Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga go fur-free

By on March 29, 2021 with 11 Comments

Two of fashion’s most iconic brands, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, have announced they no longer use animal fur in their lines.

Alexander McQueen, a top British brand, and Balenciaga, a luxury Spanish brand, are the latest houses in the Kering Group, a luxury fashion group based in France, to move away from fur and embrace a compassionate future. Humane Society International and the Humane Society of the United States have been working with Kering and its brands for years now, and in 2017 we announced a fur-free policy with another leading Kering house, Gucci.

In 2020, Kering said in its universal registration document that most of its brands do not use fur. Bottega Veneta, another Kering brand, has been fur-free for nearly 20 years.

The announcement from McQueen and Balenciaga adds to a growing list of fashion designers globally who are dropping fur, including Prada, Armani, Versace, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, DKNY, Burberry and Chanel.

The developments demonstrate a growing distaste among top designers for fur, as they learn about the cruel conditions under which fur is produced on fur farms spread across the globe. As HSI investigations of fur farms have shown, all fur production is characterized by extreme cruelty and a complete disregard for the welfare of the foxes, mink, raccoon dogs and countless other animals who are victims of this trade.

The urgency to end the use of fur has further escalated during the global pandemic, which has resulted in even more suffering for animals on mink fur farms. Across the world, millions of mink have been gassed to death after reports of the coronavirus infecting fur farms. As a result, several cities, states and even entire countries are working to ban fur sales.

In the United Kingdom, which banned fur production in 2003, the government is now considering calls for the country to become the first globally to ban fur sales. The Netherlands has already ended mink fur production following coronavirus outbreaks on its mink fur farms.

There is growing momentum against fur in the United States as well. In 2019, California became the first U.S. state to ban fur sales after several of its cities—including Los Angeles and San Francisco—passed similar legislation. Wellesley, Massachusetts, banned fur sales last year, and lawmakers in several U.S. states have already introduced fur sales bans in 2021.

These are exciting developments, and we are proud of the role we have played in bringing about this global revolution against fur. This is a truly unnecessary product that has no place in a humane world. We applaud Kering—and Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga—for their forward-thinking announcement today, and we will continue to work toward the day when no animal is subjected to a life of deprivation and terror, followed by a cruel death, on a fur farm.

Humane Society International, Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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  1. Ewa Urbanski says:

    Es ist schön es zu erfahren und zu begrüßen .Es ist die höchste Zeit umzudenken da gibt es viele Alternativen das Tierpelz zu ersetzen!!!!!

  2. Jeane Camargo da Silva says:

    O comércio de peles existe porque ainda há pessoas dispostas a comprar. Infelizmente. Fico feliz por mais uma vitória pelo bem-estar dos animais. Meu profundo agradecimento às pessoas envolvidas nesta luta! Que Deus os abençoe…

  3. N. Radcliffe says:

    I have been a supporter of yours for years. I applaud your work and believe in your ongoing efforts . I am still horrified about what happened recently in Wis. with the killing of more than 200 wolves. Why did this happen? Why was a hunt even allowed.? I have seen wolf pups in Northern Wis. and now I fear I will never see them again. PLEASE NEVER NEVER let this happen again. I hate the deer and bear hunting too. It spoils the enjoyment of living in a wildlife area. Please help the declining wolf population. Thank you !!

  4. kwright says:

    So grateful for all the tireless efforts set forth to make companies accountable and FUR FREE…. keep screaming until every ear hears!!!!

  5. DEBORAH DITCH says:

    This is fantastic. Let’s keep going and continue the awesome work.

    Kudos to everyone

  6. Jean howarth says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. I can see the money I send each month is well spent. It is heartbreaking to see the suffering in the name of fashion. Future generations will thank us.

  7. Jamie Trask says:

    We need to save ALL the Animals now and forever.

  8. Linda says:

    Another major step in the movement to prevent animals from the suffering and slaughter for their fur!!!

  9. Sue Canale says:

    Sue Canale
    These comments by animal lovers and supporters…We need to stop killing
    These animals, kudos to the companies that are now, stopping this horrible ,
    barbaric practice…God put animals on the Earth to live in harmony With
    Man….I hate to see people killing deer and wolves, just to have a trophy 🏆
    To hang on the wall…I think it is disgusting..
    Also the massive killing of wolves.. of course their are times when it is necessary to do so., in certain cases..
    Please, let’s stop driving these animals to extinction… and learn to live together with animals, as well as Man, on Earth..

    • maria mejido says:

      i agree wholeheartily..very well said Sue Canale…thank you HSUS for all the help you provide to our wildlife.

  10. anette says:

    Helt underbart att fler upphör med denna tortyr och död. Att födas och dödas för människans egoistiska njutning måste upphöra. Det är så vidrigt. Som en sann djurvän förstår man inte dessa handlingar som de får utstå . Dessa människor som bär detta är mördare och de blir inte vackrare i dessa kläder utan tvärtom . Dessa människor har ett bäst före datum . Det är inte okey längre

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