IHOP broke its animal welfare promises — Here’s what you can do

By on April 14, 2021 with 9 Comments

Today, I’m asking for your help in urging IHOP to take action to keep its animal welfare promises.

Here at the Humane Society family of organizations, we work with many corporations to improve conditions for animals whose welfare is affected by their operations. We believe that a lot of businesses want to do better for animals, and we try to provide them with inspiration and information that helps them do so.

For many years, we have worked with IHOP’s parent company, Dine Brands, trying to move the company away from allowing its suppliers to lock pigs and chickens in tiny cages so cramped and small these poor animals can barely move.

While the company has made several promises to do exactly that, so far they haven’t followed through. In fact, those earlier promises now seem empty.

Last year, our Food Industry Scorecard graded and ranked companies based on their animal welfare performance. IHOP earned an “F.” Despite IHOP’s 2013 promise to eliminate cruel gestation crates for mother pigs in its pork supply chain by 2020 and its later promise to switch to 100% cage-free eggs, the company was providing no information, detail or insight as to how far it had come—if at all—toward those goals. Following up on what our Scorecard revealed, we asked the company to publish its percentage of gestation crate-free pork and cage-free eggs.

Well, IHOP’s parent company did just that—and the news isn’t good.

First, the company broke its promise to eliminate gestation crates by 2020; it didn’t even come close. Over 75% of pigs in IHOP’s pork supply chain still languish in crates. Instead of eliminating crates, the company has instead eliminated its promise, literally deleting it from the company’s website.

The company has also barely made any progress toward switching to cage-free eggs: Dine Brands is using just about 5% cage-free eggs at a time when other major food companies have already reached (or are well on their way toward reaching) 100%—including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Starbucks, Jack in the Box, Nestle USA, General Mills, Unilever and many others.

This means the vast majority of mother pigs and egg-laying hens producing IHOP’s products continue to suffer in squalid, miserable cages and crates years after the company pledged to do away with this abuse.

Recently, we’ve attempted to work with IHOP’s leadership to correct course—and we still hold out hope that the company will follow through. That’s why today, I’m asking our members and supporters to please send a polite note to the CEO of Dine Brands urging him to keep the company’s animal welfare promises.

The animals need your voice. Thank you.

Farm Animals

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  1. Alan Alejandro Maldonado Ortiz says:

    Necesitamos temas de empresas sigan ayudando para el bienestar de los animalitos no es posible que esta empresa haya roto su promesa por favor necesitamos aprender a cuidar a los animalitos

  2. Craig Kleber says:

    Liars and Cruel. Nice combo. Never going there again.

  3. Doug Nolder says:

    Please stop placing pigs in chickens in such small cages. They are living beings and deserve better!

  4. Joanne main says:

    ihop, your word🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓 is worth what you serve!!! WORTH NOTHING!!! 🐷🐽🐖🐄🐄🐂🐂🐥🐥 GO PLANT BASED PLANT BASED 🖒🖒🖒🖒🐽🐷🐄🐂🐥

  5. D'jamin Bartlett says:

    I Never go to IHOP. But whatever made you think that they would do ANYTHING to help animals when their high fat foods don’t even help humans. Terrible company.

  6. Jeane Camargo da Silva says:

    Lamentável saber que a empresa IHOP quebrou sua promessa. Agora, além de fazer parte de uma lista de empresas que pratica crueldade contra os animais, também faz parte de uma lista de empresas que não tem palavra naquilo que assume.
    Ainda há tempo de reverter essa situação. Mostrem que a IHOP é capaz de reconhecer o seu erro e assumir uma atitude mais humana nas suas práticas de bem-estar animal.

  7. Donald Billings says:

    Come on IHOP? Wake up? Get with it!! Please? Show some heart ❤.

  8. Pedro Borrero says:

    I will never go to IHOP ever again and I will pass this news to all my friends and families

  9. Patricia Wayman says:

    I have always enjoyed eating at ihop, even though I don’t eat meat. I will forgo that experience now knowing where the eggs are sourced from. When you start using more humanely treated animal bi products I will go again.
    Please consider using humanely treated animal products.

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