USDA moves to permanently hide animal welfare records on puppy mills, walking horse shows and other regulated businesses

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson

By on November 15, 2019 with 277 Comments

The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to permanently conceal crucial animal welfare records, including inspection reports and enforcement records of puppy mills and horse shows where Tennessee walking horses and other related breeds are vulnerable to the heinous practice of soring.

Last month, the agency posted a notice in the Federal Register announcing a regulatory change and cited privacy as the reason for concealing the records. But that excuse doesn’t hold water, since the records pertain to commercial businesses that sell or use animals, not to individuals who keep animals for their own private use.

The proposal would further solidify the obfuscation that began when the administration purged all Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and Horse Protection Act (HPA) records from the USDA website, just a few weeks after President Trump took office in 2017. This is a change we’ve been fighting in the courts and in Congress, with some success, because it is a blatant attempt to keep Americans in the dark about how a taxpayer-funded agency is enforcing animal welfare laws. Worse, the absence of public scrutiny could provide AWA and HPA violators with a cover to continue with their substandard and frequently abusive animal welfare practices, even after they have been cited for such mistreatment.

USDA oversight of businesses that use animals is already at a record low. We have been reporting on a disturbing drop in enforcement of the AWA and HPA, and in August, the Washington Post revealed the lengths the administration is going to in order to prevent USDA inspectors from documenting and reporting violations of these important animal welfare laws.

Now, with this attempt to permanently black out certain records from public access, the administration is showing us just how far it will go to put industry interests over the most basic animal welfare needs and transparency. The regulation change, if finalized, would also make it impossible for the public to learn, for example, about puppy mills where there are recent serious disease outbreaks that can affect animal and human health. These puppies are often transported across the country, bringing with them very contagious illnesses.

This is a very real concern — just yesterday, we released our eighth investigation into a Petland store, this one in Florence, Kentucky. Our investigations into this chain, notorious for sourcing animals from puppy mills, have repeatedly revealed that the animals at its stores suffer from untreated contagious health problems, such as campylobacter, which can be – and often is – passed on to humans.

In the past, whenever there’s been a proposal like this, we’ve called on you to submit your comments on the website, and you’ve always responded by the tens of thousands to help animals. We need your help this time too: public comment on the proposal closes on Dec. 26, and we need you to speak up immediately and let the USDA know that you do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records. Please also share this blog with your friends and encourage them to comment as well.

Your help could make all the difference in stopping our government from moving forward with this dangerous regulation. Let’s work together to make sure that the agency charged with the mandate of protecting our most vulnerable animals does not provide a cover to some of the very businesses that mistreat them.

Sara Amundson is president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund.

Editor’s note: The deadline for comments has been updated to Dec. 26th.

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  1. Carolyn Denton says:

    I do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records.
    What is the USDA hiding? They are hiding cruel and abuse of animals that they should be exposing. Something is very wrong here. They are simply encouraging animal abuse as they abusers will know their identity is protected.
    Shame on the USDA and the Government that allows the concealment of such records

    • Jeanette Owen says:

      Good bye Trump. I knew the animals would suffer….

    • L crump says:

      This terrible proposal to hide the records of puppy mill abuses and TennesseeWalking Horse torture is about two things -money and greed of Current President and buddies . Stop supporting this profiteering on the backs of helpless animals.🤬

      • Cindy Riley says:

        I am completely against this! We need to do everything in our power to strengthen laws in favor of animal welfare!

      • Andrea White says:

        I agree with this too, not only yhe horrible conditions in puppy mills but also the walking horses are horribly abused and these shows need to be stopped. The public has a right to know the truth. Nothing should be hidden!

      • Gayle Thompson says:

        This stuff was going on way before Trump. Put your political crap aside and think of these poor animals.

      • Linda johns says:

        Money and greed of the current president?? Do you know how long this crap has been going on? Centuries! And certainly wayyyyy before trump. Obama had a hand in this too! So this is before trump!

    • Velvet says:

      You need to comment on the site. Commenting here won’t make a difference.
      “In the past, whenever there’s been a proposal like this, we’ve called on you to submit your comments on the website, and you’ve always responded by the tens of thousands to help animals. We need your help this time too: public comment on the proposal closes soon, on Nov. 25, and we need you to speak up immediately and let the USDA know that you do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records. “

      • Patricia says:

        Tried commenting on the site but cannot find the proposal etc. I’m new to this so bear with me. Is there a link to the exact spot on the site?
        Thanks for all you do !

        • Karin Braverman says:

          i think these changes are reprehensible and need to be voided.
          Animals need to be protected and Puppy Mills need to be abolished ‼️

    • Cheryl DiLorenzo says:

      I think it is a DESPICABLE practice to hide insurrection results.. How dare you as an organization ,use the power put in your hands to defile the even more the well being of these precious souls who have no voice of their own. SHAME ON YOU

    • Kelli Woelfel says:

      Agree completely!

    • Taclay says:

      Yes they get paid to not care,to shut off the records,but we know that,these people At these false agencies should lose their jobs now,they dont care how as nimala suffer by rotten humans that r greedy & soulless,noone one cares I do,I love rescue groups that help all these animals,I hate abusers,the should get prison time 10 years or more see how they like being caged

  2. Joan Faulkner says:

    I do not approve of the change that blocks public access to animal welfare records.

    • Kimberley Combs says:

      I totally agree with Joan. What gives these abusers (puppy mills are this) to hide or have hidden their past behaviors. If the average citizen did something like this they would be racked over the coals & would be a walking piranha!!! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A place, person, or agency is guilty of animal abuse!!!!
      Every offence should be published in papers & any other publication letting the public know what these people & organizations are about!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michele Obrien says:

    I know there have been a few petitions circulating to stop this but in this particular case it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

  4. Laura Lynn says:

    Another result of the Trump administration. We can’t let this happen! Now is the time to take a stand and let your voice be heard.

    • Sally Bolle says:

      This is outrageous. Do not block access to these records.

      I have a puppy mill rescue dog that suffered terribly before he was rescued by the Michigan sheriff’s office. You should go one step further and BAN puppy mills in the United States. In addition, as a former horse farm owner, I also support the welfare of all horses.

    • Dee says:

      Why is POTUS being blamed?

      • Bryan says:

        Because he deregulated a lot of these important statutes when he arrived in office.

      • Gred Farvin says:

        Why? Is that a joke? Because he names the head of the USDA and is ultimately responsible for the policies carried out in his administration.
        This is not an arguable point, it is the way things are.

  5. Cynthia Martin says:

    How would this benefit the animals? When there isn’t transparency things tend to be hidden or covered up. It is only with public scrutiny that wrongs are brought to light and fixed. This is a horrible move to remove these records for public access.

  6. Sharon Schreckengost says:

    Anything to help these beautiful fur babies. I live on Social Security and have no money to help so I do anything else I can do to make a difference. I hope this helps.

  7. Gloria Wilson says:

    I just wanna know why?There is no good reason to hide these records. They need to be open!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Come on really? It’s not bad enough you let puppy mills exist, but now you are going to hide it? No!!!! This is beyond wrong.
    I have a puppy mill mama. She had no life for 6 yrs. She didnt know what grass was, let alone love and stability.
    I will fight this along with other org fighting for these innocent animals.

  9. Diana Smith says:

    These are publuc records. Why would they not share them unless they have something to hide.? Please don’t give puppy millers another loophole.

  10. Lacy Dreis says:

    The USDA is out for themselves and has no concern with animal welfare. It’s absolutely disgusting! Do something right for once, USDA!

  11. Cindy says:

    With so many pups and dogs available for adoption, puppy Mills are a disgrace. Puppies are not a crop and should not be treated as such. Puppy Mills are a cruel environment for an animal that just wants to be loved by humans, not be ignored or mistreated.

  12. Deborah McClatchy says:

    Laws to protect animals against cruelty are so important!!! These poor animals dont have a voice or choice, WE ARE THIER VOICE!!! Please pass the necessary Laws to stop puppy mills, soaring horses and animal testing!

  13. Beth Townsend says:

    Any concealment of treatment of animals on premises of breeders by the government is tantamount to allowing animal cruelty which has just been deemed a felony by the legislators. So it would be obstruction of Justice to prevent transparently by the USDA

    • L. Crump says:

      The current President has pulled the teeth of all protection agencies- consumer protection agency, environmental protection agency, Endangered species act , etc. His buddies want free rein on their greed .

  14. Deb Peters says:

    Please dont do this! We need to stop the cruel and inhumane way ANIMALS are treated. By doing this we are moving backwards. Youre protecting the wrong group.please help dont hurt our animals. PLEASE

  15. Stacie Gendreaux says:

    This is a dangerous proposition. WHY would your want to hide information on puppy mills and other such operations? Seems that the USDA is dealing in shady maneuvers and is doing nothing to stop these illegal and morally bankrupt owners from flooding the pet market while thousands of unwanted pets die evryday in our shelter system. There should be a moratorium on breeding for profit until we can significantly reduce the number of pets being dumped in shelters and find those pets loving homes before allowing pet stores to sell more puppies and kittens.

  16. Elisabeth says:

    Instead of moving forward, we’re taking 10 steps back. This is unacceptable on so many levels!!

  17. Carol Fultz says:

    Do NOT block the animal welfare records for puppy Mills or any other animal organization. What a step backwards in time!! Animal abuse should have much stiffer penalties than they currently do!!!

  18. Rilly Winkle Elliott says:

    sounds to me that their may be some corruption on a very large scale within the USDA! what the heck am I saying…it doesn’t sound like it….there is! We already know of the corruption within Petland! Whenever records are withheld from the public you can bet your bottom dollar they are hiding very big things and probably far worse then we even know.

  19. Emma says:

    All Puppy Mills need to be shut Down ..our rescue facilities are over ran with animals..if we did not have puppy mills .. more people would ADOPT..SOME ONE NEEDS TO START THINKING ABOUT WHATS BEST FOR THE ANIMALS .. NOT SOMEBODY WALLET..THE ANIMAL SITUATION IN THE United States is out of Control..

  20. Patricia Browne says:

    We need more oversight by usda not less. We need all animal oriented businesses to have regular routine inspections. Without this they can cut corners and break the rules to the detriment of the animals in their care. We also need more transparency on the inspection and reports on these businesses.

  21. Martha Fernández says:

    What is happening at the puppy mills can’t be overlooked!!!!!

  22. Henriette says:

    We need public access to animal welfare issues. It is very important for our communal society as a whole!

  23. Lynnecarole says:

    I do not agree with of this regulatory that blockks public access to animal welfare records.

  24. Connie Beal says:

    I have worked in the pet industry and know first hand the need for transparency and enforcement of the current laws. The puppy industry is something that needs the biggest scrutiny. The puppies that came to the store I worked in were sick, to young to be away from their parents, of inferior quality. Mostly I remember them coming from the “breeders” very sick, covered in feces, that sickening parvo smell. They often had parasites. A fair number died on the way to the store and were whisked away to the dumpster. Very often the puppies were cleaned up and put out for sale.This needs to change from the inspections of living conditions of the parents and enforcement of the the current laws at the least. Most kennels that breed need to be closed after failing any inspections. The consumers need and have the right to know what they are getting into when purchasing a puppy from these less than ethical places. When the possibility of zoonotic diseases, financial disaster from a sick puppy and no way to even find out anything about the person producing these puppies. Seems like people are more protected from buying a bad car.

  25. Dee maxwell says:

    It was bad enough to erase the welfare records but to totally block them is insane!

  26. Nita Westmoreland says:

    This is not right. These animals are usually sick, deformed and injured. This needs to stop

  27. Rebecca says:

    I do not approve. This is sick.

  28. Lorraine Westervelt says:

    We should be protecting these animals, not going backward! Animals are innocent and feel pain. It is inherently cruel and inhumane to allow these animals to continue to suffer because humans want to block access to records that could help alleviate their pain. This should not be happening.

  29. Bonnie Brown says:

    I do not approve of the mandates that block access to public animal welfare records. Personal animal ownership shouldn’t and isn’t the she same as business. Animals with diseases must be noted to protect the public. I do not want those who are charged with protecting the animals to hide behind this.

  30. Marilyn Tansey says:

    To allow concealment of these types of records is a nod to allowing abuse, neglect and torture of innocent, totally defenseless animals! No decent human being, no government, no country in this age of enlightenment and compassion should or Can Afford to allow and condone such inhumane, gastly discompassionate behavior!!

  31. Mary Harper says:

    Please keep records available so that these animals will not suffer or die in vain.

  32. Judy Sutton says:

    This is so evil.

  33. Andrea smothers says:

    I find this repulsive! What is going on? Seems we are going backwards! This has to change!!!!!!!!! Get these people out of office and start saving our dogs lives!!!!!!!!!! Get Donald trump out of office. He’s ruining our world for his greed! Transparency is where it needs to be!

  34. kathi Reed says:

    i am not sure where to go to voice my concerns about this. I tried but could not find anything.

  35. taunja brockway says:

    stop hurting sentient beings!! Basically ALL life!!

  36. Kaisa Kähönen says:

    Stop puppy mills

  37. Jeanette Bridges says:

    I strongly DO NOT APPROVE of the regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records.

  38. Diane Higbee says:

    Once again we can count on our government to do the right thing. They are covering up their own misgivings. Hiding facts from the public. All out government does his LIE!! “WE THE PEOPLE” HAVE THE RIGHT TO ACSSES TO ANY GOVERMENT RELATED ….ANYTHING…..!!!! Is our government EVER join to do the right things????? Childeen,our aging citenens and animals need our protection!!!! And the only way to protect is to have facts! But is worthless government is all about greed and power! worthless!

  39. Sierra says:

    This makes the USDA an accessory to animal abuse and cruelty. They are just as guilty as the abuser.

  40. Berit Lönnvik says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  41. kitty Day says:

    Stop the hiding everything




  42. Stephen Zeoli says:

    Protecting animal abusers is disgraceful. We can’t expect to save our planet from marauding commerce if we put commerce ahead of the welfare of animals. This regulation change must not happen.

  43. Michele Jankelow says:

    I have submitted a comment and await a response from the Department of Agriculture. How could any society ignore and endorse this?

  44. Pam says:

    Hiding the atrocities of puppy mills and other abusive “humans” is beneath horrific. What is the rest of the caring world to do to prevent such a thing..take up arms and raid every last puppy mill ourselves..
    Rethink such a horrible gop move..

  45. Barbara Latifi says:

    Is there nothing that this regime won’t try to harm??
    These records are OURS!!! Tax dollars fund this government and we have a right to see them.
    Stop hiding the truth!

  46. Gail Thompson says:

    This is the worst outcome possible. The United States needs more transparency when is comes to animal abuse. Breeders for any type of animal should have strict guidelines as to the conditions the animals can be housed in and they need to provide more than just food, water and basic types of shelter. Veterinary care should also be required. Puppy mill dogs never get medical care and grooming is non existant. I’ve seen pictures of breeding dogs that should be groomed every 6-8 weeks that were completely matted, had eye injuries that were never treated, splayed feet from standing in the wire cages. I could go on and on, but I know that you already know this, and have seen this. All breeders need to be registered and monitored and held to account if they don’t follow the guidelines.

  47. Vicky Reck says:

    Do not deny the public this access. We must do everything possible to protect these animals.

  48. Virginia B Taylor says:

    If you are doing the right thing why hide it.
    The world I’d cruel. Why add to it.

  49. Dave Straume says:

    Why do the GOP and USDA hate animals so much? Don’t you dare do this. This information needs to remain 100% available to the public. Hiding the information will only set back animal rights decades and will promote animal abuse.

  50. Jennifer sword says:

    These animals deserve our protection as well as people deserve protection from any diseases they might spread

  51. Matt Deedrick says:

    As we just passed animal cruelty laws in the senate this is a way around self incrimination for corporations and the Gov. All should be held accountable in these laws not just the public. This information should not be hidden.

  52. Monica Hansen says:

    It is unbelievable to me that animals are not protected, that they are still treated as possessions and food. This has to stop!

  53. Judith matanic says:

    Why..? Except for profit and cruelty would the current administration do this??



  55. Carmen White says:

    I was just made aware that Trump’s daughter-in-law is a huge animal rights activist in Florida. I would love to know what her thoughts are on this.

  56. Shirley Sowden says:

    Thank you for fighting….the USDA needs transparency…..dogs should not be under agriculture department any longer . I understand it started out as a way to help farmers after the war…but it’s time to end it. Dogs are not livestock.

  57. Karie Miller says:

    Please support this regulation that protects and speaks for our animals that have no voice. PLEASE

  58. Michell Weaver says:

    The USDA currently doesn’t do their job to begin with now they want to hide their blatent inadequate job of protecting our animals. What are they getting paid for? Trump is the most inhumane president we have ever had.

  59. Lorenza Marrujo says:

    II, Lorenza C. Marrujo, would like USDA, not to hide any evidences on how the puppy mills and other animals that are untreated with kindness and other health wise, please allow us to see those records so we can put a stop the cruelty to these animals, please allow us to help the animals, and give them the medical treatments they need and the help they need too. Why are you (USDA); hiding thes records and files, l though you (USDA) had love for thes animals, l’m an animal-lover and l wish that you show these records, and documents to the people that needs to see how these animals are being treated, with either both loving kindness and their well being. Please let the people look at the records and documents, do this for the animals, for l (we) are their voices, to be heard.

  60. Murphy Brown says:

    what else can trump do to screw things up. These reports should be public record just as the animal rescue/shelter records are.

  61. Cheryl Polakovsky says:

    I do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records.

  62. Carole Gauger says:

    So now instead of being horrified and moving on to the next post, DO SOMETHING! Write your representatives, contact the HSUS, raise hell. We must be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  63. HintOfKizzle says:

    Absolutely not! Abuse is what is destroying the fabric of our community and abusers need to be identified and prosecuted! Do not let them get away with their crimes.

  64. Me says:

    It would be helpful if you included the name of the proposal or even a direct link to that proposal so we could know where to leave our comments.

  65. Christie says:

    I do not support this or agree period that this should be allowed to happen. This needs to be stopped!

  66. Kathryn Lannom says:

    Please do not roll back protections for animals. I do not understand the point of doing so.
    Kathryn Lannom

  67. Mary Carol Herrington says:

    We have a rescue and all we see are puppy mills and backyard breeders

  68. Pege Godfrey says:

    Shameful. What was the purpose for mentioning President Trump? Are you suggesting he approved or signed something that put this into affect? Considering the timing of this article, along with a looming election, if you’re going to name names, you need to be accountable to the information behind the purpose for naming. It makes a difference.

  69. Nancy Verlinde says:

    The welfare of animals should come above profits, yet in the past greed has won. Sad world we live in!

  70. Marsha Rahn says:

    “As a tax payer funded agency whose JOB is to investigate/inspect/act on violations and RECORD findings to be available as PUBLIC record and CONSUMER “protection” how do you justify throwing records into a black hole?????I Demand records of commercial breeders and other businesses under USDA regulatory rules be available to WE THE PEOPLE USDA was established to look out for in the first place-not to mention provide PUBLIC documentation as evidence when investigating animal cruelty cases”
    Marsha Rahn

  71. Sue filley says:

    Puppy mills are horrible and should be banned. Please do not squelch protections for them

  72. Lauren Watson says:

    As a tax payer funded agency whose JOB is to investigate/inspect/ punish violators and RECORD findings to be available as PUBLIC record and CONSUMER “protection” how do you justify throwing records into a black hole?????I Demand records of commercial breeders and other businesses under USDA regulatory rules be available to WE THE PEOPLE USDA was established to look out for in the first place”(not to mention to provide records as evidence to agencies investigating animal cruelty)

  73. Julie Pieper says:

    There needs to be MORE accountability and transparency when it comes to “professional” breeding. Please stand up for the silently used and abused animals instead of the breed with greed people. Good breeders have nothing to hide. The bad guys would basically get to abuse in total secrecy if the PUBLIC records are concealed. Real businesses have real addresses that should be public and fines and judgements should be PUBLIC. Who benefits by changing your policy, the bad greedy breeders or the helpless animals? If you have a conscience do not make this negative change!

  74. Berit Lönnvik says:


  75. finernfrogfur says:

    Animal cruelty and abuse should be punished to the fullest extent of the law!! Records should remain public knowledge in order to prevent further harm, or worse, to any other animal(s).

    I do not want to be on your mailing list, however; if you have a petition against animal abuse and in favor of punishing abusers to the fullest extent of the law I would sign it.

  76. Shelly Moen says:

    IMPEACH TRUMP !!!!!!

  77. Bonnie Syat says:

    Another VERY important communication – B4, NOV 25

    “As a tax payer funded agency whose JOB is to investigate/inspect/ punish violators and RECORD findings to be available as PUBLIC record and CONSUMER “protection” how do you justify throwing records into a black hole?????I Demand records of commercial breeders and other businesses under USDA regulatory rules be available to WE THE PEOPLE USDA was established to look out for in the first place”(not to mention to provide records as evidence to agencies investigating animal cruelty)
    Bonnie Syat..


    What are the good reasons for this is we have had three women murdered in their kennel in the last few years and the Midwest turn Missouri one in Kansas I believe none of them solved yet. The animal activist folks some of them are nuts I had one at a county fair come over the desk at me trying to hit me. For the safety of the people all of this has to be kept confidential. If it can be if this is released I would like all the files released on every rescue in the United States. Oh I forgot they’re not regulated and has no rules and regulations like the breeder I forgot all about that.

  79. Cheri Charleville says:

    This is outrageous. My Representative in Washington DC, Jason Smith, in the house of representatives owns, or supports a mother who owns, a puppy mill.

  80. Crystal Stewart says:

    This information should not be allowed to be hidden from the American people.

  81. The Advocate for Healthy Puppies says:

    Pet Stores are not Regulated. They can and do buy from anyone. Actually due to The Policies of the HSUS Pet Stores buy from Rescues and unknown illegal sources opposed to legal inspected breeders who are in full compliance with the AWA. The HSUS demanded this source of unknown health animals and prohibited Pet Stores from buying great healthy Puppies. So you are getting exactly what you wanted.

  82. Don says:

    So, where is the petition, letters to elected government officials, etc?
    What is the plan to oppose this?

  83. Sherry Dennis says:

    It is beyond unbelievable to me that our government wants to hide from its people the treatment of animals and their suffering. Why? If everything is on the up and up why the need to keep it secret? Should not be allowed for any reason whatsoever to hide it. Making them more a victim then they already are with no rights is just discussing! How dare you allow this you should be ashamed of yourselves United States Government and its agencies. THE GREATNESS OF A NATION AND MORAL PROGRESS CAN BE JUDGED ON IT’S TREATMENT OF ANIMALS PERIOD NO ROOM FOR DEBATE ON THIS AT ALL. Pain is pain regardless of the species suffering it they matter do not allow this to continue any longer for any reason. BUSINESS IS NOT AN EXCEPTION OF THIS BASIC NEED OF ALL LIVING CREATURES THEY MATTER THEY DESERVE BASIC KINDNESS AND CARE FROM US ALL. Sherry D Dennis Los Angels California

  84. Deb Sanders says:

    To the USDA,

    I do not approve of your regulatory change to block public access to key animal welfare records.

    This includes puppy mills, horse shows and all animal regulated businesses, and all wildlife whether rescued, captured or free.

    Thank you.

  85. Sharon Peters says:

    The USDA is basically allowing animal abuse with these cover ups. A pretty sad situation with what is going on in our country by not protecting our beloved animals, l am ashamed of what is continuing to happen.

  86. Anita Kelly says:

    We need this law to stay active. Fight back for the voiceless.

  87. Kathleen Milacek says:

    Dear USDA – I do not approve of this regulatory change. It makes it impossible for the public to learn about potential disease outbreaks that can affect animal and human health. Please do not block public access to animal welfare records. The public has a right to know about disease outbreaks in these large animal businesses.

  88. Sarah CHACON says:

    Stop the inhumane treatment of Gods precious creatures! STOP

  89. Lynda Wilson says:

    Ok, this is going to be as friendly as possible (because trust me, I want to vent so much more). Have y’all gone crazy? We need to know the living conditions and any reports of abuse on every puppy mill (which should be against the law!). I feel like we’re taking 3 steps back after laws have been passed that dogs can’t be chained. Look at it this way (seriously), would you want to be in a cage ALL day and just be used for breeding then your no longer wanted once you reach an old age or don’t produce. How would you feel being abused if you don’t perform the way your owner wants you to? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before making a bird brain decision on not protecting animals. WE HAVE TO BE THEIR VOICE!! Please be a compassionate human and give them the protection they so deserve!! This is so disturbing, it shouldn’t be a question at all!!

  90. Joan says:

    What is wrong with wrong with the “people” at USDA? It’s time for states to take the lead on this. Can’t trust anyone in this administration to do the right or humane thing. Expose everyone of them that think this is ok

  91. Becky says:

    No, no, no!!! Things which are done 4 profit behind closed doors never turn out well. If anyone is making money off of it, it needs 2 b transparent…open 2 inspections and investigations. No living soul deserves 2 suffer 4 the sake of profit. Do not cover it up

  92. Rachael Robinson says:

    I am commenting as a citizen who has Tennessee Walking Horses and grew up in a family that raised and owned them, a few being trained as big lick horses. When I looked a few years ago on the HPA violations list I found that most of those to whom my parents entrusted their horses had serious and multiple violations. This is valuable information and if I wanted to consider a trainer or facility for one of my horses (I own 3) and if that list is removed I would have one less resource to look into that person’s history and reputation. That is a valuable tool for me to use and I urge you to keep it up and keep it current. It would be a travesty to not make this available for me and others who care about how our horses are treated when not in our care. So, please do not remove it and do make it a priority to keep it up on the site and available for use and reference.
    The same goes for any elimination of information of violators who raise puppies in horrific conditions causing sickness, pain and sorrow to those who adopt them unknowingly. To not punish those people to the full extent of the law and then to hide that needed information from caring buyers is simply not justified. Keep the lists open and available. For Pete’s Sake, it is your responsibility to help protect these defenseless animals and the people who would give them good homes.
    Thank you, Rachael W. Robinson

  93. Barbara Hagofsky says:

    This makes me sick.

  94. D.Harter says:

    Do not do this, those poor animals deserve better! It was fine before this “admin” got ahold of government!!!

  95. Tricia Hansen says:

    DO NOT BLOCK, conceal, or hide inspection reports and violations of the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) and HPA (Horse Protection Act) from the public. In doing so you are moving BACKWARDS on humane issues and thwarting the intent of these laws when passed. These laws are needed and were passed to protect animals, consumers, and the general public. By hiding public records you are pandering to those who profit from cruelty and animal abuse. Law abiding businesses have no reason to lobby to have records hidden from the public. The citizens of this country demand continued access to public records and demand that you do your job and enforce the AWA and HPA.

  96. Patricia Lamonica says:


  97. Judy Walker says:

    I can’t believe the USDA would not protect animals who cannot speak
    for themselves. That is so sad, they are God’s creatures! We need to
    protect them!

  98. Audrey Pedersen says:

    What are they trying to hide?
    This needs to be heavily regulated in a transparent way

  99. Caren says:

    Humans are sanctioned by god to care of his creations – including animals . Hods creatures should be nothing less than revered .

  100. Nancy Hadgisava says:

    Please, i do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records. Do the right thing. Protect these animals. They can’t speak for themselves.

  101. Carol Babcox says:

    I do not approve of hiding the records of puppy mills and other animal abuses such as soring horses.

  102. Monica Kelly says:

    No! Enough is enough! My Dad retired from the USDA after 34 years. Sorry it wasn’t longer but he joined the Army to serve his country…🤬 He retired and told the USDA to pound sand after he witnessed the bull shit. Our country is cruel and pathetic. Animals live and serve humans in pain and horror. I’m glad, GLAD, that I have a disease that FORCES me to eat vegan. The way to suck it up was to read about animal cruelties. That turned my gut. I could continue my rant, but it falls on their entitled, money hungry ears. I guess if they force vegan diets out of the world then I’ll die too in pain like animals.

    Totally a crazy rant? Yep! Just like the USDA plan here.

  103. Karin Olsen says:

    “Dear USDA – I do not approve of this regulatory change. It makes it impossible for the public to learn about potential disease outbreaks that can affect animal and human health. Please do not block public access to animal welfare records.”

  104. Susan Walsh says:

    The public should be informed when a Breeder or trainer is breaking protocol to ensure animal safety. This awareness is huge to the health and welfare of all pets, and equines.

  105. Kelley Dickey says:

    TRANSPARENCY!!! This needs to stop!!!

  106. Diane Higbee says:

    Leave it to our worthless GOVERMENT to cheat,lie,and steal somemorr!! This is appalling and in my opinion AGAIN criminal! How can they perge these thing when they are there for this very reason. This is like our email scandal with the Hilliary. How is it that the government works for the people but….. the people have NO SAY!! I guess we can only as ” WE THE PEOPLE” stand up,take cause and fight these criminals we call our government! I AM DISQUSTED WITH OUR WORTHLESS GOVERMWNT AND OUR LOSSER POLITICIANS! Our animals kingdom deserves better they are as innocent as our children and elderly. The NEED AND DESERVE OUR PROTECTION!!!

  107. Stacey Christoforides says:

    I am a huge supporter of HSUS and a monthly donor. My only concern is while I agree this must be stopped, I wish all information would be revealed and that this all began under the Obama administration and went into effect a few weeks after Trump took office. I have written to Sec. Of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue a few times to change this. At this time, I await 48 inspection reports through FOIA and I hope they provide otherwise they will be hearing from me.

  108. Virginia Little says:

    I was horrified to learn of the “soring” abuses of innocent, helpless horses under human care. The abuses of puppy mills are well known. Whatever our gov’t can do stop these terrible practices is our society’s moral and legal obligation. The plan to hide these (for profit) crimes with regulatory changes is obscene and must not go through. I will be contacting the USDA directly and reaching out to my representatives about this. I plan to spread the word ASAP.

  109. Pamela Dinucci says:

    I do not approve of this regulation that will hide animal abuse.

  110. Pam Price says:

    I respectfully request that the USDA does not hide public welfare records when it comes to animals. You’re just going to enable even more disgusting abuse of animals in this country! Work with the Humane Society of the United States on this, let them show you what’s been going on if you don’t know already and if you don’t know educate yourself before changing anything.

  111. Page says:

    Lorri Johnsen no one can’t stand her not even her Sherch Gowers.

  112. Tina McIntyre says:

    Why would the Trump administration do this atrocious act???

  113. Deb Pliske says:

    This has to stop immediately.

  114. Gwen Jennier says:

    I strongly disagree and do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records.

  115. Andrew Tomasko says:

    How does a person find this proposed regulatory change so they can comment on it?

  116. Debi Linton says:

    Please do NOT block these records.

  117. Heather Steinbarget says:

    We are the voice for helpless animals who cannot speak for themselves. The protection of inhumane and greedy abusers over voiceless animals is not to be tolerated.

  118. Melissa D Laughter says:

    We need full transparency when it comes to animal welfare.

  119. Roberta Seward says:

    just another government cover-up for people who are lining their pockets we need to have these animals rights made permanent and not at the willy-nilly of our government who all they want to do is throw sticks and stones at each other and and blaming each other for everything instead of doing what they’re supposed to do these animals need our protection they shouldn’t be treated the way they’re treated and our government needs to get off their butts and start doing their jobs and taking care of these animals and getting rid of these puppy nails and stop the scoring on horses this is just plain wrong

  120. Stacy says:

    Can you provide a link to the actual item that comments should be submitted on rather than just ‘’?
    Is this the correct one?

  121. Patricia Galbraith says:

    These people know that what happens to these animals is inhumane. They must be geeting a kick back by allowing animals to be tortured. What horrible people they are. No hearts, no compassion. If they continue to let this go on, they deserve to lose their jobs. God bless the animals and may Karma pay those that support animal abuse back in a terrible way.

  122. Helene jones says:

    We are their protection. We are their voice. Animal abuse is at an all time high. They need more protection not less. We should be increasing our protection sources not
    Decreasing them

  123. Judith galuardi says:

    This is against all that animal welfare groups stand for throughout the US. We are a huge dedicated group that should be able to fight this. Please send a sample letter that I can send to local congress members and share with others via email -Thank you

  124. Brandi says:

    Inn very happy they did the right thing to follow the law and due process and that way so called businesses like HSUS can’t use it to further a campaign to receive donations that go towards nothing of the welfare of a animal

  125. Teresa Beigler says:

    Animals have feelings. They feel pain. The savages that hurt them should never be allowed to have animals in their care, and should be punished. I

  126. Candace Wade says:

    I am against this USDA move to erase records. The public has a right and duty to know with whom they are doing business. The USDA has a duty to the tax payers and to the helpless animals to make sure they, both, are protected from abusers. What’s with the secrecy? The USDA is not charged with hiding criminal behavior.

  127. Donna Neal says:

    Public citizens have a right to know what these findings are, why should they be hidden from the public eye? We need to be a voice for animals in possession of persons who use them for monetary gain. Helpless, and sometimes hopeless, there should be high standards for keeping animals, locked up, you would think the prices they sell puppies for, they would be under ideal conditions for breeding and mantainence. Please dont change regulations to hide what is really going on in these places!

  128. Beth A . Marchenko says:

    Enough is enough! It is a perfect example of people being able to control something, that is unable to help itself. I do not understand how a person or persons can even fathom doing these things to these poor animals. If there is any thing I can do to help, please let me know.,Any organizations etc.

  129. Susan Repp says:

    This is a disaster for animals and cuts away the hard work groups have done to stop abuse! This administration cares for nothing but the dismantling of all protection of those at risk of abuse in the name of money-humans and animals! We need to get them out!

  130. Sharon Vanasdal says:

    Are they ASHAMED of the results and want to keep our heads in the sand,,,,or, will it show how much they make to do NOTHING!!! They are the public’s workers, yet information is selected/blocked? Interesting, an amish in Holmes County, Ohio KNEW when his inspection would be ,,,,are our officials on the take?

    We, the public, pay them to see the CORRECT information, not edited or blocked information! If they can’t comply, get them out of the office!

  131. Teresa Bippen says:

    I am strongly opposed to the deletion of any and all animal welfare violations and any accompanying records. The public has a right to know what is happening in puppy mills and walking horse shows which are under USDA oversight. We do not want to give our business to these violators and they must be identified forever. These violators are often multigenerational.

  132. Lynn kilgore says:

    Do not block access to key animal welfare records.

  133. Patti Crowther says:

    Soring horses, permantly damages them. Torturing animals for the sake of winning a ribbon should never be allowed! Past the PAST Act now

    stacking cages without proper bottoms and breeding bitches continually is animal abuse. Man does not need to make money off the cruelty of animals!

  134. ChristineImrey says:

    I do not approve of these regulatory changes. The public has a right to know and help animals from mistreatment.

  135. Shirley Flake says:

    It is wrong to hide the records of people that abuse animals, such as those that run puppy mills, and those in the Tennessee Walking Horse club that refuse to stop abusing the horses.

  136. Cathy Childs says:

    I do not approve of the regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records.

  137. Lindy Griffith says:

    Why in the world would anyone do this? These people are criminals their records need to be shared The same is anyone else convicted of this type of crime. They are in the same category as sexual predators. Please do not Do this I’m sure it’s a money thing and I’m absolutely sure that the government is behind it. These people need to be prosecuted to the full us extent of the law. The records need to remain public to protect animals and any human considering Doing business or making any acquaintance with Them. Thank you

  138. Hilda says:

    Are you kidding me? Who’s money is pushing for this? Those names of ANIMAL VIOLATORS should never be erased!!! It takes NOTHING away from a human to treat animals with kindness and respect and ANY human being that deliberately abuses, maims, violates, tortures, or causes psychologic or physical pain to a defenseless animal is the lowest form of life on this planet. Greed is a sin. To hurt in the name of the almighty dollar is even worse.

  139. Elizabeth Allison says:

    People who abuse animals do not deserve privacy…the animals deserve people to speak out on their behalf. Records must be maintained AND made public…PERIOD.
    Shame on our Government!

  140. Donna Dawe says:

    We need to know who is abusing animals. This information needs to be public and the abusers shut down.

  141. Pat Bean says:

    Some states are establishing animal offender registries. I agree with that. Animal abusers need to be made known. Many abusers are charged with never owning an animal again. How would you know? If anything we should have a national registry of abusers.

  142. Holly Goldstein says:

    No, no, no! I do NOT support further scrubbing or obfuscation of records pertaining to public access to records regarding violators of the Horse Protection Act, or the Animal Welfare Act. We should be shining a light on the bad acts of these violators, not helping them to hide their horrible inhumane deeds and actions.

  143. Mary says:

    No right to privacy for the scum of the earth that mistreats animals.
    The information should be made public… start listing names and pictures on billboards.

  144. Sunny Rosen says:

    Keep breeders and puppy Mills names public.

  145. Judy says:

    I absolutely do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records. We have a right to know Everything, positive and especially Negative about the welfare of these vulnerable and mistreated animals.

  146. Carolina Hunt says:

    Animal cruelty is a sad reality. Without organizations protecting our most vulnerable animal. Please do not provide a cover to some of the very businesses that mistreat them.
    The animals do not have a voice. We are the voices for the mistreated and abused animals. Do not allow the abuse!

  147. Linda Brown says:

    Because of the cruelty of past events and proof of the despicable puppy mill business all should be transparent. If you have nothing to hide why would it be a problem?

  148. Judy Askins says:

    These records must NOT be erased. We need to bring an end to these horrific practices & the records are important to this end.

  149. Elaine Rhodes says:

    Puppy mills should come to an end! There are enough dogs/puppies out there that need adoption, we don’t need these insensitive breeders contributing to the problem.

  150. DIANE RUSH says:

    I am so disgusted by this I could spit! Violators’ records should NOT be scrubbed. We need to watch them and make them accountable for their actions. As humans, we have a responsibility to care for all animals. Soring is cruel and inhumane. Do that to a human and they will go to jail. Sorers should do the same. I am completely unable to understand how these people have gotten away with this for so long. Horses must be inspected at shows by vets to make sure this horrible practice is not being done, and sorers should be forever eliminated from competititon.

  151. Jeanne Paynter says:

    End this torture of horses!!!! You need to be tortured!!!!

  152. Kim Ulrich says:

    This is a ridiculous change!!

  153. Robin Brannon says:

    Current administration & USDA:

    WE, the American taxpayers, paid for the inspection reports with our tax dollars. You will NOT hide them from us, letting creeps of every stripe get away with animal abuse and neglect crimes.

    If you try, we will throw you out of office and put people in office who will release them to us so that animal abusers will be exposed, and face the consequences of their evil actions. For once, be on the RIGHT side of history.!

  154. Rosemary Zancan says:

    Totally unacceptable. These records should be open and checked often . The cruel and filthy conditions are not acceptable. We need to work toward closing all puppy mills down

  155. Diane Gardner says:

    Absolutely shameful. These dogs are used, live in shameful conditions and on many occasions the puppies they sell are sickly. Transparency is key!

  156. Dawn Munn says:

    Never, ever, should animal abusers names be removed from lists with USDA. DO NOT block access to public records of these offenders. If you do YOU are ALLOWING the abuse to CONTINUE.
    YOU! yes YOU personally !

  157. Diane Gardner says:

    Shameful in this day and age that the puppy Mills are allowed to exist. The adults live in deplorable conditions and frequently the pups are sickly and sold to consumers.Transparency is key to educating the public. A society is judged on its treatment of animals…we will not be judged kindly.

    • Lee VanDusen says:

      What I would like to know is WHY DO THEY WANT THIS HIDDEN and NOT PUBLIC? What are they trying to hide??? and WHY?? Are they getting a kick back for allowing these BARBARIC puppy mills to exist? Why hide information on the horses too? Apparently there are fingers in the cookie jar and the reason behind it making them want it all hidden. These animals have RIGHTS!! Rights to a decent life!! EXPOSE these places for what they really are!!

  158. Jack Dutton says:

    stop the cruelty and the quantity –

  159. Jack Dutton says:

    stop the cruelty and the quantity –
    Stop the irresponsible breeders

  160. Beverlee Tiger says:

    Why should public information be blocked? The only reason is to prevent knowledge of wrongdoing.
    Please reinstate transparency!

  161. Patty ross says:

    This information should be shared to anyone. No animal should be treated the way they are treated by puppy mills, labs or circuses.

  162. Kerry Mahoney says:

    This is BS! Our animals need us to hell thenm – not turn the other cheek!!!👹

  163. Carol L Sarnecky says:

    I do not approve of this. The information should be public. This is an attempt to put industry over the lives of LIVING SENTIENT BEINGS. Whoever created this bill should be ashamed and obviously is a vile person. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. MANY LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

  164. trina says:

    So are they going to allow dog fighting and cock fighting next? Give me a break!! How will a person who’s buying a dog be able to make a good judgement about where to buy it? What will keep unscrupulous people from abusing all kinds of animals? If anything, the laws need to be ENHANCED and ENFORCED properly!! If only Trump and his cronies could experience what it feels like to be an abused animal…. trapped with no hope of relief………

  165. Vicki markgraf says:

    I do not agree to blocking animal welfare
    Records of puppy mills etc
    Vicki markgraf

  166. Shawn says:

    Open information is needed to help people make informed decisions and to stop the puppy mills Marian Mensah the abuse that goes along with them.

  167. Julie Case says:

    I do not approve of this. Puppy mills should be shut down and not getting a hiding place.

  168. Peggy ONeal says:

    These people are criminals . They abuse animals; animals that can’t fight for themselves. The law is the only chance these poor animals have of leading a good life. How could a descent human being walk into a puppy mill and only take a few of these sad animals. The physical problems at birth are because the Amish are inter breeding siblings and parents.

  169. Marie Gnas says:

    I do not approve of this regulatory change that blocks public access to key animal welfare records. I do not understand why you would want animals to suffer at the hands of humans.

  170. Kathleen says:

    All able to vote yay or nay, please search your souls for the humane answer to this question at hand. Can you honesty answer WHY if you are voting for obfuscation today in this country, on behalf of the few cruel puppy mill owners, instead of the majority of proponents for the disclosure of kennels’ adherence to healthy breeding practices. There is no argument where I’m concerned. Kennel slavery has got to be stopped; if not by legislation, then by loss of profits from educated buyers. To what decision do you want your name associated, life or slow death for the animals depending on your vote?

  171. Pam weston says:

    Do not scrub the list of previous violators. This is a terrible situation. Do not ignore this situation!0

  172. Leslie Dykman says:

    This is an outrage!!

  173. Trish Kincaid says:

    This is a horrendous thing to happen! We are going backwards in so many ways. Puppy mills are one of the worst forms of animal abuse! They should be regulated more, not less. I wish they could be eliminated completely. Do not let this happen!!

  174. Loretta says:

    Transparency. The GOP in the White House is destroying this country and trying to cover up the stuff they don’t want us to know about.

  175. Kathy Jones says:

    This is totally unacceptable! These records should not be hidden nor should any animal abuse, including soring, puppy mills, be allowed. We are stewards to care for all animals.

  176. Elena Willets says:

    I do not approve of these regulatory changes which block public access to animal welfare records. We have a long way to go yet to end both puppy mills and hideous soring practices to Tennessee Walking horses.

  177. Laura says:

    This is just wrong. That’s Trump for u.

  178. Sandy Carrion says:

    Privacy? Absurd!!! What else? Murder? What a thinly veiled attempt to hide the identities of unconscionable political thugs who have accumulated wealth and power to advance their agenda to acquire ever more. Is there no decency left in America? These cretins should be exposed to the public and held up as examples of corruption. Their inclusion to a rogue’s gallery should be their legacy.

  179. Virgil De Sio says:

    If we have car facts for every car we buy I think it’s just as important if not more so to know the history of the pet we are buying to be a part of our family. Please make any and all agencies provide a background on all pets sold.

  180. Vicki Peters says:

    There must be someone in the USDA who’s actively sabotaging them. I can’t think of one good reason, not even one!, why this information shouldn’t be available. The public has a right to know who violators are. As an owner of a puppy mill dog who spends on average $7,000-$10,000 a year managing all of the health issues, not to mention his assortment of emotional issues – I’ve PAID for the right to that information.

  181. Bonnie Kramer says:

    This administration can be compared to those who leave abandoned animals in the snow, who leave animals in metal traps, who put children in metal cages, who don’t give a s—- about the welfare of animals or humans unless it gives some benefit to the administration.
    Funny, did I say this administration can be compared to…? This IS THAT administration—noncaring- about people, animals, environment, climate, science; inhuman, inhumane, just sickening. Words cannot fully describe the absence of humanity in fhis administration who, along with not caring about our world and its inhabitants, does not care about the world he will be leaving for his children or ours. Why would we expect him to care about animal welfare? Our, our children, and our world’s only hope is for an intelligent, caring human to be elected as our next president. The current administration be damned…

  182. Brooke says:

    The animals need protection from puppy mill situations for cats and dogs. The addresses are needed so that people will avoid purchasing from them.

  183. Taunee Besson says:

    This is a heinous choose by the USDA.

  184. Edy Kline says:

    “. . .sincere the records pertain to commercial businesses that sell or use animals, not to individuals who keep animals for their own private use.”

  185. Jenn says:

    What makes a person, who knows they are intentionally causing harm and pain to an innocent animal, of any kind feel they have the right to do so? When learning of these practices of harm, did it occur to them that it is wrong? If they think it’s ok to do this to an innocent animal, what would stop them from doing it to another human being?

  186. Rosanna braida says:

    This is totally unacceptable. The disregard for welfare of living, breathing beings is unbelievable. Anyone who supports this should be subject to the same conditions that these animals have been subjected to.

  187. Valerie Corder says:

    These records must be public!! It is against the public interest to make them unavailable! Transparency is crucial .

  188. Jane Wentzell says:

    Going backwards,aren”t you?
    You don’t need this.

  189. Judith Shrum says:

    Please maintain transparency of the records. I’ve seen the abuse of soring first hand over 40 years of owning Tennessee Walking Horses. The perpetrators seem never to be punished in ways to stop them. In fact the winner of the 2019 Tennessee Walking Horse World championship, a horse named Mayhem, was ridden & trained by Rodney Dick who is now on probation – and it’s not his first time. He was found guilty of soring practices but was allowed to begin his punishment after the championship show. The owners of the horse have a continued questionable record as well. If abuse is this blatant now, imagine how terrible it will be if the records are not transparent.

  190. Joyce Rivera says:

    We must fight this attempt to dilute the effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Act. Reports of the nature and detail currently provided are critical to ongoing monitoring of animal welfare of all kinds.

  191. Peggy Izzo says:

    Stop this and do your job!

  192. Jolene Rohrbacker says:

    It seems to me to be a no-brained that animal welfare is a must. There are laws trying to be made throughout the country that would convict a person who abuses animals the same as a person who abuses children and yet there are still those who would try to eliminate transparency in relation to the conditions and treatment of animals, who cannot defend themselves? The abuse of animals is sick, period. There is no excuse.

  193. Chelsea says:

    I do not approve of these regulatory changes!!!

  194. Tish says:

    This is NOT ok. The names needs to be public knowledge and are animals kept as safe as we can from those who choose to hurt them or wrong them in any way. We have to be the voice for these wonderful animals. Please keep the names public.

  195. Carrie says:

    This is not ok! Just allowing them to keep doing what they did.

  196. Graciela Soto says:

    This will encourages animal abuse for greed. When does it stop

  197. Anne says:

    As taxpayers we have the right to these records. It’s bad enough that the USDA allows puppy mills to exist but now to hide the records is just plain wrong! I cannot wait to vote this effed up administration out of office!!!

  198. Jenene says:

    How is this at all ok This is going backwards No animal should intentionally be harmed or poorly cared for and be ok. This is 100% not Acceptable

  199. Richard Schaefer says:

    These perps need to be even more presented to the public than now. Where we are now isn’t touching them. A larger crowd needs to be reminded and more frequently. Like billboards on City streets where families will see again and again and talk to others about this issue.

  200. Kriselle says:

    The USDA is supposed to be advocating for animals .. those people who own puppy mills, walking horses and other businesses that profit from these vulnerable animals are the very companies that Desperately need to be watched, regularly inspected and monitored for neglect and yes outright abuse very often. I strongly object to permanently blacking out the documented history of these companies that should be transparent to the public. This cannot be allowed to happen. Please everyone who is reading this leave your comments in favor of supporting and protecting our vulnerable animals who suffer at the hands of those who want to profit and make money at their expense.

  201. ruth Ann Arado says:

    This needs to be stopped! No excuse for this to be happening.


    The USDA works for we the people and I don’t condone this. We need to start seeing the corruption of our government and this is a first step. Animal welfare is a absolute must and then need to start being more open. The abuse of animals is a sickness and that must be stopped by all means possible. The puppy mills are back yard breeders are the problem, do not help hide them!

  203. Laura says:

    These records need to remain public!!!

  204. Barbara and Mike Scott says:

    This is just another cruel act brought about by the despicable Trump administration. How very sad!

  205. Monika Baumann says:

    They are God’s Creatures.
    And we shall not kill and hurt, but show compassion and care.
    Our life is short also, let us take the chance, do good, stop the violence (‘God is Love’) and support the vegan lifestyle.
    He is the beginning and the end, one day we will die also.

    Can there be more important reasons?
    Do we really need more reasons?
    When will you help also and finally?
    If we don’t do, what He wants us to do, we’ve made a really bad choice.
    If we would do, what He wants us to do, what could we expect for ourselves?
    If we don’t know, what He wants us to do, better going no high risk?

  206. Gigi says:

    I do not approve of not making the records for animal welfare public. Your attempts to hide this matter is simply unacceptable as is your behavior in allowing this mistreatment of helpless animals without a voice. Shame on you

  207. Amy Johnson says:

    These records need to be transparent. We are going backwards instead of forward. This would give these people the freedom that they need to continue to abuse animals. Puppy and kitty mills should be abolished. As for soared horses, these people need their names up in lights and exposed. They will continue to soar these beautiful Tennessee Walking horses. Enough is enough. The American people have spoken and only the corruption of politicians will allow this type of abuse.
    No animal should be treated like rubbish. This is what will happen if their names are censored

  208. Mel Wibby says:

    What’s next? This could cover up one of the cruelest of all animal abuses: dog fighting & the insipid culture of abuses that surrounds it. I also know for a fact that cock fighting still exists, as I’ve walked past it in offbeat parts of towns. No abuse of ANY animal should be “protected”. Don’t give us some lame excuse like, we need to stop being so regulated. Next we’ll be hiding child abuse. It’s a natural regression.

  209. Vicki Grice says:

    What a terrible idea. That is taking us backward nor forwards.

  210. Mary Ellen Byrne says:

    Another example of how our government is not interested in anything but money in their own pocket! Disgusting

  211. jennifer schrieber says:

    I do not approve, if you have to hide their records then there must be something to hide that is terrible

  212. Jessica Bell says:

    Cmon guys.

  213. Kathy says:

    Lets take a step back and think about the precious lives that are kept in kennels for their entire lives for the sole purpose of lining someone’s pocket.
    These animals suffer from malnutrition, receive little or no veterinary care. Bred until they can no longer produce and then destroyed or discarded like a piece of trash. What kind of life is that?
    The lucky ones that are surrendered to shelters or rescues suffer from serious behavior problems because they have never known that the human touch can be a means of love.
    Lets try protecting these innocent animals for once. They feel pain and heartbreak. It is inhumane to allow them to suffer because the people lining their pockets want to block access to records. Stop hiding facts from the public. Stop the abuse of animals. Allow all animals to live a life where they know love.
    Records should be and always remain public knowledge.
    We are the voice for those that have no voice. If not us then who will.

  214. Jo says:

    This MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!!! As one who has worked in the dog rescue world since 2012, I have seen first hand the condition of dogs discarded from the world of puppy mills. To hide these PUBLIC records is just awful!! We must be the voice for these abused and mistreated animals and insure that records pertaining to inspections, treatment, etc. are transparent and availble for all to see!! Abusers must be held accountable!!

  215. Kaitlyn says:

    This is not acceptable! These are living beings – hiding these notes puts more animals through horror stories that we wouldn’t think twice regarding if they were humans!

  216. Michelle Rossi says:

    I do not approve of the change that blocks public access to animal welfare records.

  217. Mickie says:

    I DO NOT approve of your attempts to hide information that helps to save lives. Animals are living, breathing, loving creatures that deserve to be cared for. Hiding puppy mill information protects no one except a cruel operator. That’s wrong. But I suppose it fits the government ideology of RIGHT these days, right.

  218. Debra Bentley says:

    Please don’t do this. Hold people and Puppy Mills accountable . Protect living beings . They are not objects . This is a terrible regulation. Don’t approve this.

  219. Anne says:

    Shameful! This is not the society we want to be – financial gain at all costs, including horrific cruelty to innocents. We are better than this and must not allow it to happen.

  220. Donna says:

    Why would this happen and how is it ok? We need to get rid of puppy mills.

  221. Martha says:

    I totally agree with you Carolyn Denton. There seems to be more and more abuse and neglect going on yet the government officials look the other eat my, like it doesn’t exist. Now with this ridiculous blockage pending the animals will get no help, lab animals will continue to suffer…all animals will suffer more. The USDA will not do their job…maybe it’s time to get new people in there that will uphold the laws and protect the animal welfare.

  222. Karen says:

    This is unconscionable. There are so many evil puppy mills and organizations and individuals that prey on innocent animals that the least we can do is put regulations and oversight in place so there is severe penalties for such behaviors.

  223. Janette Mejia says:

    I sent in my comment. I think everything this administration has done to animals and the environment is atrocious. The most corrupt, cruel, untenable situation for our animals I’ve ever seen. I just can’t believe how this horror show continues. I’m just disgusted by all the heartless decisions that have been made since Trump took office. Completely shameful.

  224. Pat Van Buren says:

    We MUST not let this happen. We MUST be able to see what is happening and if there are abuses we need to identify the abusers and stop it. This is unacceptable to cover this up. Animals deserve better!

  225. CarolWider says:

    Do NOT block the animal welfare records for puppy Mills or any other animal organization. What is the USDA hiding. You need to protect this puppies and dogs and all animals from puppy mills and breeders.. I did not know about the mills and bad breeders.. I bought my puppy from an Amish in Sugarcreek area. The mother was cross breed over and over and it caused my puppy to have a liver shunt when he was born. The blood tests showed this.. He had a have a liver shunt surgery at 3 months old or he would only have lived to be anound 4 yrs old if lucky. It was a 7000.00 surgery, but i felt i had to save my baby.The surgery caused stomach problems so now he is on 2 different pills for rest of his life…The breeder gave me back my 600.00 i pd for him cause he said he knew i was gonna take him to court… So with this being said,the USDA is not helping this breeder situation,,,,I will continue to fight it the best i can

  226. Umi says:

    Stop making policies based strictly on money. And quit devaluing any other life that isn’t yours.

  227. Debra Smith says:

    I do not approve of the change that blocks public access to animal welfare records.

  228. Craig says:

    This is just wrong. If they are breaking the law it should remain public knowledge. They are not children that need protection. They are businesses profiting by their wrongdoing. Laws need to be enforced and added to protect the animals. USDA is funded by the people of this country and should act in that manner. And should not be bribed and work for the businesses.

  229. Mallory White says:

    Unbelievable that this is even being proposed. What? Our country likes to take 1 step forward and 2 steps back? These regulated entities need to have accountability and concealing reports from the public should be a crime!

  230. G. Fusco says:

    This is just wrong and needs to be stopped. Animals can’t speak for themselves. Hiding this information from the public will only add to their suffering.

  231. Sandy says:

    How can they keep the reports in secret!!! Probably because lobbyists/politicians are making money off keeping them secret. Arkansas legislators won’t even begin to address puppy mills due to Arkansas Farm Bureau & their strong lobbyists. As someone who definitely believes in “adopt, don’t shop”, rescues have been our choice. I do understand that some people need the designer, hi-bred dog B-U-T puppy mills are not certified breeders. Too many people have lost their dogs to illness after going home. How sad that government doesn’t believe in the people!!!

  232. SHARON KNAUER says:

    I do not agree with of this regulatory that blocks public access to animal welfare records.

  233. Jennifer says:

    This is just deplorable. If there was a film made on how these animals were abused-these businesses would be out of business.

  234. Linda says:

    Just returned from several countries in Europe where they advertise on many stations the map of the US showing all the court cases fought by the “AKC and big meat companies” on puppy mills. I was shocked seeing it in several different country stations. They did now list the “big meat companies” so we need to find out. They did explain all the money involved in dog shows and that is why AKC fights doing away with puppy mills. In addition, there seems to be a concesus that Trump is being kept too busy with national security and impeachment to deal with things like this.

  235. Catrina Hartz says:

    I will not be voting for Trump again knowing he will be not helping the animals. Why are they doing this? What are they hiding? STOP HURTING AND ABUSING THESE POOR INNOCENT ANIMALS! STOP THE PUPPY MILLS AND ABUSE OF ANY ANIMAL IS A CRIME!

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