Undercover investigation exposes senseless rush to kill coyotes at New York wildlife killing contest

By on March 3, 2020 with 118 Comments

Our latest investigation into a New York State wildlife killing contest gives Americans another grisly glimpse into a world of shocking animal cruelty: one where coyotes, including heavily pregnant females, were lured to their death using bait and digital calling devices, their bodies mutilated and then disposed of in dumpsters.

The contest, held over the weekend of February 7 to 9, was organized by the Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs of Sullivan County in New York. In a frenzy of killing, 636 people from New York and five neighboring Pennsylvania counties competed to kill the most and the heaviest coyotes.

Altogether 118 coyotes were killed and $10,000 handed out in cash prizes. The biggest winner took home a cash prize of $2,000 for killing the heaviest animal: a 50.3-pound female whom he lured with bait.

This contest is billed as one of the largest in the Empire State. Like all wildlife killing contests we have investigated so far, including two in Maryland that we recently exposed, it exists in a bizarre universe in which animal cruelty is celebrated and rewarded rather than shunned.

Participants employ modern technology like digital calling devices and expensive night scopes to locate and kill the animals, and then participate in gruesome and archaic rituals. For instance, to discourage cheating by bringing the same coyote in twice, two toes from each dead coyote were cut off upon arrival.

Once the animals were weighed at the fire department in White Sulphur Springs, New York, some of the dead coyotes were thrown in the fire department’s dumpster. One participant remarked, “If it’s not useful, we throw them in the dumpster. Some of them are pretty messed up.”

[Read the full investigation report.]

Another participant, referring to a heavily pregnant female killed in the contest, observed, “She might be right full of babies too, you know?” He added that an obviously pregnant female coyote had been cut open at the event and “…the babies already had hair on them – they were ready ya know…”

Most Americans would not stand for such cruelty, but there are hundreds of such contests held all across the United States each year. We have made it our mission to close down each one of them. Our undercover investigators have already exposed similar events in New Jersey and Oregon, in addition to New York and Maryland. In 2018, we documented the heartbreaking results of the Bark at the Moon Coyote Club’s New York State Predator Hunt in Macedon, New York. We focused on New York again this time because the state is second only to Pennsylvania in all of the eastern United States in the number of these kill fests that it hosts each year.

Once the animals were weighed at the fire department in White Sulphur Springs, New York, some of the dead coyotes were thrown in the fire department’s dumpster. Photo by the HSUS

While participants try to rationalize the killing by claiming that they are keeping coyote populations in check, scientists and even state wildlife agencies have stated time and again that the contests provide no credible wildlife management service. Wild carnivores like coyotes and foxes regulate their own numbers according to available habitat and prey, and the random and mass killing of these animals does not prevent conflicts with livestock, people or pets. On the contrary, it can actually lead to an increase in coyote numbers in the long run by disrupting their stable breeding structure, and opening up space and resources for new coyotes to come in.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation points out that randomly killing coyotes will not result in an increase in the numbers of deer for hunters. A recent research study covering New York and other eastern states also found that coyotes are not adversely impacting deer populations in that region.

Most Americans see wildlife killing contests as pointless, sadistic, unsporting or wasteful. As awareness grows, lawmakers have already banned such contests in California, Vermont, New Mexico, Arizona and Massachusetts. Bills or proposed regulations to ban them are also being considered in New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Oregon, Colorado and Washington state.

In New York too there are now bills in both chambers that would put an end to this senseless killing. The Assembly version, A.722B, was introduced by Assembly Member Deborah J. Glick. The Senate version, S.7542, was introduced by Sen. Monica R. Martinez and it has already passed the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. If you live in New York, please contact your state legislators and urge them to swiftly pass these bills. And if you live in a state where wildlife killing contests are held, please download our toolkit “Wildlife Killing Contests: A Guide to Ending the Blood Sport in Your Community,” and contact your HSUS state director to get involved. There’s growing momentum to end these outdated and inhumane contests; let’s work together to send them into the pages of history as soon as possible.

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  1. Michele Jankelow says:

    What evil scumbags find this acceptable? Absolutely atrocious, evil, tragic and a shame upon people and states that approve these horrors!

    • christine hughes says:

      spot on Michele.

    • Roberta Rubinstein says:

      Exactly we’ll stated. These sadistic “sports hunters” should be fined and imprisoned for their murderous behavior toward other sentient life forms who should be allowed to live free from terror and SENSELESS destruction

      • Tomme-Liam Bradaigh says:

        These shooters cannot be fined and/or imprisoned because these mass murders that they are committing, unfortunately & sadly, are totally legal. Being as concerned as you quite obviously are, I would encourage you to get politically involved to change these laws that allow these atrocities to continue, specifically in your own state, if the law allows this killing in your state. My state, Arizona which is run by Republicans & which is the most gun-friendly state in the nation, has already banned this murderous atrocity from taking place within our borders.

        Tomme-Liam Bradaigh, Member National Rifle Association

        • Davida Berzinsky says:

          Sickening. As a frequent hiker, i have run into a coyote 3 times and i have never been threatened or harmed. I am strongly against this need to to kill for the sake of killing.

    • Faith PADAM says:

      I just don’t understand what these cruel men get out of killing wild animals that are just living the way God indenting them to do they raise there families and live natural and along comes some crazy hunters that kill them for no reason but for money and because of men like this there are almost no coyotes or timber Wolves left and there entire clubs that pay thousands of dollars to hunt lions, elephants, rhinos and also bobcats, and before you know there will no animals left on this planet. This men should of been arrested and paid a fine of 10,000 to the protection of wildlife foundation. These animal killings need to stop

      • Nilene Parry says:

        Humans cruelty knows no bounds. Our wildlife from here to Africa to every country actually only kill to eat or defend their young. Not true of man. Their egos are throughly enhanced by killing. You can see it on every hunter by their smug smile. How sad is that. It takes death to make people happy. I wonder, what if the hunter, male & female, didn’t have a rifle with a scope or a bush to hide behind, do you think he would be such a bigshot then ? Hiding & scopes are just cheating. Try it on level ground with the animal having some kind of chance to get away. Or better yet. Don’t shoot.

    • Jon Wells says:

      Untill a coyote comes to your house and takes your pets in front of you

      • Sandy LaCrosse says:

        Exactly!! Most of these people probably live in the city and see this as mean. When you live in the country it’s a necessity! Bleeding hearts! I love animals, but when you have them coming into your yard in broad day light it’s time for them to go! My father taught me how to hunt at an early age. I respect wildlife! But it come to the point where they have to be weeded out!

        • John says:

          The reason why this overpopulation has occurred is due to again humans involving themselves by diminishing wolf populations and human overpopulation

        • Louise says:

          A necessity to bait and murder an animal, mutilate it and throw it in a dumpster? That is sadistic. How about more humane methods? I lived in a place where the dnr put coyotes in the area, then they did take pets. No damn food there!

      • Julie Wiedl says:

        Put up a fence

      • Country lady says:

        Exactly. I had a feral mother cat tossed out and 6 had six kittens . i had them all spayed and actually watch on cameras as the coyotes came and grabbed the kittens one by one and got her too . out of 7 cats i have 2 but i built them a treehouse shelter so they can sleep in peace at night

      • B Grand says:

        I have lived in rural areas my entire adult life and always blessed with many companion animals.
        I’ll be 73 soon and have lived In this rural area for 35 years. In all those years, only 4 of my Lovebugs have gone missing and it was most likely old age, NOT predation.

        COYOTES are necessary to the balance of Nature Which some humananimals go out of their way to destroy, not because they know the science of Nature but because they are violent inside and somehow find a thrill killing. They are disgusting and cowardly idiots who the earth will be better off without!

        Republicans for the most part are The Predators in our lives and these rotten ‘hunters,’ the ones who are begging to be put in jail for the maniacal, corrupt, greedy, ugly rotten creeps that they are.

      • Jessica says:

        But 118 at one time? And a litter cut out of the mother? If you are ok with that then you are a disgusting person.

    • Elke Jacobsen Mizrahi says:

      That this kind of animal cruelty in such a huge number of participants still exists is shocking.
      Very sad

    • Pamela Ely says:

      This is absolutely sickening and despicable on all levels….I had no idea these type of events even existed so I’m shocked and horrified!!! Like WTF??? I’m not an ignorant uniformed human being about most things,,,but this totally caught me off guard …Who are the People that think this activity is acceptable???? They scare me the most😡😡😡😡 So unfair and unnecessary to these animals that WE as a PEOPLE have taken over their natural habitats with no regard……Great example of #AnimalCrueltyandAbuse at its best!!!! People who participate in this kind of barbaric unnecessary cruelty should be totally ashamed of themselves….But of course,,,you have to have a conscience to feel the “Feels” #outraged

    • Pauletta Lechman says:

      I am so disgusted with people in the killing and torturing of animals.even in our country it is tragic it is cruel and inhumane and breaks my heart.may all people responsible get punished

  2. Solange de Fátima Eid says:

    Coloque todos esses doentes sadicos na prisão por favor

  3. Wilma Young says:

    I can’t hardly bare to read about these killing contests..they have to be stopped ..everyone of them.What is wrong with people..why do they lust to kill animals ?Its like these killers have no human heart at all.Please keep stopping these people!

    • Rystyne says:

      I’veways asked whats wrong with. People who are involved with these types of animal cruelty and abuse AND murder???

      • Colleen says:

        Repulsive. I personally don’t hunt anything, but know a lot of people who do. I can’t think of any of them who would consider this “sportsmanlike” behavior. Nor obviously is this done for food.

  4. Eleanor Simpson says:

    Such violence and disgusting cruelty!!! #Evolve !

  5. Dolly Sanders says:

    WHY, WHY, WHY??? This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. News flash BOYS, it’s not hunting when you use lures and bait the animals. Once again this a blood thirsty notrosity and the animals are the only one that suffers. We have a heart and love our wildlife. STOP all of the senseless deaths this brings. Instead of payments they should be punished.

  6. Hunter smith says:

    Need to kill more of them.

    • GPC says:

      Why troll? Aren’t there other places to suit your interests?

    • Lorenza Marrujo says:

      Lorenza M. Please stop these killings of wildlife animals, its not right, especially killing a female coyote, about to give birth. Having her cut open was soo crurl and sad. You people have no heart when it comes to animals, especially to the coyotes, and throwing them into the dumpsters too. Or better yet…allow them to live, don’t kill them for money, that’s being very selfish and greedy, don’t you think? Leave them alone, please, l’m begging you, please let them live.

    • Kt says:

      Why? Because ?

    • Colleen says:

      You obviously either didn’t read the article or don’t care. I suspect both.

    • Laurie Lane says:

      WHY, Hunter smith? Why do think you need to kill more of them? Because it’s fun for you? Because your buddies do this, too? Coyotes, along with all wildlife, are part of our Creator’s perfect and marvelous plan. They serve a valuable purpose in God’s plan and God doesn’t need your interference.
      Perpetrators like you have no conscience, no empathy, no compassion. You can’t sense the suffering and terror these animals experience. It is especially heinous that you and perpetrators like you have fun while you’re doing it.

    • Margot Flamme says:

      Faites vous soigner il est encore temps

  7. Lynn Klenow says:

    Sick evil people

  8. Debra Johnson says:

    Stop the killing now it is cruel and inhuman

  9. Murray and Renata Coffey says:

    It is painful to look at! I can’t believe humans are the ones to bring this faith to helpless animals!

  10. Alan Alejandro Maldonado Ortiz says:

    No es posible que solo por diversión matemos animalitos nada justifica matar animales si Dios nos dio la vida solamente él puede quitarnolas

  11. EVELIN says:


  12. ROBYN WOODLEE says:


  13. Jay says:

    ***Old men who largely have little to do in their lives…treat needless killing as a hobby, a social event, an opportunity to brag and compete, strive for bragging rights and alpha-male recognition. Sadly these men are showing that they need to stoop to this grotesque level for what they can’t seem to “catch” anyplace else…and they call themse “hunters”. What an embarrassing shame…I call them “skirts, weak, shameful, ugly, boys, and deserving of NONE good”.

  14. Ed Bushey says:

    When you see a coyote run off with your mid size dog or your little fuzzy kitty…or a tiny little fawn… tell us again how WE are Cruel for hunting these Predators!!!
    When they start comming around my livestock or my barns…the HUNT is on.
    Then I even worry about small children playing in the yard.
    There should be a longer season.
    Just Sayin’

    • GPC says:

      Livestock keepers who practice good animal husbandry don’t have issues. And kids and pets should be monitored at all times anyway. The old days are over – we’re too populated to allow them to be unsupervised due to the MANY dangers that abound. Coyotes have virtually no effect on deer populations…proven.

    • Carlos Ernesto says:

      I doubt there is danger from coyotes. but even so, making the killing of coyotes a party to laugh and have fun is shameful.

    • Mary D says:

      One of the most interesting things I ever saw was at a foxpen in North Carolina. I owned rescued Walker hounds and they being hounds needed to exercise, so I brought them out to the pen every week just to run. In the early evenings, the guys fed the “lifestock,” which were live coyotes and foxes. They would dump food along the road and the livestock would come out of the woods and eat. One evening, after feeding, I watched the coyotes and foxes, coons and possums and even some stray cats come out and start eating. Some of the hounds still in the pen would run up there and see the quarry, which would not run because they were feeding. So the hounds would stop and eat, too, right next to the animals they were trained to hunt Proving that this whole predatory thing is relative. You know why coyotes eat other animals? Duh…because they are hungry. If you have stray cats running around (99% of the time I have discovered, the people who spout off about coyotes killing their cats don’t really care about cats, either, and allow a huge population of cats to just breed like wildfire and become sickly and hungry, as well.) I’m wondering why people figure they have to kill animals for killing other animals out of hunger when we do the same thing. Should you be killed for eating a hamburger?

    • Jimbo says:

      I’m sure the Coyotes say the same thing. They are not evil. They are trying to make a living like the rest of us. It’s no different than hating another race because you don’t like their traditions.

    • M Sheridan says:

      We WILL continue to call you CRUEL because that is what you are. Do not deflect blame for your actions with weak excuses that have nothing to do with men needlessly LURING and slaughtering wildlife. This is not hunting. It’s killing—even overkill. Killers who think this is a “public service” are delusional, sub-human monsters pretending to be the good guys. You and others like you are fooling no one but yourselves.

    • Robert Burnett says:

      Here in Alberta we have open season year around. I make my living doing Predator Control for Farmers and Ranchers. Even one calf or colt taken by yotes is a big loss of income for cattle breeders.

    • Mike says:

      Well said Ed Bushey!!! My subdivision had a small dog torn apart by 3 of them. They walk up and down the sidewalks with not a care in the world. Neighbors have lost cats. When I was young we hunted rabbits, quail, and grouse. It’s a rare site to see one now. I have always hunted them and will continue!

    • T Schwab says:

      While I do not agree with killing for the sport of it I can say that coyote have taken full grown rabbits, chickens and even turkeys off my property. Caught a wild animal actually trying to take down one of my miniature goats. While I did not kill it because I was busy saving my little goat I find it ridulous to say that they do their own popukation control by “available food”. The chickens, turkeys, ducks and goats I have are for my family fun or even food. I do not raise them to feed a coyote!!

    • Tina Chasan says:

      Never leave children pets or anything you love alone in areas where predatory animals abound. That’s a human responsibility. To kill animals for what they might do???? Ridiculous!

    • Luana says:

      That’s because we keep taking there land and destroying it by building! They come into our cities and farms! They have no where 2 go! So I’m just saying

    • Colleen says:

      Please READ the article!

    • Sandy LaCrosse says:

      I agree.

  15. Howard Munn says:

    I wish you would expose the Boston Stockyards where 100’s of thousands of poor defenseless animals are killed each year just so humans can eat meat. Totally unecessary slaughter of domestic animals that pose no threat to deer, partridge, rabbits or other domestic animals like dogs and cats.

  16. D. Morris says:

    If you saw what coyotes do to dogs and cats, you wouldn’t mind at all. Grow up!

  17. Rex says:

    Just wait till they kill your cats or dogs or maybe even your kids and then come talk to me

  18. Sonja Alamia says:

    There is no good reason for this.It does nothing good and only encourages violence. We are how we treat our helpless. Is this really who you want to be. People that do this have no souls.

  19. Al Nelson says:

    The senseless murder of helpless animals, I hope all of you get a karma debt very soon!

  20. John says:

    I guess again the farmer doesn’t count as many of their calves born outside are hunted down and killed by coyotes. That cruelty doesn’t count?

    • GPC says:

      This is a story from farmers who refuse to practice good animal husbandry techniques. Many even appreciate them!
      Google “predator friendly ranching/farming “.

      • Tammy Schwab says:

        I don’t want my pets locked in cages so a coyote can’t get them. Farm work is demanding enough. I hate these kill contests but I feel I have a bright to protect my families and food supply.

    • Mary D says:

      Kinda funny, because I find that most of the people who participate in coyote killing contests don’t even own any livestock. I know that for a fact. I live in South Central Utah and there are several of these blood fests that are held annually each fall in my area. Most of people who are involved are actually rich city slickers with expensive guns, and giant pickups that can tow $35,000 side-by-sides. Who else can afford to take a whole four-day weekend off just to come out here to the desert to kill coyotes?

    • Rustico says:

      When coyotes go and really hunt because they’re hungry it’s not cruelty, it’s called instinct to survive.

  21. Fay khoury says:

    Why must we be so cruel to animals this is inhumane it makes me sick stop the killing we put cats and dogs to sleep and now wildlife when will it stop we live in a cruel world .animals have rights too .they have no voice we are their voice killing is wrong .

  22. Hunter says:

    Not enough coyotes were killed. We need more hunters! The sportsman’s federation does a great service.

    • Mary D says:

      Science has actually proved that the more coyotes you kill, the more the population grows. That’s because when a canine family hierarchy is dissolved, where only an alpha male and female in a pack are breeding, all dogs are breeding, thus, more coyotes. Nature is a lot more complex and self-sustaining than we humans give it credit for. But I guess that just creates more targets for sickos.

    • Not a hunter says:

      The problem is there is no longer any animal except man that kills coyotes, so they over populate. I suggest bringing back their natural predator, wolves, to control the over population of the coyote. It works at Yellowstone.

  23. Mike perkins says:


  24. Linda Deaver says:

    What more can be said about the inhumanity of human beings? There is no excuse or moral reason for this kind of killing except to show us the souls of those responsible.

  25. Robin Torbeck says:

    Stop this insanity! What kind of backwood inbred humans are among us!!!!

  26. Savanah says:

    I’m sickened by this senseless killing, and “heavily pregnant females. with the babies cut out of them. “ what kind of sick POS does this?
    please help put an end to the ignorance perpetuating these kills. They (hunters involved)are too stupid to realize they are upsetting the natural environment and hurting more than ever helping.

  27. Deb says:

    Look just so you know NYS is ruled it is not governed. What the people of NY want matters not to its leaders.

  28. Lisa says:


    • RosemaryC . Perez says:

      Exactly, Karma’s waiting for her turn, and the hounds’ of hell will be waiting for them at the door’s’ of hell!

  29. Anna Poggesi says:

    Basta orrore !! Riconoscere che questa e’ follia !!
    Non tutto si puo’ fare , nel 2020 !
    Troviamo la civilta’ !!

  30. Lynn Krejberg says:

    Karma will get them because it eventually does!!!! This murder is disgusting!!!!! Why does it continue?????

  31. Heidi says:

    Seriously this is disgusting killing coyotes for a Contest🤬🤬🤬 People should be ashamed of themselves but they’re not.

  32. Mat says:

    What a bunch of crap. An article written by a person that will ignore sound science for there feeling. Most states consider coyotes invasive and nuisance animals. Politicians need to stay out of it and let the fish and game department do their job

    • Strongbow says:

      Sound science has zero to do with this. Shake the space above your neck. These are slob killers in action. A stain on ethical hunting.

    • Mary D says:

      I find that fish and game departments are generally run by people who love to kill animals (Oh, I’m sorry “avid hunters”) and they are the ones who write the policies and establish their own perceptions as “facts.”

  33. Dianna Bellerose says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable behavior towards innocent animals being killed in this hurendous way.
    Who are we to treat animals that way? Who is giving us right to do this?
    This is so wrong and there should be a law that will protect them and punish the people who think that commit such crime.
    My heart is breaking to even look at this pictures or read the article, I have no idea what kind of a human is capable of such violence.

  34. Karen Bailey says:

    How utterly cruel and unnecessary , destroying wildlife , its inhumane.

  35. MARSHA A SQUIBB says:

    Absolutely shameful and disgusting!!! I live in a rural area and the have an important place.in nature as do all animals! Not so sure of humans!!

  36. Janet says:

    This is horrible. And sad.
    I am also curious about bobcat trapping. What does one do with 9 bobcats after trapping them as I read an account of?

  37. Nargis says:

    Why killing them unnecessarily????what happend to humans???? Stop these shits!!

  38. Lyn B. says:

    This is the Furthest thing from humane Sportsmanship that could be!!!! It’s Disgusting! All animals deserve to be able to live their lives just like humans. This is barbaric no matter how they try to make it look!!!

  39. Jeremy says:

    It’s not animal cruelty. It’s called predator control and 118 coyotes is not alot taken for the whole state of New York and 5 PA counties. These predators have huge impact on turkey,pheasant and deer populations in some areas. Also they impact domestic animals whether it be on farms or in urban areas.imagine going out every morning to collect your eggs from your chickens to see that they are being picked off one by one.Or going to the pasture to find a calf brutally torn apart.

  40. Andrea G says:

    I’m so glad that I live in California where this is illegal. Why don’t these cowards stop killing innocent animals? I get to hear the coyotes at night in my subdivision and they let me know that we’re all children of Mother Nature.

  41. Stephanie Taub says:

    Vile and heartbreaking. Aren’t we supposed to be a civilized society? We’re obviously no damn better than the worst of the worst!

  42. Julie R says:

    What is wrong with these people? I dont think they were loved as children. It makes no sense.

  43. Debbie says:

    Very sick humans and I hope no I pray you get what u deserve and I hope you suffer a long and painful death.

  44. Denise says:

    How can this be stopped? This is absolutely horrible! It makes no sense. This hurts my heart….

  45. Irene Muschel says:

    The New York bill to ban wildlife killing contests has been around for years.

    It has gone nowhere because of the lack of action of New York State legislators.
    Having a bill introduced in the Legislature and attracting some co-sponsors is not enough to turn a bill into a law.

    A bill needs lots of co-sponsors, aggressive and effective action by legislators who
    support it, and lots of pressure from the public to make it a law.

    People who are upset by the horrific cruelty of wildlife killing contests
    need to contact their legislators to strongly support bills or introduce bills
    to stop cruelty to animals.

  46. jeff miller says:

    You people I bet live in some big city and don’t have a clue! I bet you don’t even know what a coyote smells like! Have you been in the woods at night? surrounded? Coyotes are an invasive species that are NOT native to the east. There is a reason there is an open season year around. They are takeing over. I get paid to kill these stinky dogs. They smell all most as bad as a skunk. These are NOT your friendly house hold dogs. I have lots of farmers pay me to trap them because they will kill their calfs just like fawns. When you are surrounded by a pack. I have killed several in cities where they come at night to feed on your cats and small dogs. I could show you pictures of mutilated horses and calfs. I think these contest are great. No different than a fishing contest. Or two grown men dressing up in costumes to fight over a football and run with it back and fourth…

  47. Skyler Thomas says:

    There will be many people commenting with excuses and justifications for this, but we need to look at the resounding theme – a desire to kill. And not just to kill, but to kill in a cruel, demeaning manner.

  48. Joyce Eikenberry says:

    I’m not sad at the wildlife-killing contest. I’m sad that you would consider it unnecessary. Coyotes are PREDATORS. They EAT little pet dogs and cats, and calves, lambs and goat kids. They have litters of five to eight cubs, and in a food-rich environment, can double in population faster than your model pair of cats or dogs. So don’t talk to ME about a “senseless rush” to kill coyotes. For every coyote killed, there are two more these HEROIC shooters never saw.

  49. Mila Lopez says:

    Low down, starving, heartless people that will kill these animals for sport money.
    Shame, shame on you and your buddies who are devoid of real courage.

  50. Rustico says:

    Pathetic low scum sport.
    Shameful that any authority will not stop it ASAP.
    Ignorance and lack of brains on all participants.
    What a despicable society of cruelty and disrespect to Nature. Sick…….

  51. Donthe Dasa Nanda says:

    Force Donald Trump To Prohibite Soon NotAllow To Hunts (Harm Torture Kill) All Kind Of WildLife Animals AnyMore

  52. D Grossman says:

    As we cover every wild space with homes, stores and industrial centers, even grassy parks for our us and our children, we go out into their remaining spaces, torture, maim and kill the widlife fighting to survive. How can this continue to be acceptable? We must write to the states allowing this. New York will be getting my letter. We must shame them into stopping this horrific atrocity against wildlife. How can we criticize China when monsters are playing bloody games with animals in America?

  53. MRDF says:

    You people saying this is barbaric obviously do not live in an area that is over run by these animals that are prey to nothing. When you have to have a gun handy to go on a hike, you might think differently. I live in the Adirondacks where it is becoming more common to see sightings of coyotes, even in daylight. They are OVERPOPULATED. I don’t like killing just for the sake of killing but these animals are just big rodents that prey on smaller animals. These coyotes suffered less in this kill than the poor animals they have mauled to death.

    • Coyoteman says:

      Agreed if anyone saw what coyotes do to sheep they wouldn’t be so against it. When coyotes attack a helpless sheep they bite the neck of living sheep and drink the blood til it’s dead leaving the rest of the body to move on to the next sheep.

  54. Karduto Troomanaraskeskas says:

    Looks like we are in the Stone Age, no matter about technology advances…

  55. TERESA RUND says:

    There are no words to describe the evil that I now see in this disregard for animals…

  56. Cathy says:

    Hello Animal Lovers,

    I want to know why the states allow this barbaric and psychopathic killing to happen? Don’t most states have cruelty laws that this behavior would fall under?
    Do our own government agencies participate and encourage this outrageous and disgusting display of cowardliness? Why has it not been publicly stopped? Why are we seeing the aftermath like war photos’ instead of protesters and TV and video of the most of the American people that would NOT engage in such unholy and frankly scary actions? This people are the ones that should be watched once they signed up. What else do they do? Can they do?

  57. Dawn Anderson says:

    Please call Chuck Schumer 212486-4430. Please call SENator 2022244451. Please leave message to end Coyote Killing Contests those men should be prosecuted for animal abuse. The article states where and which hunting club! They should never be allowed to do such evil again. Those men are a danger to society and they all continue to deplete the wildlife of not stopped! Any person who does a thing to a pregnant coyote is a disgust humanity. Please call fish and wildlife and every person politician stop cruelty! Protest Protest Protest!!!!

  58. Jack Danchak says:

    The coyote population here in NY is exploding, they are running out of their food chain & are desperate for food. Coyotes are depleting our small game, these savage killers are killing rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, turkeys & deer fawns. If you are raising chickens, ducks, sheep, goats & other livestock, they now are in jeopardy. Domestic small dogs & cats are now a coyote meal. Please don’t leave a child unattended in your backyard. Remember for every coyote killed, there will be one less coyote that will not be killing other animals. Thank God we have thousands of coyote hunters!

  59. Simona Bergman says:

    There are no words to express the hurt I
    feel 🥺. How can anyone be so cruel? I have lost faith in people who kill, maim and condone such behavior…. it is senseless and evil. I don’t know how they live with themselves 😡

  60. Peter Koay says:

    May Kama fall on him,what go around come around

  61. Jackson says:

    This is so cruel! Its kinda like dog meat trades. Its so stupid why they are taking away natures life for meat. Just eat salad like a normal person.

  62. M says:

    Other people like china other states who kill Animals please stop. God dont like what you are doing so please stop. Stop the shlouter houses.

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