Undercover investigation of Maryland wildlife killing contests reveals cruelty, indifference to animal suffering

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Our latest undercover investigation of wildlife killing contests in Maryland reveals a grisly world: one where contestants use digital technology to lure animals like foxes and coyotes to their death, riddle them with bullets in a mad rush to kill the most and heaviest animals, and then dump the animals like garbage once the contest is over.

Footage captured by the Humane Society of the United States at two such contests, the “Predator Hunters of Maryland” event in Unionville and the “Southern Maryland Predator Hunt” in Waldorf, shows contestants unloading foxes, coyotes and raccoons with gruesome injuries, their bodies bloody and ripped apart by bullets, from trucks. Worse, children seemingly inured to the violence play among the dead animals and even help drag them to the judging area.

Altogether, about 200 dead animals were placed before the judges in Unionville. Contestants were judged on a point system—killing a coyote earned five points, a fox three points and a raccoon one point. Prizes were also awarded for the heaviest coyote, the heaviest fox and the heaviest raccoon killed.

The winner of the Unionville contest took home a cash prize of around $400 for killing 38 foxes.

At the Waldorf contest, the winning team killed 27 foxes during the approximately 16-hour allowable “hunting” window.

Sadly, these are not the only contests of their kind in the state. At the 2019 Annual Central Maryland Predator Competition in Mount Airy, 236 red foxes, gray foxes and coyotes were killed; and the “Coyote in the Hills Hunt” is taking place right now in Oakland, Maryland, where participants are competing to kill the most coyotes for cash prizes.

Such unnecessary carnage is shocking to anyone with an iota of compassion. As more and more scientists and state wildlife agencies are pointing out, wildlife killing contests also serve no credible conservation purpose. In fact, they may create many more problems by removing animals who play important roles in their ecosystems.

[Read the full investigation report]

For instance, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources reports that red fox populations are declining in some areas. Foxes provide balance in nature and, like all wild carnivores, they regulate their own numbers according to available habitat and prey. Also, when adult foxes are killed, dependent young may be orphaned and left to die from starvation, predation or exposure. But participants at one of the contests told our investigators—naively and wrongly—that killing contests create balance in nature because “people aren’t wearing fur anymore and the fox population gets out of control.”

Unfortunately, such ignorance and indifference to animal cruelty is not unique to Maryland. Wildlife killing contests happen around the country, causing a tremendous amount of animal suffering for thousands of animals each year, and we are on a mission to put an end to them.

In recent years, we’ve been gaining momentum, too. Over the past two years we’ve released undercover investigations of wildlife killing contests in New York, New Jersey and Oregon, where a bill to ban coyote killing contests passed the House today by a vote of 42 to 16. Five states have already banned these senseless events, including California, Vermont, New Mexico, Arizona and Massachusetts, and there are similar bills now under consideration in eight others, including Maryland.

The Maryland bill, introduced by Delegate Dana Stein, already has a long string of cosponsors. We’re going to put all of our energy behind passing this and the other bills in the coming days, with your support. If you live in a state where such contests take place, you can help: download our toolkit “Wildlife Killing Contests: A Guide to Ending the Blood Sport in Your Community,” and contact your HSUS state director to get involved. Let’s work together to eradicate the cruelty of wildlife killing contests for good.

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  1. Teresa Mynko says:

    How exactly can this be stopped? With elections coming soon, can one’s vote count?

  2. Michele Jankelow says:

    OMG! Is this a society and a so called humanity! What absolute savagery and brutality!

  3. michele obrien says:

    It’s sick that people enjoy doing this but the fact that they get children involved is disgusting and teaches young people a complete disregard for our fellow creatures.

    • Marianne says:

      U are Right, this is not ok at All…AnomalSuffering 😤

    • Diane says:

      I agree!! Children need to be taught to be KIND to animals and other sentient beings!! This is EXACTLY why our world has SO much EVIL in it today!! EVIL people doing EVIL acts, on animals and other living beings!! It ALL STARTS WITH YOUR CHILDREN!! IF YOU CAN’T TEACH THEM TO BE KIND AND CARING TO ALL INCLUDING ANIMALS, THEN STOP HAVING CHILDREN!!! 😡

  4. Brian O'Neill says:

    Oh, come on. This sadistic, evil stuff has got to be banned immediately. This is 2020, right? How in the world can any legislative body not ban this YESTERDAY. How can anyone, other than the insane, not be so repulsed by this so that there is an immediate ban and outlawing of this insanity and cruelty and loss of animal lives? Enough of it. HSUS: Chain yourselves to the appropriate door or some appropriate spot and bring this to an end.

  5. Jennifer says:

    It’s getting to the point of having any words left to say. But Humans will and are feeling the wrath for the evil they have done

  6. DM says:


    Those who take *joy* in killing are all afflicted with the same conscienceless tendencies. In most cases, the killing urges were indoctrinated by prevailing value systems and their own families. Regardless of the victim species, A KILLER BY ANY OTHER NAME–“HUNTER”– IS STILL A KILLER!. And anyone who thrills in killing, regardless of the species, IS a serial killer psychopath.

    The unspoken “hunter’s” mantra: I enjoy killing animals; I feel empowered by killing; I get a huge thrill out of stalking; I love to brag about my killing successes; I love all the hunting accouterments; stalking and killing animals is a fun and exciting way to use my weapons; killing animals is good target practice; I love the comradery with my like-minded buddies; while I’m stalking and killing, it’s all about me, therefore, I could care less about the life of an animal. I tell others that I pray for the dead animal, that way, others will think I care about the victim; Sure, I will consume some of the victims, after I experience the thrill of killing.

    • jk says:

      good post on ‘serial killer psychopath’ description….men need to address this themselves, imho….tx 4 letting me share…

      • John says:

        These do serve a positive help to the other animals as too many coyotes in an area can and will have an impact on other things like killing family pets and calfs that are just dropped by there mothers also lambs and sheep! As for wildlife deer, rabbit’s,birds even fox and other coyotes are killed by the predators that’s why you see more predators coming into city’s and towns as the prey gets thinned out they find easy prey in killing your cats and dogs so I guess if you want to loose your pets and maybe even get you or your kids attracted by them let them over populat instead of thinning them out so there’s enough food in there own areas outside of human contact.

    • Marie T Daniel says:

      DM – I totally agree with you! I love the way you have spoken here. I wish I could
      figure out this horrific practice as well as you did!

    • Matt says:

      This is the most ignorant and unrealistic description of a Hunter I have ever seen. Who are you to put words into anyone else’s mouth? The “unspoken mantra “ is a product of your sick imagination. I hunt, I fish, I put food on my family’s table. I know where the venison I had for dinner tonight cane from, I know how the meat was handled because I butchered it. Can you say the same about your dinner? I’m proud to be a fifth generation hunter and will never apologize for being so.

      • DM says:

        Thank you Matt, for evidence to support “The unspoken “hunter’s” mantra: ”

        The standard hunter’s mantra of justification goes something like this: I eat what I kill; I help manage nature (which by-the-way didn’t need managing until humans interfered); I contribute to nature by purchasing licenses (Never mind that these licensing programs were put in place to keep conscienceless humans from decimating all of the living nature); I reduce the deer population which leads to less traffic accidents (BS); I carry on tradition (Some traditions are just too cruel, and they should not be handed down); I pray for the animals I kill (dead animals don’t need prayers, but brutal, violent, conscienceless human killers do). If your ancestors didn’t hunt, you wouldn’t be here. (if a person never existed, would that person have ancestors?); I donate the “meat” to support charitable programs (They donate the bodies of victims to gain emotional support for their joy-of-killing).

        And, for your curiosity, I am proud to say I’m an ethical vegan–I TRULY (!) love ALL animals, and insects. Nobody–noooo body!–needs to consume non-human victims to be healthy or to live.

        • zac says:

          plants are a living thing that feels pain, maybe you should just stop eating food in general, who are you to say and act like the higher person because your a “vegan” the only difference is your food grows from the ground and dosent have a cute face ignorance is bliss i guess ill take my deer meat any day over store bought meat. most of the people on here crying bout this clearly dosent know how dangerous a large population of cyote can be to people and their cute fluffy friends as far as fox goes i dont kill em cause i like to watch em, plus they eat the field dressings left from a harvest

        • Loki says:

          Wow…that’s pretty harsh. It’s not a legitimate comparison, hunting to provide food verses this idiotic blood sport. Better set your soapbox up higher so you can see what’s really going on.

        • Tina says:

          I don’t believe in slaughter of animals and I certainly don’t think the normal hunter that gets one buck a season is slaughtering a species. I also don’t think your totalitarian way of thinking that it’s all or nothing is going to win your cause. While most of these people that have seen this post are horrified at the thought of hundreds of bullet riddled animals, most of them are going to eat some kind of meat tonight. So your response to the ethical hunter above was a little off base. You cannot convince a majority with a minorities thought process

        • Krissoula says:

          EXCELLENT post, DM!!! All animals deserve to live out their precious lives in PEACE…NOT to end up in pieces on someone’s breakfast, lunch or dinner plates. 🌱 💓 🌱
          #VeganForLife… because ALL lives truly matter.

        • Christi Ballard says:

          So, by your standard, all predators, even those IN NATURE, are psychopaths. You’re one of those people that want humans to apologize for existing, which is completely ignorant.

      • Carlene says:

        There is a difference in hunting to put food on your table and bounty hunting for money. Not to mention the needless slotter of defenseless animals.

      • Stephen Saraullo says:

        I am with you Matt. I eat what I hunt,fish or trap. I gave up hunting over 25 years ago due to a bad experience. I finally gave in to my son and grandson and bought a hunting license. Well I guess that I should have listened to them sooner since I shot my first deer ever the afternoon that I bought my license.

      • Terry says:

        Is it called “hunting” when a person lures the animal with food for weeks before they “hunt” it down? I think not. That is called murder.

  7. Annelie Danling Brash says:

    Stop THE abuse and torture of innocent animals, they are not ours. We belong together in respect

    • Jason says:

      Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

    • JoeV says:

      This is not abuse or torture. Have you seen what a fox can do to a group of chickens? But that’s ok. Let’s look at the 10 or 12 chickens they can leave dead in the yard.

  8. Karen Foreman says:

    Please make them stop murdering our friends in nature. This uneducated and sadistic mentality must stop. I will be making it my personal mission to tell the stories of these awful states that allow this. Tourism will not be directed your way. In fact, with spring approaching, that will be my first mission.

  9. Adrianna says:

    These people are sick, ignorant scum of the earth. So what happens when there are no more foxes, raccons and coyote? They move on to other wildlife or maybe humans since they have noregard for life in general. Oh Lord, i am just digusted.

  10. Susan Anzaha says:

    This is horrible and must stop. It’s really crazy!!

  11. Marty says:

    Why are humans so effing cruel? This is just insanity. Has nothing to do with sport hunting or anything, it’s pure evil.

  12. Alan Alejandro Maldonado Ortiz says:

    Ya no podemos permitir este tipo de maltrato y crueldad solamente por diversión estás increíble que siga pasando en esta época

  13. Deana Rogers says:

    This is disgraceful and so disturbing. It’s getting worse.

  14. Denise McGhee says:

    It only takes a few to undo all the good other humans do. The violence people are exposed to is crazy and to hear kids are there is heartbreaking.

  15. Deez says:

    Yall need to get a hold of yourselves. Probably the same people that cry about people owning guns. At least these people are properly demonstrating firearms safety and killing farm and livestock nuisances, and not other humans. Find something to actually complain about that matters. Like free insulin for diabetics. For bills against 5g towers that science has proven will cause cancer to go rampant. Cry me a river so i can build you a boat people, and yall csn sail off to your own little island.

    • Hunter Ghost MD says:

      There is a difference between demonstrating firearms safety and the act of fair & ethical hunting versus the wanton waste killing that is being protested here. There is no reason to have a “contest” to kill mass amounts of anything. Hunting should be performed ethically and with respect. You should understand what you are reading before commenting ignorantly. P.S the other issues you mentioned have a voice – not sure why you care so much if this one has one also.

      • Sharon says:

        I agree 100% Hunter Ghost MD!! In my opinion this isn’t hunting. Most of my extended family hunts, and while hunting definitely isn’t my thing, I somewhat understand it. This is just ludicrous and barbaric.

      • JoeV says:

        If hunters can find this many foxes in a certain area, don’t you think there may be a surplus that would push the foxes to attach chickens and pet dogs and cats?

    • ANK says:

      humans are the real “nuisance” here… not the animals.

      • Gail says:

        Actually you are very wrong. I have never cried about gun ownership , I’m actually for owning guns so stop stereotyping or assuming.Why don’t you try getting ahold of yourself ? It does matter very much to me. What kind of a sport is hunting when there’s no real competition because men have high tech powered rifles etc and weapons and also if it’s a canned hunt there is literally nowhere the animal can even run? He is literally trapped. A sport should be equal competition. Hunting is not really even a sport. If men want a sport and enjoy suffering and violence Soo much they can start a Fight Club for men , like in the movie,and fight each other and then it’s a fair competition sport and then he can get his big ego bragging boost macho fix.Leave the defenseless innocent animals alone. Real men do real sports and competitions .

    • Amy says:

      So a living, breathing, sentient beings life doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be something we should all concern ourselves with? Really?
      Your lack of care, concern, consideration and compassion makes you not only a deplorable human being but but disgusts God and I promise you,
      You will see what it is you have done.

    • Randy B says:

      The carcasses are not just dumped in a landfill, much of the animal is used. Wildlife control is definitely needed, and hunting numbers are dropping.
      These K9 will destroy pets, farm animals, numerous birds and eggs. Talk to your local DEC to get educated on population of these animals.

    • Carole says:

      You sound like you are already out of touch on your own little island.

  16. Stephanie says:

    This is disgusting and sadistic. It needs to stop. How is this allowed? What can be done to change the laws to protect the animals? Is there a petition for this?

    • Lee Evans says:

      Please everyone have a heart and stop this. Humans are the problem here not foxes they are beautiful animals. The people who are killing foxes should be punished harshly and put in prison

  17. Meg Petersen says:

    Disgusting behavior. These people should be shot

    • Krissoula says:

      I totally agree with you!!! And their children seized & placed in the best of homes to be raised by nurturing adults who would teach about compassion towards all animals, including birds & reptiles. Our bizarre & violent world is already overflowing with EVIL SADISTIC MORONS…we don’t need anymore of them.

  18. Karla Sue Bowden says:


    • Carole says:

      His promises mean nothing….or haven’t you noticed? He’s taking away laws that have protected many species . But, that is to be expected as his family love to hunt and kill wild animals in Africa and other countries. And they love to have their photos taken next to the dead bodies. Isn’t that special?

  19. Pat Hatfield says:

    My heart breaks for these poor creatures. What must God be thinking of mankind.

  20. Pamela Skwat says:

    Well I hope when these votes come up the get something to go after these people and then get some law that they can’t do this anymore and they both the law in to protect the our wild life and everything but that’s what we really need

  21. Stacey Thomson says:

    Of course, this disgusts me as it should all humans. We should look to the native Americans who cherished Mother Earth, killed for necessity and used all parts of the animal, thanking their souls as they used them. This indiscriminate killing is the work of madmen, sociopaths. It’s ugly. Pick up a camera and take pictures of these beautiful predators and compare the pictures. You are not looked at as strong men providing for a family, you are looked at as a sadistic killer to be scorned by humanity. Pass the laws now, arrest the perpetrators, jail them. Society does not need them amount us.

    • TJ duCellier says:

      The American Indian hunted, killed & skinned wild animals every day. Their clothing, homes, and other household items were made from animal skins and bones. Tribes settled in an area, used up its resources, and left it bare when they moved on. No animal was sacred, no animal was considered unfit to eat, kill, or use. Get a grip and quit believing in fairy tales. I don’t like wholesale slaughter of animals, but wild animals are not sacred creatures meant to be left alone to multiply and kill livestock & humans.

    • Carole says:

      Totally agree! Let’s hope someone is listening.

  22. alice brown says:

    The ecosystem will be destroyed and we will not be able to restore it if the animals are all gone. They keep rodents in check and tht prevents disease that rodents carry.

  23. Grahame Innes says:

    A disgrace! This is the 21st century, not the 10th. Have we not as a species learned a goddamn thing about empathy, suffering and decency?

  24. Tracey M Chado says:

    Needs to be stopped.

  25. J F Aker says:

    When your pets, or small children start disappearing, as they do now in some areas, you will see the need for this. Making it a competition is a very common event in many rural areas where predator numbers have exploded.

  26. Jenn says:

    History just keeps repeating itself. Soon we will once again have more species of animals go extinct. It will dreadfully impact not only the ecosystem, but the health and well-being of those said humans that hunt them. I only hope our future generations can make it. Animals are just as important and should be treated that way.

  27. Corey Fitzpatrick says:

    To the people saying this is barbaric, evil,or just disagree with trapping and predator hunting you should all take some time and educate yourself on wildlife management and the heritage and benefits of harvesting animals for their fur. Faux fur is more dangerous to the ecosystem then harvesting a renewable resource and maintaining a balanced predator population.

    • Sharon says:

      For God sake it’s 2020…so who is buying all of this “fur”?? It’s not like a fox or coon coat is in hot demand 🙄🤔

    • Kathleen Valentino says:

      This does not look like “harvesting for fur” and why do we need to wear real fur anyway? Only the wealthy can afford real fur anyway. This looks like cruelty for the sake of cruelty. Absolutely barbaric.

    • Frank says:

      Weak at best.

  28. Julie Homer says:

    This is barbaric. Why us no one stopping this?? It STOPS now

  29. Katherine says:

    I think the people that have killed thesse animals should suffer for it

    • Krissoula says:

      So do I…along with the empathy-LACKING MONSTERS who attempt to justify the UNJUSTIFIABLE!!!!!!! The killers responsible for these ATROCITIES enjoy the thrill of the kill…they’re nothing more than SADISTIC INBRED PSYCHOPATHS!!!!!!! 😡 😤 😡 There needs to be urgent legislation put in place ASAP in order to bring this INSANE BARBARISM to an END. It needs to happen before this EGREGIOUS BLOOD-SPORT hits its next target of COLD-BLOODED SENSELESS SLAUGHTER.

  30. Karla Sue Bowden says:

    Kitty Block is a wonderful lady! She has accomplished so very much!The top priority on my list that I would definitely like to see a ban/ end put on is the China Yulin Meat Festival! Mass Amounts Of Animals Are Being Tortured While Alive Before Being Brutally/ Sadistically Murdered! Korea is just as bad boiling dogs& cats alive!FB post/ pics! And China& Korea also uses blow torches on animals& skins them while alive! I have seen a video/ posts / pics on FB of electrocuting dogs! I am making it my life’s mission to get these gruesome practices& monsters stopped! I’m very sickened disturbed disgusted appalled outraged & saddened! Please let’s get this banned! put an end to this never ending madness!🤬 the animals are all counting on us to be their voices!😡Thank You!

    • Rose Kimsey says:

      We can start in our own backyard. Look at how cows, hogs, chickens, sheep and anything else consumed are being treated. Take dairy animals as another example. I honestly don’t know how mankind can be so heartless. If you eat this meat you are justifying the killing. If you use dairy you are condoning cruelty. Even eggs means chickens are being treated awful. Hunters who kill for food and does it in a merciful way is a different thing. There are way too many deer for instance. I know Canadian geese are everywhere. If they are taken down with a kill shot and consumed this is about as merciful as you can get. Over population will only cause disease, starvation and other terrible problems. I believe if a coyote tries to get your dog, cat, livestock etc. you have a right to protect what is yours. There has to be balance and compassion. As for China and the others who treat animals as if they have no feelings, I think they are the worst animals of all. Anyone that tortures other living things is a sick individual that doesn’t deserve to live.

    • Carole says:

      Can I help you Karla! It would give my life purpose.

    • Krissoula says:

      I also strongly FIGHT against the most SHOCKING TORTUROUS forms of SADISTIC CRUELTY imaginable that’s influcted on precious vulnerable animals…which is namely the DCMT (Dog & Cat Meat) ~ The animal TERRORISTS responsible are more like WARPED & TWISTED GHOULS rather than human beings!!!!!!! 😡 😤 😡

  31. David Osborne says:

    This reminds me of another ugly part of U.S. history where people would shoot buffalo from moving trains. Killing them by the thousands and leaving their carcasses to rot in the sun. Sometimes I wonder whether humans even deserve to exist. We are the driving force behind the 6th mass extinction. And it seems as though the majority of people either don’t know, or don’t care.

  32. Catherine Naylor says:

    Is it the Hunter Association that is paying for this competition. If so then they need to go after them. Then set traps on the hunter. Fine them heavily so that the learn a lesson

  33. Barbara Smolinski says:

    Perhaps we the people that have a heart for animals need to come out to these barbaric contests and go into the wood s and stop these hunts. The laws have not protected these innocent animals and now there is a imbalance in nature. For every action, there is a reaction. The “hunters, aka murderer’s, are killing for the fun of killing. They are not sportsmen……

  34. Lee Turner says:

    This happens in Wisconsin as well. Disgusting!

  35. Patricia Shackelford says:


  36. John A DeVies says:

    Then there are states like Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a bill to allow for a coyote bounty of $25 to be rewarded to hunters who can harvest the predators.

  37. Matthew says:

    I enjoy fox hunting. Just as much as they enjoy raiding my chickens in the yard as often as they do. I enjoy the furs on my wall and the pictures in my albums. The coons that I eat and thier furs that I admire. All worth it. I’ll keep doing what I do. And you keep eating you’re tofu and think you’re making a difference for something you know nothing about.

    • Theresa says:

      I agree…I take my pug out multiple times throughout day and 15 to 20 feet away from my yard are always coyotes from 930 PM onward so if one of those barbaric things attack my dog….I’m supposed to let it go and what go buy a new dog? You can bet your ass I’ll put a bullet in the head before it attacks my pet

  38. Greg says:

    Not only is this cruelty to animals but it is cruelty to people as well. To allow youth and impressionable adults to see this as acceptable behavior toward our fellow creatures dilutes the power if humanity. Laws may be a short term solutio, like a tourniquet, is to bleeding but what we really need to heal society is a comprehensive plan to educate people from youth onward about the knowledge of and the values of principled behavior.

  39. Greg says:

    Not only is this cruelty to animals but it is cruelty to people as well. To allow youth and impressionable adults to see this as acceptable behavior toward our fellow creatures dilutes the power if humanity. Laws may be a short term solution, like a tourniquet, is to bleeding but what we really need to heal society is a comprehensive plan to educate people from youth onward about the knowledge of and the values of principled behavior.

  40. Bruce Campbell says:

    When your pet dog or cat gets killed and carried away to be consumed by a coyote or fox, or you or your children are attacked by them, i want you to remember your resistance to controling these vermin.
    Their numbers must be controled to safe number that the fish & game departments should deturmine, not by a bunch of tree huggers.

  41. AL says:

    If Wildlife or in this case predators, are not kept in check/control they will get mange/diseases and as a result, die a slow and painful death.

  42. Ida Jolley says:

    This is cruel and unnecessary. This is not hunting, by any stretch of the imagination. And people are getting paid $$$ to do this as a prize. It’s disgusting. My husband has guns but he doesn’t hunt like this. In fact he hasn’t been hunting in years. I have never heard of this happening till now. And I am so disappointed in this state that it’s happening. What a disgrace.

  43. Pete says:

    Being a conservation hunter, nature does not self regulate its self. I’ve seen populations of coyotes get out of whack and disease spread though a whole eco system for hundreds of miles. We go out and harvest as many predators as we can in a quick period of time to stop the spread of many diseases. You wont see the effects for 1 or 2 years but we have seen the impact be more positive than negative. When you use science and hard facts vs emotions, you have a better understand on why these contests happen. There is no shortage of predators in the wild.

  44. Justin says:

    You do not seem to realize that we have an extreme over population of foxes and coyotes in Maryland. The over population of these predators leads to loss of many other species such as rabbits, ducks, geese, and even peoples small pets such as dogs and cats. Without predator hunting in Maryland the over population will continue to get worse and as it gets worse more peoples pets will be carried away due to less fear of these predatory animals. We hunt these animals out of our love for the outdoors and to protect healthy populations of other animals and safety of peoples pets. These contest may seem cruel and pointless to you but you do not understand the need for the killing of these animals to help maintain a healthy eco system. We are not killing peoples pets we are killing viscous animals that hunt and kill many other animals.

  45. Rachel Moskal says:

    Ive been fighting against this like crazy for the past 2 years. They don’t care. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE

  46. Mule Skinner says:

    This. Nothing. The vast majority of farm land owners in the state of Maryland want these predators removed from their property. They kill livestock they kill pets and coyotes are quite capable of killing and eating small children. There are documented cases of them doing so. So making these contests illegal isn’t going to stop that. I suspect that you’re going to find a lot of non-compliance even if this law were to pass

    • DM says:

      Mule, for your information, the non-human predators behave according to natural, nature instincts, to ‘survive’. After all, they don’t have weapons, cars, Medicare, food stamps, local shopping, etc. On the other hand, the human predator has invaded the earth: this predator fouls the air, corrupts the land and kills non-human species out of arrogant selfishness, and decimates and poisons the waters. This predator makes profit machines out of innocent, defenseless animals, and, then, he villainizes the non-human animal for trying to survive the way nature intended. Humans aren’t the only intended species on this earth, we just act like it.

  47. Linda Webb-Stephens says:

    This so sad and disgusting, This must be stopped.

  48. Nishant Bhajaria says:

    This is horrible. I will support every effort to stop this cruelty.

  49. Tina says:

    People r sick ! How can anyone have a heart do this n enjoy it ! This is something that so be closed down !
    These kinds of killing s r way pass cruelty ! This should be a class 6 felony 4 each animal that they kill! LOCK THEM UP !

  50. Mary says:

    Wow how horrible. Not sure who would do this but I can only hope that karma is a boomerang for all of those engaged in these barbaric acts. If there is really a need for population control, as some say here, then surely there is a more humane way than this. If you are one of those people who claims the need for population control why aren’t you working toward a more humane way of doing it? You don’t need to answer. Everyone already knows the answer to that.

    Maybe don’t chain the dog out in the yard in the freezing cold and you won’t have to worry about losing him or her to coyotes. Happy to carry the label treehuggers. Certainly we know your type also. SHAME ON YOU.

  51. Carrie Trautlein says:

    Carrie. cctrautlein@gmail.com
    I live in a small town village in Wisconsin. My husband and I, at our own expense, trapped, neutered and returned 24 feral cats in the village. The mayor has ordered the village cop to send us fines at $200.00 each for every cat he sees. (6 fines total). We are being taken to court sometime this spring. The village has a leash law on cats. These are feral cats. This ordinance is ridiculous.

  52. Paola Lopez says:

    I want to hear the excuse of the “hunters” this time….

    • mercer hayes says:

      i am not a hunter but have friends that are…its about conservation of natural resources…and if you dont believe that, just take a look at the shape our forests in california are in due to lack of it…all because of the tree huggers and their spotted owl ,and others,the forest has suffered…and it shows !!! they use to log, and keep it healthy…the beatles have killed off many gorgeous cedars and pines…and nothing is being done…if that keeps up, there will be no place for the critters to live,and a huge natural and renewable resource,goes to waste..thats shamefull , imo

  53. Mckenna says:

    This is absolutely INSANE!

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