Collars found in slaughterhouse tell heartbreaking story about the dog meat trade

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I know there’s been a lot of discussion on this blog recently about dog meat. As with any battle for a more humane future, the campaigning and advocacy work to end the dog meat trade requires persistence and strength of heart, which can require years of work. At times, the fight for a more humane future for some of the animals most in need in the world, can feel overwhelming. But there are signs of real progress.

One of the latest rescues—of 126 dogs from an illegal slaughterhouse in Shaanxi’s Fufeng County in north central China—is a shining example of the increased unity between animal advocates from Vshine (Humane Society International’s partner group in China), local activists, law enforcement and government, working in concert to stop this gruesome, unjust trade. Vshine asked HSI to release the images and video that advocates and its staff members took inside the illegal slaughterhouse to help shine a global spotlight on the horrors of the dog meat trade.

German shepherds, Labradors, huskies and golden retrievers were among dogs found alive at the slaughterhouse. Vshine

As advocates hurried to comfort the emaciated golden retrievers, German shepherds, huskies and other dogs, many of whom were eager for attention, they also glimpsed a pile of dog collars in the corner, which speak to just how urgent such rescues are. These collars are disturbing proof that pets—likely stolen from homes and streets many miles away—are often being killed for meat. Thankfully, the dogs saved from this illegal slaughterhouse are now being cared for by local shelters.

“The dogs we found alive were whimpering and distressed but very happy to see us,” Ziyang Huang of Vshine told HSI. “The amount of pet collars we found was really shocking, and the gentle, friendly nature of these dogs tells us probably most of them were once part of a home and somehow ended up at that terrible place. That’s just one of the reasons why we campaign to end this cruel dog meat trade.”

Most people in China don’t eat dog meat, and there is growing opposition to the dog meat trade in the country, especially as concern for animal welfare grows. Although there is no nationwide legislative ban on dog meat across China, much of the trade relies on criminal activity and law breaking such as theft, illegal slaughter and breaches of animal transport and quarantine laws. Despite this, there is unfortunately no unified, proactive response by law enforcement. That’s why it is so important to acknowledge the good work of police forces and law enforcement agencies like those in Xi’an and Fufeng where a concerted crackdown on the trade has resulted in hundreds of dogs being saved, including from this slaughterhouse which was closed down. In the city of Dalian—where Vshine is based—the police also have a zero-tolerance approach to the dog meat trade, which has resulted in the city being virtually dog meat free, and instant action being taken if dog meat activity is reported. These police forces act as shining examples of how this brutal trade can be stopped using existing laws if the authorities stand ready to act.

Even though dog meat is banned in many places across Asia—including in mainland China’s cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai—an estimated 30 million dogs are still killed for meat per year across the continent. We will be there for advocates, governments and law enforcement to help support as many of these rescues as possible until the dog meat trade finally belongs to the annals of history.

You can join us in taking a stand against the dog meat trade.

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  1. Ali says:

    This must be stopped! I hate hearing these posts of this horrible treatment to dogs. There must be a legislative ban!!!

  2. annah says:

    Most of us totally dedicated to seeing an end to this abhorrent cruelty of DCDMT in Asian countries, unfortunately none of the world leaders have ever participated in standing up for this appalling atrocity of sentient suffering, extremely appreciative to the organisation such as HSI that has been totally dedicated in saving many sentient from these horrors, a heartfelt gratitude to everyone that have supervised and been constructive in their rescue.

  3. Anne Doum says:

    Unfassbar, dass diese Grausamkeiten noch immer existieren.

  4. Barbara Apgar says:

    World leaders have not condemned the DMT enough to stop it. There is hope that a new South Korean president will have the courage to ban it since others have turned their eyes away from the abject suffering brought on by the horrific torture and slaughter of dogs for meat. The illegal operations operate without laws. The citizens of the world are now seeing the videos of the suffering inflicted on the dogs and are repulsed and saddened by it. The brave activists in many countries are mighty heroes opening up the illegal farms and slaughterhouses to expose the cruelty that the beautiful and precious dogs endure. They deserve our undying appreciation for their courageous work under the most difficult and horrendous circumstances. We need to stand strong with them and support organizations like HSI who are working tirelessly to rescue the dogs and provide information about the DMT so more will condemn it and advocate in their countries to ban it.

  5. Tony H. Garza says:

    It’s Really Sad That There Are Countries In Asia 🌏 & Other Countries That Allow The
    Killing Of Dog’s 🐕 & Cat’s 🐈 for Human Consumption Which Should Be Totally &
    Illegally Stop! These Animal’s R Consider To Be Domestic Animal’s For Family Pets
    Not Torcher To Death Like They Are So Call Criminal’s Of Society! God Crested All
    Animal’s Including Live Stocks, Wild Life,
    Bird’s, Elephants 🐘 Polar Bears 🐻 Etc To Live On This Earth 🌎 In Peace & Harmony Together With Us Humans! We
    Need to Fight For Them All And Protect All
    With Our Donations & With Our Hearts 💕

    • Lisa Morse says:

      Tony, Amen. Live in harmony with God’s creatures.

      • Tracey Kirtley says:

        All animals got right to live like we have i cant understand why people want to kill innocents animals for meat all of it should be stopped? You wouldnt kill a human for meat because the law would put you in prison so people who kill animals for meat should serve time in prison for cruetly

        • tiger says:

          I totally agree with you man, people are killing animals just so that we can have a bite of meat, its such a bad thing.

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