ProPublica reveals Trump Jr. used U.S. resources to hunt endangered sheep in Mongolia 

By on December 11, 2019 with 30 Comments

This morning, ProPublica revealed that Donald Trump Jr. traveled to Mongolia in August to slay a rare and endangered argali sheep – a beautiful creature with long, curving horns that’s fast disappearing from the planet.

According to the ProPublica report, Trump, Jr. did not even have a permit from Mongolian officials when he shot the animal – it was offered to him afterwards, raising questions about whether he received special treatment from the Mongolian authorities. After the hunt, he is reported to have met privately with the country’s president, Khaltmaagiin Battulga, before returning to the United States.

Trump Jr.’s “adventure was supported by government resources from both the U.S. and Mongolia, which each sent security services to accompany the president’s eldest son and grandson on the multiday trip,’’ reporters Jake Pearson and Anand Tumurtogoo wrote. “It also thrust Trump Jr. directly into the controversial world of Mongolian trophy hunting — a polarizing practice in a country that views the big-horned rams as a national treasure.”

“The right to kill an argali is controlled by an opaque permitting system that experts say is mostly based on money, connections and politics,” the reporters added.

Like most American trophy hunters, Trump Jr. has money, connections and politics on his side. He’s a prominent defender of trophy hunting and his hunting exploits with his brother, Eric, are well-documented.

At the same time, Trump Jr. is more than just another trophy hunter using his wealth to exploit and kill the world’s endangered wildlife for personal pleasure. He is the son of the sitting American president, in a country where polls repeatedly demonstrate that most citizens oppose the trophy hunting of at-risk animals and certainly cannot be expected to support the use of taxpayer resources – or their country’s political capital – in support of an activity that President Trump himself has called a “horror show.”

The public news of Trump Jr.’s trophy hunt in Mongolia is timely in one respect. In February 2020, he’s set to speak at the Safari Club International (SCI) convention in Reno, Nevada, the largest annual gathering of trophy hunting enthusiasts and industry groups in the world. More than 300 hunts will be auctioned off to generate revenues for the SCI, including a seven-day, $17,000 hunt in Alaska aboard a luxury yacht with Trump Jr himself. He’s a key focus of the SCI’s campaign to press the administration to weaken trophy hunting regulations and relax the rules against imports of hunting trophies.

According to scientists, there are only 18,000 argali sheep left in the wild in Mongolia, but between 2008 and 2018, American hunters imported 254 hunting trophies of argali sheep from Mongolia.

This is a species listed as endangered and threatened in the U.S. Endangered Species Act — a clear signal that these animals need protection. In addition to trophy hunting, they face threats from poachers seeking their horns for use in traditional Chinese medicine. And as often happens in nations that offer up their animals to trophy hunters, little, if any, revenue from the trophy hunts of argali sheep has actually gone to local Mongolian communities or toward the conservation of this iconic species.

If Mongolia and other range nations continue to hand these animals out as prizes to the wealthy and the well-connected, there is no doubt we will soon see the last of this endangered animal. Such nations must do better, and those who seek to take advantage should know better. Donald Trump Jr.’s actions uncovered today have outraged the vast majority of Americans who look with sadness upon the rapid decline of the world’s wildlife populations. Americans love animals and want to protect them, and we expect our leaders and public figures to help stop cruelty and exploitation wherever it happens, not abet it with more killing.

Humane Society International, Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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  1. Sandi Pappas says:

    I am so sick of this trump clan who think they are totally above the law and can screw up the entire world. And the slime ball kids are as evil as the old man. They want to be able to kill any species they so desire.
    I’m tired of them getting by with all this and where are the people to stop them?

  2. Brian O'Neill says:

    Donald Trump Jr is a disgusting human being. What satanic influence could cause anyone to kill such a magnificent creature or any creature. It is horrible. I always want the animal, whenever possible, to win in a confrontation with Junior. Sad? These people are detestable. Shame on the Mongolians who aided him, too.

  3. carole block says:

    Donald Trump Jr. should be put in prison for killing our beautiful animals…. thank you, Carole….

  4. Neela says:

    Trump’s 2 moronic boys Eric and Junior are scumbags. They know ‘Daddy’ will always protect their vile acts against these wonderful majestic beings. They need to kill to feel like men….in reality they’re pathetic little boys.
    I despise anyone who hurts any animal…esp those that are extremely endangered.

    • Lisa M says:

      And “government resources” were used to pay for security? How dare they use our tax dollars for this?!

    • False Progress says:

      A big mystery is why Google/YouTube allows gory “hunting” videos that clearly violate their guidelines for both graphic content and animal cruelty. You see slow motion bullet & arrows strikes, often repeated, with high fives and giggling wildlife serial killers. Some of the videos are titled “kill shot compilation” and other obvious death-fetish themes.

      Does Google allow those videos to slyly expose sleazy “sportsmen” with their own footage? A clear answer on Google forums is elusive.

  5. Brendan says:

    Of course he did. Haven’t you been paying attention?

  6. Julianne J Bergstrom says:

    He is sick in the head, like daddy-o.

  7. Sally Crumley says:

    Just another thing about the Trump’s I don’t like

  8. Marsha R. Jenkins says:

    I do not ever condone trophy hunting. It makes me sick. These beautiful animals killed for nothing but to bolster someone’s ego.

  9. Renee Turner says:

    I guess just because they have the Trump name, that is suppose to grant them the right to do whatever the hell they want with no consequences!! None of this family has any compassion for anything except what they can get out of it. As far as I’m concerned they are all pieces of crap!!

  10. Charles Duke says:

    we’ve got enough poor animals in the United States that are being endangered killed and starving and you worry about a damn Ram in some other country you only post just make it political

    • Michael Murphy says:

      Well, yeah, I guess that beautiful, ENDANGERED animal deserved to be gunned down by a wealthy American punk because, hey, it was born in a country other than the good ol’ U.S.A. It also may interest you to know that the Trump administration, at the behest of the odious Safari Club, has rescinded the Obama restrictions on “trophy hunting” so that Don, Jr. and his pals will now be able to roam the world killing at will and shipping the carcasses home to decorate their man caves. Umm, has it dawned on you yet that this IS a political issue?

  11. Helen West says:

    A terrible example from a terrible person. Where would you have to be coming from to kill such a beautiful animal? And why does Mongolia allow such atrocities? Is there no end to what these people will do to satisfy their egos?

  12. Sandra Lamb says:

    These are endangered animals and are supposed to be protected…just because a person has money doesn’t give them the power to kill whatever they want.S

  13. MichelleD says:

    Can the HSUS legal team wage a lawsuit?

  14. Carla Hebscher says:

    Trump and his entire family are like Teflon, nothing sticks to this s.o.b. Seeing his smirking namesake son with “trophy animals” is repugnant and disgusting.Anyone who gets pleasure out of killing a beautiful, innocent animal has something wrong with them.Its not ancient times, we don’t NEED to kill animals for food, much less exotic, endangered ones.I still think of Cecil the lion and I actually get sick.

  15. Gary DiNardo says:

    It’s salt in the wound that we taxpayers are providing armed security for the safari.

  16. Gina says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to hate him more

  17. Margot Pfeiffer says:

    Was the Trump family starving ? You know a daddy has to put food on the table. What a POS the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. DISGUSTING shameful and idiotic. Whole family.

  18. Joan says:

    As long he and his disgusting family and cohorts are aided and abetted around the world ,in the blood lust that is trophy hunting , by the political powers that be in many countries, our beautiful animal inhabitants of earth are in dire trouble .
    Thank you Humane Society and other preservation groups for trying to shed light on the atrocities

  19. S. E. says:

    I just hv a question: duz trump Jr & his family have body guards regularly, on a daily basis? Yes or no. Because as Senior’s son, part of the presidential family, if he gets body guards anyway, then it wz not costing tax payers ‘extra’ money. I am totally against trophy hunting. I hate trump’s policies where the environment is not considered important. But I also hate twisted stories that favor a side, rather than the absolute truth. So, if u r a thorough and honest reporter, u should be able to answer my question rather plainly, and easily.

  20. Cheryl Martina says:

    To me, the act of trophy hunting, as well as poaching, is profoundly & morally wrong. I detest that these rich selfish people think they have the right to kill these beautiful & endangered animals for sport. The world is blessed to have a vast array of exquisite animals on this earth that should be protected so everyone now & in the future can enjoy their magnificence & grandeur!

  21. Carol Bauhs says:

    It’s the same old story,money works. He should be arrested but daddy would get him out anyway. All Donald’s sons are just sick killers to so many beautiful wild creatures . They make me sick 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  22. Greg Hester says:

    Donald Trump Jr. Is a pretty cool guy. I’d hang with him anytime.

  23. Royce J Vassi says:

    He’s a degenerate, soulless human being. I only hope that what goes around……

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