Update: Trump signs omnibus funding package with wins for horses and burros, companion animals, animals in research and more

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson

By on December 19, 2019 with 110 Comments

President Trump has just signed into law the omnibus appropriations package with major victories for animals, including horses and burros, companion animals, marine mammals and animals in zoos and research facilities.

The package, comprised of two bills (H.R. 1865 and H.R. 1158) funding all federal agencies for Fiscal Year 2020, was passed by the House on Tuesday with bipartisan votes of 297-120 and 280-138, respectively, followed by Senate votes of 71-23 and 81-11 yesterday. The wins for animals in the package include:

  • Wild horses and burros: The funding package provides an additional $21 million to the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program—funds that can only be accessed after the agency submits a comprehensive plan on how it will implement an aggressive, non-lethal program. The program must be based on scientifically sound, safe and humane fertility control tools that exclude surgical sterilization, an increased focus on adoptions, and relocation of wild horses and burros to larger, more humane pastures instead of perpetually warehousing these animals in holding pens. Additionally, the bill prohibits the BLM and, for the first time ever, also the U.S. Forest Service from killing or sending healthy horses or burros to slaughter.
  • Wildlife trafficking whistleblowers: The package includes the Rescuing Animals With Rewards Act, which authorizes the State Department to award monetary incentives to persons who disclose original information concerning transnational wildlife crimes that result in a successful enforcement action.
  • USDA inspection and enforcement records: Language in the omnibus directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture to promptly resume online posting of all inspection reports and enforcement records under the Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act in their entirety without redactions that obscure the identities of puppy mills, roadside zoos and other businesses cited for violations. This is the first time Congress has included bill language (rather than report language) to fix this problem, and the USDA will have no choice but to follow this directive.
  • Companion animals in domestic violence situations: The package provides $2 million for a new grant program authorized by the 2018 Farm Bill, based on the Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act. The grant program will help provide emergency and transitional shelter options for domestic violence survivors with companion animals. House committee report language directs the USDA, and the Departments of Health and Human Services as well as Housing and Urban Development to coordinate implementation during FY20 (House and Senate committee report language not explicitly reversed is deemed agreed to by both chambers in the omnibus).
  • Horse slaughter: Prohibits USDA expenditures on horse slaughter inspections, effectively preventing horse slaughter plants from operating in the U.S. during FY20.
  • Animal Welfare Act enforcement: The House committee report calls on the USDA to require that inspectors document every observed violation, to reverse concealment practices that the agency has promoted during the past few years. The omnibus includes $31,310,000 for Animal Welfare Act (AWA) enforcement.
  • Horse soring: Provides $1 million (a $295,000 increase) for USDA enforcement of the Horse Protection Act (HPA), to crack down on the cruel practice of “soring” Tennessee Walking Horses and related breeds.
  • Alternatives to animal research/testing: Provides a $40 million increase to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), which is charged with making direct applications of non-animal alternatives for research and regulatory needs by federal agencies. The additional funds will help speed the transition to non-animal methods.
  • Trafficking of companion animals for research and testing: Renews the prohibition against the USDA using funds to license Class B random source dealers who are notorious for trafficking in dogs and cats obtained through theft for research and testing.
  • Use of primates in research: Omnibus report language directs the National Institutes of Health to report to Congress on alternatives to reduce and replace primates in biomedical research.
  • USDA enforcement: The House committee report presses the USDA Inspector General to strengthen its animal fighting enforcement and to audit the USDA’s enforcement of the AWA, HPA and Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.
  • Humane slaughter of farm animals: Renews bill and report language directing the USDA to ensure that inspectors focus attention on compliance with humane handling rules for live animals as they arrive at slaughter plants and are offloaded and handled in pens, chutes and stunning areas, and that all inspectors receive robust training.
  • Pet food safety: Provides $500,000 for the Food and Drug Administration to address pentobarbital contamination in pet food, which has caused illness and death in pets.
  • Disaster planning: Continues funding for the USDA to coordinate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and to support state and local governments’ efforts to plan for protection of people with animals and incorporate lessons learned from previous disasters. Directs the USDA to work with producers that want to voluntarily develop disaster plans to prevent livestock deaths and injuries.
  • Vet care: Provides $8,000,000 for the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment program that encourages veterinarians to locate in underserved rural or urban areas.
  • Wildlife protection funding: Maintains level funding for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service programs that protect species listed under the Endangered Species Act. Provides an increase of almost 30% from FY19 for the internationally focused Multinational Species Conservation Fund. The omnibus also rejects a proposed cut to the Wolf Livestock Demonstration Program, maintaining funding for its grants supporting proactive, non-lethal measures by livestock producers to reduce the risk of livestock loss by wolves, and to compensate producers for livestock losses caused by wolves.
  • Marine mammals: Provides $3 million to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for North Atlantic right whale conservation, with $1 million specifically reserved for a pilot project for research and development of safer fishing gear to lessen entanglements with these critically endangered whales. Also maintains funding of the Marine Mammal Commission—a key independent federal agency tasked with addressing human impacts on marine mammals and their ecosystems—overcoming its proposed elimination in the president’s budget.
  • Trophy imports: Directs the USFWS to reevaluate its current policy allowing imports of hunting trophies on a case-by-case basis and analyze how targeted investments and technical assistance to the exporting countries’ conservation programs would impact the survival of elephants and lions, improve local communities, and sustain species’ populations. The omnibus expresses concern that the current trophy import policy is detrimental and may not adequately determine whether a country has proper safeguards in place to protect species vulnerable to poaching.
  • Wildlife trafficking: Dedicates funds under the State Department and the Department of the Interior to combat the transnational threat of wildlife poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking. Prohibits use of State Department funds by any military units or personnel credibly alleged to have participated in wildlife poaching or trafficking.

We are grateful to the many congressional champions of these provisions with whom we worked over the past year, to House and Senate leadership for keeping the process on track, and to all the legislators who voted for these measures. We also thank President Trump for signing both appropriations bills, helping us create a brighter future for animals in 2020 and beyond.

Sara Amundson is president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund.

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  1. Mariam Willis says:

    This is the best Christmas present ever ❤🌍☮ thank you so much for the beautiful defenseless creatures…they deserve our care and protection

    • Nancy woodall says:

      I wish he would of past the safe act for the wild horses and burros.what he past here is good but the animals wild horses and burros need that safe act .

      • Kelli says:

        Nancy Woodall,
        Yes you are so right about the Safe Protection Act needed to Protect Our Wild horses and Wild burros it’s Critically needed for their Protection.
        And that’s something that they need to be working on getting done Now.
        There is hundreds of thousands of people who are in favor of supporting that and its what all of us have been wanting and signing petitions etc for them to get that Protection Act done and passed for their Protection.
        It’s quite ridiculous that Our Government is ignoring it, and I believe it’s because they’re making money not just off the Welfare Grazing Permit Program that has Never worked that all of us taxpayers have been paying for.

        and they the (BLM) and others are also making money off of the backs of Our Wild horses and Wild burros, because of the lies being told by them and all of the dirty entities with conflicts of interest against Our Wild horses and Wild burros, because the dirty entities and the BLM are lying so they have an excuse to remove them and manage the Wild horses and Wild burros when they don’t need managing as they are not overbreeding or doing any of the other things that they are being blamed for.
        That blame for overbreeding and overgrazing and degradation and all other damage and pollution goes to the Cattle and Sheep, and every time they remove Wild horses and Wild burros from their own HMA’S the BLM allows the Welfare ranchers to put Cattle and or Sheep on the Wild horses and Wild burros HMA’s that the BLM just removed the Wild horses and Wild burros from…it doesn’t take a genius to see the corruption in that!
        And BLM never has an independent Scientists and Biologists do research and study the environments/habitats and water etc to determine what is the true cause that’s causing detrimental harm and damage.
        And I can tell you it’s the Invasive Non-Native Cattle and Sheep that’s responsible for most of it, besides other dirty entities using Our Public lands and ranges causing severe damage and degradation and poisons in the natural bodies of water drilling/fracking/Mining etc.

        • Linda Karen McPherson says:

          Doesn’t this cover it? Additionally, the bill prohibits the BLM and, for the first time ever, also the U.S. Forest Service from killing or sending healthy horses or burros to slaughter.

          • Sharon Abramovitz says:

            I’m just happy the President signed these Bill’s. Now if we can just get him to keep funding them….

        • Donna Darnell says:

          I totally agree with you. Someone needs to be over seeing the BLM.

      • Diane Vitale says:


      • Linda Karen McPherson says:

        Doesn’t this cover that…Additionally, the bill prohibits the BLM and, for the first time ever, also the U.S. Forest Service from killing or sending healthy horses or burros to slaughter.

      • Thornhill says:

        It’s passed not past

        • Terrie Tackett says:

          Pick, pick….

        • MZN says:

          Agree with your correction. That commenter also said, “he”, meaning the President. Bills were first passed by the House and Senate. The President’s signature is after the fact. Wish more readers would figure that out. Any short comings on these recently ‘passed’ Bills should have folks displeased with their own Senate and House committees, not specifically the President who ever the sitting President may be.

    • Kimberly Heseltine says:

      I agree!

    • Marie Czarnecki says:


  2. Trisha view says:

    No equines of any kind sent to be slaughtered in CANADA Or MEXICO EVER AGAIN. HORSES ARE PETS NOT LIVESTOCK

    • Barbara Olson says:

      Unfortunately the government is funding the helicopter roundups that run foals to death and wild horses to extreme exhaustion, this bill is complicated and needs to have restrictions on “how” roundups are conducted. The companies that actually do the roundups are not regulated and need to have specific rules on how to capture these wild horses. More funding should be concentrated on fertility control.

      • Shirley Blades says:

        I think the helicopters are not legal for the roundups and should be stopped. The horses can’t keep running that fast for long periods and young colts die being left without their mother.
        What ever happened to cowboys on horses doing roundups? The horses could make it easier and still have their colts! Jus more humanly….real cowboys wouldn’t be doing this for BLM

      • Vicki Cook says:

        Yes, tell that yo the 19 horses who died of broken necks or were killed for various reasons in the recent roundups! Not to mention all the horses who were captured and hauled away! #BanTheBLM

      • Sharron Brust says:

        Just reading this now. I agreed with your comment. The BLM needs serious oversight.

    • Jimmy Walker says:

      this does not address the shipping for slaughter , we need to pass the Safe Act for that

    • J Chambers says:

      I didn’t read that, please tell me where I missed it

    • Jim Attebery says:

      They are not pets. They are and always will be Livestock.

    • Cheryl says:

      “Additionally, the bill prohibits the BLM and, for the first time ever, also the U.S. Forest Service from killing or sending healthy horses or burros to slaughter.”

      My concern is who will make the determination of health. I always look for the loophole. I hope all goes well, horses deserve better.

    • Judith Stabler says:

      Who will ovet see this ? Only people who really care about this will qualify!

    • Louise Ouellet-Potter says:


  3. Kat says:

    I just wish the PACT Act had passed and signed into law to completely stop soring Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horses. Will the extra money help? I’m sure, but the Big Lick trainers have deep pockets. We know what happens there. It’s cruel and a disgrace to such an awesome breed.

    • Pat says:

      It says it does.

      • Terry Crowell Kindley says:

        BS The trainers just simply turn around and leave the show grounds when they hear the “feds” (inspectors) are there. There is not enough money to pay for every horse at every TWH show to be properly inspected. The industry cannot control the soring because they don’t want to; it’s money—BIG money that does the talking and the horses suffer!

    • Edward Lloyd says:

      Soring has been illegal for years.
      There are inspectors at the shows before you enter the ring to inspect your horse for signs of soring. I have shown gaited horses years and was almost disqualified because sand had gotten under his leg wrap and the skin was pink.

    • Diana Kline says:

      That is the PAST act.

  4. Eddie says:

    Soaring and weighting are two different problems and putting weights in Tennessee Walkers needs to be stopped.

    As always there needs to be more laws to protect dogs and cats being allowed to breed and create thousands of unwanted pets.

    Gassing of pets needs to be stopped in all cases, it is a long and painful death.

  5. Nancy Adams says:

    We must protect all wildlife, cows, pigs, chickens, wild horses and Burro’s from abuse. Race tracks Beed to be shut down, as they send many healthy, even pregnant mares to be slaughtered.

  6. Carol Clark says:

    Amazing!! What a Christmas gift for all our creatures great and small! Thanks to the Congress for their hard work in bringing this to reality!!!

  7. Beth Hovey says:

    Tell me again why we are spending millions on an invasive, non-native species aka wild horses and burros? Why also are horses not allowed to be slaughtered in the USA where there are regulations on how an animal spends its final hours? What makes an unwanted horse more sacred than a cow(and thus subjected to God only knows what kind of abuse prior to death across the boarders?)

    • Barbara Olson says:

      Exactly, no animal should have to endure the horrendous trip to be slaughtered, no food or water for days, legs are broken with transport and no one cares.

    • Rachel Creamer says:

      Cows are not indigenous to North America , either. The Buffalo is. The Spanish brought the Burro, horse AND cow. Cows are sacred by the way to Hindus and to those that are funded by the cattle ranching system.

    • Troy says:

      Cows are purposely bred as a food source by private owners. The mustangs not a food source but a companion animal to most. They belong to all Americans. An emblem of the wild west , a connection to our history and have served and do service humans in many capacities. Similar to a dog, which we also dont eat and have an over abundance of. Domestic horses should not be used as a food source since there is scientific proof that common medications given to them can cause cancer in humans. They are also thought of as pets/ companions. Most sold to slaughter were sold thinking they were going to a home not death. There is a tremendous amount of theft, deceit and cruelty related to horse slaughter.

      • Laura Farrington says:

        Thank you for showing support in favor of our WILD horses, I wish more people had a voice such as yours, they need us to fight for their freedom, their safety & protections! Long live the wild mustang/horse in all of it’s wildness!!!

      • Suzan Jackso says:

        This probably will sound foreign to many folk but here goes…..I suggest that top horsemen assess the wild horses by conformation only since the bloodline is not available and catch those less desirable individuals, have caught gelded and released again when healed up.

    • Kristina Cahill says:

      Because they are sentient beings who want to live just as you and I do as well.

    • Kate Beardsley says:

      I understand your frustration, Beth. We’ve got some complex challenges to be sure. Your question about why wild horses should be held more “sacred” than cattle is a simple one to answer. The same process that brought about the omnibus bill to which we are responding, the same institution that holds the process by which we create order in our society, that same American ideology is also responsible for the protections put in place for managing our wild horses. The Congressional Act called the Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971 was the result of our American process. That Congressional Act, which was passed with a unanimous vote, put in place regulations that require us to manage our wild horses in a way that benefits all of us because they belong to all of us. Cattle, however, are privately owned, thereby making their management a bit different.
      Beth, it may be easier for you to envision productive management of wild horses when you spend some time really learning about them. It is very easy to get misinformation about them which colors our initial perception. Something to start you off with – horses in North America are neither invasive nor non-native.
      I choose to celebrate our time-honored and time-proven congressional process by appreciating the hard work many of our elected officials put in while working together for the greater good and doing my best to share my thoughts with them. We – you and I – are part of this process.

    • Toni Mello says:

      For one thing, horses where here in America until climate change, disease and humans hunting them wiped them out here so it’s just repopulating with a native species after all! Second, I never heard of people winning wars on the backs of cows ! Horses have given and given to humans for so long, it’s the least you can do is to let them live free!!!

    • Aleta Howell says:

      I’m with you on this. My horses are my pets and will forever live on my farm as long as I live. But, not everybody feel the same way. Some feel they are strictly livestock and technically, they really are. I wish that humane slaughter houses would remain open in the US with inspections to protect the animals from inhumane treatment. Mexico is a terrible fate especially for the infirm and all other horses. I don’t know about Canada.

  8. Lynn Bihm says:

    I am in tears Mr. President. Thank you. You just opened a door to a new love for you. God bless you and your family.

    • Gerald says:

      Donald Trump neither wrote nor promoted the 2 bills. You can thank your congress for that. Trump just got out his little sharpie and signed the funding bill to avoid more negative press. Thanks Nancy Pelosi for championing these bilsl and making sure they got to Donald Trump’s desk.

    • gretchen roberson says:

      Yes! I feel the same..thank you President Trump!!!!!!!

  9. Robert Murphy says:

    Washington, DC – The United States House of Representatives today passed a set of two spending packages, H.R. 1865 and H.R. 1158, to avert a federal government shutdown at midnight on Friday. The bipartisan agreement includes many positive measures and funding increases for the agencies that protect our national parks and public lands. Unfortunately, the agreement leaves Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument – one of our most unique national parks – and all it protects vulnerable to the administration’s reckless and unnecessary border wall.

    • Cindy says:

      The border wall isn’t unnecessary. I live on the border and deal with the cartels that run through so easily. Those that do not live on the border don’t have to worry or deal with the dangers I have to, while living on an open border.

  10. Cheryl Maynard says:

    We need to and Horse slaughter. They shut down the plants in the US but they ship them to Canada and Mexico and they are they transfer them to boats and send them over to Europe and kill them enroute. Please stop sending Horses the slaughter they are not given water food along the way trampled by other horses we can emaciated overgrown herbs and we need to stop allowing people to treat them like that on their farms.Please stop sending Horses the slaughter they are not given water food along the way trampled by other horses we can emaciated overgrown hooves and we need to stop allowing people to treat them like that on their farms We need to start sending people out to Farms houses everywhere and check every place in every nook and cranny for people that are hidden in houses against their will, animals that are not treated properly. I would like to see that instated.

    • Barbara Olson says:

      Yes you are correct about the treatment of animals on the way to slaughter, inhumane and barbaric, we should know better and do better!

  11. Lesley Diane says:

    So over the top happy for all the creatures( non human) , but trump…. yes, lower case “t”, is still a despicable, scum-bag, from hell.

    • Roxie platt says:

      I ax green. I am so tired of him taking credit for everyone else’s work. He even takes credit for things that happened before he took office. Soring has been illegal for many years. Even weighting is controlled. I am happy that Pelosi was able to get ot to his desk, especially since McConnell tries to block every thing coming from the house. He only signed it ffg or the publicity. To bad.

  12. Jess Dahlgren says:

    Great, but it still allows for shipping horses out of the country with intent to slaughter.

    • JG says:

      We need to congratulate congress and the President on including what is in this years budget for animals, but remind them there is still more to be done. Sending of horses out of country for slaughter also still needs to be addressed as well.

  13. Kyla Thornton says:

    Wow! Glad to see that he’s finally done something worthwhile before he is kicked out of office.

  14. Annette says:

    God bless our President!

  15. Laura Smith says:

    I’m so very proud!!! Our animals need to be treated like the angels, they are!!! Thank you, Trump… Lot’s of love

  16. Elyse carter says:

    ThNk you /- all!!
    I hope and pray our and make friends feel improved conditions!!

  17. Teresa Simmons Copeland says:

    Awesome news!

  18. Jeff A Wittman says:


  19. Khristine Pedigo says:

    While I am certainly glad this was signed by the narcissistic personality president. I hope nobody is going to be distracted by this type of behavior. This is merely an emergency rebuilding of his image campaign program implemented by his Public Relations team. This type of touchy feely, heart warming, good-will producing and image building behavior will make the people forget all his corruption. Americans have a short attention span and are easily distracted. I’m here to remind everyone of h I s consistent campaign to destroy every air, water land protection act we had on in this country. I want to remind Americans he has abolished nearly every wildlife and protected/endangered species act. Trump has opened up and relaxed our mining, oil, and any other kind of stripping our earth of any useful resources to humans. This despite the pollution, contamination, poisoning or killing of humans or wildlife. So p!ease don’t be fooled by Trump’s behavior because if he is elected again he will immediately reverse any and all acts, legislation, bills, etc., he establishes from now until election.

    • Oby says:

      How do you know what he will do? Are you his best friend and confidant? Does he consult with you? I don’t think so!!!

    • J Chambers says:

      You are right. And it doesn’t stop horses from going to foreign countries to be slaughtered

    • ALF says:

      Oh. Please! The HSUS worked with him on these issues, and he IS open to new ideas! Stop letting your irrational hate for him on other issues stop you from recognizing the tremendous good he has done for the animals!

    • Janet says:

      My feelings EXACTLY! Can I copy it to my wall when I share it.

    • Nadine says:

      He may have signed the Bill (doubt he even read it), but he had nothing to do with putting it together.

    • Jill Bourdais de Charbonniere says:

      Thanks for this reminder; I was SO astonished to read that the Terrible T had done something good….now I understand the self-serving strategy behind it, but at least some animals stand to benefit!

    • Deborah D. says:

      I agree completely….these were my exact thoughts the moment that I read this article.

    • Joe Cooke says:

      Well put. From what I understand and it was a democratic house that put forth this bill.

    • Brenda says:


    • Coralie DeWald says:

      Khristine P is so right. I read your entire well thought out response and agreed with each part. Too many people will say, “What a wonderful president,” he is “so humane,etc. In fact he has cut funding to so many wildlife, trafficking and issues covered in this bill that we need to realize he is doing another 180 degree turnaround. Not the first time nor will it be the last that he does this. Sadly this man cannot be trusted, and this has nothing to do with not respecting the Presidency. When one has been trusted and then destroys that trust through repeated actions, they cannot expected to be respected–that has to be earned. Yes, Americans have short memories re: so many things POTUS#45 has done (and the constant bad-mouthing of those he doesn’t like–will that kind of immaturity ever stop? )

    • H. Abes says:

      Thank you Khristine, couldn’t have said it better.

    • Doreen Hlavaty says:

      U got that right!

    • Candy Rotering says:

      well said… also I wonder what is attached to this… what group sent their lobby people to be sure there’s plenty of loop holes.. I just do not trust most of it – it is a window dressing

    • Leah Nash says:

      I am glad it was signed as well!! I don’t remember when OUR President TRUMP has “killed humans”… I think it’s time to settle down

    • Deb says:

      You need help.

  20. Gia Reynolds says:

    Thank goodness our President is exceptional in the treatment of all animals. Humans should be as kind to each other!

  21. April A West says:

    Can you please share these bills? When I track H.R. 1865 and H.R. 1158 I see completely different legislation. This is too important not to get right.

  22. Joe says:

    I’m sorry but the wild burros and horses program sounds insane. You cannot castrate so what are you going to do, have counseling sessions with them to tell them they cannot procreate? Ask them to take their birth control pills? I predict a huge increase in their numbers and the problem will just get worse.

  23. Cheryl Clark says:

    This is wonderful for all the beloved animals. Hard to believe so many people hate this man.

  24. Linda Pearce says:

    How odd that he would value and protect the creatures on our lands in America, but not protect the environment in which they and we live.

  25. H.B. says:

    Please, please work with Canada, Mexico and Europe to ensure humane treatment of horses and other livestock traveling and at slaughter. If it has to happen, then humane treatment needs to happen. WIth this apparent closure of horse slaughter here in ’20, I can only assume the horses will go across the borders. Time to call out other countries on humane treatment of animals for slaughter!

  26. Helen Dunning says:

    Fantastic news 😍

  27. Carole Gauger says:

    Read each of these paragraphs VERY carefully! You will see nothing much has changed. Same problems with just more money thrown at them for study or Re-evaluation! I have fought against horse soring since the 1950s! The bad horse trainers just keep finding new ways to get around the rules.
    Slaughter houses for horses would probably be more humane here in the US. Shipping old or crippled horses via stock truck for days to Canada or Mexico is just extending their suffering.
    Trump is doing this now hoping to influence animal-loving voters.

  28. Patricia Grech says:

    Thank you President Trump for speaking out for those that cannot. It is despicable how humans treat animals, they feel pain like any living creature on this planet. The laws need to be harsh on those that abuse any living thing on this planet. Let us only hope that they will be enforced on the monsters whom claim to be the superior species….

  29. Judi Keller says:

    Great job, TRUMP!!!

  30. Frances Recca says:

    i FIND THIS A “WONDERFUL BILL”=LET’S SEE THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING . i APPLAUDE THE HORSE AND BURROS PROVISION- i reject the BLM having anything to do with this. they are selling our “history on the hoof” to the killers. The BLM is just another bought section of our corrupt government- they need to be TOTALLY REVAMPED AND OUTSIDE scientific, real animal people put there for OVERSIGHT !!!! TROPHY HUNTING ARTIFACTS SHOULD BE TOTALLY BANNED IN MY VIEW. I do realize that this is an effort to get people thinking “kindly” about Trump the Traitor-NOT. There are many worthwhile , needed aspects of this law-excellent for the animals. I give this action praise.

  31. vicki p hood says:

    Took the words out of my mouth. Thanks, pal.

  32. Amanda E. Gardner says:

    Thank you, Mr. President!

  33. Lauren Comele Morris says:

    Our factory farming is a disgrace. Animals should be allowed to graze. Pig farming is terrible with the pigs kept in tiny cages and brutalized. We must do better. Halal slaughter must be entirely banned. People who don’t think that animals know what is happening to them, or they don’t otherwise care need an education in kindness and empathy. Very happy about this legislation.

  34. Leah Nash says:

    Trump is My PRESIDENT!!!
    Trump 2020

  35. greg says:

    thank you i think this is a great start 2020 trump landslide

    • Anna says:

      The media does cover anything good Trump does, which is why we have to find news like this from independent and other sites.

      Ask yourself WHY.

      • Anna says:

        Meant to say the news DOES NOT cover anything good Trump does, which is why we only can find out from sites like this one.

  36. JN Dauterive says:

    The BLM has grossly mismanaged our rangelands and its natural inhabitants and have historically and corruptly created policy that cuts ranchers deals and enriches insider contractors: those that round up and warehouse our wild horses and burros The latest way to transfer public tax dollars into private hands is the the adoption incentive for wild hoses and burros. There should be a 5 year ownership requirement to reap that giveaway. Anyone with a good pasture can take these horses – up to twenty! I understand, collect $1000. on each and in 6 months sell or otherwise get rid of them. Horseowners know the expenditures that will continuously be required to keep horses and shouldn’t require incentives to initially home the horse(s).

  37. Rae Starr Miller says:

    Shipping equines to slaughter in Mexico and Canada must be stopped! Humane euthanasia of unwanted equines must be made less costly, and humane slaughter houses should be reinstated.

  38. Sharon Vik says:

    What is being done about horses being sent to slaughter out of the country to Mexico and Canada ????!!!
    Why are there sales of our horses In this country specifically for slaughter Companies existing outside of this country??!!
    Why are they allowed to brutally abuse them as they are prodded and hauled in packed trailers to a horrendous death?!!!!
    Why does horse racing exist with no oversight on injured drugged horses forced to race until they literally break down and sold to slaughter ????!!!
    Watch the documentary Raced to Death!!!!!!!!!
    The Humane Society is in place to protect our animals. Including horses.
    When will this end???????!!!!!!!

  39. Sharon Vik says:

    What about helicopter roundups?????
    Talk about abuse !!!!!
    A video surfaced on Facebook of a roundup with a low flying helicopter chasing terrified horses and right in my face is a poor mare running for her life with blood and mucous spraying from her as she is clearly giving birth.
    The most disgusting horrific thing I’ve seen since watching raced to death.
    Truck drivers taking these horses to slaughter crammed in the trailer stepping on horses that have fallen down, stepping on mares giving birth and these helicopter drivers should be shot!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop the abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡

  40. Deb says:

    This is incredible that Trump has signed bills to protect our animals. This bill covers so many different aspects including wild horses, finally someone will be riding herd on the damn BLM where they must follow these laws or federal funding will be cut. This bill covers so many things, more than I could possibly list in a comment. It will help marine life, our whales, species that are on the verge of extinction, stop the practice of research animals, etc. The list goes on and on…if you love animals you should read what all this bill covers !! Thank you President Trump and bless you. It is as tho you were guided by a higher and supreme force…could it be ?? I think so !! This is the best thing any president has ever done for animals. READ THIS BILL…OMNIBUS FUNDING PACKAGE.

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