protection and crisis response, tells me about this sweet dog whom he found amidst the rubble of a house, along with four other dogs whose owner couldn’t get to them after the hurricane and asked for help. The dog was extremely emaciated, his skin ravaged by mange, and he had collapsed in the rubble.

Knowing there was no time to lose, Adam and the team swiftly drove the dog to their makeshift shelter where staff provided food and TLC. There appeared to be little hope, but the next morning, Adam tells me, they woke up to find the dog awake and greeting them with tail wags. He is now on his way to receive additional veterinary care.

Our services are also bringing some much-needed comfort to members of human rescue and response teams. Many of them have been coming over to our base each day to walk and snuggle with the dogs, as they seek to relieve the stress of the difficult experiences they face each day in the field, Kelly told me.

Our work in the Bahamas will continue, assisting the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), a founding member of the Dorian Animal Relief Coalition, and local organizations on the ground there. If you live in Abaco and were separated from your pet, please send an email with a picture and detailed description of the animal to doriananimalrelief@gmail.com, which is managed by the coalition. And as more animals are rescued each day, please continue to check in by email, or text us on WhatsApp at 242-427-7729.

We also need help from our global supporters so we can continue to prepare staff members to respond whenever animals are at risk. Your gift supports our lifesaving work to protect animals affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires or tsunamis and those suffering at the hands of humans in situations like dog meat farms, hoarding and animal fighting rings, so please donate to HSI’s Animal Rescue Fund.

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  1. Helen Cox says:

    I live in St. Joseph mo. I recently lost my fur baby. When my Tessy crossed the rainbow bridge my I would like to adopt a young dog. The sex does not matter. Just a small furry baby. Like a pomeranion or Maltese. Please help me. 816 617 2133. I can supply you with references or whatever u need. I am retired and am home 99% of the time. Please help me find a furry little lap baby that I can spoil andlove . thank u. Helen Rains.

  2. Lorenza Marrujo says:

    I wish l could help you look for the dogs and cats that are still out there somewhere, to bring to your shelters. My hear and prayers gose to the ones that parished in the hurricane, l’m crying as l am reading this tragically happened to thes poor animals; please allow me to help you find more of “God’s Angles”.

    • Cynthia Rodriguez says:

      I have plenty of room love and Food!!!! I can’t afford to go but I can afford to Foster or adopt.
      Cynthia Rodríguez
      Ft. Worth tx

  3. Daniel says:

    By abandoning a dog that only knows you, you have abandoned your soul to the devil. You are truly evil to devil. I hope one day you are in such desperate and dire situation in a abandoned places that no matter how loud you screams for help no one would hear you. Just to remind you how loyal dogs are to human. We all heard about a dog name honey. This dog was travelling with his human companion when suddenly had a horrible accident. That dog name honey, ran miles away and attract the attention of other people. When they followed honey, she took them straight to the stranded and helpless master. I am absolutely sure that under similar situations, that dog that you have abandoned on Christmas day, would do the same one as heartless and disgusting like. But it must’ve been all about you. Your vision was so dark and clouded that it overtaken your logic and your sense compassion and humanity. If I ever find out that you had to put down because there wasnt anything that your doctor could’ve done for you, you see the face of that dog that you had abandoned.

  4. Marsha L Brink says:

    Thank You HSI for everyrhing you do for our animals…They deserve nothing but the best- I hope all these hurricane pets are re united with their owner- This couldnt happen without HSI.Be Safe and keep up the Great work.🐶🐱🐇

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