Breaking news: As coronavirus spreads, China bans trade in wild animals for food

By on February 24, 2020 with 118 Comments

China today announced a ban on buying and selling wild animals for food, taking its most decisive action yet to halt a trade that has been implicated in the global coronavirus crisis, and that causes immense suffering for hundreds of thousands of animals each year, including endangered wildlife.

China’s wildlife trade has decimated populations of certain wild animals within the country and in other nations, and this is its most monumental announcement concerning animal welfare since it banned ivory in 2017. Today’s decision has the potential to affect even more animals than the ivory ban, because of the sheer volume and number of animals involved in the wildlife trade. And it couldn’t have come sooner: the coronavirus outbreak, believed to have originated at a live animal market in the city of Wuhan, is spreading to other countries. It has already claimed more than 2,600 lives, most of them in China, and sickened more than 79,000 people worldwide.

Wildlife markets have, in the past, spawned or exacerbated other global health crises as well, including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the deadly bird flu, and China’s move today will also have the effect of preventing more disease outbreaks in the future.

The ban is especially significant because for far too long, the wildlife trade in China has had an outsized influence over the nation’s regulating agencies and has operated with impunity or little oversight. Even after the previous disease outbreaks, the markets were only temporarily banned and then reopened. But with casualties escalating—President Xi Jinping acknowledged last week that this is the biggest public health crisis the country has encountered since its founding in 1949—the government has clearly realized that it cannot both keep this inhumane industry alive and keep its citizens safe.

Today’s announcement from the National People’s Congress, the Chinese national legislature, elevates the ban from an administrative action to the level of a national law. Specifically, the announcement, issued as an emergency measure, creates a comprehensive ban on the trade in terrestrial wild animals bought and sold for food, including those who are bred or reared in captivity.

Finally, the national legislature announcement said, the hunting, trade and transport for consumption of terrestrial wild animals who naturally grow and breed in the wild will also be completely banned.

We hope the ban will also cause a decline in the numbers of endangered and at-risk animals brought into China through the transnational smuggling network and that China will include the trade in wildlife for medicinal or decorative purposes in the ban too. In order to prevent businesses that breed wildlife for consumption and other trade from carrying on their activities underground, China should also act to help these businesses transition to alternative livelihoods.

Hopefully China will next revise its Wildlife Protection Law to make the ban permanent. Meanwhile, Humane Society International will continue to closely follow the implementation and enforcement of the ban, and we will work with local animal advocates on restricting other areas of wildlife consumption not covered by the announcement. But today, let’s applaud the Chinese government for taking this important step in the right direction, for its people, for the animals, and for the world.

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  1. jjdesmond says:

    Medicinal is not included – pangolins, etc. Not acceptable.

    • Kristen says:

      “China will include the trade in wildlife for medicinal and/or decorative practices in the ban also” direct quote!

      • Melissa says:

        @Kristen it states they “hope” it will be included in ban.

      • LindaW says:

        That is part of a sentence starting with “we hope”. So it doesn’t specifically ban medicine. Fingers crossed it will.

        • Alan Alejandro Maldonado Ortiz says:

          Ya era hora no es posible que tantos animalitos sufran ahora tenemos que pagar las consecuencias de nuestros actos que prohíban el mercado de los animalitos para siempre

      • MW says:

        Not a direct quote…it says We HOPE….”!

      • Rachel Hasted says:

        The title of this article is misleading. We are not even close to a “humane world”. Please. China continues with a cat and dog meat industry which practices intentional torture on the animals because it is believed meat laced with adrenaline has healing powers. These wildlife markets will just go underground. In a country that has no human rights….animals stand no chance at a decent life. Its It’s not a whole lot better here in the U.S. perhaps someday humans will stop exploiting and abusing our fellow earthlings. Perhaps…..

        • Janette Mejia says:

          You are so right. China is in no way doing anything to help ppl or animals and shutting down wet markets temporarily will do nothing to help animals in the long run!!

        • Alexandre says:

          Read Wikipedia’s ‘Dog meat’ article. The ‘intentional torture’ has been a myth in China since 2015 (though it may still be practised in Korea & some Southeast Asian countries, that I’m unsure of).

          Anyway, even if the ban was well-enforced, there’d still be plenty other factors causing wildlife extinction worldwide, such as habitat destruction & tastes for bushmeat elsewhere.
          For instance, just looking up “countries with most endangered species” will give you Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, & the US among the top 5/6, all of which have little link to China’s trade.

      • Lupe Saladin says:

        Let’s pray that it is a permanent band!!!

    • Jwollner says:

      Why not? And why are pangolins excluded?

    • Eric Mills, coordinator, ACTION FOR ANIMALS, Oakland says:

      Be aware that very similar live animal food markets exist here in the U.S., in New York City, and throughout California: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and elsewhere. Animals–both wild and domestic–are crammed cheek-to-jowl in horrendous conditions, in close quarters to the human population–a disaster waiting to happen. California annually imports TWO MILLION non-native American bullfrogs for food. Most are commercially-raised in China and Taiwan. And most are imported through Oakland before being dispersed throughout the state. God only knows what these pathetic creatures are exposed to in China before shipment. THIS INHUMANE AND UNHEALTHFUL COMMERCE SHOULD BE SHUT-DOWN WORLDWIDE PERMANENTLY., AND LEGISLATION IS IN ORDER, BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL. Now.s the time.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed!!!! That needs to stop too!!

    • sallmon says:

      Asian people have no feelings for any animals, they are cruel (sorry for the normal ones) If you see what is happening there and on market places…No animal is safe there, they torture all animals! it is so wrong. It really has to stop!

    • tera nethu says:


      • Donna says:

        And yet this creator from above will let it continue.
        Evil reigns supreame among humans, we’re amazing, we’re also cruel and vile. We’re capable of both of these actions, depending on which one you choose to put forward.
        The reason, as we all agree here, is because of cruelity to anaimals, because of greed, animal absue is world wide .
        In my opinon even eating animals is cruel, the slaghtering of animals for us to eat them [ I say [us] however I’m a vegan]is cruel ! The fear these poor animals go through ! Imagine if it was one us or our loved ones being slautered daily !! ??
        The constant lactating of cows, constantly made pregngnat, their calves taken, males for veal, females to live the same misrable lives their mother’s have endured this happens right here in the UK along with many other animals we eat !

        History does not teach humans, because history repeats it’s self.

        The Chinese whose idealogy where animals are concerned is inhuman, sadley there are many more countries/ idealogies who are the same, they will eat anthing with a pulse !
        My gargantuan question, how do we get through to people to leave animals alone, let them live and love.
        Unless it’s endagered species or injured and need looking after. Why do we humans think we own the planet ?????

  2. Alan Alejandro Maldonado Ortiz says:

    Solo asi van a aprender los chinos

  3. Kelly says:

    They’re still selling dogs though. 😡

    • Cathrine Brown says:

      What about all the dogs and cats they burn alive and eat for the Yulin Festivals. They need to stop that

    • Chris says:

      That was my first thought also. It’s a start. Yay. But until they make it permanent and include the current state of the dog meat trade – the way the dogs are handled, confined and killed is atrocious.

    • Lisa Caron says:

      Indeed, they’ll probably be an increase in the dog meat trade 😞

    • JM says:

      That makes me sick to my stomach!!!

    • Christine page says:

      While the ban is great news and animals will not be sold in this dreadfull way.dogs have to be treated the same all animals are equal .a ban on all animals sold must happen and never be aloud again .

      • Gloria 😠 says:

        Melanie, I so agree with you this definitely has to be permanent. They have no animal protection laws and they need to get some ASAP because as you may know known dogs are considered livestock. I have a revolting disgusting picture of a Chinese woman eating bats soup if you please in an “upmarket restaurant” now look what China has done to the world with this horrific Coronavirus. The rest of the world needs to put pressure on China and all Asian countries that consume dogs cats and all other animals.

      • Sarah says:

        Totally agree complete ban and a permanent one should happen. It’s just awful it’s gone on for so long and viruses keep happening because of their selfish and disgusting ways towards eating and killing of animals. How they are even kept before their final outcome is just so wrong .

      • Judith Otto says:

        If you are talking about ALL animals, then you surely also mean cows, pigs, chickens and so on. Everything else would be largely hypocritical. You only mention dogs which are not wild animals.

      • Bobby Allan says:

        It is good news that the Chinese government have taken the step to ban this trade in Animals, whilst this should have been done many years ago, it is right that action is taken now, its a pity it has taken a virus to motivate them, so its not time now to vilify the chinese but to support such a ban and advise on how to replace their diets with education . There are many Chinese that have no means of feeding themselves, these people need to be addressed as well as educated to modern standards.

    • Russ Martin says:

      Yes well said Kelly. They are vile people generally, and sadly most Asian countries like Korea for example also have no respect for man’s best friend, it is deplorable. Banning the trade in dog meat should also be made mandatory across all Asian countries.

    • Lois says:

      I know!!! I was in China for a month–thankfully it wasn’t’ recent.

    • Jacqueline Cuthbertson says:

      Yes humans go back as soon they have a cure. This slaughter from all animals need to stop.vegan is the only cure ! No parasites? No deseases?

    • Jim Barker says:

      Exactly, not one mention of Dogs and Cats. Asia should be banned from having them it’s Discracefull the way they treat them, Butchering them Alive. Turns my stomach. The animal suffering in that country it’s a wonder we cannot hear their Suffering over hear.

  4. Laurie says:

    Horse meat…stop eating it…
    Dogs stop eating…
    Cats stop eating….

  5. Karen says:

    It’s about damn time they quit abusing and torturing Innocent animals of all species. What they do over there is exactly what spreads viruses, primate meat, cat meat, dog meat, donkey, horse, elephant meat etc.
    Corona virus is the best thing that could happen for all of these innocent animals.

  6. Barbara Fulmer says:

    Will they ban the import of wild horses and donkey’s from the United States and Canada ??

  7. Sharon says:

    Yeah I’m sure their still killing dogs and cats.

  8. Mw says:

    What about the dog and cat meat industry and all the festivals they have that include brutal animal torture?

  9. Eric Mills, coordinator, ACTION FOR ANIMALS, Oakland says:


    The chickens, as they say, have come home to roost. Again. This new
    coronavirus–like the 2003 SARS epidemic–originated in China’s live
    food markets, where animals, both wild and domestic, are crammed
    cheek-to-jowl with the human population: a disaster waiting to happen.

    We have very similar markets here in California, in Los Angeles, Oakland,
    San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, New York City, et al., posing
    serious threats to all concerned. Frogs and turtles are routinely
    stacked four-and-five deep, without food or water; many butchered while fully

    California annually imports some TWO MILLION non-native American
    bullfrogs for human consumption. Most are commercially-raised in China and Taiwan. God only knows what these frogs have been exposed to before
    shipment. Most of the frogs are imported by Oakland wholesalers for
    distribution throughout California. Many are released into local waters,
    where they prey upon and displace the native species.

    Compounding the problem, the majority of the frogs carry the dreaded
    chytrid fungus (Bd), which has caused the extinctions of 200+ amphibian species worldwide in recent years. Some 30 necropsies on the market frogs and
    turtles document that ALL these animals are diseased and/or parasitized,
    though it is illegal to sell such products for food. Lawsuits are in order.

    Horrendously cruel and hazardous to human health, these markets should be
    permanently closed-down nationwide and worldwide, as they now are in China. Legislation is in order, both state and federal. LET YOUR REPS HEAR FROM YOU!

  10. Sue Davy says:

    This better apply to dogs and cats – the filthy markets where they brutally butcher these poor animals should make them stop and think why these viruses begin there..

  11. Julia Webster says:

    its the best thing ever for countless creatures.

  12. Trina Gravert says:

    I seriously hope this will come to a permanent hault for all big cats like Lions and Tigers. They are the most beautiful majestic animals in the world and I have a great deal of care and concern for their lifely hood to help them when I can. It’s bad enough that dogs and cats are treated as food supply. China people should all go vegan.

  13. JWollner says:

    Temporary halt has been used before and here we are again.

  14. Aurore says:

    I don’t make a difference between animals, slaughtering sheep, veal, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, they all feel the pain and the stress associated with going to slaughter. STOP eating animals, you can live very healthy lives, I have for more than 30 years. Thank you for them.

  15. annettet says:

    karma.. the animals fight back via deadly virus??

    now close down dog/cat meat trade.

  16. B.Cornwell says:

    An eminent anthropologist has written and pubicly spoken his belief that most of the bacterial and viral plagues affecting humanity and our evolution came about as a consequence of humans domesticating wild animals and being exposed to their endemic pathogens in ways that the hunter/gatherer, nomadic herding cultures did not.

  17. Chris says:

    The ban won’t last………..just like Japan stating they would not reopen their nuclear reactors when they failed……….but they reopened them. Some people will NEVER learn!

  18. Kathleen meadowcroft says:

    Why just temporary ban it for good that includes cats and dogs 😡😡😡

  19. Ewa Perczak says:

    DCMT must be banned too ! the dogs and cats are for nothing in this desease but it must be banned forever ! the cruelty so horrible that has been never seen before !! I am afraid that once the wild trade is forbidden , they all will run for dogs and cats so gentle and the slaughter will restart !! with more force !! the whole world must stand and talk for them !! high and loud !!

  20. Judy Lestander says:

    It is about time, it saddens me so many people and animals have had to die for this to happen. Now they have to stop the consumption of dogs and cats.

  21. tiziana tosi says:

    and for meat-dog? Other terrible chineese thing?

  22. Maria says:

    First steps, right direction.

  23. Brown Shelley says:

    It needs to be a permanent ban. They need to stop killing dogs and whatever else they fn kill and eat!! DOGS in particular.

  24. Maria L Hernandez says:

    Hope that this will also stop the consuming of dogs n cats! 🐶🐈This has to b banned! Enuff is enuff!!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😥😥😥😥

  25. Margaret smith says:

    Nature is fighting back the cruelty in China is horrendous . I hope they will ban all trade including so called medicines .

  26. Tricia Edwards says:

    Whilst the eyes of the world have no doubt prompted China to make this decision it is still only TEMPORARY!!
    They have a different culture to the West and it’s going to hard going and many years before they change their way of life so as to stop the cruelty inflicted on all animals.



  28. Melanie Harrison says:

    Yes,it’s a move in right direction,but needs to be permanent!The markets in China are appalling and inhumane, just like the Yulin dog meat festival……’s about time they got on board with all of this a long time ago!!

  29. Reena says:

    Hi Kelly that’s so sad, where is the information on them still selling dogs?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, just Google “Dog Meat Trade” the horrors and reality of it all will come up. They need to ban this too. It’s horrific and utterly the most evil practice I’ve ever heard of.

    • Katherine Spurling says:

      Look at the SOI Dog Foundation, they save dogs & cats from being slaughtered in the meat trade all across china & Asia, It will totally shock you so be warned you may not like what you see.


    Bonjour, il n’est pas bon pour un animal de pouvoir vivre en Asie (je généralise, mais quand même), que de souffrances et croyances stupides! Quel courage et détermination de combattre tous ces “travers”(les chiens, chats, ours…), la nature se révolterait-elle de tous ces commerces à viandes, ces fausses médecines? Bon courage, le combat continue, faites-le connaître un maximum, rendez-le public…et merci, franchement merci!

  31. John Oldershaw says:

    Simply this ,the Chinese trade in wildlife is totally unacceptable in the civilised world .There is no compassion shown to these creatures and Chinese government turn a blind eye to these operations.The world should speak loudly and a boycott of Chinese goods would emphasise the disgust in this trade .

    • Margaret McDonald says:

      I agree with all you say and emphasise that the ban on sale of live animals should be permanent to prevent another virus in future.

    • Margaret McDonald says:

      John Oldershaw I agree with all you say and emphasise that the ban on sale of live animals should be permanent to prevent another virus in future.

    • bond says:

      l fully agree with you , there is no compassion at all to the living creatures , stuff you can see makes you sick ,

  32. Anne POUVEL says:

    Apparently only temporary for the moment…

  33. Stephanie says:

    This is excellent so many human life is being is being cut short because it finally brings a worldwide camera to the barbaric practices of the Asia nations .
    This is a perfect time for the world offices to tighten restrictions and put forth such clear cut measurements as banning all trade across the board.
    There is no mystery or coincidence why this is happening to them. They have abused the ecosystem and it’s inhabitants for centuries through overfishing and over hunting species for their own purposes of greed. The time to strike is definitely NOW.

    • Frances says:

      Well done, put my thoughts so succinctly well done you. How come the world has let them get away with their barbaric and pointless use of animals for so long. Now yet again, their perverted and ridiculous use of animals both wild and domestic has caused a pandemic – will they never learn

    • Lisa says:


  34. Philip Ardern says:

    All trade in wildlife must stop now and forever in order to save OUR planet !

  35. Denise Taylor says:

    I hope this ban is permanent including the selling of dogs

  36. Sandra George says:

    It’s a shame they don’t ban the dog and cat meat trade also as know one knows what diseases these defenceless animals are carrying by being shoved in cramp conditions to suffer an horrific death.

    • John Dittmann says:

      In the same breath you have to call out the United States for the barbaric horrors that behind the guarded doors of government laboratories

    • Shiva says:

      Dear Kitty,
      Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to rescue animals.
      Thank you to all supporters and friends of animals and Humane Society as well.
      I hope the “ban” be forever, and no more use of innocent animals in their making medicine, decoration, …..
      I could not imagine the extreme cruelty which should be stopped as soon as possible in some countries are doing to any animals, especially to dogs
      (human’s loyal friends).
      We all should stay together and push on laws toward changing to liberation and freedom for all animals in universe.
      We should never let China and not any nations to torturer any animals
      any more. Thanks

  37. Carole Brignell says:

    Why oh why don’t they make the ban permanent ??? They know the cause of the virus, it doesn’t make sense to allow the killing and sale of wild animals to continue after the virus has been conquered. To continue to kill and sell cats and dogs is just as bad, surely as dogs spread Rabies!

    I will continue to fight for all animals until my last breath, us humans are so arrogant in our belief that we are the superior race that can cruelty kill animals for food and sport – all in the name on money! we are so greedy.

  38. Helene B says:

    What about put a stop to animal torture altogether? ALL animals they can get their hands on. Maybe then we’d know that they really care about animals and their reputation towards the world.

  39. Rose Signer says:

    Ja, das ist höchste Zeit, dass diese Machenschaften verboten werden!
    Aber, was ist denn mit all den sogenannten Nutztieren bei uns, Kühe, Schweine, Geflügel, Fische, Wild, etc. die hier täglich in Massen geschlachtet werden in unserer “zivilisierten” Gesellschaft? Sind das nicht auch wehrlose Geschöpfe, die einen schrecklichen Tod erleiden?

  40. Debbie thorne says:

    What happens about the wild animals in farms on shut down. I’m sorry but I do not trust the Chinese

  41. Haruna Sylvester says:

    Education against maltreatment of animals should start at the early phase of education. This will help salvage these animals in the future.

  42. ann says:

    The ban should be permanent and include all wild animals plus dogs and cats. China needs to clean up these barbaric practices and be held accountable

  43. Rose Signer says:

    Ja, das ist höchste Zeit, dass diese Machenschaften verboten werden!
    Aber, was ist denn mit all den sogenannten Nutztieren bei uns, Kühe, Schweine, Geflügel, Fische, Wild, etc. die täglich in Massen geschlachtet werden in unserer “zivilisierten” Gesellschaft? Sind das nicht auch wehrlose Geschöpfe, die meistens nach einem miserablen Leben einen schrecklichen Tod erleiden?

  44. Tony says:

    Interesting comments and good news that China has put a stop on these disgraceful practices.
    I think enormous pressure should be put on them to make this ban permanent and include all domestic animals as well. The dog and cat meat market must be stopped permanently.
    If only we could boycott all their goods for a while they would wake up and change.

  45. Julie Pickrell says:

    China is an absolute disgrace ! They have no respect or compassion for animals. They have imprisoned , tortured and killed countless of animals over many, many years ! Now this disgusting, horrendous ‘trade’ has created a massive health emergency all over the world. All countries affected should prosecute China , they have caused deaths and distress to so many people. The economy has also been badly affected and I would think this will continue for a good while. It’s good to hear that there is now a ban on the live animal markets ,I so so hope it will become permanent.
    The ban should also include the cruel dog and cat meat markets.

  46. Kathleen meadowcroft says:

    Why temporary make it permanent on all animals cats and dogs 😡😡

  47. Bruno Cilione says:

    China has been Eating cats & dogs & wild animals, & Slaughtering domestic animals solely for “medicinal” purposes for centuries.THEY WILL NEVER STOP!

  48. Thea O'Grady says:

    The dog meat festival in Yulin is still active. It’s awful awful awful and inhumane.

  49. John Dittmann says:

    This is INCREDIBLE NEWS, a huge step forward for China! Do you think any N. American or European countries would make a decision like this; heck no!

  50. Beryl Bluemel says:

    Certainly a step in the right direction but a permanent ban is needed to stop this unnecessary cruelty and health hazard.

  51. Bruno Cilione says:

    China won’t change its animal policies unless the world continues to Pressures them.

  52. Linda Badham says:

    Temporary is not good enough. This must be stopped for good. The immoral despicable torture suffering and murder of all animals is a crime against nature. The beliefs of the Chinese is so ridiculous but why are they not told by their own scientists that it’s all rubbish . Please GOD let this be the finish or they will definitely be another virus , just like before.

  53. Pat Gorgas says:

    Now push them to put on a permanent ban and outlaw the horrendous cat and dog
    consumption practice. Our countries should boycott buying products from China altogether. It is pay back time. Where is MERCY?

  54. M.G. says:

    this ban is only temporary with these people cause they are sick now. Nothing is permanent with them what about those innocent dogs that live in filth and they are fed maggots to eat only waiting to be boiled or torched alive ban that permanently once and for all they make me sick to my stomach!

  55. DS says:

    Bit by bit, man’s inhumanity towards its fellow sentient inhabitants of this planet is being revealed. Coronavirus was clearly a disaster waiting to happen. Let this be a wake-up call worldwide, not least where chickens are kept in such insanitary conditions that they need to be disinfected in chlorine before being sold for human consumption.

  56. cheryl says:

    You would think that this latest virus would be enough for China to wake up and put a permanent ban on selling wild animals (same goes for cats and dogs). Otherwise this could happen again and next time could be worse.

  57. June White says:

    I think the whole western world must make China realise that the cruelty to animals must stop, they are mostly an educated race. Just see what there archaic behaviour has done, now we all suffer. It goes as well for their appalling cruelty to dogs. I am glad all the events have been postponed. They will suffer financially as well. I suspect there must be a call from the animal world because of their cruelty.!!

  58. Lori Grochowski says:

    The operant word here being “temporary”, sorry still not acceptable!!! 😠😡😤🤬

  59. Mabel Cáceres says:

    they should ban the torture to millions of animals forever !!!…when will they learn??

  60. Alan Alejandro Maldonado Ortiz says:

    Qué bueno ya deben de aprender que no se pueden estar comiendo la fauna

  61. Katherine Spurling says:

    Nature is at last hitting back, finally China may be getting the message, you just can’t keep cruelly using anything that craws, walks, swims or flies to satisfy your own needs, wether it be Rhino horn, Pamgolin, or dogs for the dog meat trade, or any other live animals cruely crammed into cages in markets, nature is telling them to stop or be prepared to suffer the consequences, I hope this is a lesson well learned & they listen to what nature is telling them.

  62. Angela says:

    It’s good that they have put a ban on trade of wild animals, I hope it’s permanent. Dogs are animals too n it saddens m to hear that they are still being sold. Dogs are the most loyal n best friend a man could ever have .
    China should ban trade in all animals esp digs and cats.

  63. Marcy Donnelly says:

    This is encouraging news. But killing domestic animals like cats and dogs is not acceptable. It is cruel and unusual punishment for animals to be stuffed into cages and waiting to die horrendous deaths! All because their meat is sweeter if the animals suffer agonising torture! Also many of the animals are stolen pets. If they must eat domestic and wild animals then slaughter them humanely. It just sickens me! Killing the completely harmless Pangolins is a disgrace. But please keep the pressure on. Thank you for the work you do in closing down animal farms and markets and the trying to protect all animals.

  64. Kay Deakin says:

    Disgusting looks like the animals have there revenge now but those poor dogs and cats why hasnt that been stopped?

  65. Linda Kris says:

    Not only banned wild life for food, banned cat and dogs meat trade also. Make animal right to protect all animal in china

  66. Miranda says:

    While the ban of exotic animals for food is a great step, I think there will be still a lot of demands for animals for medicinal and food purposes… hence the black market. 😞

  67. John Farnan says:

    I doubt the closures will hold up because too much is at stake for the CCP autocrats. Unless there is a radical sea change by Party cadres in moral attitude and behaviour to non-human animals nothing will change. The Coronavirus will run its course and authorities will ‘conveniently forget’ where it started. Business as usual will begin again to the detriment of all, human animals as well as terrified and innocent non-human animals. What is needed is for the authorities to legislate and enforce animal welfare laws, and for The Party to really listen to its own citizens, especially the Chinese activists trying against great odds to effect change. However, two issues at minimum need to be faced by the dictatorship.
    First, the issue of a permanent closure of the animal flesh industry would negate the purpose of ‘wet markets’ which is to provide an income for the marginalized, uneducated, poor in China. The Party cadres fear social unrest which threatens their power over the people of China. Second, the creatures caught and doomed to inhumane deaths in the wildlife farm ‘industry’ have no voice in their fate. China has no animal welfare laws so individuals, groups and authorities can inflict any means to any ends they desire on the doomed creatures selected to please fleeting culinary taste and novelty. Moral concern for humane treatment of living beings has no part in the narrative. Balance such indifference to suffering life with the spread of disease through the zoonotic vector and you have a vision of pandemics repeating until the CCP decides to do the right thing.
    That change in ethical attitude may be too much to ask of any totalitarian form of government.

  68. Tracy Shortle says:

    Save all of the species! Unnecessary trades!

  69. Kath Keeper says:

    Despair if any other animal slaughter for medicine or vanity continues!
    Let’s hope all of these cruel acts stop and for ever!!

  70. char says:

    Karma is a bitch! That Yulin Festival should have been banned long ago! Their barbaric practices has no place on this planet. I hope this ban is permanent and includes dogs and cats. Their aristocrats need to listen to the generation that is actively trying to make a change in this world. They need Animal Welfare Laws.

  71. George says:

    Thank you Humane Society for the pressure you have put on the Chinese government to help implement this temporary ban. It’s a positive step in the right direction. There is a long way to go with regards to endangered animal parts in Chinese medicine and dog meat trade, shark finning etc but I do believe these can only be combated through education and keeping up the worldwide pressure.
    Let’s hope that the Chinese government finally realize that this temporary ban should be upgraded to a permanent one.

  72. Judy Reed says:

    I suppose it is shocking that I dodn’t object to Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus.” Clarification: He no doubt meant it to be racist. I don’t. At this point, does it matter?

    It is unclear whether the National People’s Congress’ ban will interrupt the massive decimation of the great, wild animals of the world, particularly in Africa; but, we can hope. Unfortunately, other Asian countries also engage in these practices.

    It is “Traditional Chinese medicine” that has caused the most massive devastation of animals like no other cause in history (except perhaps the distinction of dinosaurs), especially rhinos, elephants, and large cats.

    The eating of domestic cats and dogs, bats, and all manner of wild and domestic wildlife and the use of their body parts contributes to the transfer of viruses to humans — worldwide, as we are personally learning.

    This is not a “racial” matter. It is, perhaps, cultural and/or religious. I’m not a Chinese expert (despite my having lived with a Chinese man for 5 years!). As someone very interested in anthropology and evolution, I agree with scientists in those fields that there is “no such thing” as race; only genetic differences. In this instance, it happens that people with certain characteristics (Asian) happen to engage in what I believe is murder and exploitation of animals. What is important here is a money-making operation that stems from many causes and which must be stopped. It is endangering us not to mention the animals of the world.

    I have no idea if this so-called ban goes far enough in terms of wildlife, domestic cat and dog consumption, or sale in the life animal trade. Apparently, it is not a permanent ban. Well, we’ll see.

  73. Janette Mejia says:

    China like most countries are despicable towards animals. The US isn’t much better. But the fact that China makes fur coats from dogs and cats and creates untold suffering for every species that walks the earth is horrifying to me. Not to mention the Yulin Festival they have every year. Making medicine that is nothing more than a placebo causes countless suffering to lions and tigers and of course moon bears. I have no love for China whatsoever. I boycott them everyday and will never travel there in my lifetime. They may say that they have banned their live markets is most likely a falsehood. Don’t forget they quieted whistleblowers who told them when the coronavirus began. They are liars just like the corrupt government of the US. Unfortunately, we can’t trust them no matter what they say to the world.

  74. Karen Drennen says:

    It is now April 1 and there are 200K cases of Coronavirus in the US and 4000 deaths.
    We have not reached our peak yet and other countries across the globe are suffering with this morbid nightmare. Also china is reportedly starting up their animal markets in Wuhan. Even if they say they are stopping you can’t believe anything they say and they can take these markets underground so there is no surveillance. The US is guilty also of live markets and importing animals from ChIna and around the world. We are in a global crisis the likes of what has never been experienced before. The World Health Organization seems to cover for China and no one stands up for them. We need to let our politicians know we do not want this to happen again and China is responsible as well as other countries that exploit animals. We need to stop this in the US with importing animals and trophy imports of endangered species. We have a climate crisis and now a pandemic and are losing our endangered species. This is an election year. Tell your congressman, write a letter to the editor. This must be brought up in election rallies how to stop this onslaught of wildlife. We are busy fighting this fight but preventing it from happening again is the most important thing we should focus on right now.

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