Animal Rescue Team helps to rescue 176 cats in Mississippi

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Early on Tuesday morning, Jan. 31, our Animal Rescue Team deployed to support local law enforcement agencies with an alleged neglect case involving nearly 200 cats in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. By day’s end, responders had removed 176 cats from three residential properties owned by one individual. The animals are all safe and receiving needed attention and care from responders and veterinary personnel at a temporary sheltering facility.

Many of the cats were found crammed into rusty cages in filthy conditions, while a few were running loose or hiding behind furniture and debris. Wherever they turned, responders observed the typical indications of neglect, including brimming litter boxes, flies all around and a pungent ammonia smell resulting from massive accumulation of animal urine and waste.

The veterinary examinations of these cats were heartbreaking. Veterinarians found many of the animals beset with internal and external parasites including roundworm and fleas, and at least one cat tested positive for heartworm. Veterinarians also noted varying degrees of dental disease, and many of the cats had broken, loose or missing teeth. One gray-and-white cat our team is calling Simon was missing every tooth but one, which has to be removed.

Some cats had eye conditions as evidenced by discharge and irritation, and cataracts, and one was suffering from an eye ulcer. The veterinary team also treated ear infections and injuries. Many of the cats were dehydrated, and several required subcutaneous fluids. One cat we’ve named Athena, underwent emergency pyometra surgery (removal of the reproductive organs) to address an infection of the uterus. Another cat is being treated for an apparent ruptured and infected mammary tumor.

Representatives of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League joined our responders in providing support at the scene, and RedRover volunteers have assisted HSUS staff specialists with the care of the cats. We’re also grateful to Chewy, for donating much-needed supplies to this rescue, including more than a dozen pallets of food and litter.

The individual members of our Animal Rescue Team have seen just about everything you could imagine when it comes to animal cruelty, suffering and neglect. Every case we respond to is somewhere on a continuum ranging from bad to horrible to abominable, with many animals in extremely poor health and a few in need of urgent treatment. In every such instance, something’s gone terribly wrong in the human-animal relationship, with dreadful consequences for the animals concerned.

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  1. elsa anzalone says:

    i was hoping to donate. i volunteer @ BARC, the City of Houston Animal Shelter, and we had cats from a hoarding case ~ 2 years ago.

    There were 135 cats & 6 dogs; BARC took 35 cats and the dogs. Houston Humane took the other 100 cats. I cleaned the kennels of the “cruelty cats” and ended up fostering & adopting one, Augustus.

    • Maxine says:

      Hello Elsa, I wanted to drop a line to say that I read your comment and I appreciate what you do. Thank you for your kindness and the time you give to volunteer. I hope all your dreams come true and you receive many blessings from the Universe. Thanks!

  2. Karin Erker says:

    Die Bilder brechen mein Herz … danke dass sie die Armen Kätzchen retten … was sind das für brutalen Menschen, die Tiere so quälen. Diese tierquäler müssen bestraft werden … Stop die Menschen haben den Tieren die Hölle auf Erden gebracht …. Einfach schrecklich die armen Kätzchen …

  3. Laurie K Fuller says:

    How can someone be so cruel to an cats. They dont live in cages, and to do this is just mean. I have rescued my share (10) all living in my house and in great condition. They have the run of the house and never have had any issues. People are just so unbelievabily mean.

    • Allyson says:

      I agree! My cats run my house…. I have 12 and 2 fosters for someone in a domestic violence shelter. I don’t use my bathroom sink bc they like to drink out of it. My entire couch has pillows on top so they can lay in the sun and look outside. My cats are my family… anyone can treat them with such a lack of conscience I do not understand. I do hope this person gets jail time for this bc what they did is inexcusable and unthinkable…..I am tired of losing my faith in humanity!

  4. Carolyn Cunningham says:

    Cases like these are usually the result of a human’s mental instability and inability to comprehend the reality of the situation. I feel for the humans, but I can’t help but feel more for the animals because they have no voice or choice.

    • Myra says:

      100% agree with your sentiments. Both to be pitied.
      The human/s were most likely animal lovers before losing their ability to reason and understand the gravity of the situation they were getting themselves into. You would hope that situations like this are down to diminished capacity rather than cruelty, which is just unforgivable.
      But as you said the poor animals are the innocent ones and they have to voice to ask for help 😿

  5. Alan Alejandro Maldonado Ortiz says:

    Por favor no podemos podemos olvidarnos de los gatitos ellos nos necesitan no los podemos abandonar

  6. Mary Lenehan says:

    I am always interested in knowing more about the circumstances and context of these cases.
    While this certainly looks like hoarding, was it also an inept attempt to breed?
    If the owner of this place ever sold any kittens, it would be helpful to build better cases for legislation that licenses, regulates, and applies consequences for the actions that result in this level of neglect.
    There are a myriad of ways one can take action to help prevent the ongoing nature of this problem – and I’m always looking for meaningful, sustainable paths in that direction.
    I have donated, adopted, fostered and rescued – but also have room for more strategic actions like contacting legislative bodies, news organizations & etc to further targeted solutions that would make the need a lot less acute.

  7. Gail Boyum says:

    Bless all of you who rescue! As someone who has done the same for years, I know one doesn’t have to go far to find a dog or cat as the unwanted are out there in great numbers.
    What worries me, more than anything, along with those who may start out with the best of intentions, ending up with a hoarding situation, is the fact that everyday sadists seem to be out there in even greater numbers, just waiting to do harm to any animal.

  8. Melanie E Mays says:

    Just wanted to let you know I attempted to donate via Instagram and had issues with the link not working. Had to log into your site to donate specifically for this issue in Mississippi.

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