Breaking news: New Jersey proposes plan to end black bear trophy hunting

By on October 5, 2020 with 16 Comments

New Jersey’s governor wants no more black bear trophy hunts in the state on his watch.

The New Jersey Fish and Game Council today proposed an amendment to the state’s 2021 bear management plan that would effectively suspend the annual black bear trophy hunt after the conclusion of this year’s hunt, which is scheduled to start next week. New Jersey’s bear hunt is particularly barbaric. It allows trophy hunters to use such cruel methods as baiting the animals with piles of rotting sugary food and chasing bears off state lands, where bear hunting is not allowed, and onto private lands, just so they can be killed. It also allows baby bear cubs to be hunted.

We applaud Gov. Phil Murphy, who made a campaign promise to end black bear trophy hunts, for his commitment to not approve the state’s new bear management plan if it contains lethal bear hunting. If the amendment is approved, it would mean there would be no bear trophy hunting in New Jersey starting next year, and presumably for the next four years.

A Humane Society of the United States poll last year showed that a supermajority of residents oppose such hunts. An even stronger majority is opposed to bear baiting. But unfortunately, attempts in the state legislature to prohibit baiting bears or bear trophy hunting have not been brought up for full floor votes.

While the plan is yet to be finalized, this is a big step forward and it is great news for our wildlife staff and our New Jersey state director who worked long and hard for this outcome. Unfortunately, the proposed changes won’t stop the 2020 bear hunting season, which will begin Oct. 12. We strongly urge Gov. Murphy to take steps available to him and immediately call off this hunt as well.

The New Jersey Fish and Game Council will accept public comment on this proposed change until Dec. 4, and will hold a public hearing before it is finalized. The comment period will open soon, and if you’re a resident of New Jersey, we urge you to weigh in and let the council know that you support ending the trophy hunting of black bears in the state. Please watch this space for further updates.

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  1. James Andriani says:

    We need to end this barbaric Black bear and baby bear cub hunt in NJ.

    • kellie rerick says:

      yes so true, no animal should be hunted in any way, its all murder. this entire planet needs to ban all animals from being tortured, abused, shot, hunted, killed, murdered and eaten. all of the above. they should have rights that far exceed us for they cannot speak. its time this is done

    • Melissa R Foglia says:

      Horray it’s about time . I applaud Governor Murphy on taking action.
      It’s always about the reward with trophy hunting. As long as there are trophy’s ro be handed out , there will be trophy addict’s.
      Can the people who distribute the trophy’s be banned or unable to be contacted ? Take the supply away and pass the legislation.
      M Foglia

  2. Delores Lowis says:
    Bear Hunting should not be allowed. It is cruel and inhumane.

  3. Cheryl says:

    We all need to protect all our animals, not hunt and kill them!!

  4. Donna L Knight says:

    If bears are not destroying property or you are not using animals for food with a permit there should not be hunting., & never for bear cubs!

  5. Kathy Strutz says:

    Please end the cruel hunting of black nears in your state. It is unnessary and we should be teaching how to share the planet with our animal friends, not killing them. Please do the responsible thing.

  6. Susan Hall says:

    The people of New Jersey need to gets off their butts & put an end to this!!! It’s you’re state, your responsibility!! This is ridiculous!!

  7. Valerie says:

    I support ending black bear hunts in every state, but good for Gov. Phil Murphy for doing the right thing on behalf of black bears in his state of NJ.

  8. annah says:

    The new governor’s words are of a politician sitting on the fence without making a decision, the governor has no desire to stop the barbarity of this depraved hunt taking place this month, crimes against wildlife is threathing the human survival.

  9. Melanie says:

    Despicable and shameful

  10. Iris Owens says:

    New Jersey should be ashamed of themselves for allowing any kind of animal cruelty.

  11. Laurie says:

    I don’t believe in hunting or killing any species. They should have their lives and live freely! If a bear or any animal roams into your yard, just call Animal Protection to come and help to give them a better place to live. Here in MD there have been counties that encountered bears but due to the regulations we are fighting for, we are trying to keep from killing wild animals.

  12. Ricky says:

    When will humans start to see that we are destroying all our nature. Stop killing animals, respect other species that are living and breathing. Over my years I’ve come to understand that the world has a balance and when we as humans take it for granted it could have unwanted negative consequences. Save the future for our next generations!

  13. Frances Leard says:

    This cruelty must be stopped and I hope and pray Gov. Murphy put’s a stop to this insane treatment of innocent bears before it begins.
    So sick of this destruction on innocent wildlife. Let them live and roam free as God intended. They are not yours to destroy.

  14. Phil says:

    What’s the outrage for? Bears are essentially massive raccoons and they wreak havoc. No animal has ever become extinct because of managed hunting, in fact, it creates massive funds which helps for the animals management. No self respecting hunter shoot cubs like this article alludes to

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